NB100 - clicking on disc

I have a 11R NB100 which means its netbook remix running linux that comes with it.

Disc one fact can simple click from all few seconds at every 30 to 90 seconds (but no flashing light) - only noticeable when the drive is idle - looks the player trying to park managers or such nonsense.

Very annoying as his strong enough and seems to have quite the most hottest, it gets!

By looking at the disk smart info looks the charge cycle the number increases by 1.

193 Load_Cycle_Count 0 x 0032 098 098 000 Old_age always - 27398

I found a fair bit of inconclusive things on google, but seems to relate to aggressive power management. I found doing the following in a terminal seems to ease the situation to some extent, but it does not cure.

sudo hdparm-B254-S240/dev/sda

BIOS is V1.10

Has anyone else noticed this on them. I can't imagine this makes the player a lot of good, but this just click annoys the hell out of me.



These clicks are normally causes of a failed HARD drive. In your case I would backup the data on another storage medium.

You can check the disk with Drive Fitness Test:

Try it and post your result.

Good bye

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    Hi syann24,

    Thanks for posting in Microsoft Answers.

    At the end/finish a disc manually session

    1. open the computer by clicking the Start button, click computer.

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    Hope this information helped you.

    Kind regards

    Arona - Microsoft technical support engineer
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think

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    Until the reader is prepared/formatted it will not appear on the PC and will not have a drive letter

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    The workflow I would use would be:

    1. Create a new project in HD to match the Source 100% film
    2. Edit, save along the way
    3. When you are finished, a Save_As, changing the name a little, like to add 'final_HD '.
    4. Do all the BD of creation in this project, with the HD Menu Sets, etc.
    5. Burn to BD for this project Save_As
    6. Return to the initial project (before the Save_As), open it and export/Share to DV - AVI w / 16-bit 48 kHz PCM/WAV Audio
    7. Create a new project in DV (NTSC or PAL), format panoramic 16:9 w / 16-bit Audio, 48 kHz
    8. Import DV - AVI
    9. Modify, if necessary, but probably not
    10. Do all DVD authoring in this project, with large Menu Sets screen, etc.
    11. Burn to DVD, using blank media quality only, like Verbatim, Taiyo Yuden or Falcon Pro

    Hope that helps,


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    I found that connecting to Windows 7 with WiFi or other is a business blindly. The reason is not clear, but probably because the Toshiba is not properly designed to be discovered by Windows 7. Even computers Windows XP need some software utilities installed to be discovered by Win 7. Often the Toshiba appears at the bottom of the page of the network as a disc that is present but cannot be discovered. Sometimes it will appear under network locations if you pass the Toshiba and the new to reset the IP address. In addition to the usual file sharing settings, the drive must be mapped under 'computer '. Very often when the player does not appear under the 'Network' locations, double click the disc 'Computer' open records even if it does not appear in the sites 'network '. Don't ask me why. I worked around this and other issues such as the inability to copy large files, without interface specified Samba, etc, etc.. I installed the updated software, but other issues have slipped now that I've never had before like files FLAC freeze the player and does not properly (noise spikes). In truth, unfortunately, is a * finish without any support, and should not be on the market. I can't even sell it because it wouldn't be ethical it land on a poor unsuspecting, but hours of frustration to work around these problems, just to be able to use it, is counterproductive. I'll be more careful next time in choosing a provider.

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    My laptop Toshiba C50D-A-138 play DVD. I have my laptop in May and for the first days I would let me play DVDs but since then it will not play them, it's just noise wurring as if he's trying to open but it used. I tried to download VLC and various media players to see if it would help, but it's not.

    My laptop will play CD and computer games when I put the disc in but when it comes to DVD, they usually open and I don't get a notification to say that there is a disc in. When I enter my PC folder and look at the D drive and it shows the name of the DVD, but when I click it opens in a folder showing a folder of video content and sound (something like that) and if I right click on disc he D when there is a DVD in and click on "open autoplay". , he wurr of for a few seconds then stops and noting happens.

    I hope someone can help.

    You try to play original DVD or just some kind of course copied movies?

    > When I go into my PC folder and look at the D drive and it shows the name of the DVD, but when I click it opens in a folder showing a folder of video content and sound (something like that)

    This means that the ODD (optical disc) can read the disc (DVD) because the content of the DVD is available.
    The question is: why the software is unable to read the game, the contents of the disc.

    There are a few possible reasons for this:

    (1) the disc isn t out to countries in the region that is defined in the parameters of the STRANGE. The settings can be found: (right click on region D drive properties Hardware tab properties button DVD DVD/CD). In my case the DVD region has been set to region 2. In this case, I can play DVD disc released for region 2.
    _Note: _ this settings can be changed only 4 times. Then it will not be possible to switch to another area code.

