Mac Mini vs MacBook Pro 13 "with retina display

Recently, I decided to buy a Mac computer having never used several Windows computers.  I already have an iPad (I love by the way) that I use for taking notes and work on documents, while I'm not at my desk.  I have a Windows laptop at home which I use primarily as a desktop computer.  About five weeks of the year, I need to use the laptop as a real laptop (i.e., I need to move office where I keep it by the way).  However, I believe that, following an update of the iOS OneDrive app, that I should be able to work only from my iPad (i.e. the computer should not necessarily be used for these five weeks).  Nevertheless, I would still know that the Mac was portable so that I could at least carry somewhere or put it in a bag and connect it to a TV, use it as a monitor.

I also want the Mac to last me five or sixyears, so a very important criterion for the Mac's longevity After looking through the different available Macs, I've narrowed my selection to the following:

  • MacBook Pro with the retina 13 "2.7 GHz 8 GB RAM 256 GB SSD (see here)
  • Mac Mini 2.8 GHz, 8 GB RAM 1 TB Fusion drive (see here)

Most of my work is to use productivity applications (e.g. Microsoft Office); emails and browsing the web, as well as a small photo editing (I currently use Paint.Net under Windows to give you an idea of the kind of program I want to use).

So, to summarize:

  • The Mac I must last for 5-6 years; I don't want to have to replace here there if that can be avoided
  • I wish it were portable enough to carry rarely, even if I have to plug it into a monitor somewhere
  • It must have an SSD
  • I would like to have a machine that will run the productivity (like MS Office) applications fairly quickly; I won't use image programs much (or at all)
  • I am a student at the University, your costs would be appreciated as well!

So I'm looking for a recommendation as to whether the Mini or MacBook Pro with the retina (or another Mac altogether) would be better for my needs.

Thank you very much!!


Either one will meet your needs very well. The laptop has a little better graphics, but the Mini has a lot more on-board storage.

The laptop has its own screen KB and mouse/trackpad is more portable.

Two Macs need to be supported for the same amount of time in the future.  However, the laptop is more prone to damage jut because he's moved a lot.

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  • is lightroom cc supports my on my macbook pro mid 2015 retina display?

    is lightroom cc supports my on my macbook pro mid 2015 retina display?

    Welcome to Apple Support communities

    Here you have the requirements of Lightroom CC-> as you can see, it works with OS X El Capitan, so you should not have any problem using it in your MacBook.

    If you are worried about Retina display support, it is supported, worry is not on this topic.

  • MacBook pro compatible with Thunderbolt display

    Hi guys,.

    I'm Thunderbolt Display 27 inches. but I am not able to connect with the non Apple laptop.

    So I'll buy the Macbook pro 13 inch, but I'm confused.

    Please see product here & qid = 1456900215 & ref_ = sr_1_1 & s computers = & sr = 1-1

    Can anyone tell me, is this compatible with Thunderbolt display or not.

    He works for audio and video.

    Please help me.

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    Yes, it is - read here ode = 8 a

    The ultimate docking station.

    With a single cable, connect any Mac compatible Thunderbolt and get 27 inches of screen space high-resolution, high-quality audio, a FaceTime HD camera, ports FireWire 800 and Gigabit Ethernet - and a Thunderbolt port allows to chain additional high-performance devices such as hard drives and video capture devices.

    And from the laptop specifications

    Communication and connectivity

    You can capture images, part of the video-conference or chat with friends and family with the help of the built-in FaceTime HD camera. This camera has a resolution of 720 p. The sound quality of the loudspeaker is excellent and so you get to hear every detail of audio content. You can play games, install the software, burn files to CDs and DVDs, watching movies, create the backup of the data and do much more with the help of the DVD optical drive that Apple OS X laptop Lion. The USB 3.0 ports facilitate the import and export of files. This laptop has Thunder Bolt and FireWire ports too.

  • Is a Macbook pro of the retina display 8 gb good for video editing?

