My thinkpad W520 and my ssd (Crucial M4 128)

Hello people. I read the thread entitled W520 and various issues of ssd. In fact, it was a relief for me to read after all the trouble I had try my M4 running successfully in my W520.

When I first installed the M4, it wouldn't let me install windows. I tried many things and almost come to the conclusion that the drive itself is bad because he called me all kinds of problems. That opinion changed when I tried my M4 in other machines. It all worked perfectly. Then, I thought: * beep *? Would it be the laptop? When I came across the wire, that I mentioned above, I knew I wasn't alone and knew that it was actually a compatibility issue.

However, I was reading comments the other day on the W520, and many critics included ssd in their tests and reported good results. There was no mention of any problem of ssd. I also noticed in many forums that some users take advantage of their W520 strengthened by the performance of the ssd.

So, it's like a situation of chance/unlcuky? Some w520 will work with ssd and some won't be fair?

There is only one thing that I haven't tried yet. Try the M4 in the my W520 with its latest firmware update (0009)... better suddenly you think?

And where is all this lenovo?

Thank you.


Just for you guys do know. He has WORKED with the latest firmware.

Now, I write my W520 with the Crucial installed M4.

Thanks for everyone.

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  • W520 and Intel SSD 520 external casing replacement?

    I decided to upgrade my W520 the Intel SSD 320 to 520 SSD Intel.  I tried the 520 in an enclosed and theW520 does not recognize the drive.  I am trying to determine if the problem is the controller in the external case Thermaltake BlacX or was it simply the problem of having the drive in an external enclosure? (In other words, it would work in a different case).  I got an OCZ Vertex 3 that would work not in external enclosures, so I'm inclined to think this is the Forum as being both the Vertex 3 and Intel 520 uses SandForce controllers.

    Suport of Lenovo, I called and they told me that the only way I can copy the disc's to buy their Ultrabay III of A 0, 65623 adapter and copy the disks inside the machine.  I use older software of Casper and I don't think he would have Renesas USB 3 drivers, if I boot from a CD and trying to copy my old hard drive backup.

    Obviously people do that.  And, if the Ultrabay III adapters are not available at this time, they must do without them.

    How can I copy my data from the old drive to the new drive?

    Thank you!

  • ThinkPad W520 Win7 Bluetooth device not recognized by Windows 7

    Hi all

    Just got my Thinkpad W520 4270 CTO with bluetooth installed. It was a work station BACK I installed Win 7 x 64 Ultimate on and I finally got all the drivers installed, but the bluetooth software says it is no BT device connected to my laptop. I checked the BIOS settings and confirmed that the BT is enabled. I even turned off, saved, then he helped turn. Hit the Fn + 5 combo does not trigger the light or no matter what 'Found New Hardware'. When the laptop starts first BT light flashes and the wifi led and the HARD drive activity light. I was not yet able to load another OS, but I download Arch Linux and BackTrack 5 to test to see that it is perhaps a problem with OS.

    Thoughts or ideas would be useful, it seems that my Google-Fu me has missed as well.

    EDIT: I realize in the sticky on the "do not update the bluetooth drivers" but I do not get my bluetooth to work at all, not even recognized by the operating system as an "unknown device".

    I thought about it. It is ridiculously easy. Download the drivers for the keyboard shortcut key and install. It allow you to use the functions at the top of your keyboard, and then after reboot, press Fn + F5 and will you will get a menu to activate the Bluetooth on the operating system, then Win7 should detect and install the drivers for it, or you can download those from the Lenovo site.

  • HP laptop laptop 15-s104na: replace the HDD with SSD Crucial

    I have a HP/Compaq 15 - s104na with 2213 motherboard and BIOS F.24 with a 500 GB Toshiba HARD drive running Win8.1 (OEM).  Also have an M500 Crucial 240 GB SSD (firmware MU05) that Win7 worked in an old laptop Lenovo.  Thought I would try installing the SSD in laptop computer to speed things up a bit.

    However, although I have been able to clone HARD drive SSD (SSD connected via a USB/SATA bridge), when I installed it in the laptop, it didn't start.  The BIOS has been recognizing the Crucial SSD in the Boot Options, but then failed to boot from it returning 0xc0000225 (required is not connected).  Running the Recovery Manager HP of DVD has failed, too, is not surprising that DISKPART > LIST DISK did not show the SSD drive.

