most common version of the os?


I have not a good idea on what operating system the target for my application. Someone here could give me an idea of what are the most used OS versions out there.  How the distribution of people works 4.2 4.3 or something older or newer. I was hoping to have the minimum version of the 4.3, but if this isn't common enough I would rethink my approach

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If you look at this thread,

you will see Mike Kirkup rim suggests that 75% of all devices are 4.2 or the latter.

Personally, I would point the Pearl and 8800 devices, which were initially 4.2 and 4.2.1 devices respectively.

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    Thank you


    The second is the most up-to-date. Launch it and while the icon appears in the dock with the top right button (Ctrl-click) and choose:

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    With the recent update of the application of Creative Cloud Desktop (, we have unfortunately introduced a bug that causes the creation of a new Creative Cloud Files folder and re-synchronization of all content. This will happen only the first time that the synchronization application runs after the update. This caused an understandable pain and confusion, for which we really apologize.

    Creative application Cloud Files contains a logic that supports the use of several Adobe ID. This allows to disconnect from an ID and in, but keeps the contents of your separate creative cloud. When you sign out and change identifiers, the app moves the previous creative Cloud Files folder and it's content and he adds with the already signed in ID (User@AdobeID). Then, it creates a main folder and begins to synchronize the content of the identification of new.

    The bug I mentioned earlier occurs, as the app believes an ID selector took place and as such, moves the current record of Creative Cloud Files and attempts to annex the already signed in ID. As no switch actually took place, it manifests as (unknown).  The application then creates a main folder to synchronize the data.

    What you end up with is essentially a creative Cloud Files folder with your new synchronized data and a creative Cloud Files (unknown) folder that contains duplicate data.

    This happens once, after the last update.

    The solution is to simply delete the (unknown) Creative Cloud Files folder.

    I recommend that ensure you that you have no pending change you can do offline and you check the contents of the folder new, main designer Cloud Files contains everything you expect of him.  If this is not the case, check the contents of the creative Cloud files (unknown).

    If there is still an incompatibility with your data, you can check on to confirm that your data is there.

    If you have any other problems or questions on this topic please email [email protected]

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    Kind regards


    They are not very good to put the details on the application of CC Office.  However, the currently displayed on the CC list is the newest... it appears as on my system.

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    I would like to know what is your knowledge, the more common use of timesten.

    Manage manually a large number of table creates problems when some force is "disappeared" to timesten creating the CG.

    I tried to tables from a Primavera P6 project management schema cache (187 tables and other views more, etc.). Trying the scheme has reported an error about a missing relative to a constraint). Loading of a given subset resulted in very small number of set tables cached in reality due to the lack of other related tables.

    So if timesten is a very good solution, all the necessary step to get a consistently large number of cached tables seems to be is not so effective.

    Thank you
    Fabio Alfonso

    An application using TimesTen IMDB should be designed for TimesTen and the necessary hierarchy for it to load properly. Primavera is designed without a doubt not properly.

    Most people use the IMDB as a cache to environments of volume of very high transaction or in environments where peak loads exceed the ability to execute transactions directly to a RDBMS on disk.

  • The most recent version of the Firefox browser quickly spits out new pages of tabs and cannot be stopped without existing browser. Difficulty?

    I downloaded the latest version of Firefox on my PC Windows 7 (64). This is my default browser. Once it opens, it begins to open several pages in new tabs and can not be stopped except by leaving the browser. What causes this and how can it be solved?

    I open Firefox in Mode safe as you suggested. The problem did not recur, so I followed the directions to disable hardware acceleration. This seems to have solved the problem. Thank you.

  • Question on the most recent version of the graphics driver for Satellite a series


    Probably, I'm not the first and the last who will ask: he is going to be any discount for display drivers, because who can be found on the driver-Toshiba homepage are v8.4.0.0 form 2006 :( For example: Far Cry (1 not 2).

    Nearly 2/3 of the landscape is black (when I say black, a BLACK of average). And that's not all. TimeShift would not start at all (Yes, I know that the card won't support graphics, but I played matches with much better graphics on my PC at home (with a GeForce 5200 128 MB).

    Well that was just a demo.
    Have no idea what a "nice" surprise it would be if someone gives a $ 40-50 for a game and learns that he cannot play because of the drivers.

    Just tried some 3D animation programs trail... Well, the only problem :-/
    Another program has me in a straight line - pilots not up to date.
    Update drivers will fix most of the graphic problems etc...

    Thanks for the help in advance.

