Photoshop 2015.5. PS does not update and will not open. Missing 4 dll files.

Photoshop CC (2015.5). PS does not update and will not open. Missing 4 dll files.

VulcanControl, VulcanMessage5, tbb and ScCore. PS worked fine earlier today and has worked great for over a year.

Windows 7 update to 10 eight months ago.

Exit code: 184

-------------------------------------- Summary --------------------------------------

-fatal error 2, 0 error (s), 1 warning (s)

FATAL: Error (Code = 184) running the 'MoveFileCommand' command for package: 'AdobePhotoshop17-Core_x64', version:

FATAL: An error has occurred in the installation of the package (name: AdobePhotoshop17-Core_x64 Version: Error code: "184".

WARN: Cannot move the card to the address 'C:\adobeTemp\ETRD35C.tmp\1\Application\Required\DynamicLinkMediaServer\32\libmmd.dll' to 'C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CC 2015.5\Required\DynamicLinkMediaServer\32\libmmd.dll' error 32 the process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process... Try setting the correct permissions for the specified file/folder or parent, so that the admin has the right to modify.


Hey gene,.

Thanks for getting back to me. I uninstalled and re-installed PS and everything seems to work very well. Put same Lightroom update. Not sure what the problem was.

Thank you


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    cc of Photoshop does not open JPEG - error message "file not found" just upgraded to the latest version of photohop cc

    I just replaced my 9.5 Raw camera with Camera Raw 9.4, from this page:

    Camera Raw installation of Adobe Photoshop CC and CS6 program

    It worked, now I'm back in business!

    PS. along the way, I installed Camera Raw 8.3 (manual drag-and - déposer), in response to advice on a pretty old thread, and that worked as well.

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    Hey sam1502,

    Let me know what happens if you copy files from the USB on your desktop, then open it in Reader.

    If the error persists, then try to disable the Protected Mode under ' Edit > Preferences > (protection) "and see if that helps.

    Let me know.

    Kind regards

    Ana Maria

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    I did it so many times and it still doesn't work but thanks for

    your help

  • Photoshop cc 2015. Photomerge does not open Pentax PEF files in Bridge or Photoshop.

    I use a Mac Pro with El Capitan. It wasn't a problem for me until the last update of photoshop. Pentax PEF files does not open Photoshop CC 2015, Photomerge. I tried to open Raw Pentax PEF files to my 645Z in bridge-tools-photomerge both file-automate-photomerge in photoshop. Neither the program recognizes the Raw PEF file. Instead, I get this message that Photomerge is in need of at least two selected files. The files the other cameras RAW always opens in photomerge.

    Curiously, the Pentax PEF Raw files open in Adobe Raw Converter and open molten at panorama in Adobe's Raw Converter.

    I uninstalled creative cloud including my preferences and reinstalled creative cloud with photoshop and bridge. I have reset the bridge preferences.  I checked under the bridge, Healt folder as photoshop cc is selected for the Raw of Pentax PEF file. None of these actions corrected the problem.

    A solution would be much appreciated.


    Well I finally understood why photomerge did not work on my PEF files. Through a process of elimination, I narrowed the issue down, not a problem in photoshop or bridge, but the way I scored a record believe it or not. When I created and marked a record of a recent meeting of nipples raw files, I added a slash between the digits of the date as this 09/11/15. Once I removed the slashes that everything was back to normal photomerge was able to recognize raw PEF files in this folder.

    For some reason, the slash prevented photomerge to recognize raw files in this folder. Yet these same files could still be addressed to panorama of in camera raw. Go figure.

    I searched for the answer to this problem without success it's just by chance and a lot of reading that made me try to rename the folder up and down. I hope that this solution will help other people who may come across this problem in the future.


  • Mac App Store Photoshop elements 12-editor does not open

    I bought Photoshop elements 12 Publisher from the Mac App Store. The application has been downloaded and marked as installed.

    When I try to open the application, I get an error message and PSE does not open.

    I installed on a MacBook Pro running the latest OS X 10.9.2.

    The laptop has a 64 bit CPU Core 2 Duo with 4 GB of RAM and a lot of free space on the disk.