    Out of curiosity, I then tried a fresh install of the OS of a download of MS 8.1 using a generic key that gave the same result - not found disk.

    So, I guess there is something inconsistent between the motherboard for laptop and SSD Crucial.  Runs the compatibility check tool SSD Crucial returns zero compatible solutions, even if I didn't require any special drivers SATA SSD.  Looks like I'll stick with the existing HARD drive (which, to be fair, is not otherwise slow...!)

    Update my previous problem of BIOS without recognizing an SSD Crucial of M500.

    Person to HP or Crucial has been able to provide a solution, but now, I found a good solution to workaround where I installed the SSD drive in the optical drive Bay, leaving the original HARD disk.  Now the BIOS recognizes the SSD, and I did a clean install of Windows 10 on it as my C drive.  I leave my data on the HARD drive as my D drive.  Fortunately, I don't want an internal optical drive.

    So, I now have the benefits of an SSD while also having a lot of data storage space!

    Hope this can help others avoid hours of frustration...

  • Lenovo ThinkPad W520 water spill

    Hello. I recently bought Lenovo ThinkPad W520 mobile workstation. After that the water spilled on the labtop it is turned off. The fingerprint is lighting, and when the power cord is connected to the battery icon is lighting. What is the problem migh be?

    Let dry for 48 hours. There may still be hope. Had a friend who did something similar to the T510, and after two days it started, except the fried wifi card.

  • 0x8E5E0247 of error after installing a SSD Crucial of 512G on my HP Pavilion desktop computer

    I get this error even after installing a 512G SSD-Crucial in my HP Pavilion desktop computer.  I cloned it from my previous hard drive using Acronis 2014 edition.  I don't know that they are connected.  I called Crucial and asked if there were drivers more recent etc and the answer was not.  Any thoughts?

    Original title: error 0x8E5E0247

    Hey, Cliff,

    Thank you for visiting Microsoft Community.

    I understand that you get an error code with your SSD.

    Sorry to hear about the inconvenience caused. Do not worry, we are here to help.

    One of our community member had the same type of program where Glenn24 responded on 25 January 2011.
    Please refer to this and check if it helps:

    Additional information:

    If you have an Intel based, visit the Web site below and it will automatically scan your computer and give you updated information on the pilots.

    Hope this information helps. For any other corresponding Windows help, do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help you.

  • HP Pavilion Notebook 15-199sa: can I install more RAM and an SSD at the same time?


    I have a HP Pavilion Notebook 15-p199sa I would like to be updated by installing an additional 8 GB of RAM and an SSD.

    I could do both at the same time, or it would be more advisable to do one at a time?

    Usually, I'd do one at a time, but take it apart the laptop and remove the motherboard are quite a job! I have a Ph D in breaking things and I know that if I take the laptop part twice then nothing good will come of it.

    I was considering also put the current HARD disk in the optical drive, but somewhere in the 20 pages of comments to this thread deals UK it is written the header on the motherboard for the DVD player is only SATA I - someone has a I experience to put a HDD in SATA optical drive? (or did someone knows if the header is really SATA I - the manual does not say).

    Otherwise, I could put the existing 1.5 TB of HARD drive in an external enclosure and connect it to a USB 3.0 port. The manual says to connect external drives to these ports is OK but it does not have all the features - would it be a good idea to use a powered USB 3.0 hub or a powered external case? (rather than using the bus power).

    Uh, that's all for now, I think

    John latter


    Nothing prevents you to do both at the same time. I have half a dozen old records HARD in USB 3.0, USB 2.0 external enclosures and they work fine. They work on all of my laptops and more comfort than those who have power supplies (much smaller than now).

    Kind regards.

  • Lenovo Thinkpad w520 Virtualization Technology

    Just bought a new w520 and surprisingly I can't find the option of virtualization technology in CPU BIOS options.

    Does w520 supports VT at all? Is there another way to enable it? (impossible to find info on Google).

    I think that virtualization technology should be under the security of the bios memory option.

