Latest iMac which can be used as a monitor / second display

What iMac was the last that could be used as a second screen / monitor to a newer iMac?

I need to make a decision wrt for the implementation in one of our positions.

Have fun with your Mac on Easter


Please read Apple use your iMac as a display with the target Display Mode

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    I knew the targeting mode screen does not work with the iMac 27 '' new. Is it possible to do what I have not discovered?


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    What model of MacBook Pro? There are adapters for practically everything.  You can check if audio is also transferred if you need that.

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    The range is not related to the bit depth. You will get the wide range without worrying.

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  • HP Envy Phoenix 860-010: How can I use a third monitor HP Envy Phoenix 860-010

    I was happily running two monitors since I got this computer in April 2016, a monitor connected to the HDMI port and the other to the NVIDIA GTX 960 card DVI port.  This card supports four maximum monitors.  It has 1 DVI, 1 HDMI and 3 DisplayPort connections.

    Note on the model 860-010, you can't use both ports HDMI vertical marked HDMI 1 and HDMI 2.  They are not active in this model.  They only work with the smaller models that use the integrated graphics card.  This model has the dedicated graphics card, then only the ports on the card are active.  (That does not match the Support of HP and I confirmed by experience).

    Now, I need to connect a third monitor that has VGA and DVI ports.  My only option is to connect it to one of the DisplayPort ports on the map with an adapter.  I contacted the support NVIDIA and they told me that is a * active * or * passive adapter works with this card.

    So I bought a DVI DisplayPort passive adapter cable / and connected the third monitor to one of the DisplayPorts.

    When I start, the start screen appears on my screen of third but it signals an error specified, says it cannot start Windows, and proposes to recover my system back to a restore point, which I of course refuses.  I tried various advanced troubleshooting options, two different ports, DisplayPort and two different DVI monitors with the same results each time.  When I disconnect the third screen, the computer is back to normal and starts very well.

    My third monitor is obviously able to display stuff through this link because the splash screen and the different screens of the error and recovery see here, and I can use my mouse to interact with these screens.

    The screen message error file C:\windows\System32\Logfiles\Srt\SrtTrail.txt newspaper references.  This file reports the following error:

    Root cause found:
    Unknown error checking: bugcheck 3B. settings = 0xc0000005, 0xfffff80181a107b3, 0xffffd000cc9f60b0, 0 x 0.

    I tried to look this error online and got no useful success.

    Someone knows how to do a third DVI (or HDMI) to monitor work on this model?

    Confirmed that my problem was a bad DisplayPort passive adapter DVI cable.

    I got the third monitor working by getting a Plugable Active adapter DisplayPort to HDMI for $19.95 and one of my existing monitors to use its DVI port to HDMI switching use.  Then I connected the third monitor, which has DVI and VGA connections on my computer with a DVI cable.

    Now, all three monitors are working fine.

  • I currently use a 27 "I - mac with a second monitor thunderbolt. I think about upgrading to a new Mac Pro. Can I use both sight monitor as well as my current I have mac as monitors with the new Mac Pro?

    I am currently using an iMac 27 "with a second crush 27" monitor. I think about an upgrade to the new Mac Pro. Can I use my monitor Thunderbolt as well as my current iMac as a second screen?

    Only if you have the iMac mentioned in this article-> use your iMac as a display with the target - Apple Support Display Mode

  • Touch screen Acer which can be used by a gloved hand

    I know there's an archived version of this same question, but the models listed in this post are no longer available in the Acer store. So which screen touchscreen Acer monitors optical tactile use of detection?

    Thank you

    Unfortunately, only 2 models I see that use touchscreen optics are the T230, T231. You are right, that these products are no longer on the Acer store. I recommend searching online to see if you can offer someone selling these products.

  • Help! After migration from windows to IMac, I can't use my license to elements14!

    In recent years, I use elements on my windows computer. Now, I decided to switch to an IMac and I migrated my photos and the catalog successfully. Everything works on my new IMac, but I can't the license version IMac of 14 elements. My serial number, I used on my old computer Windowc, is not accepted on the IMac. What should I do? I heard it is possible to use a single license of components on both computers. Who can help me? What should I do? Do I have to purchase another license, I bought 14 items only a couple of months.

    Thank you


    Hi Helmut. Go to this link. Click on the blue button; When logged in with your Adobe ID; then click on Chat 24/7. Ignore the proposals of links that will take back you a full turn on this forum. Continue straight on the blue button at the bottom.

    Contact the customer service

  • No noise making helmet desktop iMac. Can I use USB? How?

    I have an iMac of office. I can't get sound out of headphone plug to look on the back of the computer. Maybe it's broken. Can I get her to the car out of the USB speakers. How to do this. John

    Open System Preferences > sound then select then select the output tab.

    Make sure you have selected device.

  • There is a clickable scroll bar which can be used when going through the photos?

    When you scroll through my images to add tags, it does not seem to be built in the scroll bar that I can click up or down to scroll with. Instead, I use my mouse and sometimes it comes out conrol and begins to scroll through a lot more images I want. I use the last LR on a Mac. Is there a way to get a clickable scroll bar?

    Thank you.

    If you just want to scroll very slowly, try to grab the grid itself in the corner where four photos are gathered and the travel that goes up and down.

Maybe you are looking for