No double-sided printing for HP Photosmart C309g-m MacBook wireless

I have a MacBook 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo running 10.7.3. My printer is a HP Photosmart Premium C309g-m. When it is connected to the printer via USB, I can select two-sided printing under page layout option and print on both sides. When connected wireless through Time Capsule, the option is grayed out, and he said: it is turned off. I don't have this problem with my MacMini running 10.5.8. The function stop working while I'm running Snow Leopard and I was hoping to go to Lion would settle the matter, but no luck. I uninstalled the software all the HP and removed the printer in the list of printers and re - he added. Any ideas I could try? Thanks for any help you can provide.


Bad luck, sorry.  I see full features for 10.7 software has not yet been published.  You can try the full software functionality for 10.6 for this printer but I think it can cause other problems.  You can always uninstall it if it doesn't work right:

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    Dig into this forum and google I couldn't find any solution for my problem of duplex printing.
    What is the problem? Even though I have a HP Business Inkjet 1200D the driver support in Windows 8 Pro is not a double-sided printing option (other than manual... but why did you buy the 1200D for ;-)))

    Found this solution for Vista
    And it works see the response from a large number

    It would also work under Windows 8 Pro?

    Vista is also x 64 or am I missing things crusial?


    Business Inkjet 1200 allow automatic duplex printing, it is disabled by default and must be enabled:

    Right-click the 1200 printer icon, then select printer properties.
    Open the device settings tab.
    As installed in Duplex Automatic Two-Sided accessory and then click OK to save the change.

    Automatic duplex printing should now available in the final by choosing to use the auto-recto-sided unittab.

    Kind regards

  • Invalid double-sided printing on the HP Photosmart C6280 all-in-One (printer, Scanner, copier)

    On my 'old' computer (ca. 1974) the print mechanism duplex worked fine, but after that I installed the printer on my 'new' PC (Windows 7, 64-bit), the double-sided printing feature works not at all (although it allows me to print on both sides manually).  In order to operate as it did in the past, should I uninstall everything related to the printer before reloading the software?  Or do I have to reload the software at all?  Or what should I do?  I would like to know before taking any action, because I don't want to create problems for me or my computer/printer.

    The duplexer must be set to "installed" as described in The Vista/Windows 7 Duplex Printing Guide troubleshooting here.  You will not need to uninstall and reinstall the driver.

  • HP Photosmart 5524 - double sided printing - back comes out backwards

    I bought this printer last week and she chose specifically because it's "automatic double-sided printing. However, when it is set to print (flip on short edge) the back is reflected backwards.

    Does anyone know how to get all pages of reading in the same way?

    Two sided with the parameter ' Flip on short edge ' prints the pages in this way. When you bind the sheets of paper on the shorter side (top of page) the reverse page should be printed in reverse to ensure readability.

    If you want both sides to be printed the same way, try the two sided with the option ' Flip on the side the longest. "

  • automatic double-sided printing

    I have a new laptop with windows 7

    I downloaded the software from the internet to use my HP Photosmart C6282 all-in-one printer.

    However, I don't see the "automatic double-sided printing" option in the settings:)
    Someone who has a solution or software fix?


    The parameter I describe will differently for the two of you, but looks like it is the culprit.

    @ alainclement -.

    1) click on the Start Menu

    (2) select devices and printers

    (3) right click on the printer and select Printing Preferences

    (4) there should be a tab for features

    (5) is the box for the unit of duplex printing automatic installing clicked?

    @ HobbsLionHeart -.

    * You are looking for the same option, but you will perhaps find the devices and printers in the metro or access this option via Control Panel

    Let me know if this option is selected for you two.

  • HP Office Jet pro 6830: HP 6830. Somehow changed my settings double sided printing. I need to go back to unique sid

    I need to change the next simple setting for double-sided printing.

    The default print settings can be changed as follows: click Start, devices and printers.  Right-click on the Officejet 6830, select Printing Preferences.  Select the preferences you want, apply, OK.  This will change the default settings.  Note that some programs to keep their own values by printing defect and will need to be changed in the program.

  • HP Officejet Pro 8610: Automatic double-sided printing

    Lost my automatic double-sided printing - now it's printing of the front of the page and then he wants to get back into the tray to print on the back, which I never did before.  Please help me to get it back.