    The error message I get is:

    "Adobe Photoshop elements than 12 editor does not open due to a problem.

    "Check with the developer to ensure that Adobe Photoshop elements 12 editor works with this version of Mac OS X." You may need to reinstall the application. «Don't forget to install the updates that are available for the application and OS X.»

    I tried to re - install the app via the App Store. However, after having to pay a second time for an application that does not work on my Mac, I did not so.

    Does anyone have any ideas as to what can happen and how to solve this problem?


    Well, it turns out, it seems that I was right.  I just received confirmation in the family Custom Photoshop community thread that I started that in fact Photoshop Elements does not work on a case-sensitive volume.  If you have a case-sensitive volume, it is also your problem.  So, I'm leaving for the Mac App Store to see about a refund.  Wish me good luck.


  • Photoshop smart object layer does not open in ACR when I double click

    I have a file open in photoshop raw, it reproduces, is smart, when objects I click on the smart object on the file icon, I get another copy of the file in photoshop, the file does not open up in acr, is there a setting I'm missing?

    Post edited by: Rodwf

    This is because the smart object is a raster layer image not a raw file.  If you want a smart object RAW you must do the ACR. Instead of clicking the image open in Photoshop button. Hold down the SHIFT key the key will change to open the object in Photoshop.

  • Media Player does not open - blame MSVCR80.dll Event Viewer

    Oddly enough, when my non administrator user is connected, Media Player works fine, but as an administrator, it does not open when you try to read on .wmv files.  It will open and play my videos sample if.

    Event Viewer said:

    Version 11.0.6002.18111 application Wmplayer.exe failing timestamp 0x4aa91411, failing
    module MSVCR80.dll, version 8.0.50727.4053, time stamp 0x4a594c79, exception code
    0xc000000d. 0x00014bal offset default. start time of process id 0 x 1894 application

    Event ID 1000, task category was (100), keywords: Classic

    I thought that maybe reinstall this file, but could not find a download for this particular version.  I already did a sfc/scannow.  It finds corrupted files that could not be repaired.

    Suggestions please?


    MSVCR80.dll not found error resolution

    I hope this helps.
    Rob - bicycle - Mark Twain said it is good.

  • ? Photoshop elements 8 Organizer does not open on Windows Vista?

    I installed Photoshop Elements 8 on a Windows Vista computer and saved. The organizer has opened with thumbnails broken throughout and I couldn't update the thumbnails. So, I closed the organizer and opened it again, hoping it would clear up. Instead, the organizer would not open at all, and I was not able to open the organizer since.

    Despite several requests for Support, Technical Support could not help. They said to uninstall components and reinstall, but when I uninstalled it, the screen of the software disk says I must first disable my serial no throwing items 8 and will help > deactivate.

    However, when I launched 8 elements, a screen will appear with a choice of either a free trial or to enter my serial number. I have entered my serial number and got a red 'X', and it would not accept the serial number. Technical support says that there is nothing wrong with my serial No.

    Technical support then said to download the Evaluation Version. I did it, but could not open the trial either!


    "The files currently in use. Some issues that needed to be updated are currently in use. »

    "The following applications use files that ORT should be updated by this Setup.

    Close these applications and click Retry to continue.

    Organizer - Photoshop Elements.

    So he thinks my organizer is open and using files, and it is not open. I can not open!

    I clicked on try AGAIN and got the same message.

    I clicked IGNORE and it was installing files, arrived almost at the end, said 'product registration', then said "roll back the action" and started to go backwards.

    I had uninstalled my Elements 7 software because I intend to use now 8 elements. I decided to reinstall 7 elements to use while I was dinking autour with version 8 and now it gave me the same message:

    the serial number is an error, or is already in use by someone else!

    Now I can't use either 7 or 8.

    Help! Does anyone know how to disable a serial No., when the software has already been uninstalled? Can it be done?


    The error message that you've shared below will come where say for some reason any Organizer.exe is still running in the Task Manager and you try to install the PES.

    If installation is back up to the end, then delete the cache.db which is located at the following location and try to install again. This step has fixed the problem for many users.

