Photo background activities occupie CPU completely

Substantive activity of the photo occupies full CPU power! It is impossible to do anything on the device. During this time the imported Aperture (46GB) library has been expanded to 53 GB, without new imports! Recognition of faces should be done - at least not more faces do not seem to be assigned.

I think, I'll continue using Aperture, until Apple will be graciously fixed this problem.

Or is there another trick or mode of operation in Photos, to make this useful application?


Karl H.Bernhart


During this time the imported Aperture (46GB) library has been expanded to 53 GB, without new imports! Recognition of faces should be done - at least not more faces do not seem to be assigned.

Pictures creates new thumbnails, and if the aperture library had no previews, Photos also creates previews, so the library will become greater.

Where is your library? on an external drive or the drive from the system?

Photos can be suspended with the generation of previews, if the library contains a pictures that cannot be treated in the Photos. Search for incompatible items using a smart album with the rule 'Photo's unable to download to iCloud photo library  This will show images, audio files, videos in a format that cannot be treated.

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    I saved my photos on a port UBS Lexar E Clip clip and it will that until then it say there is
    no directory or file for them but they are there in my programs under my photos you can help me

    Easy fix...

    You can copy only a limited number of files in the root
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    Do you use whatsapp?

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    1. what operating system is installed on your computer?
    2. what application you use for the slide show?

    If the wallpaper looks too big on your screen, I suggest you follow these steps and check if they help (if you are using Windows 7 or Vista).

    a. right click on an area empty office.
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    Your photo must not be larger than the screen

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    Thanks for all the tips.

    Try save for Web and choose PNG24. Most of the sites will accept jpeg and PNG.

  • Svchost.exe (netsvcs) 100% cpu - update of Windows *.256 cause - update forever checks as does Defender.

    Hi, I got 100% usage cpu choking my system Toshiba laptop L300 Vista 32-bit, cause - (netsvcs) svhost.exe in time real trouble was unknown and tried everything has failed. So I did a complete new installation and fully updated to SP2 then the next update and it required me to download the latest update to terminant.256. My system is now unusable with constantly check and update svchost.exe using 100% cpu. All is well until I start to WU and I restore prior to this Windows Update Agent... Also if I close just the update it is still short in the background using 100% cpu by svchost.exe (ntsvcs) until I have manually stop the service.

    I have:

    Disabled Windows Firewall and Avast antivirus.

    I tried all the things as well in safe mode.

    Installed costs.

    Followed the instructions found on the net

    In offline mode, downloaded and installed the latest update which is the same as that.

    Whenever I have restore before this update, it works very well. The download of the update even if I have restore and install only the off-line version, it cripples even with 100% cpu and without end of audit. He made also Defender without end of audit.

    How to fix something that is a solid wall. You cannot uninstall or go around it. If I restore before it, that's all I can ever be updated Vista.

    I admit, I'm going nuts with this thing. I can't be the only one, it is 100% Windows update agent question.

    They have started to issue updates, default update clients cannot manage. Under Vista, install all the missing updates listed in the table above to this page:

    On Windows 7, install KB3172605.

    KB3172605 32-bit

    KB3172605 64-bit

    Best regards, VZ

  • Updates failed because Norton began a background scan.

    Windows Vista.  18 of 28 updates failed. Norton started a scan that I wasn't aware of everything and that caused the problem.

    So how the hell do I get these updates installed correctly.

    Cannot delete the contents of the "Datastore" folder or "Download" (in Windows/C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution) because windows says it's in use, although only this window was open.

    Tried to download and install KB3153171 from here:

    It started the update of Windows Installer which continued for about two hours doing nothing - I wanted to only install 1 update. I then clicked 'Cancel' and who took 30 extra minutes to cancel indeed.

    Everything that did not should be available to download again, but it is not.

    Or there should be a button "Try again", but there is none.

    I can't uninstall the updates failed because of course, they are not in the list of installed updates.

    Hi Hall2 Toad:

    Please see post # 159 of the ScousaJAY thread windows update just seems to hang when checking in the VistaForums for a possible workaround.  These Windows updates slow (WUs) are currently affecting both Win 7 and Vista. Woody Leonhard has published a series of articles on this issue in his blog Woody on Windows , including Windows 7 update holding scans always? KB 3153199 can solve the problem.

    As suggested by Woody, many users are now the solution posted on the page Web of Dalai Search for Windows Updates takes forever?-a possible solution pre-install a kernel mode driver Windows missing (Win32k.sys) updates listed on that Web page will speed up Windows Update - at least until Patch Tuesday next month, updates are released and you must first install a new update of Win32k.sys.  The author of this Web page:

    "This HowTo is valid for Win7 SP1 and SP2 for Vista, which have been newly installed or have not been updated for some time. "It should also help on systems that have been updated last month - just install the lack of updates in the list below in this case."

    I disabled updates Windows Automatic (a re-boot should stop any session WU, currently running in the background and consuming CPU) and perform a manual Windows Update a few days after Patch Tuesday updates are displayed on the second Tuesday of every month when I know that I will not need my computer for several hours.  I use Norton Internet Security and normally activate silent Mode (clic click right on the Norton icon in the system tray, choose activate silent Mode and select a long duration as 6 hours) to disable temporarily all tasks automatic Norton LiveUpdates as background and scans fast when WU is running.  Activate silent Mode doesn't disable your protection against malware in real time or Norton Firewall smart and I have no proof that Windows Update works really faster when Silent Mode is on, but I'm not all background tasks unnecessary CPU consumption when I run Windows Update these days.  Do not forget to deactivate the Silent Mode once your Windows Update is complete (I hope) to restart your Norton background tasks again.