    (2) the software you are using is unable to read the contents of the disc. But VLC player is one of the best players available on the market (free) and it should be possible to play almost all drives using this software. However, the preinstalled DVD Toshiba playback software should also read the original DVD discs.

    (3) another reason why the STRANGE can not read the disc correctly, is the dirty laser lens. In this case, it will take to clean the lens of the laser using a fluid tip and alcohol of wadding.

  • Can't burn my CD using player USB superDrive

    Hai, I just buy my USB Apple SuperDrive - MD564ZM/A and I discovered that I can't burn my CD at all.

    He did not show the black n yellow logo color to my Mac Book Pro, what should I do?

    I have been using Youtube, Google, but I can't find a solution.

    Hi Brenda,

    Thank you for your participation in the communities of Support from Apple.

    I see you have a new SuperDrive USB, but you can't burn CDs at all. What applications are you using to burn your discs?

    If you burn the data files on a CD, you can use the method in OS X El Capitan: If you have problems burning discs:

    If your Mac has a built-in optical drive, or if you connect an external DVD drive (for example, a SuperDrive Apple USB drive), you can burn files on CD and DVD to share your files with friends, move files between computers or create backup files. The disc burn you on your Mac is usable also on Windows and other types of computers.

    1. Insert a blank disc into the optical drive.

      If you see a dialog box, click on the context menu, then choose open Finder. Select "Perform this action by default" If you want to open the Finder, whenever you insert a blank disc.

      The disc appears on your desktop.

    2. Double-click the disc to open its window, and then drag the files and folders you want to burn on the window.

      Alias , the files are placed in the window of the disk. The original files are not moved or deleted.

      Note: If you want to burn the same files on multiple disks, using a burn folder.

    3. Organize and rename the files.

      When the disc is burned, the items on the disc have the same names and places they have in the disc window. After the disc is burned, you can not change the items.

    4. Choose file > burn [disc], then follow the instructions.

      The files that the aliases point to are burned on the disc. In addition, if the records that you add to the disc contains aliases, files those aliases point are also engraved on the disc.

    You can also find some suggestions in OS X El Capitan: If you have problems burning discs.


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    I downloaded the latest software and drivers, but no value.


    Please perform the below mentioned steps that should solve the problem.

    Click the Windows icon and then click on computer.
    Double-click Local Disc (C)
    Double-click Program Files.
    Double-click HP.
    Double-click on digital imaging.
    Double-click Bin.
    Find and double-click one of the following files. You only have to choose from.
    Hpiscnapp.exe or Hpqscnvw.exe

    Right-click on it and select "create shortcut".

    The shortcut will be placed on the desktop.
    Click on the shortcut to launch the HP scanning application.
    Select new Scan, and then change the settings you want to analysis.

    Kind regards

  • Satellite A300D - 21(d) - burning software does not recognize my optical drive

    I've updated preinstalled Vista Home with Vista Bussiness x 64, and since then, I have problems with my optical drive. Notepad is a month old.

    It reads CDs and DVDs without problem, but when I start the burning software (Toshiba Disc Creator and Burner XP Pro), it can not read my camera. BurnerXP Pro it says 'no compatible drives', and Toshiba DC I first get a few repeat mistakes (32007C-26-00000001, 32019-26-00000001) and when I click on 'disc information', it has no options in the drop-down menu "Drive".

    When I insert the blank disc, Windows gives me an option to burn files using Windows, although I have not yet tried.

    I tried to reinstall the drivers, but it does not help. My firmware is also updated.

    The device is TSST corp CDDVDW TS - L633A Ata Device.

    Any help is welcome, thanks!


    Friend of me has had a similar problem that he couldn t burn CDs or DVDs more. He was using the Nero software and not from Toshiba or CD Burner XP, but he removed the upper and lower filters Windows registry and after this all worked.

    Here is a Knowledge Base article Microsoft how to remove:

    I hope this works for you also give us feedback, please! :)

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    I have a MyBook World NAS drive that I use for backups Time Machine.  The unit was called MyBookNAS.  I had trouble with Time Machine, so I deleted the Time Machine backups, deleted the Prefs file, renamed the MyBook-NAS device and change the address MAC of the NAS.

    The problem I have is that time machine preferences show the old disk, and it cannot be removed from the Select Disk option.  I click "Select Disk" click on the old name of device, click "Remove disc", click on "Stop using this drive" and yet.  It also lists my last back up from July, even if I had a recent backup device 'new '.

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    You are aware that Apple strongly recommends against the use of NAS drives for Time Machine backups storage?

  • loaded and played football manager 2010, but used now run on my games page, but does not

    downloaded and then played for a few hours of game save, but when I got to play this new game clicked inserted disc but no response

    Hi batty64,

    (a) do you get an error message when you insert the disc?

