It is this iPhone in particular that is buggy...

I've recently been on Tumblr and saw a post that says how to improve the battery life of the iPhone so I thought I'd do some tweaking just to give it a shot, but it made my phone simply ugly and I think my battery life is very good even when , so I reset most of the settings. Not all of them. Then the new iOS 10 out and since I am not opposed to change I decided I would update but for days and days, I waited for my phone to inform me about this and he just never did, and I had to do it manually. I've never had an iPhone before, this 6 s iPhone is my first so I was wondering how everyone never discovered on updates if their phone never told them, while unbeknownst to me it's just my phone that does this and apparently people have tried to figure out how to turn off these notifications to update for a long time! Well guys I think I either thought about it or my particular iPhone is messed up. A couple more things about this is I never even got a notification on my settings 'app' bubble if you want, and my phone has acted as if she had never heard of doing such a thing as advising me that it was not available. Now there's a 10.0.2 iOS I think and it is doing the same thing and I had to find out just for me. This phone is weird stuff, but that's for another post, I guess.


Usually your phone not tells you an update at least a few days, but it can be longer. The only time where I put on an update until my phone advised me was the initial version of the iOS 9, which was slightly less than two days later. I consider myself a tech nerd, so naturally I've followed a lot of what's going on with Apple products, this is how I learn about updates within minutes of public broadcasting. Once a software update is released, it is available for all supported devices and if each device compatible iOS immediately received a notification, more people would update at the same time and which would slow the update from Apple servers even more that they are already to major releases. You are not notified immediately in order to spread out the number of people updating. There is no you can change the settings related to the purpose of the notification of the iOS updates.

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