    What Satellite model dou you have?

    As Akuma has said, you can try the drivers updated the drivers who are not Toshiba. But with these drivers, you can get more problems as today.

    As far as I know that games need a lot of power and a laptop satellite was made for computer games. The Qosimo series is ideal for playing games.
    If you want to play games on your laptop satellite, do not define quality settings in the game. It works best when you play with settings below.

  • is it ok to remove the most recent version of the redistributable file in VC ++ in order to install a program that requires an older version?

    I have a file in VC ++ 2010 version Re distributable 10.0.40219. One of the programs will install vcredist_86.exe and he is unable to do so because I have a newer file. What is the solution?

    Have you tried installing via a right click on the actual Setup.exe and choosing the option "Run As Administrator"?  Perform, even if your user name is an administrator.

    How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista or in Windows 7

    Have you tried to clean your Temp folder, you can do this by typing folder in the Start Menu RUN box.  This will open your Temp folder, there, you can remove all Windows will allow you to do.

    It may be necessary to show both hidden and system files and also uncheck 'Hide known file types' in Control Panel / folder Options / view, navigate to the mentioned location of Temp or to see all the files in there...

    As has been said it is not uncommon to have several versions of VC ++ installed.  If you want you can uninstall them and reinstall them as should be.

  • ODI - the most recent version of the loading data


    I have a flat file with the above structure


    12345 12/04/1988

    12345 13/06/1980

    12345 21/05/1989

    The requirement is to load data into Oracle tables where only the last row must be taken (in this sense Date of birth for last MNR number must be picked, essentially the last disk)

    There is no verification of available data, which means that no insert_date or no matter what version number is available

    What is the best way to achieve this.

    Any help will be appreciated.

    Thanks and greetings


    In this case as you consider this last incoming data as more later. You should be able to choose later from the file in 2 ways (using the oracle sequence generated by default or manually, by creating a sequence).

    In the second case, when loading data to the staging table.

    Create a SNO_MRN_SEQ sequence in Oracle DB

    create sequences SNO_MRN_SEQ




    Create an additional (SNO_SEQ) field in the staging data store, which in the mapping interface you will map the sequence (schema_name. SNO_MRN_SEQ. NEXTVAL).

    Check the staging table data if the sequence is empty as expected.

    during the loading to the filter of the target on MRN_NO Table and use the below query, which will essentially come to the max of the sequence number.






    Let me know if that helps!

  • Most recent version of the guest operating system as the host of the basic version?

    H there, just a quick question.

    Would this work if guest operating system is 10.7 but host operating system is 10.6.8? I use 4 Fusion

    Very much appreciated.

    Technically by the OS X ALS detail you can only virtualize a legally virtalizable version of Mac OS X (Client) under him.  In other words under OS X 10.6 Client ALS detail allows to be virtualized so so technically the only legally virtalizable version of Mac OS X is Mac OS X Server 10.5.x/10.6.x that which is technically required by the SLA in detail and what is technically possible are two different things.  In other words we can virtualize OS X 10.7 (Client or server) but ALS retail for OS X 10.7 requires it be done on OS X 10.7.  Now VMware and VMware Fusion or not apply this requirement and it is up to the user to work in the product EULA and or SLA.

    BTW I don't remember if VMware Fusion 4 supported OS x 10.7, but if it's a selectable BONE in the wizard, then you can try though in violation of ALS retail for OS X 10.7 If you use a retail OS X 10.7.

  • Why Firefox crashes after installing the most recent Version of the Flash Player?


    I have this problem since the new Flash Player. Every time I close Firefox I get the Mozilla Crash Reporter...-. -.

    What can I do?

    I've got Firefox 3.6.17 and WinVista and no, I will not refresh Firefox, because that will works fine - except for Flash Player.


    Sorry you experience this problem.  Please, take a minute and vote for the following bug:

    In addition, you can temporarily work around this problem by disabling the protected-mode.

    How can I disable the safe_mode of Flash Player for Firefox?

  • Equium A60: A new version of the display driver is not available?

    I have the satellite a60, the drivers available on the official download page for Toshiba are since 2004.

    Seriously, who can not be the latest version available.

    I think that this may be the cause of a certain display problems that I'm facing with this machine.


    Many different series laptop is delivered with the same graphic card.
    It of possible that the latest graphic driver have been placed in the different laptop computer category. I recommend checking out the different series of the same graphics card which is used in your Equium and maybe you will find the most recent version of the driver.

Maybe you are looking for