Need audio drivers and modem for Tecra A6

I couldn't find the drivers (audio + modem) Tecra A6 EZ6411 for Windows XP SP2 home edition.



and why you n t visit the Toshiba driver page and download the correct drivers?

The Toshiba driver page provides drivers XP for Tecra A6 PTA60E and Tecra A6 PTA61E.
If you n t know which Tecra you check exactly please the label at the bottom of the unit.

I hope and think that everything is clear now.

Have a nice day ;)

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  • Tecra A4 PTA40: Need of drivers and utilities for Vista Toshiba

    can someone tell me if the drivers and software from Toshiba (ConfigFree, Bluetooth Stack, Hotkeys, help,...) is available for Windows Vista?

    Thank you

    Hi Daniel

    No, right now the Vista driver and utilities are not available for the Tecra A4.
    Toshiba U.S. and Toshiba Canada provides some Vista drivers for simple models and series, but it seems that the Tecra A4 is not listed.

    But the new Bluetooth stack can be used on whole books.
    Therefore, you may only download the BT stack.

  • Where can I download drivers and manual for Tecra 8200

    Where can I download the drivers and the manual for a TECRA 8200 (PIII 900/128/20 / CD)

    Take a look at this Toshiba European website:

    You will find a support home page that contains links to the drivers and manuals.
    Then you must choose the * ARCHIVES * in download form!
    This unit is an oldie and so all the manuals and drivers have been moved to the archives.

    Good bye

  • Audio driver and modem for Satellite A30 151

    I've updated my Toshiba with Windows XP PRO/SP2 laptop.
    After installing I found that Windows XP/sp2 is not installed the modem and audio devices.

    I tried to download the drivers from the site and tried to install. I got the error message saying driver software is incompatible with the version of the operating system service pack.

    I watched on the web and found that there is no driver for Windows XP/sp2 version.

    I tried both ways of performing the installation of the driver software and trying to install using the inf file.

    At the same time in vain. It is hard to believe that there is no resolution to this problem. I deal I forgot this site to have the right to files already lying in the site for Windows XP/SP2. Could someone send me the url of the software driver for the modem and Audio controllers for my system (Satellite A30 151) under Windows XP/SP2.

    Thanks in advance for all the help and your time


    HI Lorraine,.

    The site of Toshiba UK lists the following modem drivers: -.


    31116ALL5 (for internal V90 modem)

    They have the same date, September 19, 2003 and are specific to windows XP that should of course include XP Pro.


  • Need all drivers and tools for my Satellite A35-s209

    I have a Satellite A35-s209 and I can't find anything regarding drivers. All I have is the Toshiba console. The site has nothing. I need the sound card drivers, drivers for vid card and all that I'm missing.

    Are drivers for older machines is not now in the support center?

    Hello, my friend

    I assume that you are looking for all the stuff on the European page. Am I wrong?
    Your computer laptop is an American model and everything you need you can find on Toshiba U.S. support page under
    Please click on downloads and choose your model of laptop. All that s!

    If you have any other questions, please write again.

  • Need new drivers and utilities for Dell Inspiron 530 2007

    Drivers & utilities

    I have a 2007 Dell Inspiron 530 and my driver and utilities disk cracked and will not work. How can I get a hand on a new disk of driver and utilties?

    dell support website to get the drivers.



    HP said was not supported with this forum links to MANY CONGRATULATIONS to ALL OF YOU for THAT. ANYWAY MY M8100N works very well with 5.4 VISTA partition COULD NEVER GET MORE than 3.8.



    Don't be fooled by the Windows 7 over VISTA performance index.  Windows 7 uses a scale of differnet.

    Update you the bios and the firmware for the optical drive before the upgrade to Windows 7?  If you need these updates then you will probably need to go back to VISTA to get installed them.  Review available software Vista updates for your PC.

    LightScribe software can be found here.

    Hauppauge can be found here.

    The ATI driver updates can be found here.

    Windows 7 service pack 1 can be found here.

    Realtek audio drivers can be found here.  The features of HP for the m8100n indicate Realtek and not audio Best.