    Insert the disc in another computer and check to make sure there is no problem with the disk.

    (b) is any change happened to your computer after you have saved the game?

    You can also try the System Restore and see if it helps

    Access the link.

    What is system restore?

    You can also post your question here: http://www.footballmanager.com/

    Or try to contact the game manufacturer

    Aziz Nadeem - Microsoft Support

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    Title screen: Blue origin of death

    I have acer travelmate 4670 with xp pro, I get the blue screen of death. I can't freeze the screen long enough to read the target specific code. I have not installation disks. in safe mode, cdrom sees disk but I can't access anything on the disc, when I click on disc, it climbs to another location on the directory tree. How can I do a xp boot disk so that I can access and solve this problem? is it possible to make my other laptop startup disk a gateway with vista home premium can I assemble files and burn it it?  I saved my data from the computer and do not seem to have the option of restore disk hard partition is there anything I can do short of buying a brand new OS to install I can't right now means and need the computer to find work.

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    Have you tried a system restore to a restorepoint?


    Is your operating system preinstalled with your system?

    Then you must consult the manufacturer for a replacement drive.

    If you want an upgrade, I recommend windows 7.

    Kind regards


  • I can't play my DVD on my DVD player. I get a message that says: "disk is incompatible." How to burn a DVD compatible with DVD players?

    Original title: DVD burning

    I successfully burned a DVD of a film I made with moviemaker that I can still play on older versions of Windows, but I can't play my DVD on my DVD player.  I get a message that says: "disk is incompatible."  How to burn a DVD compatible with DVD players?

    Hello Angels3cma,

    Thank you for posting.  It seems that you were doing data DVD discs.  To burn DVDs to be compatible with the DVD player, you will need to make DVD-video disc.  I have listed the steps below to make DVD-video disc in Windows DVD Maker.  These same steps are be typing "How to burn a movie on a DVD" in Help and Support found by pressing the button Start/Orb you Windows desktop.

    Burn a DVD-video disc

    You can create DVDs quickly and easily using Windows DVD creation. You can add videos, photos and audio, make slide shows for your DVD, or add your Windows Movie Maker projects. Once you add files, you can burn your DVD with a single click, or, if you prefer, you can choose from several styles of menu and the slide show options to make your special DVD before you burn, or customize your DVD menus and write the DVD menu text yourself.

    After you create a DVD, you can play the DVD on a DVD player and watch your movies and slide shows on TV. The following steps explain how to use creation of Windows DVD to burn a DVD.

    To open Windows DVD Maker

    • Click Start, click all programs, and then click Windows DVD creation.


      • You can also open Windows DVD Maker by inserting a DVD recordable or rewritable Virgin in your DVD burner. When the AutoPlay dialog appears automatically, click on burn a DVD video disc using Windows DVD creation.

    To add and mix and match the elements on a DVD

    1. On sharing your memories on a DVD page, click Choose photos and videos.

    2. Do one of the following on the Add pictures and video to the DVD page:

      • Click Add items. Find and select the video files, photos, and files in project Windows Movie Maker that you want to add to your DVD, and then click Add.

      • Click file and then click Open project file. Find the folder that contains a project file creation of Windows DVD that you want to use for your DVD, click the project for creating Windows DVD file, and then click Open.

        You can also click Add items to add additional items to the DVD after opening a Windows DVD project file.

    3. To arrange items and specify the order in which the different items will play from the DVD, click on the video, photo or slide show that you want to move, then click on go up or down. You can also move items by dragging upwards or downwards in the list.

    4. To remove an item from the DVD, select the item you want to remove, and then click on remove items.

    Choose a DVD burner and enter a DVD title

    1. If you have more than one DVD burner installed on your computer, on the add pictures and video to the DVD page, select the DVD burner that you want to use from the DVD burner list.

    2. If you want to set different options for your DVD, click Options. For more information about the different options you can specify when burning a DVD, see Change DVD-video settings.

    3. Click the disc title box, and then type a title for the DVD.

    To change the text of a menu for your DVD

    1. Once you have added all of your files and chosen the burner and title, click Next.

    2. To customize the text for the DVD menu, click Menu text, and then do one or more of the following:

    • Click on the police box and then select the font for the text of the menu.

    • Click the font color, bold or italic buttons to select the font color and formatting.

    • In the disc title box, type the title that you want to use for your DVD.

    • In the Play button box, type a label for the button that plays your DVD.

    • In the scenes button box, type a label for the button that displays the different scenes on the DVD.

    • In the area of the button notes, type a label for the button that shows all the notes you enter for the DVD.

    • In the comments box, type any notes that you want to appear on your DVD.

      Notes button and Notes page only appear on the DVD if you include information in these fields.

    • Click on the text to change.


