Latitude C640 with 1470 mini pci wifi has very low signal strength

I just installed 1470 broadcom mini pci card with the (from decompression R115321.exe) on a Dell Latitude C640 driver version.

The card sees the network and connects, but I must be withinn 5 feet from the router, and even in this case the signal is 'Very low' (an or maybe 2 bars). I can communicate with various other wireless cards on other laptops with the full signal strength during the major part of the House.

Why the intensity of the signal would be so bad?

Is the 1470 is not very sensitive? the driver is bad for my setup? is there an INCOMPATIBILITY between the 1470 and the DLink DI-524 router? Is this an indication that the antenna on my wifi card is damaged? (I got it on ebay)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Latitude C640

Windows XP SP3

Wireless 1470 mini pci card

connected to the Dlink-524 (firmware 1.11) wireless router using WPA - PSK encryption


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    There is no mention of such a card in the adapters in device Manager\Network, which lists the following three elements: 1) 1394 Net adapter MAC bridge Miniport) 2 and 3) Realtek RTL8139/810 x Family Fast Ethernet NIC
    The Wireless Communication switch on "on" does not have the led lights up.
    By pressing Fn + F8, that should turn the wireless LAN has no effect.

    Responses to the following would be much appreciated:

    The laptop S2450-101 comes equipped with a mini PCI WiFi card in standard, or not?

    If so, how can it be activated?

    If it is not the case, how can we install such a mini-PCI card? The laptop is more two years and more under warranty.

    Sincere thanks.

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    I found the info that this unit is ready WLAN and is attributed to the WLAN option in option. Check please the Device Manager and see if the wireless adapter is listed under network adapter. If this is not the case, the device is without wireless network card.

    Let us know if the card is on board and we can write once again how the card must be activated.

    I'm not 100% sure but I think that the WLAN slot is placed under the keyboard. There is also the antenna cables (black and white cable). Update is not a problem, and you can only do so at your own risk of course. ;)

    Unfortunately I put t know exactly what WLAN card is compatible. If you want you can use the external solution. It is much easier.

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    HP Pavilion 1d98dx g6 with W7 Ultimate that suddenly has very low volume. I tried rolling back the drivers, uninstall them and the device itself.

    I also tried this option of Equalization of sound level, but it only makes it worse. He used to sound very good, but now it's horrible. Now, I have to wear headphones to listen to the music! Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

    Hi @Kindakool

    I understand that you are having problems with the sound of your built-in speakers. I'm happy to help you with this.

    You can start with the following page, even if you get sound.
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  • RT2560F (mini PCI wifi) and Satellite A30

    When I install a RT2500 (radlink mini PCI WiFi) have the status of my Toshiba Satellite A30: RF OFF (radio off in radlink configuration tool)
    The buttons of switching hardware, software (and Fn key) have no effect

    I cover (with masking tape) terminals 11 and 13 on the top of the m - pci wireless card

    and now the radio is on

    And here the question: WHY?

    The led problem is still not resolved, wireless hardware switch too
    Maybe someone here can help me


    Well, I put t know why it works after covering the pins.
    Are you sure that the Wifi card is compatible with your laptop?

    As far as I know if the Mini-PCI wireless adapter is compatible at 100% and the unit is Wireless ready it of only necessary to connect the white cable to the HAND and a black to the auxiliary voltage

    Good bye

  • Satellite Pro2100: What Mini-PCI WiFi card?

    Hi people,

    I have a question about my laptop. I want to upgrade my laptop to the local wireless network with a Mini-PCI card. I have a satellite pro 2100 with celeron 2 GHz processor. And the mini-pci card is a desire to buy a: Intel Wireless MiniPCI 802 2915.11abg 54Mbs (

    My qeustion is: are not these 2 compatible?