    32 bit Vista Home Premium SP2 * Firefox v46.0.1 * IE9 * NIS v21.7.0.11
    HP Pavilion dv6835ca Intel Core2Duo T5550 1.83 GHz, 3 GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce 8400 M GS

  • Photos does not show 30 pictures, says that it's scanning when the laptop is in charge.

    200 pictures, Miss me about 50 since the upgrade to Sierra. Said it analysis 90 Photos and will do the rest, when it is plugged into the charge Jack, but nothing happens. Any ideas?

    two different thing in your message

    are you missing photos?  Or all that it has your photo, but Photos is very slow to complete its initial analysis of your photos?


  • Photo transfer iPhotos library

    iPhotos crash on my iMac, so I think it would be better now to transfer everything to the Photos App. How can I do this and how would retain the albums that I put in place? I use iPhoto for all my digital scrapbooking kits and they are set up as events. I created albums to allow easy searching for example 'ribbons' etc. I don't want to start all over again create these albums. Any help is appreciated, thanks

    Extensions of Photos for Mac photo editing Extensions of Photos for Mac photo editing What version of iPhoto do you have?

    You say you have OS X 10.11.2 - the current version is OS X 10.11.6 then you need to update

    As for migration, it is very simple - move the iPhoto library to the Photos icon in the dock and everything will migrate according to these rules - Details of how Photos manages migrating from iPhoto

    and note that the pictures is a new and Photos is a new and completely different program with a learning curve and of the different workflow than iPhoto - these can help

    Photos 2.0 vs iPhoto 9.6.1: features and capabilities

    New events are moments in Photos

    How to simulate the rating stars in Photos

    Photo editing Photos for Mac Extensions


  • Photos not downloading icloud

    I use a Mac with OS X 10.11.4 load.  I also have Photos v 1.5

    In the Photos, I have iCloud library enabled, and 'Download this Mac originals '.  I also have an iPhone 6 and iPad 2 Air, both iOS 9.3 operating and with iCloud library lit.

    My question is this: when I first set up library, all synchronized on all three devices without any problem.  However I find now that photos taken on the iPhone to the iCloud library download (at least the phone says it has ' updated earlier ") but they don't not download to the Mac.  Instead the pictures on the Mac says just "Download x items" and it stays like that.

    If I delete the pictures from the phone and then the Mac will return to normal.  The only other alternative I've met is to disable the photo library and restart, or completely disconnect from iCloud and then sign back in again.  But both require a new synchronization.

    Someone at - it ideas?

    PS I've seen similar posts from other users of the forum, but not a response yet.  Hours/days for pictures to download when I have a connection should really be high-speed fiber?

  • Cannot import photos from ipad to mac

    I had problems with importing the photos I have in my ipad to my mac. I have about 2000 photos on the ipad, but only 140 of them appear when I try to import them to the computer. I tried to do in the different computers and also using pictures of google to create a backup of all the photos on the ipad, but the problem persists, only 140 photos are detected. In addition, I noticed that these photos which are not detected cannot be changed unless a duplicate is created.

    No idea what could be the problem and how to solve?

    Thanks in advance,


    Are these photos in the camera roll? If the photos are from an album of Photo Sharing iCloud, were they completely downloaded on the device?

  • Must photo images be stored in the iCloud?

    I just bought a new iMac... replace my old duo core intel 20 "... and my situation is that my internet connection is a satellite which has a limited monthly data plan.  There is no downloading easy and seamless with my modem and some interruption buffering and wait.  I hope that I might be able to download my Creative Suite 5.5 system to use Photoshop, but have read compatibility problems.  In my view, there is a record of bugs, so we'll cross bridge bit I'm sure that.
    Otherwise, I have to limit myself to my MacBook Pro for work of the image.  In any case... is the question of the storage of images, and I'm a little confused on the cloud everything.  I understand the benefits, and that what is in the cloud is accessible from anywhere and by several devices.  In my situation, where I have a data plan... I can't risk or to offer data chatter.  The new system will be an option to disable the iCloud... and simply to store my images, video, etc., on the drive?  I use external drives as well... for storage.

    Thank you

    N ° the use of the photo library of iCloud is completely optional and is designed for photos between your Mac and all the mobile devices or other Mac you have.

    When you begin using Photos do not select the iCloud photo library Photos iCloud preferences window:

    If you have a mobile device, you can select my photo stream and iCloud photo sharing because they use the WiFi for their transfers. More of my photo stream are in the paper Apple: My Photo Stream FAQ - Apple Support

    HOWEVER, Photoshop doesn't have direct access to the photos in the photo library as it did with iPhoto. You will need to export the photos to a folder on the desktop and edit them from here with PS.

    The latest CS applications may be able to access the photo library via the option menu open file ➙ and using the media browser that we can with Safari in El Capitan:

  • Remove completely the image account

    I removed the picture from my account using 'sudo dscl. Delete/Users/USERNAME jpegphoto'

    The photo went on the login screen when the computer wakes up, but he did not go on the login screen when the computer is restarted. See photos.

    How to completely remove the user account picture?

    Thank you!

    Seems to be fixed after that put 10.11.3 updated

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