Picture of the personal contact

Hey, since the last update I've been unable to use any image as my personal picture of contact. There's the little gray man in a blue circle. I'm unable to click on the image of the contact and have already changed my image under myself in the address book (contacts). I use the default mail app that came with the phone.

I hope that you are able to help!


Hello and welcome to the community!

We are aware of this problem and it will be fixed in a next update to the phone.

This problem occurs if you have more than one address on the me contact.

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  • Address books. I use an o/s of title Mac, but when I save a contact it goes rather in the personal address book. Use of the o/s address books checked in the menu. Thank you

    I want to use only a single address book. When I star a contact, address goes to the personal address book, despite the address book of OS being specified in the menu. How can I transfer a name of the personal address book in OS Inbox. Can I remove the personal address book? Or transfer the contacts, and then eliminate the OS address book? Thank you very much. New user.

    Personal and collected address books are the books by default and cannot be deleted.
    You can select all the contacts in the book of MAC and move them to the personal address book.
    Select a contact in the MAC book. Press Ctrl + a to select. Drag them into the personal book and drop them there.
    You can click on the star a second time after adding a contact to open the Edit dialog box and select another address book from the drop-down list.

  • several books (business and personal) contact and contacts of the TAB/KEYWORDING?

    I'm about to define and organize a list of contacts-sized companies.

    I want to TAB contacts so that they appear in different types of categories (say by provider type), but I would also (perhaps) personal contacts in a single address book business contacts and in a different address book.

    is there such a feature and if so can someone point me in the right direction? Perhaps there is an existing TAB/word KEY feature in the contacts, and I just haven't used?

    Thank you

    You can configure groups of Contacts. Go to the view menu and select Show groups (or command + 1).

    Go to the file menu and select new group and a new group of "Untitled" will show under list groups, you can then type a name of your choice.

    Then in your list of contacts, select the contacts you want and make slide them on the name of the group.

    Another method is to create smart groups (file > new Smart group) which allow you to define various settings in which contacts which correspond to them become a part of this intelligent group. See the article by MacNN, pointers: groups and groups smart in OS X Contacts.


  • 'My card' when contact is not me, and it won't let me change it or delete the info. for the person mentioned (which is having the same first name as I do). Any ideas?

    'My card' when contact is not me, and it won't let me change it or delete the info. for the person mentioned (which is having the same first name as I do). Any ideas?

    iPhone OS 9.2 6.

    I already tried to delete information about the person identified as "my card". Because the phone think it is 'my card' delete the contact and/or modify the information. does not work.

    Create a new contact with your correct information, who like 'My card' to:

    Settings > Mail, Contacts, calendars > Contacts > my info

  • When I send emails with pictures in them, the person that I told him don't receive.

    Hi the Photos that I receive in email, after I discovered some of them & before on they are not received by the person I have e mailed to, & when I go back to look at the original e-mail, the photos have GONE, I find myself with a contour, no picture but a red x in the upper left.
    Can anyone help?
    Regards Ian.

    original title: problems of picture for e-mail

    If the photos are linked to an external source rather than embedded in the message, and then if you have it put under Tools | Options | Security to block the images related and content external, then the images will not appear unless enable you them.  Make also sure to include pictures with messages is enabled under Tools | Options | Send | Parameters.

    However, some messages are incorrect due to some e-mail programs is not not in line with the standards of the Internet, and so they do not include the images before their delivery.  You can overcome that by using Message | Send as an attachment, rather than the message.


  • Windows mail the filler of unique active automatic name for a day or two after the last contact with the person.

    Windows mail. Filling of unique active automatic name for a day or two after the last contact with the person. After that, I have to manual search in contacts. Is this normal?

    Thanks in advance

    Hi Abbeypiece Ltd,

    The feature of AutoComplete in Windows Mail doesn't seem to use the Contacts folder. Instead, he uses the history of most recently used contacts.

    For more information, you can consult the following article:

    Change Windows Mail send settings

    Hope this information is useful.

  • End of picture for the Contact to blackBerry Smartphones

    I will have no problem bringing more of my details, but the photos associated with contacts in Outlook will be transferred to the Blackberry.  Is this possible?

    I have no problem with that. Contact transfer pictures very well, both Outlook in storm and vice versa.

    You can check your synchronization settings... Here are a few instructions (I use Outlook 2007 btw)

    1. connect the storm to your pc

    2. open the Desktop Manager

    3. click on icon "synchronize".

    4. in the left menu, under "Configuration", click "sync".

    5. on the new right screen, click the 'sync '.

    6. once the software Intellisync window opens (it takes a few moments)...

    7. turn highlighted "Address book Microsoft Outlook <->" by clicking once on it, then click on the button "Advanced...". "below

    8. click on the "Field mapping" button at the bottom of the new window that opens

    9. scroll down until you find something like 'Photo <->Photo of Contact' and make sure that they are linked with the double arrow and they are mapped correctly, which means that 'Picture' on the side of the camera has 'Photo contact' on the side of Outlook.

    You can run also through the installation wizard again, ensure that you have set to "Two-way synchronization", and the other settings are correct. You can reach the Setup program in the same window in step 7 above.

    Hope that helps

  • When you open the bridge I get empty frames, I have to click on each one to open and see the picture, is a person tried before and what can be done to fix the problem?

    When you open the bridge I get empty frames, I have to click on each one to open and see the picture, is a person tried before and what can be done to fix the problem?

    Reset preferences, reset the default workspace, and purge the cache.

    Damaged preferences or workspaces can cause unexpected behavior in Adobe Bridge. Purge the cache can solve problems of the thumbnail display.

