Links e-mail and filters - the wish list items?

Compose an e-mail containing a link does not support stable link until the message is saved or sent to the car. This limitation is known to be intentional in the documentation. However, in the good old Eudora, press a hot key while clicking on a link in an email being composed active link for the optional test right then and there. Saving time very practical.

Filtering of incoming emails via Tools/Message filters works, but requires many unnecessary steps to create a new filter. In good old Eudora, with an open incoming email or in the preview pane, the mouse option to 'Make the filter' opens a filter window using the e-mail address to propose the filter to use or replace, options that ends with a "Create filter" button. So the first time, you get an e-mail from a friend who deserves a filter allows you to filter all future emails boyfriend as you like - while reading that first email in the mate. Tremendous work saver and eliminates the need to remember the process of creating filter separated necessary in T-Bird.

I'm a new user, so please let me know if I missed some useful options. Also I would like to know if it is a list of wishes that would be better directed elsewhere. Thank you!

'Dead links' are a basic 'feature' of the Thunderbird editor and is not likely to change anytime soon.

You can right click on an email address in the message header pane and choose "create filter from. This will start the construction of a filter with 'Sender' "is" and informed selected e-mail address.

An add-on, QuickFilters, introduced a process of construction of drag-and-drop filter.

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    In addition, since it has an expression to hide items in menu tool, you need not necessarily to destroy, you can hide them instead.

    Hope this helps,


  • the page is rendered and loaded questions of list item change

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    I have 2 questions, I'll try to put it as clear as possible. The link and log in info on the bottom.

    1. in what order is the rendered page fire? In other words, I have a report to Page 2 (Payroll Summary) and in this report, I select and where clause. The where the info from the article comes from a list item. When you view the report it shows nothing, so I guess that because the element is not filled in and yet, this is why the report does not. Not sure... so if someone can clarify that for me, it would be great.

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    Password edumet

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    password Laba

    Thank you


    When the page is sent after the selection value is changed, the prior to execution of the header calculations. I added a condition on the calculation, so that it only works when the value of the element is set to zero.

    Thank you

  • How to scan all e-mails and place the record selected in a folder

    I have several thousand E-mail (69 466) in different folders across multiple accounts.
    I'm organizing folders and filters.

    I am looking for a method to analyse a set account, collect all e-mail messages with domain and put it in a selected folder.

    Do a search to find what I want, but I can't select them all and move. The filter mechanism does not appear to cross records/sccounts.

    Any help will be appreciated.


    Right click on a folder, search for Messages, and then select the account or folder level (and subfolders), enter the search criteria, such as + contains +, then select the messages that you want to move (Ctrl-A to select all), and then click move and choose the destination folder.

  • With regard to the creation of the wish list

    Where the creation of desire come at ATG out of the box? What component/class is responsible for creating repository wishlist item?

    Because when a user registers, there will be a list of default assigned.

    Thank you.

    If you look at the ProfileAdapterRepository, there are properties on the user point-descriptor called giftlist and wish list which are both of type the GiftListRepository giftlist. Every time that an item the user is created, a correspondent giftlist/wishlist will be created. If you don't want to do, you need to remove these properties in a custom userprofile.xml.

    If you are looking to create a new, GiftlistTools (ATG Java API) will create a new giftlist (use the same method if you want a new wish list.

  • How to synchronize the start of IT and relaxation the Scan list (DAQmx Switch)


    I want to measure samples of N to the AI0 of Council NI PXI 4461. The measurement starts on a rising edge of a digital triggering provided to the PFI0 of the same Board. The measure is configured with samples of N/2 pretrigged. So far, everything is under control...

    Using an NI PXI 2567 Board, the signal applied at the entrance the 4461 (AI0) switches between a V2 and V1 signal. I would like to synchronize the switch between the two signals with the trigger signal applied to the input of the PFI0 Governing Council 4461. In order to obtain samples of N/2 of V1 and V2 samples N/2. Synchronization of 1 to 5 ms would suffice!

    My question is how to synchronize the start of acquisition of AI pretrigged of 4461 with the switch control given by the Council of 2567?

    Thank you in advance for your help...

    PS: the configuration of the system is:

    -LabView 8.5

    -Chassis PXI-1044

    PXI-4461 on slot 2

    Module 4-slot PXI-2567

    Hi Frederic,.

    I came back to this recently and used the following examples to run the desired synchronization.

    PXI-4461: Acq & graph tension-Int Clk - dig Start & Ref .vi

    Samples per channel = 1000

    Rate (Hz) = 10000.00

    Start the trigger Source = / [name of the instrument DAQmx] / PXI_Trig0

    Onboard start = fall

    Reference Source Trigger = DAQmx Device Name] / PXI_Trig0

    Reference edge = fall

    Trigger samples = Variable (100, 500, 900)

    PXI-2567: Switch Scaning-SW

    Advance the output terminal full = / [name of the instrument DAQmx] / PXI_Trig0

    Scan list = / [name of the instrument DAQmx] / ch0-> com0.