    If you must roll back to VISTA and then run the Microsoft Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor

  • Need Audio drivers for Windows 7 installed in HP pavilion dx5000 Laptop (laptop)

    I need audio drivers for HP pavilion laptop computer dx5000 (notebook) that can work with Windows7


    1. what exactly happens when you try to play to any audio?

    2. What is the exact model of your computer?

    I suggest to select the appropriate template from the computer and then try to download and install the drivers from the link.

    No sound in Windows:

    For all windows questions do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help you.

  • Drivers and tools for dynabook AX/55 has

    I need drivers and Toshiba for Dynabook AX/55 tools! Who can help me.

    HM, where dynabook came out? In USA or GB?

    So, here are a few links of driver toshiba, which could probably help you find the drivers you need:

    Good luck with finding drivers for your machine.


  • latest drivers and codecs for my hardware and software on my computer

    Question No. 1, how can I know if I have the latest and greatest drivers and codecs for all my software and hardware? Question #2 so I have later where can I find them?

    Start > run > type MSinfo32 > hit enter and wait.

    Take note drivers and their index numbers

    (1) for audio: go to the computer manufacturer's website and check the drivers for your machine. Video: do the same thing, unless you have a PC with a separate card. In this case, go to the nVidia or ATI Web site and get the latest drivers from there. Codecs: Download and install the pack K-lite codec free or similar.

    (2) Google is your best friend. Search: Support... PC/laptop do... »

    See you soon,.


  • Req to send my audio drivers and Control Panel

    Hello, my audio drivers and control panel have been lost due to the attack of Trojan horses. I am unable to choose my required drivers and Control Panel, as an error report occurs and is closing is the open you, please please send me the suitable audio drivers and control computer laptop presario c555nr model.please send them as soon as posible.

    These are yours?

    Alternatively, you can try to restore your computer to a point before the attack of Trojan with the Microsoft System Restore.

    Go start > all programs > Accessories > system tool > system restore.

    If the Trojan damaged your system to the point where you can't fix it, you may need to reload your OS using your HP Recovery Manager. Save all of your personal information. prior to this, as it will be deleted.

  • KB2887069 Windows update fails to install, even with the audio drivers and uninstalled AV

    KB2887069 Windows update fails to install, even with the audio drivers and uninstalled AV.

    Background: I am setting up a pavilion of 500-164 equipped with OEM specs, specifically:

    -AMD/Radeon APU

    -Windows 8 6.2.9200

    -See sysinfo below for more details

    The PC brought to the specifications of the plant, with all Windows updates applied with the exception of KB2887069, which breaks down at the update.  With the exception of troubleshooting the failure of the update, none of the changes have been made.  The Windows KB2887069 update fails to install as well through the automated process when tried manually via a direct download.

    Additional troubleshooting measures to date include:

    -Uninstall the software OEM AV (Norton), then by restarting.

    -Temporarily disable all the features of Windows Defender.

    -Temporarily uninstall the audio driver (IDT High Definition Audio CODEC) OEM.

    -Realization of an analysis of the SFC system (with no error found).

    Results: The Windows Update full KB2887069 with a failed State and produced the following results.

