Mounting of the last models 45 days

Hello! I need to know how manage (modify/delete/rename) models that have been created over 45 days ago. I have a new version of a model I want to upload, but I need to delete the existing obsolete model. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

Hi lindsiec75135781,

Going if hit the search server side for your Adobe sign account, with which you will get a search bar at the top of the page to manage, using which you will be able to search for documents of more than 45 days.

Please check my private message.

Kind regards


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    You just bought a MacBook Pro 13 "retina. A check of SN and he says initially 2015 but box has a label saying 23.9.2015. A black buy Friday save £100, but that should have is not the latest model. It's going to be as good as the last model? J

    Early 2015 is the current model for a 13 "MacBook Pro retina. See the list in the way to identify the MacBook Pro - Apple Support models

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    Hi all

    I currently Mac OS X (10.5.8), double 2.3 GHz PowerPC G5, 2.5 GB with Creative Suite 4 on it.

    I'm working on what would be a reasonable level of machine so that I could happily run CS6. I can't install CS6 on Mac OS 10.5.8, which is the last operating system that can be installed on a PowerPC G5.

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    Kind regards


    1. the Dual Core and Quad Core G5s.

    2. 10.4.2 through 10.5.8.


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    here's pictures on the HP site, I saw not a HP Envy 5530 with different colors.

  • Receive several codes error over the last seven days. This means - my computer is dead?

    Would like to inform if my computer is really damaged:

    The following errors are produced

    Error 2-32 in the last 7 days

    Error 11-190 in the last 7 days

    Error 14-1 in the last 7 days

    Error 55 7 during the last 7 days

    Error 102-19 over the last 7 days

    Error 1001-36 in the last 7 days

    This means - my computer is dead?

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    Original title: Error Messages


    They are very good methods for most Windows troubleshooting performance problems.

    Error: Windows Explorer has stopped working

    Crashes Windows or freezes<- try="" these="" first="" and="" the="" methods="" do="" apply="" to="" your="">

    Performance and Maintenance<- check="" these="" especially="" the="">

    Other methods of troubleshooting to use according to your needs:

    Use the startup clean and other methods to try to determine the cause of and/or
    eliminate problems.


    References to Vista also apply to Windows 7.

    What antivirus/antispyware/security products do you have on the machine? Include
    everything you've ALWAYS had on this machine, including those you have uninstalled (they
    remains of leave behind which can cause strange problems).


    Follow these steps:

    Try these to erase corruption and missing/damaged file system repair or replacement.

    Start - type this in the search box-> find COMMAND at the top and RIGHT CLICK – RUN AS ADMIN

    Enter this at the command prompt - sfc/scannow

    How to fix the system files of Windows 7 with the System File Checker

    How to analyze the log file entries that the Microsoft Windows Resource Checker
    (SFC.exe) program generates in Windows Vista cbs.log

    Also run CheckDisk, so we cannot exclude as much as possible of the corruption.

    How to run check disk in Windows 7


    After the foregoing:

    How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows
    Vista or Windows 7

    Use advanced tools to solve performance problems in Windows 7

    Problems with the overall speed of the system and performance

    Optimize Windows 7 for better performance

    Open the troubleshooter of Performance

    To see everything that is in charge of startup - wait a few minutes without doing anything-
    then right click on taskbar - task manager - take a look at Applications.
    Process - Services - this is a quick reference (if you have a little box on)
    Lower left - show for all users, then check that).

    How to change, add or remove startup programs in Windows 7

    Is a quick check to see who are loading method 2 - using MSCONFIG
    then after a list of these here.

    Tools that should help you:

    Process Explorer - free - find out what files, registry keys, and other objects
    processes have open, which DLLs they have loaded and more. This unique
    powerful utility will show you even owned by each process.

    Autoruns - free - see what programs are configured to start automatically
    When your system boots and you connect. Autoruns also shows you the complete list
    locations of registry and files where applications can configure start automatic settings.
    Process Monitor - Free - monitor file system, registry, process, thread and DLL
    activity in real time.

    There are many excellent free tools from Sysinternals

    WhatsInStartUP - free - this utility displays the list of all applications that are
    loaded automatically when Windows starts. For each application, what follows
    the information is displayed: Type of startup (registry/Startup folder), Command - Line
    Channel file, the product name, Version, company name, location in the registry or
    file system and more. It allows you to easily disable or remove unwanted programs
    that runs in your Windows startup.