    Greetz Farid


    In my view, ca use you this minPCI wireless network card. I know it is important that the support wireless network card the frequent 2.4 GHz and IEEE 802. 11b Wi - Fi standard.
    I found an another compatible wireless network cards:

    -Mini WLAN Zub Toshiba PA3212U-2MPC
    -TOSHIBA WLAN card MiniPCI S2400

    Good bye

  • Tecra A3 has very low volume

    Hi all, I bought a used Tecra A3. With Win XP Professional, service pack 3. I have not all records with him.
    It was working well before a week or two ago. It has very low volume, I have all levels of volume and the maximum wave. The manual volume knob on the front has no effect, it used to work
    I think the problem started when I downloaded youtube FLV files, then I downloaded a program ('super' was the name of the program) to convert the FLV files into AVI files.
    I uninstalled the program of conversion, I failed to convert anything. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the driver of sound card - card his Realtech AC97. I uninstalled and reinstalled WMP11. None of this has helped.

    On this view, I saw how to do a system restore. I thought to perform the system recovery can solve the problem.
    My question is, if I perform the system recovery, to the GET to the elimination of the parameters of the box, it will clear the WIN XP operating system?

    Thanks for any assistance received, Darren.

    Hello Darren

    Please do not be angry on me, but make you it so complicated. Let's be clear on this:

    Saved on DVD of recovery recovery image contains the operating system, all necessary drivers, Toshiba tools and utilities and some additional applications such as a DVD player. So if you want to install the OS by using Toshiba recovery media will be deleted all content saved on the HDD, formatted partitions and lately OS will be installed. When all is finished you will have clean operating system preinstalled. It will be the same State as the first day after the default purchase.

    Then I don't understand what you mean now with the restore process. During the installation of recovery is complete you must not install or configure anything. Just boot OS, install your favorite software, install the Microsoft updates and be happy.

    If you have any other questions please post again, but please if you ask something to be clear and precise.

  • problem with express mini pci wireless lan card. I can't connect to internet via wifi but I can connect to the internet via cable.

    Hello! I have a problem with my card express 11 b/g/n wireless lan mini pci because I can't connect to internet via wifi but I can connect to the internet via cable. whenever I try to connect it repeat to myself that there is a problem with your wireless network card. I tried troubleshooting, uninstall and reinstall the program, but always the same result. I'm updating too but still the same thing. I use a windows 7 Professional on my Lenovo 412. can someone help me? Thank you!


    Method 1: I suggest you to follow the instructions of the link to solve the problem of network card:

    How can I troubleshoot network card?

    Method 2: Troubleshoot wired and wireless in Windows network connection problems


    You can also post your question in the forum of Lenovo to get help:

  • Satellite M40x-105: Mini PCI Wifi card available?


    I recently bought a M40x-105. Does anyone know if she has a mini-pci card to install a wireless card? I know that I can use a pcmcia wireless card.



    As far as I know the card Mini PCI Wi - Fi is not available for your laptop model. Satellite M40X is no ready wireless and the only option available is the PCMCIA card.

  • Satellite A100-028 - How to replace the mini-PCI WiFi card?


    I want to replace the Intel with a Module Atheros wireless card.
    Unfortunately on the background there is no cover for the mini PCI Slot.
    Where he is? I guess that they are under the top cover or under the keyboard.
    Should I a short "How To" in this way:
    Which screws I release that covers and so on are to be released.

    Thanks in advance.

    Hi Galdor,

    It of not simple to change the W - Lan card.
    The card ist under the keyboard and under the top cover.
    You have to disassemble the entire and when you do that you lose your warranty.
    I think it's the best for you to contakt a service point for this work.


  • What to do with free mini PCIe - Flash for the swap file


    in my T500, there is a free mini near the location of SIM location PCIe, but that's only half of length. I found an SSD at SuperTalent in these Dimensions. Someone out there who has tried to use this slot for storage, for example $TEMP or swap file?

    Kind regards


    It will not work. This SSD is designed for the Dell Mini 9, which uses a special type of mini PCI-e slot [FLASH_CON]. This slot machine is connected to a PATA or SATA controller on the motherboard.

    The DSS will not work on PCI-e standard minis housing because they are not connected to a PATA or SATA controller.

