Lack of shot-up music/Audible in iOS 10 controls

As a regular sound listener, I regularly used blow-up controls music on pause or go back as you drive an audiobook to keep my GPS map display on the screen. Since the update to iOS 10, shot-up music control buttons disappeared. Unless there is a more simple solution, I spend Waze audible, which is much more distracting and may be dangerous. Has anyone here found a solution?

Hello chemess,
Thank you for using communities of Apple Support.

I understand your message that you want to use the audio controls in the control panel to control your audio books using a GPS navigation app. I understand your desire to not have music controls in the Panel. Controls the music is accessible from the control panel by opening Control Panel and slide the Panel to the left.

Control Center to use on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Swipe Control Center left to play quickly, pause and control the volume of your favorite song, podcast and more.

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    I will try to put the device in Airplane Mode, then signature of the iTunes and the App Store. Then try to disable airplane Mode. While you are not connected to the iTunes Store, you should not try to download on the phone once you turn it off airplane mode.

  • Music playlists Apple IOS 9.3 lack of songs

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    Already tried to bet icloud music power

    6 IPhone / ios 9.3

    After talking with techs... end result is to manually add the songs return to the playlists and they have opened an investigation for engineers. They want to see if others have similar problems.

  • Lack of music according to iOS 7.1 completely til now

    Hi guys,.

    Previously, I noticed that the update of my 5s after iOS 7.1, there are a few missing songs.

    In addition, all the songs I have on my iPhones are the store.

    I tried to go to the iTunes app to find my purchased music and indeed it appears here, but I can't download it.

    Basically, what I see is the following: the iTunes app shows that the missing songs (not over the phone) has been downloaded, but they did not.

    I thought this kind of problem would have been fixed with software updates, but it was always do worse.

    with more music goes missing.

    It seems that this problem is related to another problem that I've met, the impossibility to buy some songs in iTune... as you can see here:

    I really do not have any idea if this problem is faced by me only... Please help

    Thank you and best regards


    Try go to settings > general > Restrictions > turn explicit content licensed. -AJ

  • Problem with music player on iOS 10

    I have an iOS iPhone downloaded 10 on this subject sixwith. I'm trying to figure out how to get my music to restart at the same place since when I close and open up?

    In my view, there have always been the factors that cause the music app to forget where you were.  One of these would be an update of iOS.

    So I keep a note in my Notes app called 'next song '.  I always save there where I am in my sequence after playing music.

  • music shift 10 iOS App

    I use an iPhone 6 now and recently updated to iOS 10. Since the update, whenever I try to skip a song on my Apple's music app, there will be a lag after 4-5 seconds until the song going. I hooked using Bluetooth, to THE and USB, but the delay in the response is the same for all 3.

    I must point out that I use the application music from Apple to play the songs I transferred on the iPhone and not streaming.

    I've never had this problem of lag with iOS 9 so I guess it's a problem with the latest iOS. Is there anyone who can help me?

    Hey there, raymondbyun!

    Thank you for reaching out by Apple Support communities. After reading your post, I understand the songs that you have saved for offline through the Apple music listening take about 4-5 seconds before jumping to the next song. I listen to music on the go and jump songs sometimes, so I know it's important that they jump quickly. I'd be happy to help you!

    There are a few steps that I can recommend; Please, try them in the order and test your music application and jumping after each of them. Stop when the problem is resolved.

    1. Exit music following the steps described here: force a nearby application on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

      Then, restart your iPhone by following these steps: restart your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch

    2. Uninstall and reinstall the music App Instructions can be found here: remove the apps Apple integrated from the home screen on your device iOS with iOS 10
    3. Disconnect you from iTunes and the App Store, then back, following the instructions in this article: log on with another Apple ID on iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

      Signature of the iTunes and the App Store will remove your content recorded for listening offline; After that log you back in, you will need to re - download these items, so I recommend you do this step, then only a Wi - Fi connection is available for free.