    There are many excellent free tools to NirSoft

    Window Watcher - free - do you know what is running on your computer? Maybe
    not. The window Watcher says it all, every window created by each execution of the statement
    program, if the window is visible or not.
    Many excellent free tools and an excellent newsletter at Karenware


    Think about it an absolute must - manually update your drivers.

    Vista and Windows 7 updated drivers love then here's how update the most important.

    This is my generic how updates of appropriate driver:

    This utility, it is easy see which versions are loaded: run DriverView - set
    SEE drivers to hide Microsoft - update those with Dump in their names. (Also
    updated the BIOS and drivers from the chipset on the site of the constructor/the system motherboard).

    -Free - DriverView utility displays the list of all device drivers currently loaded
    on your system. For each driver in the list, additional useful information is
    Poster: load address of the driver, description, version, product name,.
    company that created the driver and more.

    For drivers, visit Maker as replacements and system manufacturer of device which are
    the most recent. Control Panel - write - graphics card - device manager
    the brand and complete model of your video card - double click - tab of the driver-
    Note the version information. Now click on UPdate Driver (this can do nothing
    MS is far behind the certification of drivers) - then do a right click - Uninstall - REBOOT
    This will refresh the driver stack.

    Repeat this for network - card (NIC), Wifi network, sound, mouse, and keyboard
    If there are 3rd party with their own software and drivers and the other main device drivers
    you have.

    Now, go to the site of the manufacturer of system (Dell, HP, Toshiba as examples) (restore)
    and site (Realtek, Intel, Nvidia, ATI, for example) and get the manufacturer and device
    their latest versions. (Look for the system to update the BIOS, Chipset and software updates
    Site of the manufacturer here.)

    Download - SAVE - go to where you put them - right click - RUN AD ADMIN -.
    REBOOT after each installation.

    Always check in the Device Manager - drivers tab to be sure the version you are
    installation actually appears. This is because that some rollback of drivers before the
    later is installed (particularly that audio drivers) so install a driver - reboot.
    Make sure that it is installed and repeat if necessary.

    Repeat to the manufacturers - BTW to the device makers DO NOT RUN THEIR
    SCANNER - check manually by model.

    Look at the sites of the manufacturer for drivers - and the manufacturer of the device manually.

    Installation and update of drivers under Windows 7 (updated drivers manually using
    the above methods is preferable to ensure the latest drivers from the manufacturer of system
    and device manufacturers are located)

    If you update the drivers manually, then it's a good idea to disable driver facilities
    in the updates of Windows, which leaves on Windows updates, but it will not be installed
    pilots who are generally older and cause problems. If updates provides a new
    driver then hide it (right click on it) and then go get new ones manually if
    you want.

    How to stop Windows 7 automatically install drivers


    Refer to these discussions because many more excellent advice however remember to check
    your antivirus, the main drivers and BIOS update programs and also to solve problems
    with the first method cleanboot.

    Problems with the overall speed of the system and performance

    Performance and Maintenance Tips

    Explorer Windows stopped working

    I hope this helps.

    Rob Brown - Microsoft MVP<- profile="" -="" windows="" expert="" -="" consumer="" :="" bicycle=""><- mark="" twain="" said="" it="">

  • Select the last value for each day of the table


    I have a table that contains several measures for each day. I need two queries on this table, and I'm not sure how to write them.

    The table stores the rows (sample data)
    *DateCol1                 Value       Database*
    27.09.2009 12:00:00       100           DB1
    27.09.2009 20:00:00       150           DB1
    27.09.2009 12:00:00       1000          DB2
    27.09.2009 20:00:00       1100          DB2
    28.09.2009 12:00:00       200           DB1
    28.09.2009 20:00:00       220           DB1
    28.09.2009 12:00:00       1500          DB2
    28.09.2009 20:00:00       2000          DB2
    Explanation of the data in the sample table:
    We measure the size of the data files belonging to each database to one or more times a day. The value column indicates the size of the files of database for each database at some point (date in DateCol1 European model).

    What I need:
    Query 1:
    The query must return to the last action for each day and the database. Like this:
    *DateCol1       Value      Database*
    27.09.2009        150          DB1
    27.09.2009       1100          DB2
    28.09.2009        220          DB1
    28.09.2009       2000          DB2
    Query 2:
    The query should return the average measurement for each day and the database. Like this:
    *DateCol1       Value      Database*
    27.09.2009       125          DB1
    27.09.2009      1050          DB2
    28.09.2009       210          DB1
    28.09.2009      1750          DB2
    Could someone please help me to write these two queries?

    Please let me know if you need further information.

