LV OOP for an alternative to clusters?

I change the code with a large number of Boolean flags, each of them flashes when data is not valid. I need to eliminate the flashing lights. I am facing make a lot of changes to the existing property nodes, changing "Flashing" to "colors []".

I don't want to move the Boolean to a cluster because of the magnitude of work to decode the data. I'm looking for an alternative to clusters that would allow me to change the color scheme for many Boolean values with very little code. I don't see a class of controls [] for the sub-panels.

If LV OOP provides a solution to my problem, where can I go to learn the basics to cost little or not?

Thank you

Solution: I changed manually several nodes property.

Tags: NI Software

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    You can do almost anything with the classes.

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  • Backup/Snapshot for ESXi alternatives


    I'm currently looking for backup (about snapshots) for the free ESXi 4 server solutions.

    The backup solution itself could also cost a few euros (max. €200 per server/virtual machine).

    The best would be, if we can run it like for example a cron job on the remote Linux server.

    We already tried Trilead VMX, but it only works on windows :/

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    Thank you very much


    check on the server running the component commoutboundmgr. When it is run on a different machine than the who, she can also use a different strategic results framework. You compile the changes to this strategic results framework as well?

  • Looking for an alternative to SortCriterion obsolete

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    Currently, I use the following code originally, I wrote in JDeveloper to do:

    SortCriterion test = (SortCriterion) getTechDataTable () .getSortCriteria () .get (0);
    String sortBy = criterion.getProperty ();

    However, the object is apparently discouraged, and is therefore the subject of org.apache.myfaces.trinidad.model.SortCriterion.

    So, my question is, what alternatives are available? If I understand correctly, the objects are not deprecated unless there is a viable alternative.

    Does anyone know the alternative to use instead of the obsolete

    Thank you all and happy new year!

    Where did you get the news that org.apache.myfaces.trinidad.model.SortCriterion is obsolete?
    in the 1.2.11 API docs, I found nothing on a deprication.
    To me, it seems that you can use org.apache.myfaces.trinidad.model.SortCriterion instead of


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    Greetings.  Currently, we have systems in the United States, Switzerland and the Mexico that I supported via remote access using LogMeIn Pro.  We paid for a subscription before free LMI Pro has been abandoned even to appreciate the characteristics of LMI Pro.  But as LMI has eliminated this free service, it seems their subscription rate more than doubled each year.  We currently need remote access to 3 Macs and 2 units of Windows (ew).

    Last year, we paid $174. for the annual subscription in support of these 5 systems.  I just checked on the price of renewal and it shows $349.00 for renewal.  This is getting too expensive!

    Last year, I invested in ARD to support my mother MacBook and the MacBook from an old friend, rather than pay LMI for a subscription in support of these systems.  ARD was a good alternative for these systems, but it is not a realistic alternative to remote systems for charity I help support.  Partly because of the PC, also because what it requires port forwarding in the router and finally because I have to be at my computer to use ARD to access those other systems.  LMI offers the possibility to access systems through an iOS app and can be used by other members of the team of charity, anywhere in the world everyone is physically located.  That's why we have maintained the LMI Pro subscriptions for a number of years.

    But with the perennial increase rate of LMI ridiculous (I think they can take their pricing of Obamacare), I'm on my eternal quest for an alternative to remote access.

    Can anyone offer advice?

    Thank you very much for your review,

    Dee Dee in Florida

    There are:

    -Apple Back to My Mac

    Set up and use Back to My Mac - Apple Support

    -Team Viewer free for non-commercial and paid for commercial use.

    -GoToMyPC, it also works with Mac

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    Cell fill color, White value, then no other line if on same shading in Table formatter:

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  • Alternative to MS Excel for viewing and the calculation

    Good evening

    I am looking for an alternative to MS Excel. My use case is:

    (1) collect data using Labwindows CVI

    2) store in .csv files

    (3) with Labwindows CVI to copy data from .csv files into .xls templates

    -some calculations of data is executed by ICB

    -some equations are in the Excel file and get automatically calculated after you paste the data

    -existing charts in Excel templates display data calculated after copying

    Given that the amount of files has grown over the years and data analysis is becoming increasingly heavy, I'm looking for an alternative allows

    (a) possibilities for visualization of data and the flexibility of chaning that later

    (b) calculation within the tool (I don't want to have too many equations hidden in some C programs)

    (c) integration in Labwindows CVI (I can change that... but not quite yet)

    Anyone have a recommendation?

    Thank you!

