Password protect PDF documents


I have Acrobat, but I was wondering if I can password protect PDF documents that I received by email. If so, can anyone tell how to go about it please?

Thanks much :-)


Hi aew7991,

Yes, you can implement the password on PDF files using the Acrobat application, please refer to this KB document for help

Let me know how it goes.

Kind regards


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  • password protect PDF document

    How to password protect a PDF document received

    Possible with Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Reader No.

  • Identify a password protected PDF file

    We receive 100s of PDFs a week to add to our document management system.

    Each of them is a watermark automatically; the system has obviously fails when a protected PDF password has been provided.

    I don't have to find a way to circumvent a password protected PDF file, I'm looking for a way to determine which files in a batch PDF is password protected so I can communicate with the source of new PDF files.

    Hi andrewcecms ,

    We're sorry, but there is no way to determine which PDF is protected in a batch.

    Let us know if you need any assistance.



  • I have Adobe Reader XI, version 11.0.11.  How do I password protect a document?

    How do I password protect a document?

    The free Player did little more than read PDFs (opening). Password, you can protect your document using Adobe Acrobat.

  • How to password protect a document?

    How to password protect a document?

    Hi barte89641267,

    You must install acrobat to password protect a document, you can download it from this link: Download Adobe Acrobat free trial version | Acrobat Pro DC

    For detailed information on the password protect pdf files, please visit this link:

    Kind regards


  • A password protected pdf file rendering problem


    We strive to make a PDF file that is protected by a password, but the server always returns us the following exception:

    com.adobe.formServer.interfaces.FormServerException: XMLFormFactory, PAexecute failure: "([email protected]) XMLForm, updatePDF: 22576, this system does not support the encryption standard used for the password that protects this file." Please contact the administrator. »

    Is it possible to make a password protected PDF using modules form or we have need of others as the security of the documents.

    We use a platform of Adobe LC v7.

    Thank you.


    You must remove the password before the PDF Forms.


  • password protect a document

    How to add a password protect a document/file existing in El Capitan (10.11.4)? Can't find an answer on Google or communities

    Export the file brings up the old Save dialog box under and then check encrypt and save at the top of the replacement file.

  • How do I password protect the document HTML library or individual files which are: IE: pictures etc?

    How do I password protect the document HTML library or individual files which are: IE: pictures etc?

    In Windows there is no password protection.

  • Can you confirm if I can convert a password-protected pdf files

    Before registering for the service can it be confirmed that the pdf to excel import works when the files are protected by Word

    Hi Steve,.

    If you want to use service Pack PDF for conversion, so you can not convert a password protected PDF file. It's something possible with Acrobat Pro DC.

    Thank you


  • How to password protect a document in Adobe Reader

    How to password protect a document in Adobe Reader

    You cannot use the free reader to add passwords. She would need Adobe Acrobat.

  • How do I password protect a document?

    A document is password protected?

    Hi thomasj46327101,

    Yes, you can password protect a PDF document, but you will need to install Acrobat Adobe Acrobat download free trial | Acrobat Pro DC on your system. KB doc. using Security with passwords, Adobe Acrobat PDF files

    Kind regards


  • How to read that a password protected PDF on my Kindle. I have the password and I am allowed to read. This is the manual school related.

    I want to read PDF on my Kindle. Read books of text on a computer, it's not what I want to do every time.

    Hi robertc75438092,

    How to access a PDF protected on a Kindle

    The major advantage for PDF files, is that you can distribute documents to a wide variety of platforms, including the Amazon Kindle. While the Kindle opens most PDF files without any difficulty, you can run in trouble if the PDF file has password protection applied. The Kindle will open PDFs protected by password, but not if the PDF file has digital rights management applied. Most of the models of Kindle cannot open DRM encrypted PDF files, but you can download an app, qPDF, to Kindle fire which allows you to open PDFs encoded with DRM.

    No - DRM Protection password: -.

    Step1 highlight the PDF file.

    Step 2 press the 5-way control to open the PDF file. If your Kindle is a touch screen, tap the PDF file to open it. This will open a dialog box that asks you the password.

    Step 3 type the password.

    Step 4 Select the 'OK' button and press the control button 5. Press the 'OK' button on the touchscreen models.

    Coded DRM of PDFs on the Kindle Fire: -.

    Step 1: click the "Apps" tab from the home page to open the applications menu.

    Step 2, click on the "Store" link in the upper right corner of the page to access the Kindle app store.

    Step 3 Type qPDF Viewer in the field "search".

    Step 4 press the "Free" button next to the qPDF online Viewer. The 'Free' button will change to "install".

    Step 5 press the button "install". The application will download and install to your Kindle Fire. When you are finished, you will see a button 'open '.

    Step 6 press the 'Open' button to launch the application.

    Step 7 tap the

    Step 8 press the "open" button to select a PDF file to open it.

    Step 9 tap on the PDF you want to open. You will see a dialog box asking you to enter a password.

    Step 10, type the password.

    Step 11 press the 'OK' button to open your PDF file.

    I will recommend you to consult the Kindle support team, they will help you with the details.

    Kind regards

  • Print password protected PDFs to analyze their able and OCR them... a method without paper?

    To bypass the password protection, I often feel off, scan, OCR then these PDF files to the

    Give me a version I can stress etc.

    My question is, is there a papeless method to achieve the same purpose?

    A virtual paper copy?

    Instructions to bypass the legitimate protection of document are not tolerated on this forum.

    This discussion is closed.

  • Password protected PDF

    Me, I, a, PDF, Document, I, forgot, the, password, too, how, do, open, it?

    You can't, at least not with any Adobe application.

  • Can I change the text on the screen "This Document is password protected" for documents Document Cloud on signature?

    Is it possible to edit the text on the screen "This Document is password protected" documents sent for signature. I would like to change the language to my audience. Nothing fancy, just some text changes.

    Hi kenster9999,

    I have a sorry, but this is not possible. The way it is designed.

    Kind regards

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