OTP-S3700 how to dis - connect on the internet...

Just bought a BDP-S3700. Connected to my connection Wireless for the program installation and update of the firmware. How can I connect dice - my wireless if I don't want to use streaming services?

Thank you. I ended up fixing this by going to Configuration, reset, reset to factory default settings, network settings, start.

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    Hi keshu92,

    Thanks for posting your query in the Microsoft Community. I suggest to refer to the manual of the iPod or contact Apple support for more help and information.

    Let us know if you need help with Windows related issues. We will be happy to help you.

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    1. are you referring to Windows Server 2000 or Windows ME?

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    The MacBook connects without a problem.  In the basement, the connection of Windows 7 works very well.  I have just connected Vaio Windows 7 my mother to the network, but it prompted that I enter the user credentials.  I read a post above and got that problem solved by opening the network and sharing Center and adding a new connection.  Now that the connection is configured correctly.
    The problem is with the laptop HP Windows Vista family basis.  Since I install the range extender, I can't connect to the network.  He had no problems before you connect the router or other networks to visit other places.  The new network name appears, but when I click it, it says I have to enter the user credentials.  I tried to manually, but the name is taken so I can't make a new and invites me to connect to the network that is established or to connect to a different network.
    • I tried to open the network and sharing Center, but it does not open.  When I click it, it opens a screen for a brief second.  The option "Display the status of network and tasks" opens either.
    • I logged as an Administration by entering the command line < net="" user="" administrator="" ctive:yes=""> > and restarted the laptop.  Even logged in as administrator, this folder does not open.
    • I also did a scan < sfc="" cannow=""> >.  The digitized rolled up with an error, but the error has been corrected.
    • I also updated the connection of the range extender.
    Why the network and sharing Center will not be open to the top?
    How can I configure my router my HP Windows Vista Linksys connection?
    Thank you.  Please let me know if you need more information.

    Thanks for your reply.

    In a last attempt, my sister has used the ethernet cable to connect directly to our router.  Next time, she turned on her laptop, she managed to connect to our wireless network and she was not invited to enter credentials.
    In this case, the manual connection helped solved the problem.
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    Hi Phil,

    To answer your questions in full, it would be quite a task but here is my simple guide: -.

    1. connect to the internet

    1.1 choose an ISP (provider of Internet Sertvice) and get a CD with the software and the connection information.

    1.2 load the CD and follow the onscreen instructions to set up your login information.

    1.3 If you use dial-up connect your cable modem to your laptop and the other end to your telephone line.

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    1.6 Click START-> CONNECT TO-> the connection created in 1.2 above

    For the wireless connection, the procedure is similar braodly but you need a router or wireless modem connected to your telephone line and properly configured in Notepad you.

    Follow step 1.5 with a lot of attention. If you connect to the internet without anit-virus software and firewall appropriate, it will be only a few seconds before your laptop computer will be infected with a form of virus. Please be careful.


  • Satellite Pro A100 does not connect to the internet if the power adapter is plugged

    I have a Satellite Pro A100
    The machine will connect to internet on battery OK. However, if the power supply is connected it does not connect. Any ideas?
    See you soon


    How do you connect to the internet? With the WLan or cable LAN?
    It s very unusual as the intermits connection when the power adapter is connected.

    This question appears because you buy the laptop?

  • Unable to connect to the internet at all.

    On my current desktop as my enthernet and WiFi or wireless drivers have been deleted from my HP Clubhouse Office p7-1240 and I cannot access internet on it at all. I can't install the drivers because I can not download them on the internet because I can't go on the internet! This event has been frustrating and I would like to help. How can I connect to the internet and what drivers should I. How can I get these drivers? Help, please.

    Thank you


    Here are links to drivers and ethernet services to the wireless card you need.



    Download the drivers on the PC you have posted your message.

    Either burn them to a CD or copy them to a USB key.

    Two media allows to transfer the drivers on your PC and install.

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    a windows embedded version this partner is not a my computer on the desktop icon how can I connect to the Internet?


    Method 1:  Click on the link mentioned below as reference.


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    Hope that helps.

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    One can tell me how can I connect to the Internet using a wi - fi only connection.

    much thanks

    On your device, go in manage connections > Mobile network and turn the POWER off (click on the box to disable the connection to your mobile phone network).

    Then, go to Options/main settings > advanced > browser and set it to the Hotspot and SAVE.

    Now, go back to the browser and if you are connected to a WiFi router or a hotspot, you good to go.

  • Windows 8 on 5 Fusion cannot connect to the internet.

    I installed Windows 8 on Fusion 5.0.2 under OS X 10.8.2.  I can't connect to the internet.  I upgraded from XP using a download from Microsoft (no DVD).  How can I connect to the internet?

    Add the following line to the configuration file the Virtual Machine's .vmx or remove the Virtual Machine settings and add the network adapter with the guest operating system Windows 8 value Windows XP.

    ethernet0.virtualDev = "e1000e"

    Take a look at: changing the file .vmx for your VM of Fusion (1014782)

  • How to stop iPhone to convert to the iMessage automatically when connected to the Internet?

    I have an iPhone, and some of my contacts are saved with iMessage and SMS. Whenever I start a conversation with a contact, it is a conversation of message text (green bubble), but as soon as I try to text the person while I'm connected to the internet, the conversation turns into an iMessage (blue bubble) conversation. I don't want it to do as sometimes the contact cannot be connected to the internet and therefore will not receive a my test up to connect to the Internet. How to make a conversation that began as a conversation of SMS RESTENT a SMS conversation, whereas if I don't want to start a conversation with the same contact iMessage, I manually converted an iMessage conversation?

    Thanks in advance guys.

    You can do that unless you put temporarily out of your data connection (settings-> cellular) or disable iMessage himself.

    But the good news is that you don't have to do either. In settings-> Messages, you will find an option called "send as SMS. If you turned it on and your receiver remains offline for a few minutes, the message will be sent as message text automatically.

    In addition, if you see the iMessage has not been delivered, you can tap and hold the bubble and will give you the ability to send as message text as well.

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    Connect to the internet.

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    Contact your ISP

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    Sorry, I'm very confused by your response.

    You must not something on the power set by program, just connect a power supply to DIO power and mass of DIO.  Then your DIO lines should be able to output values.

    In addition, I think that you may need to configure the output line.  This would be by the project.  I don't remember what it is, but it should be in some menu properties (probably for the specific line of DIO).

Maybe you are looking for

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    Windows Media Player does not work.  Impossible to use slide show programs, can not open attachments that require Media Player.  Tried to update and couldn't.  Couldn't fix it.