    Hi ZerMahlMeer,

    Tiara not only allows you to perform a multitude of analyses (very easily I might add) on your data, it provides even the ability to automate the entire data, analysis and reporting through Visual Basic Script.  Another really nice feature of DIAdem is that it copies the data that you import and saves it as. Files TDM that prevents overwriting your original data.  If you did, you might also the scrap of the generation of the .csv file and use the C API of TDMS.  This allows you to save data much faster because of the binary structure of TDMS files and then you can open these files in Excel using the TDM Plugin OR for Excel (free to download) and import natively in DIAdem.

    What you call sounds almost exactly what DIAdem is made.  The only transient pain point can be get used to writing VBS if you don't know the code.  However, most of the things that you do not want to refer to a script (for example data channels) can be simply dragged from DIAdem data portal to the script to generate the script code to access this item.  There is also a script recorder that allows you to perform activities of DTC using configuration dialog boxes and automatically capture this activity in the script, so the rise is also greatly facilitated.

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    Does anyone know if the iPad App to see 5.0 Update for subject alternative name (SAN) certificates?  I tested a SAN certificate on a view Security Server 5.0, and it worked great for all the FQDN in the certificate when you use the view Windows 5.0-based Client.  However, when I try to connect using the iPad App, it seems to trust only the common name (CN) rather than additional complete domain names in the SAN certificate.  The nice thing about SAN certificates is that you can buy 1 certificate with a whole bunch of domain names and use the same certificate on multiple servers.  But this seems to break the view iPad customer.  Can anyone confirm that this is a limiation of the iPad App?  This should be corrected in a future release?  Or are we stuck buying individual certificates for each of our servers?

    I had this same problem.  I get mine from DigiCert, and they offer duplicate certificates.  I had a duplicate with my FQDN View Manager like CN first and installed.  After that, I was able to use it on the iPad.

  • alternative vmkping for ESXi?

    Started the switch ESX ESXi and I'm looking for an alternative vmkping... tell powershell?

    I am aware of the possibility to activate the "unsupported mode" in ESXi, but I try to avoid doing anything that is not supported.

    With ESXi 4.1 'Tech support Mode' can officially be configured (enabled/disabled even with time settings) from the DCUI or the vSpere Client GUI.

    See for more details.


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    given that the designer is not supported against a database of GR 11, 2, we are looking for an alternative solution.

    We only use the data for feature modeling for the moment, but we cannot use the Oracle Data Modeler, because there is no central repository. Why, edited by concurrent users is not possible.

    Does anyone know an ER tool that supports a central repository, competitor of edition and generate scripts for an Oracle DB, supporting Oracle data types?


    I also had a quick glance at the Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler, and instead of a repository database, it has a base repository (XML) file in a version system (subversion).

    Modeler data Oracle SQL Developer can make an entity-relationship model Naval, but also a data model. You can get your current model of your repository designer and after save in XML files. I still have to do some testing if more people are changing the files. that is what the system version will do with XML files, they will be merged or changes will be overwritten.

    It's a start, but SQL Developer Data Modeler is not the designer.

  • What is the best software project management for a Mac

    Hi I just bought a MacBook Pro for my business. My company has won an engineering project that I will be the Project Director. My client uses MS Projects, I can't on my Mac, what is the best option


    Maybe this blog Capterra article can help you with choices for an alternative to MS Project for Macs.

    However, what I would recommend is to run Windows under BootCamp or a virtual machine, such as Parallels or VMware and then, install a version of Windows from MS Project to be entirely compatible with what your company uses.

  • I understand that you no longer support Adobe Flash player, you have another plugin for my games?

    If you think that Adobe Flash player is not a suitable plugin, you have a suggestion for an alternative? I've been using Google Chrome, but I told myself that they will not prohibit Adobe as well. I play 'King' of games such as Candy Crush, as well as others, and I will not renounce my games. I tried looking for an alternative a few months ago because Adobe crashes every day, but I went to the wrong site and downloaded a virus instead. Any suggestion that you can give me would be great. Thank you for your time.

    Price of leila

    Everything you've read that Mozilla has declared no longer supports the Adobe Flash Player is incorrect. Mozilla supports still Flash but currently has all previous versions on a deadlock due to critical vulnerabilities.

    Mozilla puts only versions of Plugins (and Extensions that are malicious software) which are serious security (criticism), as well as reasons of stability. Unfortunately just about every version of Flash player is on red list since December because feats experienced Sailor and in current versions of time.

    Current versions of the plugin base of Flash player for Windows and Mac OS x are not listed but Linux version is due to Adobe not having an update still which is unusual.

    As you can see Adobe has been busy trying to solve the exploits in their Flash Player at the last moment.

    Regarding the Flash alternatives that may or may not work or partially according to the operating system and the site used are Unity Web Player, GNU Gnash and Lightspark.

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