    C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Adobe PCD\cache\cache.db

    Also, before trying to install PES 8 new, delete the files in the folder folder and then try again to install. Since then, the serial number is already checked as correct, that you shouldn't be running on these issues. If you are still not able to move forward after following instructions above, then please reply back and we can connect through internet session and I can try to look into your machine and see what all I can help you.

    Kind regards


  • Photoshop Elements 7 editor does not open

    I have Photoshop Elements 7. The Organizer, create and share tabs work fine but when I try to open any 3 editor modes I get the error message: cannot continue due to a hardware error or system. Sorry, but this error is unrecoverable.

    I tried to restart my computer because I heard that someone was able to solve a similar problem in this way, but it did not work. Any suggestions?


    Try this

    1. close the elements.

    2. launch Photoshop elements welcome screen and hold the key ctrl + alt + shift when you click on the editor.

    3. continue to press the keys until you see a message box asking if you want to delete the settings for Photoshop Elements; Click Yes. Items will be open with the default preferences.

  • Windows Mail does not open Inbox, all other files are missing.

    When I open Windows mail, all records except local and Inbox are missing.

    The rest of the screen is empty except for a message:

    County of folder may not be displayed

    Windows Mail could not open this folder.

    Possible Casuses are:

    low disk space

    not enough memory

    After turning off my computer, defraggin computer to free up space to oup, I still got the same message.

    I went on my ipad and access the windows messaging it. I had three new messages that I could access. I raise 9 unsent messages in your Outbox (they never appear on my desktop version). I cleaned up the.

    restarted my computer desk - still no change.

    I use Windows Vista

    I tried to download the package of Windows 941090 update but it said I had a bad version. I double checked, I had the correct 32-bit version.

    So what can I try now?

    Thank you very much

    I did export and then used the other program you suggested to compact the database, and finally I could work on my mail.  I could even delete nearly 1000 emails in the deleted files folder. Before it would just give me an error message.

  • Does not open my Illustrator CC files

    I can get Illustrator to open, but I can't get any of my files to open. 'Open' in the 'file' menu is dimmed (as are all options in the "File" menu). I also tried clicking the files directly from a Finder window, and the files do not open. Illustrator and my files worked perfectly yesterday, and I've been using Illustrator CC on this computer since last fall. Any thoughts? I would appreciate your help.

    -Guy registration

    Delete preference files.

  • Swap face Photoshop 2015.1.2 does not work

    Anyone could do a face in photoshop with the newer version?  The autoblend function doesn't seem to work as the show of youtube videos.

    Hi kenb,.

    Please follow the discussion, which is prior to the last update of Photoshop.

    Mixture of Photoshop CC 2015 Auto

    See also the video link to the correct workflow below.

    How to Exchange faces in Photoshop! -YouTube

    Let us know if that helps.

    Kind regards


  • I have problem in photoshop cc 2014, it does not open and when I try to open it, it gives me this massage: photoshop quit unexpectedly, I have tried several times to open it, even I uninstall and downloaded again, but the problem is the same

    Screen Shot 2014-11-09 at 12.01.33 PM.png

    And who says very clearly the SelectiveTool Nik/Google plugin crashes you.

    Will disable plugins Nik/Google and contact Nik/Google for updates.

  • Photoshop elements 11 Organizer does not open because I have upgraded to Windows 10

    Since the upgrade to Windows 10, the organizer with Photoshop elements 11 will not be open.  I get a message that Direct Play must be installed, but it will not let me install.  I tried to run troubleshoot compatibility problems in the Control Panel, but I just got a message that a paid upgrade is available to make it compatible with the provider.  However, I can not even find what this update to buy it.

    You see an error if you choose to install DirectPlay. According to the Microsoft Directplay on Windows 10 - Microsoft community forum, it is deprecated in Windows 10. But this forum thread mentions a workaround to install it anyway. Please see if it's useful.

    Thank you


  • I ordered monthly photoshop of £17, however does not open file RAW of Nikon D810

    I ordered monthly Photoshop of £17, however don't open file RAW of Nikon D810

    Open Photoshop and select in Help menu: subject of Presets > Camera Raw. You should have 9.1, but it sounds like you have 8.0, who was loading on some systems. You must manually install 9.1 or reinstall PS

    Plugin Raw camera setup

Maybe you are looking for

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