    2014-11-15 19:25:08:807 3488 1 b 84 Misc = logging initialized (build: 7.8.9200.17099, tz:-0500) =.
    2014-11-15 19:25:08:807 3488 1 b 84 Misc = process: C:\Windows\system32\wuauclt.exe
    2014-11-15 19:25:08:807 3488 1 b 84 Misc = Module: C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\wuaueng.dll
    2014-11-15 19:25:08:807 3488 1 b 84 Manager:
    2014-11-15 19:25:08:807 3488 1 b 84 Handler: START: Manager: installation CBS
    2014-11-15 19:25:08:807 3488 1 b 84 Manager:
    2014-11-15 19:25:08:807 3488 1 b 84 Manager start installation of CBS update BCA9DC69-8FB6-4B79-8E1B-E706B32B55C9
    identity of 2014-11-15 session 19:25:08:807 3488 1 b 84 CBS Handler: 30409011_3339369637
    the package identity 2014-11-15 19:25:08:807 3488 1 b 84 CBS Handler: Package_for_KB2887069 ~ 31bf3856ad364e35 ~ amd64 ~ ~
    2014-11-15 19:25:08:822 3488 1 b 84 Manager stand-alone installation with source=C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download\c3f79bd7f837c5015dba3018d0ab7d67\, workingdir = C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download\c3f79bd7f837c5015dba3018d0ab7d67\inst
    2014-11-15 19:25:12:567 3488 Manager e00 FATAL: CBS called error with 0x8007371b.
    2014-11-15 19:25:13:269 3488 1 b 84 Manager FATAL: full install of CBS update with type = 0, requiresReboot = 0, installerError = 1, hr = 0x8007371b
    2014-11-15 19:25:13:378 3488 1 b 84 Manager:
    2014-11-15 19:25:13:378 3488 1 b 84 Handler: END: Manager: installation CBS
    2014-11-15 19:25:13:378 3488 1 b 84 Manager:
    2014-11-15 19:25:13:378 880 fa0 Agent *.
    2014-11-15 19:25:13:378 880 fa0 Agent * END * Agent: installing updates [CallerId = wusa]
    2014-11-15 19:25:13:378 880 fa0 Agent *.
    2014-11-15 19:25:13:378 6676 1a0c COMAPI > COMAPI - RECOVERY -: install [ClientId = wusa]
    2014-11-15 19:25:13:378 6676 1a0c COMAPI - tender installation complete (successful = 0, succeeded with errors = 0, failed = 1, missing = 0)
    2014-11-15 19:25:13:378 6676 COMAPI - restart required 1a0c = No.
    2014-11-15 19:25:13:378 6676 1a0c COMAPI - WARNING: exit code = 0x00000000; Call error code = 0 x 80240022
    2014-11-15 19:25:13:378 6676 1a0c COMAPI-
    2014-11-15 19:25:13:378 6676 COMAPI COMAPI - END - 1a0c: install [ClientId = wusa]
    2014-11-15 19:25:13:378 6676 1a0c COMAPI-
    2014-11-15 19:25:17:605 6676 1 a 10 COMAPI - COMAPI: IUpdateServiceManager::RemoveService -.
    2014-11-15 19:25:17:605 6676 COMAPI 1 has 10 - ServiceId = {b043431c-3a5f-4bf5-b5b2-34a542b07e41}
    2014-11-15 19:25:17:683 6676 1 a 10 COMAPI IUpdateService removal scan volatile package service, serviceID = {B043431C-3A5F-4BF5-B5B2-34A542B07E41}
    2014-11-15 19:25:17:683 6676 1 a 10 COMAPI WARNING: ISusInternal::RemoveService failed, hr = 80248014
    2014-11-15 19:25:17:683 880 524 Agent WARNING: WU client omits CClientCallRecorder::RemoveService with error 0 x 80248014
    2014-11-15 19:25:18:385 880 1a7c report REPORT EVENT: 2014-11-15 19:25:13:378 - 0500 1 182 {807311FF-2CC0-45E2-B903-238AD59E6377} [AGENT_INSTALLING_FAILED] {3CE1E1A4-CA14-4F2A-BEA1-71029F73AFD6} 101 501 8007371 b wusa error content install Installation error: Windows failed to install the following update with error 0x8007371b: update security for Windows (KB2887069).
    2014-11-15 19:25:18:385 880 1a7c report CWERReporter::HandleEvents - WER report upload completed with status 0 x 8
    2014-11-15 19:25:18:385 880 1a7c WER sent report: 7.8.9200.17099 0x8007371b (0x8007371b) 3CE1E1A4-CA14-4F2A-BEA1-71029F73AFD6 install Unmanaged 101
    2014-11-15 19:25:18:385 880 1a7c report CWERReporter finish event management. (00000000)
    2014-11-15 19:35:18:718 880 1 to 28 in THE # to THE: initialization of automatic updates.
    2014-11-15 19:35:18:906 880 1 to 28 WuTask WU Uninit Manager tasks
    2014-11-15 19:35:19:795 880 1-28 Service *.
    2014-11-15 19:35:19:795 880 1-28 Service * END * Service: out of Service [exit code = 0 x 240001]
    2014-11-15 19:35:19:795 880 1-28 Service *.