    Published by: user7066552 on September 29, 2009 10:17

    Published by: user7066552 on September 29, 2009 10:17

    Why two queries when it suffice ;)

    SQL> select dt
      2       , db
      3       , val
      4       , avg_val
      5    from (
      6  select dt
      7       , val
      8       , db
      9       , row_number () over (partition by db, trunc (dt)
     10                                 order by dt desc
     11                            ) rn
     12       , avg (val) over (partition by db, trunc (dt)) avg_val
     13    from test)
     14   where rn = 1
     15  order by dt
     16  /
    DT        DB           VAL    AVG_VAL
    --------- ----- ---------- ----------
    27-SEP-09 DB2         1100       1050
    27-SEP-09 DB1          150        125
    28-SEP-09 DB2         2000       1750
    28-SEP-09 DB1          220        210
  • Why machine did transfer spontaneously inbox the last 15 days in a folder named Archive / 2015?

    I got lucky that I could find where the machine had hidden messages the last 15 days.
    Am I punished for having too many messages in the box at, or what?

    Hello, you're posting in the firefox support forum - firefox is a browser and does not handle your emails. in case you use thunderbird as a mail client and you have a question about this, please say so, then we will go to your question in the queue of thunderbird.
    If you access your email via webmail, please contact your e-mail provider to help you...

    Problems with email and how to find help

  • Why I see a large increase in SPAM in the last days?

    Why I see a large increase in SPAM in the last days? The Apple Mail application had always done a better job by sending these things to the older junk - now, I receive a lot of junk in my Inbox.

    Spammers find new ways to pass the time. Mark as not junk and see if the Mail finds new messages. If it appears undesirable filtering does not work, open the preferences of Mail to spam filtering and make sure this option is enabled. Is he is and it seems again that it does not work, you can reset the junk e-mail filter. Downside is that you will lose all that he learned in the past.

  • For the last 2 days everytime I open to MY MSN, it opens in safe mode. I deleted cookies and the history of FF. all other sites open OK. Vista, 64-bit operating system.

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    Thanks for the replies, the problem was on the Microsoft site itself and internal glitch for the last 2 days on the garbled causing MY MSN page without graphics and text.

  • the last two days, I get an error message and Firefox does not open. I'm on 9.0

    The last two days, Firefox will not load. I get an error screen. I'm on 9.0

    Thanks for the help. All is well in Tennessee!


  • I have the time to default iPhone 4 iOS 7.1.2 iPhone App not updated since the last 3 days and also checked all the settings for location and also set as new iPhone always present problem... Please try to fix... Thanx

    I have the time to default iPhone 4 iOS 7.1.2 iPhone App not updated since the last 3 days and also checked all the settings for location and also set as new iPhone always present problem... Please try to fix... Thanx

    Turn off your device and turn it on again. If this does not help, sign out of your account and reconnect.

    In addition, you can try to reset your settings.

    • Press and hold the sleep/wake button
    • Press and hold the Home button
    • Press and hold both buttons until the display turns off and on again with the Apple logo on the subject.

    Alternatively, you can go to settings - general - reset - Reset all settings

  • I never had the chance to restart firefox after an update was ready to be installed it crashed, now when I go about firefox to see if there is an update he says im at day, but under recent updates, he said the last one was on 6 September.

    Firefox crashed before I could reboot to update, how do the update to latest installed today? The last update was 6 under recent updates.

    The update has been disabled due to a problem with some Add - ons endangered when they were updated at the same time as the installation of the update of Firefox 7.0. An update of Firefox 7.0.1 'chemspill' is being developed on fix that issue, but it may take a few days to get it ready for release.

  • El Capitan sign of a sudden in the last days (before and after the upgrade to 10.11.4 too)


    El Capitan signed all of a sudden and then requires the password, it occurs usually once a day. This problem started last weekend before spent 10.11.4 and remained after the upgrade).

    I noticed that this happens usually when I play videos with VLC's .flv and the system is unable to show that the video itself only plays the sound, and after a few minutes that she signed all of a sudden. (I have a MacBook Pro (15-inch, mid-2015, retina, 2.5 GHz Intel Core i7))

    You have noticed the same problem?

    I'm looking forward to your kind help, thanks in advance!

    These must be run as administrator. If you have only one user account, you are the administrator.

    Please launch the Console application in one of the following ways:

    ☞ Enter the first letters of his name in a Spotlight search. Select from the results (it should be at the top).

    ☞ In the Finder, select go utilities ▹ of menu bar or press the combination of keys shift-command-U. The application is in the folder that opens.

    ☞ Open LaunchPad and start typing the name.