  • problem with thinkpad x220i and rangeplus router wrt 110

    Just got a new thinkpad x220i and whenever I try to connect to my wireless network, accidents of router and my cable modem seems to descend with her and the internet connection is also lost.

    I need to restart the whole nine yards.

    I got this router - rangeplus wireless wrt 110 for 3 years without problems with a mac, my ipad, iphone and my previous thinkpad x 201

    Someone has an idea of what could be the cause?

    very frustrating


    In the computer turn off IPv6 under properties for wired connections and wireless LAN.  Restart and try again.

  • Trying to increase the capacity of virtual resource Flash, no host esx and no SSD is located

    In vSphere 5.5 WebClient, click host esx-> settings-> virtual Flash Resource Management.

    Then click on the button 'Add ability '. Empty the list of hosts/SSD devices.

    I followed the instructions with this announcement, but the list of hosts/SSD devices remains empty.

    Anyone know how to get around this problem? Thank you!

    It works indeed. You need to do some CLI commands to mark the device as a local and an SSD, but I outlined the steps in a post on my blog:

  • dv9550 and Intel SSD X 25 - M SATA / IDE


    I bought my HP Pavilion in 2007 and in March 2010 I bought Windows 7 (64-bit) and Intel SSD X 25 - M 80 GB Gen2. And I noticed the wire that fell off my SSD performance.

    I discovered that my computer doesen't interface use S - ATA but IDE on the SSD drive because of the map associated to the hard drive of my computer (an adapter that are used to mount the S - ATA drives).

    And when my SSD drive use IDE interface, then Intel SSD Toolbox doesen't use TRIM function and then on my SSD performance fell.

    I read that I should change it to AHCI mode in the BIOS, but I don't find it anywhere because I don't have "' access restricted and see all the features I want to see in a normal installation of BIOS.

    Is it possible to "lock" the BIOS and put the drive in AHCI mode in order for my SSD drive work faster?

    Check the Device Manager, expand IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers and see if there is an AHCI controller installed, if there is then AHCI is enabled.


  • 220 X and Samsung SSD 830

    Hi all

    I intend to get the 830 SSD from Samsung (128 GB) for my 220 X - it seems that the best alternative for a 7 mm workout, since neither MI OCZ or HyperX is available 7 mm of height - and I will not risk my 3 year on site warranty rebuild any part of my laptop.

    Someone of you has experience with the Samsung 830 in a Lenovo laptop?


    I installed the SSD 830 from Samsung (128 GB) managed in my X 220.

    It s work very fast now

  • ThinkPad W520 - BIOS does not see mSATA SSD Samsung 850 EVO

    I bought a Samsung 850 EVO 1 TB - my W520 mSATA SSD does not see.

    This unit is compatible with the socket inside the W520 mSATA?

    And if not I can buy a controller mSATA?

    Thank you

    Everything works now - the reader was not sitting correctly

  • CPU and GPU of Thinkpad W520

    I was wondering where my GPU and CPU? could you send me a link to the photos or put a picture for me? a video would be even better to show me how to take apart my computer. It would be great! Thank you!

    Here you go:

  • ThinkPad T550 and VBOX = nogo

    * Cross-posted on the forum of Virtualbox too *.

    Hi all

    have just taken out of service with my trusty X 230 and installed the SSD in a Thinkpad T550 (I7 5600U). In the X 230, everything worked as it was supposed to with this config - 8 Debian, Kernel 3.19.3 and Vbox 4.3.26. 16 GB of memory and hard drive SSD overall.

    When I try to transfer the above configuration to the T550 (kernel compile in the period of transition also) all I get is panic the kernel. I tried with another guest of OS (Linux Mint) under VB to rule out the possibility that doze 8.1 could be the culprit, no joy. Start VB on the new box and lights out. Given that the T550 is executed on a different generation of the Intel compared to the X 230 (Broadwell vs Ivy Bridge).

    Once the kernel has re - compile on the new box, DKMS is obviously something.

    The most popular ideas.

    Kind regards


    I'm at a loss to understand your question.

    A workarounf/workaround has been found-

    The nosmap parameter in grub.cfg online "/vmlinuz - linux... "will avoid the lights go out at the start of the VB. or here

    Kind regards


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