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    Even more of the space drive 256 GB

  • MacBook Pro 13,3 "retina Logic Board failure?

    I bought my MacBook Pro 13,3 "Retina display nine in early 2014 before going to College.  This is the most expensive item that I have ever owned I always made sure to take the greatest care in the use and handling.  About a week ago, I went to turn it on and a prohibitive symbol appeared on the screen (a white circle with a slash) and after that, it was completely cut off.  I took it to a (MicroCenter) renamed repair store and they said it was a failure of the logic board and would cost nearly $700 to fix.  Everyone knows this Council logical fault problem?

    I am extremely disappointed by Apple because I thought of them as the cream of the cream with advanced technology "State-of-the-art".  I expect this device to last until the end of my academic career to a minimum and the fact that it's broken in less than two years is absolutely unacceptable. I did some googling and I saw a trial about the logic board failures in 15 '' MacBook Apple of 2011-13 and had published a complementary repair program.  I hope they do the same with my case.

    Again, someone else has their logic board fail randomly?

    Thanks in advance.

    Welcome to Apple Support communities

    Sorry to hear that. I suggest you take a look at the forums of MacBook Pro to find cases similar to yours and check if there is a systemic problem or if you just had bad luck. Obviously it will not be a legal action if this problem is reduced to a few users, but there's a chance if this is stated as a failure of the design.

    About your problem, it looks more like a problem of flash storage rather than a failure of the logic board, but retina MacBooks Pro have most of their parts soldered to the logic board, so, any repair is quite expensive. Finally, if you live in a European country, remember that your Mac has got a 2-year statutory warranty, then you may qualify for a free repair.

  • How to connect an old 23 "Cinema Display to a MacBook Pro 15 inch with Retina display

    I have an old 23 "Cinema HD Display, part number M9178LL/A and want to connect it to a recent MacBook Pro 15 inch with Retina display 2104.

    The Cinema Display has a power adapter and 3 USB, Firewire connectors and a DVI (think that's what it's called).

    The MacBook Pro has USB, Thunderbolt, and HDMI ports.  I have a crush on Firewire adapter, but I don't know what I need to plug the DVI or if it will work.

    I also remember that years ago Apple sold "docks", so that you can use your laptop with a keyboard and a standard monitor.  Is this always the case?

    If anyone can help?

    Thank you very much.

    Adapt you the Thunderbolt computer monitor DVI connection (use a Mini DisplayPort adapter) or HDMI port. USB and FireWire connections are only needed if you plan to use the screen as a hub.


  • a macbook pro with retina display becomes hot when in use?

    A macbook pro with retina display becomes hot when in use?

    Yes.  All of the skin of the MBP is part of the evacuation of heat, not only the arriere-charniere event.  That's why running the MBP on a hard flat surface is better, so the room air can cool down all surfaces.  He put on a hidden or your knees when running may block exposure to air.

    High intensity running video uses graphics and CPU harder, needing cooling.

  • The cooling fans how are 13 '' MacBook Pro 2015/16 retina?


    Sometimes, my mac make noise with its cooling fans, I tried to use some software for the diagnosis and is surprised that a single cooling fan has been detected. Could you please clarify how cooling fans are in my mac?

    My mac is:

    MacBook Pro (retina, 13 inches, early 2015)

    2.7 GHz Intel Core i5 processor

    8 GB 1867 MHz DDR3 memory

    Graphics Intel Graphics Iris 6100 1536 MB

    Serial number C0 * VH5

    Thank you in advance,


    < personal information under the direction of the host >

    This model has a fan

  • Can I install windows 7 on early 2015 macbook pro version with El captain?

    Can I install windows 7 on early 2015 macbook pro version with El captain?

    Thank you

    Install Windows 7 and earlier Apple Support on your Mac using Boot Camp -

    Check the tables in the link I provided to see if your computer works for Windows 7.

  • Can I connect my MacBook Air to my Mac Mini so that I can use the display of the Mac Mini?