    • Start Adobe Bridge, and immediately press Ctrl + Alt + Shift (Windows) or command + Option + shift (Mac OS down) until the dialogue box reset settings appears.

    • Select all three options - reset preferences, reset Standard Workspaces and all miniature Purge Cache - and then click OK.

  • Emails generated by the Contact form widgets say they come to me rather than the person who generated the email?

    Can I change the emails generated by the Contact forms to say they come from me, to the address of the person who actually generated the request on the contact form? Or is it always automatically a link to my creative cloud account because that's how I'm hosting of Web sites?

    Because they come from you (at least from your account)... This is the account which uses the Web site to send the form to your email, which means that a user visits your Web site can send you this email "SAME" when they have not an e-mail account themselves.

    No, you cannot legialy change the address to theirs... that's a big no, no, in most of the country, but you can and should have a field of 'contacts' on your form that allows people to give you an email or phone number so that you can follow to the top.

    p.s., many people make the mistake of trying to force the contacts to mail in their forms and this offen feedback rounds people in addition to their use if they MUST tell you the color of their underware just to contact you about an offer of sale or the simple question then don't expect to get a large part of your forms.

  • "There is an error on this page. Acrobat may not display the page correctly. Please contact the person

    Hello, I use Adobe Acrobat X Version 10.1.4 and to the creation of PDFs of various sizes, I get the error message: "an error exists on this page. Acrobat may not display the page correctly. Please contact the person hwo created the PDF document to fix the problem. »

    I am the author of the pdf document but don't know what to do, I tried to save it with different options, but useless error message keeps popping up even though the document is displayed correctly.

    Thank you for your help.

    Thank you for sending the files. I have checked the issue and registered internal bugs for the same thing.

    Meanwhile, I found a work around for this problem. You can create a combined as follows:

    -Open one of the files.

    -Open thumbnail pane of the file via the tool on the left pane.

    -Go to options and insert the second files (or more) in the file opened by using the menu "insert page".

    -Save the file.

    Also, see the screenshot.

    This file does not show the error on the page.

  • Recovery of phone contact names using the number of the person

    Hello everyone!

    I'm working on a SMS application.

    My problem is...

    I want to replace the number (in my Application, Outbox Inbox) name if this contact is in the list of contacts from my blackberry...

    As if I get a text from 909037372 and if I have a contact named "Mike" stored in the native contacts from my phone list with that number. So, what I'm trying to implement is that Messages right. in the Inbox of/Iutbox my request should be replaced by "Mike" instead of display "909037372" as is the case in real Inbox and the outboxes...

    Help, please! I need...

    Thanks in advance...

    You can use the searchByNumber to contactlists. or use a workaround, create a phonecalllog with the number and see if it has a name (the name is provided by the infrastructure of system)

  • Asked to make calls and send pictures at the same time. Possible?


    its my first post here. I have very little experience working with BlackBerry. I've been playing with 9800 Simulator and some samples provided with IDE 6.0, I serched for slution to my problem with no luck.

    My question is: is at - there a Posibility to make an app, that would have a built-in single-list contacts with multiple phone numbers, will allow to call (with a built-in list contact phone numbers by pressing a button) and take pictures and email them during this call?

    App like this is a request for a doctor - it needs to be as user-friendly as possible, the person who has never used a Blackberry phone should be able to make calls and send photos. The idea is that a doctor during a call with another doctor would be able to take a picture and send it to the person he calls (or other) in order to consult.

    If my explanations are confusing, I will try to write differently.

    Thanks in advance.

    I am not the best person to answer, but if I understand correctly, simultaneous data and voice is possible, but depends on carrier and the type of wireless connection you - I think you need 3 g to do. With this reservation, it seems possible to what you are suggesting.

  • If I have a gift item I will advise if the person already owns?

    If I have a gift item, I will advise if the person already has it (movie, music, TV series, iBook)? Or at least be repaid if the person is already owner?

    You will be notified only if the person says, this is not automatic. And you would contact iTunes Support to see if they would refund you (or you could return the gift to someone els)

  • I have an iphone 6 it is damaged by water but I set myself and the person put it on charge and tested it with a multimeter and it worked perfectly but when I went to look for a screen tested on it, it didn't work

    I have an iphone 6 it is damaged by water but I set myself and the person put it on charge and tested it with a multimeter and it worked perfectly but when I went to get a screen tested on it because she does not have the person had not on is it did not work, even if the person has used only flow to correct and get a few corosions out with the replacement of some components of the person responsible for 10 minutes after having plugged in and the battery it wamer so it as I said her test with a multi meter test and he registered 12v and I wondered if something was wrong with it and if I could fix it easily?

    Check the liquid Indcator of Contact.

    Instructions here > liquid for iPhone or iPod is not covered by the warranty - Apple support

    Just so you know, the service of the liquid damage to an iPhone or iPod is not covered by the limited warranty of one Apple or an AppleCare Protection Plan (APP).

  • Can I save to file or print the global contacts in Thunderbird. Not only the contacts but all contacts that indicate when you start to fill out an address to send to.

    There must be a file somewhere in Thunderbird for all of your communications by e-mail that stores the e-mail addresses of everyone. When you start typing an address you will display a list of people with whom you communicated with in the past. Many of these people are not in your contact/address file. I want to somehow extract this file to Thunderbird.

    You have two default address books. The personal book where you add contacts and the collected book which keeps information for messages that you send.
    So you're looking for the collected address book.
    When you open the address book window, you should have your books listed as folders on the left margin in the directory pane. If the pane is not displayed, select View-Layout and click on.

Maybe you are looking for

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