My dv9700 LCD went out. Can what steps I take to ensure that it is not the motherboard?

LCD is out and I connected my laptop to an external monitor that works very well so I replaced the monitor, whn I turn on the laptop, once, the LCD is still on about 3 minutes and then he died. I restarted the laptop, and once again it has started and stayed from time to time, onlythis just long enough to wear the sign of HP.  Then he went off and will not be starat more.  "
LSO, all the time it is on, I NCE hear taking and voice in the background, but don't picy = ture.

What is a capacitor leak? Or the graphics chip is bad?


Here is the Guide Service and Maintenance of your laptop. It gives instructions on disassembly of the laptop.

If the relocation of the cable does not resolve the problem, you might have to replace the screen. I don't want to lead you, however, it is one of the most difficult to execute repairs.

If you want to order the part, you should be able to do to this page.

I hope this information is helpful; have a great day!

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