    The function "automatic detection" used by some drivers during installation does not always; make sure the driver knows that a duplex unit is present on the printer (assuming that he is present):

    • For the instance of the printer in question, bring up the printer properties dialogue.
    • Select the device settings tab.
    • Make sure the duplex unit is set to installed and not installed.

    You will probably need to be logged in with administrator credentials in order to change the settings of the device.

  • How to disable double-sided printing on HP jet Office 6700

    I just bought a HP officejet 6700 premium for my iMac computer. I also installed Microsoft for my iMac. I don't want the duplex printer forever. I tried going to system preferences / printers, etc. and it directs me to the Web site of the printer. From there I can't find a way to change the default to double-sided printing to 'off '. What impression in Word, select print and then show presets, and it is said that double-sided are turned off, but still, it prints double-sided. I also tried to register a new printer with printing double-sided as off and it still prints double-sided. I also do not know how to change the default setting on the printer. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Hi crayric,

    We gladly invite you.

    The above information refers to Mac OS X, however, I included the steps for the latest versions of OS X (10.7 or 10.8) because you did not mention the version of your operating system.

    If you have an earlier version of the OS 10.6 or 10.5, you may need to click the icon shaped triangle next to the name of the printer to spend the print settings in the print dialog box.

    For any question, please specify your exact OS version (you can find that out by clicking the Apple icon, then the about this Mac, also well let me know the exact Office for Mac version installed on your Mac (2004, 2008 or 2011).


  • LaserJet P1102w: Double-sided printing will not turn off

    Even if double-sided printing is NOT selected in the printer properties, printing all ask for double-sided printing.  So if I go to print a single page printjob, the computer asks to have the blank page that was 'printed' just to get back in the tray.

    How can I get this fixed?

    Hi @Skunkeeper,

    Welcome to the HP Support forum.

    I understand that you use a HP LaserJet Pro P1102w printer with a Windows 10 computer and when you try to print a single page, the printer ejects a blank page and ten invites you to put in the tray, so the second side can be printed, even if double-sided printing is not selected. I would like to help with that.

    This really looks like a software problem. I would like to start by running this HP print and Scan Doctor. It is a tool that allows you to diagnose and solve the problems of printing software and printer.

    Please let me know if that solves the problem, or if you need assistance.

    In fact, if it helps you to find a solution, please click on the 'accept as Solution' and the 'thumbs up' buttons down below in this message.

    Thank you!

  • HP Envy 4500: Double-sided printing

    I've had my printer for about two months now, and at the beginning I had no problem with printing. I was thrilled that the printer has the ability to duplex printing to save paper, but all of a sudden my printer is more two-sided printing even if the "meetings" are checked in the print menu that appears before printing. I would go to the bottom of this, because I prefer to take advantage of the features of the printer and save paper. Please let me know what I am doing wrong and advice to solve this problem, thank you!

    Collected has nothing to do with the double-sided, this means that when you print 3 copies of a document that is five pages long, it will print pages 1 to 5 three times instead of print page 1 three times and then page 2 three times and so on. Double-sided printing can be enacted in one of two ways. Either you select double-sided as an option when you go to print a print job, or you set the driver to duplex by default values. According to the printer model, you can also apply duplexing by telling the duplex printer all. It is model specific and you do not specify the pattern here, so I can't give you the exact details.

  • Laser Jet Pro M402dn: Double-sided printing

    I need to know how to double-sided printing. I know that this printer can do. But how?

    The function "automatic detection" used by some drivers on the install (or update) does not always; make sure the driver knows that a duplex unit is present on the printer (assuming that a single is present):

    • For the instance of the printer in question, bring up the printer properties dialogue.
    • Select the device settings tab.
    • Make sure the duplex unit is set to installed and not installed.

    You will probably need to be logged in with administrator credentials in order to change the settings of the device.

  • oficejet 6700 premium: HP Officejet 6700 Premium WIN 7 - double-sided print - back comes out backwards

    HP Officejet 6700 Premium - os Win 7 - double sided printing - back comes out backwards. I TRIED TO DOUBLE-SIDE PRINTING, BOOKLET PRINTING, AND PRINTING GREETING CARDS. ALL OUT UPSIDE DOWN AND ALSO very small PRINT ON ONE SIDE OF THE PAPER HALF. HOW TO SET THE PRINTER SETTINGS BY DEFAULT OR CHANGE WHAT IS PAST?   Oh it then, I'm not yelling, just noticed the hats were on.