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    Can I connect my MacBook Air to my Mac Mini so that I can use the display of the Mac Mini?

    The Mac Mini is the end of 2014 with 2 ports thunderbolt model and is connected to a mini display port monitor.

    I'm just fed up of having to pull on the cable of the Mac Mini to connect the MacBook Air.

    Any ideas? Suggestions?

    Thanks in advance!

    Using the built-in screen sharing are an application like:


    Only some iMacs support the target Display Mode

    Use your iMac as a display with the target - Apple Support Display Mode

  • Battery and general order questions for the MacBook Pro 13 inch retina (2015)

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    On a daily basis, I tape regularly documents, surf the web, watch YouTube, movies and videos, and non-intensive games like Flash games.

    Here are my questions:

    If accidentally you unplug the charger and plug it back immediately, this indictment as a load sprays? What defines a cycle?

    Is it safe to use your laptop while he's in charge?

    What are some tips to keep the battery a longer period for general use?

    What are some tips for maintaining the health of the battery?

    Why is it important to calibrate the battery each time in awhile? How can I do?

    What are things which reduce the wear of the battery and how to avoid them?

    What applications are useful to monitor and maintain the battery?

    What are your thoughts on getting a replacement battery for Apple laptops?

    What are your personal recommendations on set make the laptop last as long as possible?

    Thank you very much for the help!

    Answers to most questions can be found here.

    Modern battery of Macbook didn't need to be calibrated.

    You can use your Mac while being charged.

    I use app battery of nuts of coconut, but not necessary.


  • MacBook Pro stuck mouse retina

    If I have an apple keyboard and trackpad as a Logitech MX Anywhere mouse. I bought my first ever macbook pro retina in 2012 and were overall quite happy about it, but there's one thing that drives me crazy and I can't seem to find a solution to this online. The question I have is if I move my mouse around the MX Anywhere use, it gets stuck in places as it would if the computer was done some intense calculations and out of memory. This applies to moving the mouse and clicking. I have my bluetooth trackpad also connected and zero problems with it, it won't get caught or lagging behind. At first, I thought maybe with the driver or the bluetooth at the same time, but it does not solve my problem. I have filed a claim and got a new mouse and still the same issue.

    Some have suggested that it is a wireless channel interference, so I changed my channels wifi routers and tried and still the same problem.

    At this point, I'm seeing if I can fix this without having to do a clean install of El Capitan. I want to use my mouse classic and not have to depend entirely on the trackpad. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what can happen and how to solve?

    MacBook Pro mid-2012 retina / 2.6 GHz 16 GB RAM

    El Capitan

    Logitech MX anywhere

    Apple Trackpad wireless

    Apple wireless keyboard

    I have filed a claim and got a new mouse and still the same issue.

    Call The Logitech tech support because you are still under warranty.  You need to determine from them what the problem is w / the Logitech MX.  Have you confirmed w/Logitech drivers are compatible w/El Capitan?

  • Memory can be increased on a late 2013 Macbook pro of the retina?

    Memory can be increased on a late 2013 Macbook pro of the retina?

    It is welded in place and not extensible

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    Need advice. Would you sink (at least) $600 to replace the screen on a MacBook Pro 13 inch retina end 2012 or you want to buy a new one?

    You can buy a worn integers for that.

    Only if your machine is Virgin and you want only one specific

  • What screwdriver do I need open a case of the MacBook Pro (mid 2014 retina, 13.3 ")?

    I try to open the case of my MacBook Pro (mid-2014 retina, 13.3 ") so that I can check for dust and clean, but I'm not sure what screwdriver, I would need. Does anyone know?

    Also, I have a 3 years Apple Care plan; opening the casing to clean the inside avoid this?

    Thank you

    Here is the driver: nd-Air/IF145-090-3

    Personally, I have a MacBook Air 2012 and me never opened to clean and won't.

    Here is the information from Apple about the warranty. "Unauthorized service" is a discussed item:

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