Method - difficulties to remove blackBerry Smartphones traditional Chinese input methods

The traditional Chinese input methods, I installed on my flashlight, and they include several methods - Zhuyin, Cangjie, Pinyin... etc. I only use Zhuyin and wants to remove the rest, but when I connect my phone to the Desktop Manager software, (I tried both 5.0 and 6.0) the option "Traditional Chinese input" appears as one option, she collapses all following Zhuyin, Cangjie, Pinyin, so I'm not able to delete each unwanted entry methods.

Please let me know how I can remove them... Thank you!

I have the latest OS.


sounds to me that all the other methods are built in.

Search for software on the internet like BSAK

see the part of COD.

Good luck

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    I bought my "BOLD" in the United States, but I read that "BOLD" sold in Taiwan / Hong Kong offer traditional Chinese display and input support. Is there a way that my "BOLD" in the US may have the same language support as well? Thank you for your help.

    You can select a device operating system which is multilingual.

    If Chinese is not in your device, you can download an another carriers OS from here:

    Look for the selections of Asia-Pacific. You need to load the operating system for your exact model.

  • Is it not traditional Chinese input?

    Is it not traditional Chinese input for 7 slate?

    Almost all Android devices have Chinese simplified and Chinese traditional display language available.

    How to change the display language (input)

    If your device does not already have the installed language, you will have to go to thegame Google store to download and install it.

  • How to remove BlackBerry Smartphones company BB 9780 settings

    Please help me remove bb 9780 company settings to remove.

    Hi and welcome to the Forums!

    First of all, you must make sure that the BES server to which your BB has been activated has more your BB configured... otherwise, even after erase you it from the BB, the BES could reach out and the turn it back on, and you'd be right where you started.

    Then take a full backup, but whenever you restore, DO NOT make a full restore... just restore these things, you need (for example, messages, contacts, calendar, etc.). Otherwise, restore you the COMPUTER policy and again be right back where you started.

    With this, see this:

    •  KB14202 How to remove a policy from IT to a BlackBerry smartphone

    I recommend method 3.

    Good luck!

  • Helps remove blackBerry Smartphones 2 way

    I have again on blackberry and need help to solve a problem.

    Page 29 in the BIS 2.5 user guide has that "when you remove a message from a built-in e-mail account, the message is also deleted on your BlackBerry smartphone.

    This does not work for me. It does not work when I delete from the camera, it will then remove the server.  It's my business account, which uses a normal pop3 server / imap type installation. Nothing fancy such as exchange servers.   I just download my server to hosts on outlook 2002 messages, thus erasing them from the server. Please note that I have the choice of using pop3 or imap.  I tried both and it does not in any way delete.

    Verizon says this will only work with BES, but as you can see above, the BIS said it should work.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Hello and welcome to the Forums of Support

    If you use IMAP and set it up properly, it "should" reconcile your bidirectional deletions, at LEAST since the e-mail server for the BB, and if you delete your your Outlook cuts from the mail server, then it should delete the BB as well. It may not work as smoothly, however.

    On the accounts POP, removing your Outlook will not reconcile with the BB.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones how Chinese?

    Now I'm living in Beijing / China and I have no idea how to read my messages in Chinese. It shows only a bunch of squares. There is no available installation Chinese in my office in the language section Manager. What can I do? I read another post they speak to change the operating system, but where I can get a tutorial and the OS just to take it? In addition, changing how the keyboard right now?


    Please see this KB to orientation:

    • KB17208 How to install and configure the language pack of East Asia on a BlackBerry smartphone

    Please report back with sections specific as to what you're trying it does not work.

    Thank you!

  • How to remove blackBerry smartphones blackberry contact

    How to remove blackberry contacts, because there is no option to do this?



    To delete a contact, highlight the contact on your list, press the BlackBerry menu key and select Remove.  Alternatively, you can simply highlight the contact and press the BACKSPACE on your physical keyboard.

    I hope that info helps!

  • How to remove BlackBerry Smartphones keyboad language?

    When I change the language of the keyboard BB 9860 I need to choose among the three languages 'UK, UK '.

    How can I remove one of the English, anyone. In the settings they not aviable to select and highlight gray.

