I can not find Remote Desktop on my OSX 10.11

I'll try to find the Remote Desktop App on my OSX 10.11 system

but I can not find...

Please help me.

Maybe you're getting confused? Unless you bought the App on the App Store, you won't have it and so you won't find it. What is integrated into the operating system is the ARDAgent, the client part of the App part whole that ARD "exploits".

You can also something could have trouble with the ARDAgent itself (maybe you've been fiddling with the OS?) and therefore the reason why you ask the question? To see the ARDAgent is installed start the Terminal application - you find the application in the Utilities folder in the Menu go - and type this command:

system_profiler SPApplicationsDataType | grep ARDAgent

You can copy and paste the above in the Terminal window. Be patient as this can take some time for the command to run. If successful, you should see something like this:


Which means that you have the client part of the ARD. Once you have checked this and you have not actually bought the application as described here:



Then simply start the App Store on your Mac, the App search and buy it.

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    I am running windows XP, I say this because I've posted this before, and I referred to a difficulty which will not work with this operating system.

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    Hello JoseVasquez,

    Try the automatic solution of the following article:

    Article ID: 307859 - how to change or choose which program starts when you double-click a file in Windows XP
    This should help to restore default associations in Windows XP.

    Thank you


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    You are welcome.

    To clarify, I'm not Andy.  I copied and included the link where he was enrolled in its resolution in order to give credit where it is due.

    If you don't use Norton, use the uninstall tool to remove all traces of the software.  If she has appeared in the past about the 30 day trial and you disabled, perhaps why the desktop.ini file is displayed.


    See the solution re: lack of desktop.ini


    This fixit deletes the file

    Notepad starts with "[.]". "ShellClassInfo] [email protected]%SystemRoot%\System32\Shell32.dll,-21787" when you start your computer


    Places suggested to search for the file

    Look here for the desktop.ini

    • : \Documents and Settings\All Users\Menu Menu\Programs\Startup
    • : \Documents and Settings\All Users\Menu run\programs
    • : \Documents and Settings\All Users Menu

    Good luck!

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    I just do drag photos on my desktop, then send them on the site. You can simply create your photo album. You also can in the on photo sharing option to put them in iCloud, photo sharing. You can also simply drag the selection to your desktop or download them from the Web site using the method they use. But the site will not be able to find them in Photos, unless it was designed to do. In any case, you should try to open Photos in order to use its library.

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    Right-click on the right track... Get info... Select album art... Drag it to the desktop

    print it from there.

  • Pavilion p7-1254: can not find the drivers for my hp keyboard ku-1060

    Can not find the drivers for my keyboard, the printer or the infrared transmitter/receiver anywhere. I tried hp support and they want the money because my warranty ls model.

    If you use the keyboard that has been deilvered with the PC, there is no driver required. It's a keyboard usb standard. It there no you can replace it easily.

    Simply plug into a usb port before starting the desktop computer.

    Windows will recognize it and use built in drivers that are part of the operating system.

    For a printer, simply use the printer product number and the word support. Suport page should have the full features drivers that you need for most operating systems.

    Infrared transceiver.

    You need to be more specific on this one here.

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    Can't find the official specs of HP. But since the following specifications

    |-Intel-Core-i7-|-Windows-10-|-Silver.product.100241370.html http://www.Costco.com/HP-Pavilion-550qe-desktop-



    • 2 x USB 3.0
    • 2 x USB 2.0
    • 1 x HDMI
    • 1 x VGA
    • 1 x jack Headphone-out/microphone-in the drop-down list
    • Multi format card reader

    Depending on your monitor, you can use HDMI or VGA to connect. What is your monitor (make and model)?

    Kind regards.

  • This program can not find the Web page

    I have Windows XP.  Every time you start-up the computer and after the restart, the screen "this program can not find the Web page" appears.  I have to close it manually to display the desktop before entering for example or Google chrome.  How to get rid of the error screen?

    I have Windows XP.  Every time you start-up the computer and after the restart, the screen "this program can not find the Web page" appears.  I have to close it manually to display the desktop before entering for example or Google chrome.  How to get rid of the error screen?

    try to use "Autoruns for Windows" and check if there is a boot entry that is associated with your problem. If you do not disable an item at a time and restart the pc and isolate it.

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    The reason why I asked is that this *.mp3 IS a 'partial file name.

    If the file is an MP3 file (music), I doubt if you could ever find by searching for "contained in the file," then relevant chess is why it was not found using the complete file name or part of the name.

    If the file is not hidden, the only other thing I can think is that there is some special characters in the name of the file that is not obvious when you look at it.

