Need info on the spare parts for Satellite A40-221

Can someone help me locate the LCD for my Satellite A40-221 hinges? The LCD keeps on the flop backwards in certain positions and stays put in still other positions.


Hey Buddy,

I googled around a bit and found this store:

they have some parts. If you don t find what you need then contact service partner, maybe, they will be able to help you:

Hope I could help you a little bit :)

Welcome them

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  • Impossible to find a spare part for satellite A100-197

    I have trouble finding a spare part for this model. While moving I lost the charger/power supply cable - can someone help me!



    If you need power adapter part number is E/PA2521U-2ACA, but if you need just cable to connect the power adapter to a power outlet, it may be a bit more problematic. I don't know if you can order this single cable but you can try to contact the service authorized in your country. They can get everything you need.

  • Need version of the default BIOS for Satellite Pro A300


    Anyone know what is a default version of the BIOS in my Satellite pro A300 PSAGDE 1NT? I bought it in 2008. I found that an updated version of it on technical support, what is insyde 2.20 WIN.
    If anyone has the same previous type of BIOS, will it be possible to make a file of recovery for me? This me is already damaged and there is nothing I can do.

    Thank you!

    What do you mean with corrupt?
    What is the problem here?

  • Upgrade memory for Satellite A40-221

    I wonder if there is an upgrade of ram to my laptop A40-221. Not of our stores here in my area who sells Toshiba has it, and when I ask that I only get the message that they don't have RAM on my laptop because it is old. So Im at a loss...

    Thank you in advance.

    ~ Nusselita ~.

    You can go there. You can upgrade your laptop to a maximum of 2 GB of ram. You can buy this ram almost everything. Make sure it has the following features:

    200-pin PC2100 (266 MHz) DDR SODIMM

    Suggest that you buy 2x1GB modules for your machine for him give a nice performance boost.

  • Need to restore the system disk for Satellite S3000 - X 4

    I ve an old Satellite phone, model type S3000 - X 4, but I ve lost its disk factory settings restoration. I ve loaded another version of Windows XP Home edition, I own but he doesn't he know s a laptop more than the custom of the fresh battery and I m constantly plugged in!

    I ve updated Toshiba, but it remains straight isn t. Is it possible to get a replacement system restore disc for the this model please?


    Your ad is quite confused and I do not know is that you have problem with power sypply why you focus on recovery media. If there is a technical problem or if the battery is dead why you think that the recovery CD will help.

    In any case, I think you will not have much chance to get a recovery media for this older model laptop. I checked the download from Toshiba site and there are only 9 different drivers and tools that you can install after the installation of Windows XP Home edition.

    First try to configure Windows XP Home Edition. Later, we can discuss any problem of battery.
    This battery is always the original, I mean one?

  • Need suggestion about the optical drive for Satellite 5100 503

    I have a little trouble with CD-RW/DVD for Toshiba Satellite 5100 503 drive. He writes about 1/5 CD - r and only if I write< 400mb="" of="" data.="" i="" tried="" cleaning="" the="" lens="" -="" no="" help.="" tried="" both="" win="" xp="" writing="" software="" and="" nero="" -="" no="">
    Do you know if I can replace the drive for a DVD burner? And if yes - which model?

    Hi Piotr,

    You can replace your new CD burner with vurtually any DVD burner that is the same physical size, but you should make sure that the new Recorder has a set-up similar to your current drive configuration.

    In general, the reader will be configured as Master, Slave and Cable Select (Csel), by the manufacturer and must match the configuration of your current player. One of the tools of Nero will show you the current drive configuration.

    Unfortunately, most retailers do not show configuration and with slim-line readers, there is no DIP switch that allows you to change it.

    Kind regards

  • Need info on the screen on my Satellite C855 - 17L model


    I got my broken screen and Toshiba support wonder model to provide a quote to replace the screen.

    Could someone give me this information or help me by software or similar?

    Useful, if the laptop model no: PSKC8E-050002CE

    Thank you!

    It's very strange. Provider authorized services has access to the database, so what they need is the exact model name and model number to see which screen must be ordered.

    Contact Toshiba service and not technical support.

    Anyway, your laptop Satellite has display with following specification:

    Display Type - color display TFT LCD
    Size (diagonal) - 15.6 "(HD)
    Resolution - 1366 x 768
    -16:9 aspect ratio
    Type of lighting - hublot, CCFL

    I hope I could help a little.
    If you need assistance, you are prompted.