    Step 1

    For this step, the title of the Console window should be all Messages. If it isn't, select

    SYSTEM LOG QUERIES ▹ all Messages

    in the list of logs on the left. If you don't see this list, select

    List of newspapers seen ▹ display

    in the menu at the top of the screen bar.

    In the upper right corner of the Console window, there is a search box to filter. Enter the name of the application crashed or process (WindowServer or loginwindow).

    Each message in the journal begins with the date and time when it was entered. Select the messages since the time of the last fall, as appropriate. Copy to the Clipboard by pressing Control-C key combination. Paste into a reply to this message by pressing command + V.

    The journal contains a large amount of information, almost everything that is not relevant to solve a particular problem. When you post a journal excerpt, be selective. A few dozen lines are almost always more than enough.

    Please don't dump blindly thousands of lines in the journal in this discussion.

    Please do not post screenshots of log messages - text poster.

    Some private information, such as your name, may appear in the log. Anonymize before posting.

    Step 2

    In the Console window, clear the search box, and then select

    DIAGNOSIS AND diagnostic USE information reports ▹ System

    (not diagnose them and use Messages) in the list of logs on the left. There is a disclosure triangle to the left of the list item. If the triangle is pointing to the right, click it so that it points downwards. You will see a list of reports of incidents. The name of each report begins with the name of the process and ends with ".crash". Select the most recent report on the process in question. The content of the report is displayed at right. Allows you to copy and paste to validate all of the content, text, not a screenshot.

    I know that the report is long, perhaps several hundred lines. Please report all this anyway. If the report is only a few lines, make sure that you have disabled the search box.

    If you don't see any report, but you know, he had an accident, you have chosen diagnostic and using the list of Log Messages. INFORMATION on the USE of DIAGNOSTIC AND choose instead.

    In the interest of privacy, I suggest that, before posting, you change the UUID ' anonymous, ' a long string of letters, numbers and dashes in the header of the report, if it is present (it cannot be). "

    Please do not post other types of diagnostic report - they are very long and rarely useful.

    When you post the journal excerpt or the accident report, you might see an error message on the web page: "you have included content in your post that is not allowed", or "the message contains invalid characters." It's a bug in the forum software. Thanks for posting the text on Pastebin, then post here a link to the page you created.

    If you have an account on Pastebin, please do not select private in exposure menu to paste on the page, because no one else that you will be able to see it.

  • In the last few days my xt720 run hot and the battery to last for only 4 hours

    I don't know what happened to my XT720 but since 2 days my phone is running more hot than usual in the back between xeon flash and plate "xeon 8.0.

    I think it should be the domain of the CPU

    I tried to remove the battery several times, but it does not help

    Now, I have disabled all the synchronizations and data exchange, off WIFI and basic GPS (but I used to have my phone with this setting turned on for several weeks) and still no improvement.

    The phone is good work and looks like there is just an application of high power of the CPU for something.

    I would try a reset of the device factory to check if some sw or fw settings has been the cause of this new bad behavior.

    Do you think that it's worth to try it, or is it better to get in touch with Motorola customer service to request a check (my phone has only 3.5 months of life)

    Thank you


    Resolved after a factory reset!

    In fact, I would suggest that a reset from factory to everyone feels that the battery of the XT720 wouldn't last as expected.

    I have my phone unplugged and mode intelligence (with active Gmail) from 9 h 42 m and the battery is still at 70%

    This is a very positive behavior from the last days where my battery low runned after about 4 h.

    It is also a good way to assess the potential of the stand-by battery and could be a way to compare the real potential of vanilla by a custom filter (widget, screensaver, desktop direct current) and think that if it is worth to keep the customization and the battery life let go.

    See you soon

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  • Since iOS 9.3.1 my phone plays music on its own when the headphones are connected

    Since the last update, my battery does not last a whole day more and for some strange reason when my headphones are plugged into the music start playing without me from music. Music plays on its own at random times. Several times when I have my phone

  • 6380 wireless scanning problem

    I installed the 6380 wireless yesterday and the functions of the printer/scanner worked. (I am running XP).   Today, I can NOT scan to my computer.  Any photo software recognizes the scanner.  The message at the printer said to launch the scan of the

  • Sony Handycam DCR-30 is not compatible with this version of Windows.

    Sony Handycam DCR-30 is not compatible with this version of Windows.Error message: Because this device is not compatible with this version of Windows, and there is no solution for this problem, we recommend that you find another device on the followi

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    If I load a new o.s. on my z10 and before that I did I load my all my pic, music and contact on a sd card. I also did a return to the top with the software link. So my problem is that I forgot to game data and data of the application do not forget. I

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