MOTONAV does not not on Motorola Milestone


I am facing problems with Motonav since I bought my new Motorola Milestine go back a month.

1. when I launch Motonav, I get error as "your free trial will expire in 0 days" it also gives me the option to enable.

2. the source destination always also shows something different. I have manually set my start position. What I understood from Motonav technical paper are must the high efficiency of power, but which does not occur. Also when I choose the option search for places or Find accommodation autour it shows wrong options and destinations.

I logged a ticket with the support of Motorola in India =, no ticket.


My hand play went for repair at the center of repair of high level in India for about 4 days. Finally, they have done various research and returned to tell me which has been set. But when I checked it still didn't work. I again asked me to submit my camera for a few days at Motorola again.

Motorola Tehcnial the India engineer told me that "your free trial version will expire in 0 days" should be ignored, as it is for information only. But on the othet handset this error does not come with the same model.

I just wanted to check with the technical team, how can I get reolved my problems on Motonav. I'm not really happy and convenced Motorola technical response in India teams and really frustrated.

Thank you


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    1. You did it all change that caused the problem?
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    Hey Ronald, I've updated by upper about the update saying that UNITED Arab Emirates and EGYPT got last week. Don't know if the Saudi version has achieved, you have the Saudi Version or is it the same in the UNITED Arab Emirates. If his UNITED Arab Emirates you can do it via the PC using Software updater by Motorola...

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    I have all kinds of helmets that work very well.

    As to why the bike not turned in the box - I would say that most people do not use them. You may disagree, and perhaps it is regional. But looking around the United States and the European Union, most of the people with cell phones do not use wired headphones. And the few people I know that do, tend to buy a different brand of what is in the box.

    In the United States, you can get them in many stores for less then $10 for Motorola is saving most of us who do not use wired headphones. I have a set that runs in my backpack as a backup, but I always forget it's there and use the phone without it.

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    BTW I also use a mouse bluetooth with the laptop and sometimes it loses the pairing and the only way to (re) pair is to remove the device and the device to be added again.   So I think it's a problem of bluetooth of Windows.

    Thanks in advance for your help-Frank

    Hi Frank,.

    1 Windows operating system you are using?

    2. you receive messages or error codes?

    Method 1:

    You can check with the support of Motorola and check if there is for the windows you use any headphone driver and software. If so, the same install and check if it helps.

    You can also check the updates of Windows see if the optional driver updates are available for the device:

    Update drivers: recommended links

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    Method 2:

    Try to run the corner hardware store and check the issue.

    Convenience hardware store

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    My service provider could not help and said my signal to connect is good.  I loaded the new drivers Vista 64 for my modem as it was the only rider to a 64 bit OS that I could find, in the hope that it would help.  No chance here no more.  Any suggestions?

    I guess that you connect the modem to your computer with a USB cable.  If your modem has an Ethernet output, use it instead.  The Ethernet connection does not require a pilot program and is more reliable than the USB connection.

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    I have a wireless modum and my Presario CQ50-130US will not accept the connection.  I called the provider, and they say that all systems are a 'go' at their end.  The problem is with my laptop.  I didn't let any guarantee.  Any suggestions?

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    After installing OS 7 (from 6 OS) on a machine Intel, Photoshop CS and CS2 will not open. I get the message that the Power PC programs are more supported. Why is this happening? Thank you.

    The message is clear (if you know what Power PC means, in other words). All G5 and many ancient used Mac made by Motorola and IBM called PowerPC processors. More recent that all Mac G5s use Intel processors.

    You talk to any OS, Mac, Windows, Linux, etc, the application that you are using must be written and compiled for the CPU and operating system, or it won't work.

    Your copy of Photoshop were written for older Mac using PowerPC applications and does not not on any Mac running Lion 10.7.x or later version. They ran under Snow Leopard 10.6.x because it was the last version of Mac OS X to include Rosetta, which is an emulator PowerPC that allowed these older apps to function, even though the Mac has an Intel processor.

    Your have several options.

    (1) buy a new version of Photoshop that runs natively under Leo.

    2) back to Snow Leopard.

    (3) purchase Server Snow Leopard from Apple ($20) and that run in a virtual machine as the free VirtualBox, VMware or Parallels. You can then run your PPC software in the virtual machine. It means that you were running an OS within an operating system and need a good amount of RAM installed to support the two well enough for your Mac is not slow to a crawl.

  • Logitech k400 touchpad scrolling (and scroll wheel works does not in general)

    I use Firefox Beta 19 for Android on a mini MK808 PC (but this also applies to other devices when using any kind of keyboard/mouse combo external;) I tried also with a Tablet Motorola XOOM 2 Media Edition with similar results).

    My keyboard is a Logitech K400 with a touchpad. It must scroll the page when we slide down/up with two fingers. The feature does not work in Firefox; Instead, I have to hold the mouse button and drag a finger. The gesture of two-finger scrolling works with Chrome and the browser of stock on this device, this issue should be repairable. It's a little annoying because Firefox is differently from other applications.

    In addition, during this test with another real with a mouse wireless keyboard/mouse combo I found that the mouse scroll wheel does not work. Again, it works in Chrome, so it is a behaviour Firefox only. (In fact, it makes perfect sense, because scrolling with two fingers to the keyboard Logitech is to emulate the scroll wheel). This is actually good news, because now I'm sure enough many users will be offended by this bug and it should be fixed.

    Note: in case this information is useful, the scrolling mouse work on Firefox start page with thumbnails of the most used links, but not on the other pages.