  • Need info on updating graphics card for Satellite P25 s507

    Can someone give me a list of a toshiba satellite p25 s-507-compatible graphics cards? for example, is a "nvidia geforce 6800 go" ultra compatible?
    10 x a lot

    I guess you want to know which graphics cards are compatible, because you want to upgrade the graphics card. Am I wrong?
    As you probably know, mobile technology is not the same as the desktop PC simply and it s is not possible to replace or change the graphics card.

    Especially chips are set on the map and it of not possible to improve it. Also the BIOS, chipset utilities and other application would not accept the new graphics card.

  • Need drivers of Windows XP Home for Satellite A200-221


    I am Portuguese and I recently bought a toshiba A200-221. For starters, I do remove Vista and install XP.
    After that I installed XP, where can I get all the drivers A200-221?

    Thank you friends!


    Everything you need you can find on the Toshiba support under page > support & downloads. Your laptop belongs to PSAE3E models.
    Please use this part number to choose the right model and get the correct drivers.

  • Need to find the correct reference for replacement screen Aspire 5742


    I need to find the correct part for replacement screen Aspire 5742.  The backlight does not work anymore, and I already bought a UPS to see that this model/version does not use a UPS (as the backlight is LED and integrated in the element of the screen).  I find the somewhat confusing model numbers table.  The full model version seems to be:

    5742 - 464G50Mnnk

    S/N: [redacted to comply with guidelines]

    SNID [redacted to comply with guidelines]

    This seems to be a very good laptop that belongs to a mine Guigou, but not worth repair at the local dealership, and I'm sure I can replace the screen myself if I can get the right part, having already dismantled the set of sieves and to be an electronic engineer.

    Either way, I guess that this version of model is the 5742, not the 5742 G (even if the model number has a 'G' in it: some of the confusion).  Any help would be appreciated.

    Part numbers for the 15.6 TFT LCD for the Aspire 5742 are:


  • Need part for Satellite A100-683 number keyboard


    I am looking for the part number of the Toshiba A100-683 PSAA9 keyboard (for the spare part).
    It should be at the back of the keyboard, but I don't want to open the notebook in my warranty period.

    I hope someone can help me.

    Gaston of greetings

    I put t agree with you. I have long searched for compatible readers for my laptop and service agents gave me a number and the name detailed taken readers supported
    It should be the same with the keyboard part...

  • Spare part for print to the top of my outlook express e-mail accounts can't get.

    Spare part for print to the top of my outlook express e-mail accounts can't get.

    Save an attachment to disk.  Then open it.  Then try to print it.  If you print messages of OE, then

    Spare part for print to the top of my outlook express e-mail accounts can't get.

  • Where can I get the spare parts (circuit boards) for my HP 2509 m monitor?

    Where can I get the spare parts (circuit boards) for my HP 2509 m monitor?

    Hello tsmit32,

    Here is a link to the parts list of what HP considers to be user replaceable.

    Replaceable parts by the user (Europe, Middle East and Africa)

    Since the part is not on the list as a replaceable user then HP does not provide the part for sale. The circuit boards are going to be hard to find, perhaps ebay and other online retailers research is your best option.

    The other option that you have is to create your own heel to tear the other monitors that ppl may be getting rid of. If you can find a job of monitoring of 2509 m on ebay with a fairly cheap crack screen then you essentially buy the guts and that's what you're looking for.

  • Hi I need to know how to expand the curves adjustment Panel. For example, the curves that I need to enlarge the graphic part, so I could show on a screen at the school. Thanks, Phil

    Hi I need to know how to expand the curves adjustment Panel. For example, I need to enlarge the graphic part so that I can view on a screen at the school and work from this Panel to expand. Thanks, Phil

    You can not. At least, not directly Ben Photoshop. For example, this can be done in Gimp and Photoline, and I had hoped that developers of Photoshop team would have done this allowance now. But no, we're still stuck with a tiny curved panel, which is a real shame, because in other applications, the user can be more precise with the curves.

    If you don't need to show close-ups during class time, use Zoomit in Windows, or turn on the Magnifier in the accessibility on a Mac option.

  • Where to find the new keyboard for Satellite P10 504?

    I have a laptop Satellite P10 504 but unfortunately I spilled coffee on the keyboard and now some of the keys do not work.

    Could someone help me find a place to buy a new one that is not too expensive, or perhaps the information of this specific keyboard, I need and I can look online for a bargain.

    Thank you very much



    All the compatible parts for notebook you can be purchased from the service provider authorized in your country

    You should make a call to these guys and they should be able to provide a consistent and right keyboard.

    So good luck.

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