    Scan list = / [name of the instrument DAQmx] / ch1-> com1;

    Hardware configuration:

    The PXI-2567 module controls an external relay that switches between the voltage of 5 V on ch0 and ch1 0 V.

    The PXI-4461 connects to the COM of the external relay and therefore reads 5V when ch0 is connected; 0 v when ch1 is connected.

    Procedure: The above examples are used in the following procedure.

    1. run the PXI-4461 VI.  A start trigger (falling edge) is necessary to start collecting samples before firing.

    2. launch the module, PXI - 2567 VI.  When ch0 is initially (and immediately) on com0, a trigger is sent to PXI_Trig0.  The PXI-4461 will begin to acquire samples before firing.

    3. - click on the "Connect to the next" button on the front of the PXI - 2567 VI module.  This sends a trigger to entry software for the PXI-2567 module and the transitions of the scan for ch1-> com1 list.  Once the PXI-2567 module remains (debounced), advanced complete relaxation is sent on PXI_Trig0 for the PXI-4461.  The PXI-4461 will begin to acquire samples after outbreak.

    Note: Instead of the trigger of the software entry, an external input trigger can be used (e.g. PXI_Trig1).


    > Before instant release of samples = 100

    Delay is caused by the time of actuation of external relay.

    > Before instant release of samples = 500

    Delay is caused by the time of actuation of external relay.

    > Before instant release of samples = 900

    Delay is caused by the time of actuation of external relay.

    I hope that the attached screws and the explanation above helps you and/or other customers who have this problem.

    Best regards

    Chad Erickson

    Switch Product Support Engineer

    NOR - USA

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  • Help with dynamic action and the selection list item

    G ' Day Apex gurus.

    I have problems trying to achieve to trigger the Help window from an element automatically select. A Help window is triggered when it is clicked on the label of an item, but my customer wants to be triguered automatically as soon as the user clicks to view the options in the select list.

    I think I should be able to do with dynamic actions but I can't function.

    I know when someone clicks on the label of the item selection list trigger this JavaScript


    So I want to trigger the javascript also when the user click on the item selection list and pull down the options and for that I think that the dynamic action is the way to go, but I can't do things.

    That's what I have to do:

    I created a dynamic option as follows:

    Name: test
    Sequence: 30
    Even: click
    Selection type: product (s)
    Article (s): P1_RATING <-a selection list item
    Condtion: - no requirement.

    Real Actions
    Sequence: 10
    Action: Run the JavaScript Code
    Fires when the result of the event is: true
    Fire on loading the page: checked
    Code: javascript:popupFieldHelp('277938589795252851','1545903379570909')

    Thank you anyone who can tell me what I'm doing wrong here or bring a solution to my problem to trigger the Help window from an element automatically select.

    Kind regards

    Hi Carlos,

    I've set up a test case of exactly in the same way and it worked fine for me. I've created a page element called P1_DA_DEMO and added some values of the static selection list, then added a help text. I used the settings are lower, I suggest you try again, but also make sure that you have no other Javascript errors on the page. Use a tool like firebug to check.

    Name: Action Dynamics demo
    Sequence: 10
    Even: click
    Selection type: product (s)
    Product (s): P1_DA_DEMO<- a="" selection="" list="">
    Condtion: - no requirement.

    Real Actions
    Sequence: 10
    Action: Run the JavaScript Code
    Fires when the result of the event is: true
    Fire on loading the page: unchecked
    Code: javascript:popupFieldHelp('277938589795252851','1545903379570909')

    Scope of the event set a Bind s.

    Thank you


  • See favorite / wish list items?

    Hello...  Is there a way under management client to see what (if any) a subsriber added as a favorite?  This would certainly help with prospects and followed, but I don't see a way to do it.  Thanks for any help.


    Hey Joe,

    An excellent suggestion, however not possible for the moment.  Only once connected customer will be able to view their list of wishes/favorite items list.

    Add as a potential feature enhancement request.

    Kind regards


  • Calculation for cutting the first part of the string in the Manager list item values


    Please help me with a calculation after submit pl/sql function process for cutting the first part of the string (CQ.) within the values of list manager. For example the list manager support contains values such as

    CQ... SAMPLE1... TEST1

    CQ... SAMPLE2... TEST2

    CQ... SAMPLE1... TEST2

    The calculation process should cut the first part(CQ..) and must return to the list of values of Manager as

    SAMPLE1... TEST1

    SAMPLE2... TEST2

    SAMPLE1... TEST2

    Oracle APEX 4.0.2 is the version and Oracle 10 g r2 is the database.

    Please help me with possible approaches in the development of the service. Thanks in advance.

    Thank you


    orton607 wrote:

    But when I insert/update Manager list item values I don't want the first part of the string in the database.

    I still don't understand why you can't change the LOV or create a new...

    The LOV should be:

        ,LTRIM (SUBSTR ( original_value, INSTR (original_value, '..') + 2))
    FROM (
      -- place original SQL for LOV here

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