    4. Reset settings on your iPhone in settings > general > reset > reset all settings. This will not delete any of your personal data (such as photos, contacts, calendar events, reminders, etc.) but allows to convert customizable settings (as your desktop wallpaper and screen brightness, alert sounds, the settings of Date and time, etc.) to their default values. It will also be deleted passwords and registered Wi - Fi networks and previously used the VPN, and APN settings.
    5. Backup your iPhone and restore it to the factory settings. The following article will help you to rise to iCloud or iTunes: How to backup your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

      After the backup is finished, use this article to restore the factory settings: use iTunes on your Mac or PC to restore the iPhone, iPad or iPod to factory settings

      Once the restore is complete, configure the iPhone as a new device (i.e. without your backup, at least temporarily). You can connect to iCloud iMessage, FaceTime and iTunes and the App Store with your Apple ID and download songs for offline listening. Test the speed at which the skip function works.

      If skip songs works as expected, you can use the following article to restore your backup: restore your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch from a backup

    Good listening!

  • Music player in iOS 10 song repeat in the lock screen

    I've just updated to iOS 10 and when I play a playlist and lock screen it doesn't repeat the current song and will not random, unless the screen is unlocked. All of the suggestions.

    Hey Bigkat0035,

    Thank you for being a part of the communities of Apple Support.

    I see that your music is unexpectedly repeating, rather than go to the track in your playlist when the screen is locked.  Let us ensure that the repeat option is not enabled until you lock your screen:

    Control playback. Tap a song to play and show the MiniPlayer. Tap the MiniPlayer to display the now playing screen, where you can do the following:

    • Tap

      Repeat steps. Glisser slide upward, then press on to repeat an album or a playlist. Double click to repeat one piece.

    Take care.

  • The application of music Apple with ios 9.3.5 accidents

    I upgraded an iPone 5 to ios 9.3.5 and the music apple application crashes

    Hi, jpwill123!

    Thank you for using communities Support from Apple! After reading your post, I see that your Apple music app is leaving unexpectedly, which began after you updated your iOS software. I like the Apple's music and listen to it frequently, so I definitely want to make sure that your app works!

    I have some troubleshooting by what you can spend. Try the steps in order, stopping once the problem has been resolved.

    1. Exit music. You can find instructions on how to exit an application here: force a nearby application on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch
    2. Restart the iPhone. Restart instructions can be found here: restart your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch
    3. Reset settings on your iPhone by going to settings > general > reset > reset all settings.  This will not delete your content (such as photos, Notes, calendar of events, reminders, and contacts), but he'll be back customizable settings (background screen and display brightness, sounds of alert and ringtones, settings of Date and time, etc.) to their default values. It will also remove any saved Wi - Fi networks and passwords, as well as any VPN or previously used APN settings.
    4. Back up your iPhone and restore it to factory settings. You can use iCloud or iTunes to create a backup by following the instructions in the article listed here: How to backup your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

      Once a backup is created, you can use the instructions in the following article to restore the iPhone via iTunes on a computer: use iTunes on your Mac or PC to restore the iPhone, iPad or iPod to factory settings

      After restoring, set your iPhone as a new device (i.e. without your backup, at least temporarily). You can register in iCloud, FaceTime iMessage and the iTunes and App Store using your Apple ID.

    5. If everything works while the iPhone is set up as a new device, you can restore your backup by following these instructions: restore your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch from a backup

    Have a great day!

  • Still having problems with Itunes after music updated to iOS 9.3.2

    How can I solve the problems created by the software update Apple iOS 9.3.2 lost all my music will not restore using itunes etc

    What questions are you talking? Music of Apple, it's where you posted what you use? What music has been lost? It's all in your Apple's music. The rest should be in your iTunes library on your computer. I have almost 2K songs in my iTunes library and they have all been there since the very beginning, across all iOS and iTunes updates.

    What happens when you try to restore your phone to iTunes? What it the music has to do with whatever settings you have for music and once again, depends on your participation with music Apple or any other service.

    Try it please take a moment to build a question, describing what occurred, what device you use, what computer OS you use, and what troubleshooting steps you tried to correct. In addition, you use the services of Apple, and have you backed up your phone and your computer.

  • lyrics for my music on iphone ios

    Dear community: I use iOS 9.3.1.  Where are my words in the app music? !  What have they done to music?  It's now a glorified music store.  I have spent an hour looking online and in this forum and may not know how to view something simple like the lyrics to songs that ive added lyrics.  Can someone help me?   Please note that the "settings: music" doesn't have a related words option.    Also, I refuse to turn on iClous or Apple music because they destroyed my playlists irrevocably.  Thank you in advance!