    For example, there was quite a "Drunk Philly' in 1974 called hit"when will be I see You Again"by the three degrees. Let's say you have decided to appoint an this (3) .mp3 mp3 file. It would be a legal folder name, but a search for 3º.mp3 won't find it. This is because the name of the file, I used the 'degree' (Unicode 00B 0) symbol and the search string uses the symbol "masculine ordinal' (Unicode 00BA). These symbols are almost identical to the nekkid eye (can not use the actual word here), but not to a computer search engine.

    Replace any part of the name of the file, except the extension using the * wildcard would make the search works, but if you have used the 'partial' name, includes all who is this character, which could cause the problem.

    To test, I suggest renaming the file. See if research there now. If so, rename, go back to what you think it was--but use the keyboard, not copy and paste to get the name of "origin". Search finds now?

  • Try to uninstall Pure Networks Network Magic, platform Assistant works, how can I get rid of it, can not find in my system

    Have left nmrsrc.dll and 2 files nmspce2.dll.  Tried to delete it tells me that they are protected and hidden, do not know how to display them, nothing doesn't show in Add/Remove programs and windows search can not find them.

    PFure networks Platform Wizard keeps saying it has encountered a problem and needs to close, have removed the remaining files, but cannot get rid of these two.  What should do?


    To view the files in XP follow these steps:

    a. in desktop screen click Start, then Control Panel, Panel Options.

    b. click on the view tab and check the box "see the hidden files and folders" and press OK.

    c. you will now be able to see all files and folders hidden on your computer. You can do a right click on the hidden folder and uncheck the hidden box and apply the changes to display it.

    See this article on how to uninstall Network magic: http://www.purenetworks.com/support/faq/13.html


    If you cannot uninstall the program, contact support for Network Magic team.

    Thank you very much for trying to help, find the files I had to remove, they do not delete found files in Mode safe and they deleted properly.  When I cliked show hidden and program files did not see them, Safe Mode works perfectly.  Good job!

  • My hard drive crashed and I had to reload vista. I can not find the product key. What can I do?

    My hard drive crashed and I had to reload vista. I can not find the product key. What can I do?

    Contact the manufacturer of your computer.

    Look on the side/back if a desktop computer; down if a laptop.

    Also look on any packaging the VistaDVD came, if you bought it yourself.

    If the product key is lost, we can NOT help you replace.

    See you soon.

    Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

  • can not find the product code

    My computer is locked and since we got it fxed part of my microsoft programs don't work. I try to put in my update for windows vista, but can not find the product code and the phone number here has too many numbers.

    Here are the different ways to try to find the product keys:



    If your Vista is a functioning and activation of operating system Vista, use either of the program above to find out what is your product key.

    If a desktop computer: look on the side or the rear of the case for a sticker

    If a laptop: look for a sticker on the underside.

    The sticker will contain 25 digits, divided into 5 groups of 5 digits.

    Look on the packaging in which it came.

    Or contact the manufacturer of your computer.

    This is all the help we can give you about a lost product key.

    See you soon.

    Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

  • "windows can not find the new updates" when you click check updates

    Hello, I'm sorry for the confusion caused with my previous post. The error I got is 'windows can not find the new updates' when you click check updates. It displays a notification to install the new updates on the desktop and displays the 80072EFD error code. Please help me to get this resolved. Its 32-bit windows 7.



    First, update your anti-virus software and run a scan completes. Then:

    If you have not already seen it this article, it may be interesting to read through to check it out - http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/windows-update-error-80072efd#1TC=windows-7

    If it still fails to run the resolution of the problems of Internet connection (from Control Panel) and see if that finds & correcting something. More details here - http://www.dummies.com/how-to/content/how-to-troubleshoot-windows-7-internet-connection-.html

  • I can not find the internet Explorer on my computer.

    I can not find the internet Explorer on my computer. To use it I have to go to corel draw, then the help and it will open to explorer 8. If I try to fown it loads, it won't let me. I got a virus and it is gone, but I can't use yet internet explore the right way.

    Hi Janie,

    The executable file for IE is called iexplore.exe.  You can click Start and then type iexplore in the search field.

    Microsoft has a tool to resolve this that should return the IE icon on the desktop - http://support.microsoft.com/kb/945402. Under the fix for me article, there is a button, you must click called Microsoft Fix it.  Click run in the file download dialog box. Follow the steps in the Wizard icon on the desktop to display Internet Explorer to create an Internet Explorer desktop icon.

    Answer him back if you try this method and let us know if it is your problem.  It is a relatively new tool and it would be nice to receive feedback on how it works.  There are several other applets fix it available for further questions.  More information can be found here: http://support.microsoft.com/fixit#tab0.


  • BBM, I can not find my bbm icon

    Use pls torch 1, I can not find my bbm on the desktop icon, but it's app World! Pls help me. m

    anita6 wrote:
    Use pls torch 1, I can not find my bbm on the desktop icon, but it's app World! Pls help me. m

    Are you sure it's not hidden?

    Please see find or hide an application icon

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