    Jay B.

    Hi @Jayburn,

    Welcome to the HP Forums!

    I noticed that the back comes out on top down, when duplex printing with your HP Officejet 6700 Premium, Windows 7. I am pleased to see that for you!

    Please, take a look through this guide, print on both sides of the paper (duplex printing) for HP Officejet Premium 6700 e-all-in-one printer (H711). Follow the instructions for Windows.

    Guidelines General double-sided printing

    Do not print on both sides of the following types of paper, or paper jams may occur:

    • Transparencies
    • Envelopes
    • Photo paper
    • Glossy paper
    • Paper lighter than 60 g/m2 (16 lb).
    • Heavier than 105 g/m2 (28 lb) paper.

    Several kinds of paper require a specific orientation when you print on both sides of a sheet. It's letterhead, preprinted paper and paper with watermarks and pre-perfores holes. The printer will print the first side of the first book. Load the paper with the top edge first and the side to be printed facing downwards.

    I hope this helps!

    "Please click the Thumbs up icon below to thank me for having responded."

  • OfficeJet Pro 8000 double-sided printing will not respond to the control software #2

    Win XP Pro SP3

    OfficeJet Pro 8000 Wireless

    Does anyone know why Officejet Pro 8000 had control of double-sided printing, removed from the spec software?

    Does anyone know if there is a printer of this type which will respond to such control?



    This printer is now works very well with total control on duplex printing. But how did this happen...?

    Two things have changed - well, maybe three.

    But first of all to mention another very annoying problem: wireless printer to my network connection always collapsed which was a double nuisance (23/06/2016 see also installing the driver wireless Officejet 8000 Pro says default gateway is

    The road to happiness... I've finally updated my PC to a laptop HP Win7 (there is a problem with the laptop, but that's another story...)

    During the process of setting up laptop, I had to set up the network and add the printer. In between aid was a FAQ something like "the wirless connection drops regularly." What interested me.

    The fix was so simple - mychosen IP address has always been in the DNS range which was probably not very smart, but I didn't know any different. No one had ever mentioned before.

    The idea is to select an address in the static range IE outside the DNS. So I took a number x.x.x.249 and bingo!, a solid and reliable connection that is always there.

    Given the new laptop for download the drivers again. What went well and of course, the new machine is much faster.

    Anyway after a few tries, much to my delight I discovered that two-sided printing worked with auto rotation if I check the box. Printing a document like that I would see in portrate (horizontal spine) and read down the two pages, turn to the next page and the same thing at the end of the document. Or, if you use the rotation of non - normal mode - the printing orientation is 'normal '.

    It's a shame that it was necessary to buy a new laptop with a new o/s just to discover the problem by chance...

  • Double-sided print second page upside down HP6700

    When I print 2 Facer, the second page is upside down. I looked for solutions on this forum and on the net, but nothing helped. I have installed new drivers, checked all the available boxes. The one I need ('turn page' or something like that) is not found.

    I have a new HP6700, to replace an old HP6700 which made duplex very well, but became old. Why is it suddenly so hard to make something of my old printer without problems?

    I use a MacBook Pro with OS X 10.9 laptop.

    I hope someone can help me.

    Hello Cheetah12,

    Thanks for your reply. In the meantime I discovered that the most important step is NOT to install the printer via AirPrint, but using HP6700. Only, then you have the possibility to click on the duplex option and install the printer with the 4.1.2 pilot.

    The solution mentioned by Roger2499 in the following thread has helped me tremendously, after a day of frustration!

    Thanks for trying to help!

  • How can I print A4 borderless with double-sided printing?

    I have a HP Photosmart/premium printer and print booklets in Word 2010. When I do, the text and the photos come out compressed because the printer is put into a border on the right edge. I need to print without margins, but with duplex printing using A4. I get a message saying that these 2 are incompatible. How can I replace it? If I print in A4 without border, text, and pictures look correct (the same as on the screen), but I need to print duplex as well.

    Hi Katiepic,

    Borderless printing and double-sided printing is not supported at the same time. You have to manually duplex work by putting it into the paper tray to print on the back.

Maybe you are looking for

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