Performance of business Windows 7 connection problem


We deploy windows 7 Enterprise to all our computers in our area and we had no performance problems on any site with lots of DC. Now, we are facing a problem with our multiple sites with RODCS. The problem is very strange. Everything that a user start a session on a desktop or laptop, wireless or wired. When the user enter his credentials and his password and press 'validation' anything happen (well it seems that nothing happens). After 5-10 minutes to this logon screen, we finally see the newspaper at the start of process applying the domain policy, prepares the office etc etc and it take less then 10 seconds, but don't forget, we expect just 5 minutes until that the computer treats the botton "treat my log in.
I looked at several ways to solve this problem, but so far, nothing has worked.
I'll try to take a video and let you see what I'm trying to explain.


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