    Hello MD2AX565

    Welcome to the Forums of the BlackBerry Support

    If you want to remove English language and having problem to retrench to the breast of your device and then try this:

    Connect your device and run BlackBerry Desktop Software > click Applications (wait until the application list update) > scroll to language and support entry > sign of click X to delete all the languages of your device. > click on apply.

    Please note make sure that your PC has an active internet connection.

    Download and install the latest version of BlackBerry desktop from here BlackBerry desktop software software

  • How to remove BlackBerry Smartphones downloaded (but not installed) applications


    I accidentally pressed the download button when I was looking at an app and have downloaded and it is now sitting in My World of App World section. It says "Ready to install", but I can't install it because I did not download it. How can I delete this file? When I've highlight it and click on the BlackBerry button, I do not get an option to remove this file - only help, show the memory bar, Log In, install, Application Switch and close. RIM forgot to add an option to remove? Is the only way to get rid of this file is now to insall and uninstall it?

    Thanks for your help!

    I don't think so. I think that as soon as you start the sequence to download/install you must perform in order and then uninstall the application. Because it is stuck and don't install it do not in all cases, there is really no wrong save for this be listed this way in your MyWorld. But, you could click and complete the installation, and then follow the normal instructions to uninstall I guess.

    Good luck and let us know!

  • How to remove blackBerry smartphones missed calls list?

    Greetings!  I have the opportunity to keep only the last 30 days of messages (text, Blackberry messengers, MMS, etc.) together and it seems to work fine.  But it is not getting rid of MISSED CALL entries in my list that date back to the day (6 months ago), I bought the camera (curve).  Y at - it another option to clear the list of missed calls?  Just annoys me!  Sooner or later, memory fill.

    Welcome to the AndrewUser forums

    Missed calls can be removed from your list of messages, if you want to. From the home screen, press the green call button, press the menu/blackberry button and click 'options '. Go to "Call logging" and set it to 'none '. That will remove the missed calls from the message list, but not your call logs.

  • How to remove BlackBerry Smartphones BOOPSIE

    I went to the salon here in Vegas for being able to download an application that allows you to map sellers want to see via an application called boopsie.  The app was useless, and now when I go in my browser it's always there «Find with Boopsie»  I looked in my apps and there is nothing there... How can I get rid of this app instrusion?

    If its in your browser, looks like your homepage or add it to your bookmarks or history

    If this is a real application and its not in options-options-applications advances... then try to go to applications and click your menu button and choose the MODULES... see if you can remove it from this list

  • How to remove blackBerry smartphones preload photos?

    I want to delete all the images preloaded for my 8330 but can't seem to see them in the Media Manager... Is it possible to delete to free up memory?

    There is a link in my link in my signature called maximize the BlackBerry memory that shows how to do this, among other things.

  • How to remove blackBerry smartphones

    How to remove mobile banking?  do not install and cannot find anywhere in my phone to delete

    Thank you


    If you can't find it, how do you know that you must remove?

    Please check here:

    • Home screen > Options > (Advanced Options in certain levels of OS) > Applications

    If the app in question is not on this list, it is not installed. On the contrary, the icon is a shortcut for "teaser" pushed to you. You can't really get rid of those. On the contrary, what I do is to create a homescreen folder called "Alternative icons" (some call it "Junk") and to settle all these icons. In this way, they are out of the way. On the other hand, if the application in question is on this list, then click on the X button and delete the app.

    Good luck!

  • Remove blackBerry Smartphones

    on my last phone not a blackberry, I could delete my call history

    on my blackberry that im new on how do I have to delete the call history, I made them a both

    Open your main messages folder. Press menu > folders > phone call logs.

    Scroll to the top of the list, press Menu > delete before.

  • How to remove blackBerry smartphones like packs of Vibe & ring or ringtone downloads

    I downloaded a program called Vibe and ring, but need not.  However, I can't delete it.  I said to "go to tools > settings > Applications, then highlight the application I want to delete, but I can't find anywhere TOOLS.»

    Thanks for your help

    On your home screen of BB, or in a folder of parameters.

    May be called options or parameters or tools.

    Keep looking.

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