    I find it peculiar that you just bought a HP computer brand new, still-in-the-box, which came with Windows 8, not 8.1, preinstalled Windows. That said, cross your fingers, roll up your sleeves and try the fix following multiple step, I cooked up just for your computer...


    [You may want to print these instructions for reference offline.  IMPORTANT => NO SKIP & perform all steps in one uninterrupted session!  [If a step said to restart, restart! ]

    1 right-click on the link, select SAVE TARGET as.... & download the Norton Removal Tool, save it to your desktop:

    2. close all open applications (that is, anything with an icon on the taskbar).

    3. right click on the file that you saved in step #1 above and select run as administrator to run the Norton utility. DO TAP not your keyboard until the race ends, then restart.

    4. right-click on the following link and save the download to your desktop: ie8 - [1]

    4B. right click on the file that you saved in # 4 has & select EXTRACT ALL. This will create a new folder in Office also appointed ie8 - rereg.all. The folder contains both scripts below (plus a third that will NOT be).

    Note-online scripts are good for IE9, IE10 & IE11, too,

    5. close all open applications (that is, anything with an icon on the task bar), open the folder created in step # 4 b above & double-click on the file named ie8 - rereg.32on64.cmd to run the script.

    5 b. Repeat this for the file named ie8 - rereg.64on64.cmd then restart.

    6. reset Internet Explorer by the MANUAL of instructions on this page-online

    Note => for best results, check the option Remove personal settings .

    7 run the Windows Update Troubleshooter from start to finish by the first paragraph on this page-online [2]

    8. restart once more then test by launching a manual check of updates & see if KB2887069 any/all others updated and allows to install now. Follow all the instructions.

    9. assuming all went well, see if Windows 8.1 is available through the store Windows and, if so, if it will be properly installed. Still, follow all the instructions.
  • What's new in Win8.1?
  • 10. assuming that Win8.1 is now installed, perform another manual check for updates & install all Security updates offered (if any); Follow all the instructions.

    11. in response to this post with a status report. Also confirm (hopefully) that Windows 8.1 has been installed successfully.

    Good luck!

    [1] source: page of my colleague IE MVP Kai Schatzl

    [2] full Disclosure: the difficulty operating in AGGRESSIVE mode will remove your update history but not the list of installed updates.

  • I need all drivers Windows XP for Satellite A100-786

    I need all drivers Windows XP for Satellite A100-786. I want to use Windows Xp on my new laptop, but I have no drivers. Please help me!

    Look at the bottom of your laptop for PSAAxxxx letters. If it's PSAANE, then the drivers are for the PSAA8xx model, as for the PSAARE model, it has PSAA9xx... Try it, it works for me. It has the same sumptuous.

  • Satellite L350 - 172 (PSLD8E) - drivers and tools for Windows 7

    Hi all

    After 3 years using this laptop with Windows XP, I decided to install Windows 7 Professional 32 bit. It was very easy and because of 3 GB of RAM it works fast (faster than XP).

    Download area of Toshiba in the web offer of many drivers and utlities for Windows 7 and this laptop but what did this sowftware is not mentioned:
    Storage Manager?
    Tiles for Mobility Center?
    Value Added Package?
    PlayReady PC Runtime?

    Does anyone have a description or an idea?

    Hey Buddy,

    The description for each driver or tool on the Toshiba driver download page. So the first serach for your model of laptop here: > support & downloads > download drivers
    Laptop > Satellite > Satellite L Series > Satellite L350 > PSLD8E > Windows 7 32 bit

    You can see a list with all the drivers and tools. If you want to see the description on the right side of the table, you can see more information. Then click the arrow to the right and the description for this download page will be loaded.

    Check this box!

  • Pavilion page of drivers and software for desktop Pavilion PC

    Hello guys. Can you give me official page of drivers and software for desktop PAVILION PC? Thank you

    Good noon.  Please find the link below contains the list of drivers for windows vista

Maybe you are looking for

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