    If you are using a Mac

    Automatically add lyrics to all the songs in your iTunes Library [How To...

  • Transfer music to new IOS / ITunes install via iPhone?

    How can I transfer all my music, photos etc. of my phone and my iPad for the new ITunes without losing their? Free programs or advice? Thank you

    Not sure what you mean.

    Do you not store everything on your computer and/or cloud service?

    You should. Nothing should be stored on your iPhone only.

    Synchronization of music is a way - computer to iPhone.   The exception is iTunes purchases: file > device > transfer purchases

    You need to import your photos to your computer regularly, as you would any digital camera.

  • A DONKEY can restore to iOS display controls?

    I'm trying to add the player video iOS in my application. It seems that you can use StageWebView to start, but I saw that someone had a DONKEY managed by using the iOS user interface controls. Does anyone have a tutorial out there on how to build a DONKEY which adds Native user interface elements? I've only ever seen the data transmitted back via alerts.


    You can access (and not change) RootViewController exchangeAddSubViewFor in the following way:

    [[[UIApplication sharedApplication] keyWindow] RootViewController exchangeAddSubViewFor]

    Once you have the exchangeAddSubViewFor RootViewController, you can use that to add subviews to the current view:

    [[See [[[UIApplication sharedApplication] keyWindow] RootViewController exchangeAddSubViewFor]] addSubview:(UIView *) bird]

    Otherwise, you can add childViewControllers to the exchangeAddSubViewFor RootViewController.


  • Lack of the "Change desktop icons" option in my control panel

    Im trying to restore the icons of 'Trash' and 'My computer' original on my desk.

    Ive played a lot with these before settings on other computers, all of which is running Windows XP or earlier. I can't find the appropriate options in the Control Panel on my vista computer. Many forums indicate the "Change desktop icons" option should be "Control Panel\Appearance and Personalization\Personalization", but the link does not exist in my control panel.

    Is there a way I can make this option appear?


    In the control/customization panel (or right-click on the desktop and choosing Properties), the ability to change the desktop icons under tasks in the left column, will not be like a link in the Center. You declare that this line does not exist? Good luck, Rick Rogers, aka "Crazy" - Microsoft MVP Windows help -

  • Lack of access to the balance of audio volume control

    The balance function is 'available', but now hidden in Windows 7. Is it possible to use a script or macro to quickly access the balance control? W7 the access sequence for me is 1) Windows task bar (click to view)--> Start (button)--> Control Panel (list)--> material & audio (hyperlink)--> system (hyperlink) change sounds--> reading (tab)--> helmet (icon)--> properties (button)--> levels (tab)--> Balance (button)--> press '1' (scroll bar) and the key '2' (scroll bar)!

    A previous post, "can not balance sound in Windows 7", addressed to this situation with a label that showed more frustration a question. The response was useless for recommended action reduces the string above: click right volume (icon)--> (list) of sounds--> reading (tab)--> helmet (icon)--> properties (button)--> levels (tab)--> Balance (button)--> press '1' (scroll bar) and the key '2' (scroll bar)!

    My comments are: 1) I could not designed access more complicated if I had a degree in software development. 2) what's up with "Key 1" and "key 2"? People have a left ear and right ear. (3) I read that more than 10% of the American population live with hearing loss. The loss is not symmetrical. A balance of ready-access control is an important element.

    Please consider to improve this feature.

    Can you tell us if there is a volume icon in the system tray, if not then please follow these steps below to activate the volume icon in the system tray.
    1 right click in the taskbar near the time display and you'll get a context menu.
    2. click on properties.
    3. under the system always icons display, check the volume.
    4. click on apply.
    Also note the way the quickest way to change the volume of your computer speakers is to click the speakers button in the notification area of the taskbar
    Right-click on the "speaker" icon and select the open volume mixer.

    1. on the speaker, once you get the properties of speaker.
    2. Select the levels tab.
    3. here, depending on the output device, you can goahead and balance the left and right output device.
    4. it's only the easiest to access the balance of volume.
    If you want to suggest changes in the design here is the link you can make reference to: Microsoft Connect - back products and bug reports. Microsoft...

    Thank you, and in what concerns:

    I. Suuresh Kumar-Microsoft Support.

    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forumand let us know what you think.

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