    Added: Find the bug:

    Apparently, there's a difficulty, but when he reached the beta channel?

    Yes! He works in Aurora! Even if for some reason, the logic is opposite to that of Chrome (scrolling down moves the page down in the window instead of the top). I can live with that.

    Edit: well, it works partially in Aurora. Scrolling of the Mouse/touchpad does not work on pages that have fields independently scrollable (for example, the web interface of Tweetdeck with different columns) or the parts that are supposed to be stationary. I hope that (and reverse the direction) will be fixed later.

  • Yahoo Mail doesn't work does not correctly

    I have the latest version of Firefox, which is OK and an older version that has problems with Yahoo Mail as well.

    Firefox 3.6.12 used to work with Yahoo Mail, but no more so there must be Yahoo which is something wrong and I do NOT put to level anything on this old laptop!

    Yahoo Mail simply does not work right. I try a NEW mail and there is no message body. Look at a mail only shows the header. IE 6 still works, but ILS (Yahoo) says that I need to improve - NOT!

    I have a newer netbook with VISTA (ARGHHHH!) and Firefox 7.0.1 and everything works except for a few glitches in the Add-ons.

    I'm seriously sick of UPDATES that don't work right! My netbook has had three versions of Firefox and other improvements for VISTA and things just work. And my laptop... too old for the new; Windows XP and VISTA or Win7 worked are the SHIT! And now that Apple ripped the heart of Motorola and Intel and Windows compatibility-highlight... ARGHHHH!

    Hi, Caltrop, based on what I read, I have a similar problem. Can you elaborate on what you have done to remedy this? I consider myself a technophile junior but was not able to decipher what you were saying. Perhaps to explain as I am a child could help make it easier for me to see your step by step resolution. THX!

    After checking my addons & plugins I noticed that I don't have this AdBlocker Plus, you speak of. Does make a difference in correcting mistakes?

  • 11.0 flash does not work on my xoom using the firefox browser, but works through the default browser of xoom, no fix for firefox?

    11.0 flash does not work in firefox on my Motorola XOOM 3.2.2 11.0 Flash works via the basic browser supplied with the XOOM. No fix for it through Firefox?


    This thread is about Flash in Firefox for Mobile:


  • Connect does not show my devices

    The Chrome Extension connect reported that it could not connect to my phone this morning, as it is fairly typical. I usually get running again by launching the Connect app on my phone and set up the Extension Chrome device again. Annoying, but not really a big deal.

    This morning, I launched the Connect application and it all comes with the screen just "Let's get started" as if no device had been in place... apparently losing track of my old camera of Extension Chrome, but also my 360 motorcycle. Heavier sign.

    BUT... I went to re - establish a 360 motorcycle by clicking on the + selection of bike 360 and it takes me to the screen for my watch (mirroring the current configuration - the watch dial, name, etc.) and even said 'Connected' in the upper left corner. But I go back to the main screen of Connect (whether by the return key or click on the image of the watch) and it does not always list the 360.

    Seems to be no way to get the device on the list, even if the app knows he has set up and connected.

    What can I do?

    It's so frustrating that even if I have one totally Motorola ecosystem soup - aux-Noix, I still have problems like this. I could understand (or almost) (a little) if I had another phone of the manufacturer, an other helmet manufacturers and one other manufacturer watch... but it's all Motorola. You would think that they would test at least their devices so that they work perfectly together!

    I had a similar experience after the Android 5.0.2 on my 360 motorcycle. I solved it by United Nations-paring my 360 my Turbo, by restarting the 360 and the Turbo and then re-matching. Then I went to Moto Connect and re-added via +. I confirmed that the 360 showed as connected Android wear on and then returned to motorcycle Connect and confirmed the same thing. After some moments of my bike 360 complain finalization Motorola connect configuration, I went to wear and re - sync apps and everything has been good since.

    I hope this helps!

  • Button / stop does not not how to start my mobile


    I have the Motorola Milestone A853. I use the GSM of Auntie DOCOMO network.

    This is the second time I had a problem with the power/unlock button. (Last time I replaced him in the warranty is always there until December)

    Last night my phone battery runs. In the morning I plugged it to load, but the power button is not operational. I can't start my mobile.

    I lived the increased harshness of the button / stop for these days. But now I'm stuck.

    Another way to start this mobile?

    The closest repair center is 250 km. It will take a whole day to get there.

    Hi all

    You can start the phone without power button / stop.

    What suits you, just connect the phone to your computer. It begins, at least for me.

    Remove the battery and insert again also also works some time.

    I got the power button on my phone replaced under warranty!

    Thanks to MOTO Customer CARE!

  • Calendar app does not work after soft. upgd.

    I have a Motorola Fire XT, and recently updated the software with Motorola Software Update application. It updated my Android phone 2.3.5 but after that I noticed that calendar app does not work, he said : "the application calendar ( has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again. " and asked to force close. I tried several times, in vain. How can I solve the problem?

    I have also faced the same problem after update.

    Support staff recommended I reset the phone to factory settings.

    It worked. But I had to reinstall many applications.

    But take backup of phonebook, messages, and other data.

  • Twist to activate the camera does not

    Hello world

    My Moto X play does the camera when I double flips through the phone, he used to work, and although I rarely use it, it is a nice to have feature. It is enabled in the settings of the Motorola shares, but does not work. Everything in the phone seems to work fine including auto rotate which suggests that the phone is ok, movement detection. Any ideas?

    Hi and thanks! the bike of compensation app hiding solved the problem! now I can Karate chop and take pictures, thank you very much.

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