    • You can see a static preview of your settings in the preview to the right of the display pane. Alternatively, to see how the menu text will display when you burn your DVD, click Preview.

    To customize the menu for your DVD style

    1. To customize the style of menu for your DVD, click one of the styles of DVD menu along the right side of the screen, or click the Customize menu, and then do one or more of the following:

      • Click on the police box and select a font.

      • Click the font color, bold or italic buttons to select the font color and formatting.

      • If you have chosen a style of menu with the two in the foreground and background video options, near foreground video, click Browse, locate the video that you want to appear in the foreground and then click Open.

      • To have a picture or video appear as background for the main menu of the DVD, near background video, click Browse, locate the video that you want to appear in the background, and then click Open.

      • To add a digital media audio file to play as background music, while the menu for your DVD, near audio menu, click Browse, locate the audio file you want to use, and then click Open.

      • Click the scenes button styles box, and then select the shape of the buttons scenes on your DVD.

      • If you want to see the menu as it will appear when you play your DVD, click Preview.

    2. If you want to save the DVD menu custom settings as a new DVD menu style, click Save as new style. In the name of Style name box, type a name for the custom menu style, and then click OK. You can then choose to use this DVD menu style custom for the current DVD and for other DVDs you create using Windows DVD creation.

    3. If you have not saved the style as a new style, click Change Style to save the changes you made for this DVD and to return to the previous page.

    Choose a slide show on the DVD settings

    1. To set the settings of the picture for the slide show on your DVD, click slide show.

    2. On the change your slide show settings page, do one or more of the following:

      • Click Add music, locate the music files you want to add, and then click Open.

      • Depending on the length and the slide show's settings, you can add additional audio files. To do this, repeat the previous step.

      • If you added more than one audio file and you want to change the order in which the music files play in the slide show, click an audio file that you want to move and then click on move up or move down.

      • To remove an audio file in the list, in the music for slide show list, select the audio file, and then click on remove.

      • To change the length of the slide show automatically so that it corresponds to the duration of the music that you have added, select the Change slide show length to match music length check box.

  • To specify the duration for each picture to display in the slide show, select the duration (in seconds) in the length of the picture box.

  • To choose the kind of transitions to use between pictures, select a transition type in the Transition area.

  • To add effects, Pan and zoom to the pictures you include in your slide show, click on use the Pan and zoom for images effects.

  • Click Change slide show to save the changes you made and to go to the previous page.

  • To burn your DVD

    1. When you have finished adding files and customize your DVD menus, click on burn.

    2. After the DVD disc burned successfully, you can do one or more of the following operations on your disc is ready page:

      • To make another copy of the current DVD, remove the completed DVD, insert a new recordable DVD, and then click on create another copy of this disc.

      • To finish creating Windows DVD, click Close.

    Please let me know if this helps you to Zack
    Engineer Microsoft Support answers visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.


    Hi all

    HD failed a friend into her laptop, but after he enslavement to my laptop I was able to recover all of its intellectual property. I've moved all its directory tree original Windows in its own folder on the same drive. This thing any way that he place the disk would not mingle with old data.

    Since he has already replaced the drive into his laptop, I decided to use the old drive as additional external storage by placing it in a USB connected housing, he would not have to reformat the drive until he was able to cross [on their own] and make sure he got everything.

    When I connect the drive to my laptop I have total rights.

    When he connects to his laptop computer, some files [most] are not accessible; that he doesn't have rights to other accounts that have been created when it was his key motivation.

    I think that since it has USER rights on his laptop [it has a computer programmer who don't give him Admin rights] and it's practically the same configuration, except for the new drive, these files on the old HD are always locked by administrator rights, even if the drive is now only used for additional external storage.

    Question [finally]:

    Is it possible to remove/unlock the Admin rights for accounts that were created when the disk is the disk to boot Windows?

    Kind regards!

    To give the control is a two-step process. Take ownership and then to give permissions.

    Owner of a file allows the owner to change permissions even if they do not have the authorization to do so. It's the only thing that made property. The person who creates an object owns the object. For admins, the objects that are created are the property of administrators, not the individual.

    Administrator more common and more powerful special power is to take ownership of objects, that they were not allowed to.

    You need start exploring as administrator to Start - All Programs - Accessories - made Windows Explorer right click and choose run as administrator.

    He must right click files/disc interested - Properties - Security - Advanced button - property tab - Edit - tick Replace owner on Sub containers and objects button - select a user (should be group of administrators or yourself) - then Ok your way out.

    Now, you give permission to access the files.

    Right-click new - folder Properties - Security - Advanced - tab permissions - Edit button - select the account - check the two checkboxes - button - button Advanced - Search now button Add - select yourself or your want to have ticks - Ok button - group full control access in the list. OK your way out.


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