    I think that half height mini PCI-e slot is used for Intel Turbo Memory.

  • The low signal strength with Ralink RT5390 on HP Dv6

    I have two other laptops HP which connect to my wireless router, both have a signal strength 3-4 bar using Intel 5100 and 5300 AGN wireless cards.

    My dv6-6145dx has a Ralink RT5390 and gets only 2-3 bars, but mostly just 2.  I use the laptop in the same place as the others and even tried to move get a signal louder, but nothing has worked.

    I googled and it seems that the RT5390 had some problems like this.  I'm now thinking that maybe I should buy a wireless card replacement.  Intel made half wireless pci-e cards, but I have no idea if they are supported. Should I get the Atheros?

    EDIT: for anyone suffering from slow response of Ralink RT5390 in their computer HP laptop, definitely try the latest pack of driver software from the HP Business Center.  I installed it on my computer and it has greatly improved responsiveness.  It is still not a great card, but at least I'm able to use it now without feeling like I'm on a dial-up connection!

    "If you keep an open mind, life will give you more opportunities."


    Have you tried the latest version of the Ralink driver ( - March 26, 2013) for your current card?

    I no longer provide recommendations for WLAN card replacements unless I know a particular card will work in a specific model specifications, that I do not have any warranty information for your.

  • Mini PCI WIFI card, what are the black and white wires for

    Hi after a lot of research, I find that my 303 1900 is the later model which can be turned into Wi-Fi, it has the LED on the front panel and the switch on the right side. I contacted Toshiba who gave me the part number which is PA 3212U - 3MPC and telephone number of the supplier, 0870 2202 202 costs about £55.00. After the Panel on the lower part of the machine (which houses the memory), I see the place where insert the PCI, which is holding me back of buying the card would be there are 2 wires 1 Black 1 white stuck with tape in the compartment where the card slips, I understand they are antenna but where are they going? they have to be fed outside of the case or they will work inside. ?

    I used a Belkin PC card for awhile but have a little tired to remove whenever I have the laptop computer in its carrying case. (OK buy a bigger box), Russell.

    Hi Russell

    The driver is usually on the CD you will get with the wireless network card. Don t worry about the installation of the driver. It is very easy.


  • Is compatible with BNC-2090 PCI-6723 has?

    Hi everyone, I am working in a project where I'm forced to use both a PCI-6723 connected to a BNC-2090 case has... In the datasheet of the 6723 only to versions of the BNC-2110 and 2115 are suggested. Anyone know if I can still use the one I have no problem? I mean, it is, is always compatible 2090, do I have to make some adjustments to the hardware/software, or this is just a desperate mission?

    Boards are good, thanks for the help.

    Hi Jason

    Has BNC-2090 is specifically designed for the X-Series, E-series, M-series and S-series.
    The PCI-6723 belongs to the series of analog output and for this reason BNC-2090 has not supported this Commission.

    The best connection BNC block for this is the 2110. This connection block lists the series of analog output as a series of supported.


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    Application Engineering
    National Instruments Brazil

  • Satellite L50 - B has very low-speed Wi - Fi

    Hello, I have a problem with my new B - L50 (bought yesterday for my son). The internet connection is very slow while my other laptop works very well. And if I go away from more than 5 metres from the Wi - Fi hotspot, no more connection!

    Can someone help me? Is this a problem with the Wi - Fi card (at the bottom of the range)?
    Thanks for your help

    What kind of standard Wi - Fi do you currently use?
    The WLan card standard can be changed:
    -> WLan card device manager-> properties-> Advanced tab

    Also I recommend you to check the Windows Advanced Power options.
    Within the option to advanced, you'll find the setting for a Wi - Fi connection.
    It might be possible that the Wi - Fi power option reduces performance of a Wi - Fi connection in order to save the battery.

    Finally and above all it s always advisable to perform the update of the WLan driver (if new version is available)

    If this workaround solution does not help, I recommend you contact the Toshiba ASP to verify the Wlan card. Signed low might be related to problems within the WLan module or antenna...

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    Please how to fix.

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