Problem with the help of Dynadock with Internet Explorer

I don't know if cela the right forum, but I have a problem I'm trying to understand. Here are the basics:

Toshiba Satellite L750 laptop with Windows 7 64 bit OS
Dynadock U with software version (for the monitor, printer, keyboard and mouse, Ethernet)
Internet Explorer version 9.0.6

Here's my problem:

The installer works well for a few months. Last week, I bought a digital camcorder from Panasonic, and when I tried to watch the video on my laptop it is very jerky etc. I looked at the Panasonic troubleshooting guide and he was told to change my background theme of 'Aero' to one 'basic and high contrast themes' that I made and the video was perfect.

When I got back to my office and hung the Dynadock everything worked fine except IE which essentially froze and I couldn't close, so I had to restart. Google Chrome worked fine however. When I'm past my background back to IE "Aero" started to work again.

I don't want to switch to Google Chrome, that many of the tools that I use for my work only work with IE.
I don't want to change the settings back when I use my video camera.
Any ideas on why this is happening and if something can be done?

Thanks for your help!




I think I found something interesting for you:
+ Disabled on any platform Aero themes Windows 7 causes a delay when you use Windows Photo to display on an external monitor connected to a Toshiba dynadock +.

It looks like the update to at least displaylink driver V5.6.x would help solve this problem.

Feedback would be appreciated.

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    Hi, as mentioned in a previous thread I created several SCORMS using Captivate 4 and use Moodle to manage learning. The SCORMS contains a presentation and a short multiple-choice quiz. We are having problems with SCORMS not opening on first page, but rather around the quiz section.

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    Any help is appreciated!
    Thank you
    Publication of SCORMS in the hat 4 with preferences for AS2, SCORM Version 1.2 and Flash Player 7. Tested with IE8


    It is not a cache issue - is in fact of Captivate in "resume function" that does this.

    You must disable this "feature" in Captivate yourself. Access reports settings in Captivate and click LMS customization settings in the lower right. Check the box "never send RESUME data", and then republish your SCORM package.

    / Michael

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  • I can copy a URL, but may not be able to paste into the body of an e-mail message. Also the hypelink doen't it. I don't have this problem with Internet Explorer...

    When I copy a URL and go to paste it into an email, it will not stick. Another box opens. I can paste the URL in the subject line, but doesn't hyperlink it. (blue) When you use Internet Explorer, I don't have this problem. I'm new to FF with a new computer.

    Paste a link in the subject line does not a link so that the part is normal. But being not not able to paste into the body of the e-mail is not. I can't think of a reason that would happen. What email program are you using?

  • Problem with Internet Explorer

    Whenever I try to go to the Msn games, I get a warning that says Internet Explore has stopped working. A problem caused the blocking of the program works correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.


    What antivirus/antispyware/security products do you have on the machine? Be one you have NEVER on it
    machines, including those that you have uninstalled (they leave leftovers behind which can cause strange problems).

    If no joy there's something blocking perhaps.

    Start - all programs - Accessores - system tools - IE with no Addons - does this work better?

    IE - Tools - Internet Options - Advanced - tab click on restore, and then click Reset - apply / OK

    IE - Tools - Internet Options - Security tab - click on reset all default areas - apply / OK

    Close and restart IE or IE with no addons

    not better?

    IE - tools - manage Addons (for sure disable SSV2 if it is there, it is no longer necessary but Java always install
    "(and it causes problems - you never update Java to go back in and turn it off again)." Search for other possible problems.

    Windows Defender - tools - software explore - look for problems with programs that do not look right. Permit
    are usually OK and "unauthorized" are not always bad. If in doubt about a program to ask about it here.

    Could be that a BHO - BHOremover - free - standalone program, needs no installation, download and run - not all
    are bad, but some can cause your question (toolbars are BHO).

    Startup programs

    Also get Malwarebytes - free - use as scanner only.


    Try these to erase corruption.

    Run DiskCleanup - start - all programs - Accessories - System Tools - Disk Cleanup

    Start - type in the search box - find command top - RIGHT CLICK – RUN AS ADMIN


    How to analyze the log file entries that the Microsoft Windows Resource Checker (SFC.exe) program
    generates in Windows Vista cbs.log

    Then, run checkdisk - schedule it to run at next boot, then apply OK your way out, then restart.

    How to run the check disk at startup in Vista


    Departure - in the search box, type-> order

    at the top of the list to find COMMAND - CLICK RIGHT to it - RUN AS ADMIN

    Type the following commands (or copy and paste one at a time), each followed by pressing on enter.



    nbtstat - RR

    netsh int Reinitialis

    netsh int ip reset

    netsh winsock reset


    That resets your TCP/IP stack

    Hope that helps.

    Rob - bicycle - Mark Twain said it is good.

  • Problems with Internet Explorer 7...

    Remember - this is a public forum so never post private information such as numbers of mail or telephone!


    • You have problems with programs
    • Error messages
    • Recent changes to your computer
    • What you have already tried to solve the problem

    OK, there are a lot of problems I have with my computer, most involving internet explore version 7 on Windows Vista home basic. He start as a graphic and videos not playing does not and could not download anything it, kept getting error messages. So I thought it might be a virus. So I reformatted my computer back to factory settings. I installed McAfee Antivirus Plus 2010, he ran, he came with nothing. Go back on internet explorer, it became worse. Now, when I hear myself first of all, it appears "internet explore cannot display webpage"-incidentally there nothing wrong with my internet connection at all - I have to update it about 5 - 10 times to show him half a page readable with photos showing only no graphics cut St) he's can't download anything it either cannot play videos etc. I tried to disable add-ons not better. I tried the reset thing cookies delete etc. Nothings working. Help!

    Hello mandysugar17ox,

    When you did this cover of the plant of your system, did you visit your computer manufacturer's Web site to download all the drivers/software updated for your computer model? If this isn't the case, please do, to see if this problem is pilot associate. About McAfee is bloated and highly likely to cause problems that you encounter. We know that this is what you find. Make it a great day!

    "And in the end the love you take, is equal to The Love You Make" (The Beatles last song from their latest album, Abbey Road.)

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    Open the file Spry.css and downwards, you will see conditional code or "hacks" IE.  Change the default background of #FFF at all what...

    Nancy O.

  • sendToActionScript problem with Internet Explorer

    I try to send a function to my SWF file in an HTML file, and all browsers works fine

    with the exception of Internet Explorer.

    The test file is supposed to animate the graph when you hover over the click Word, and

    stop on the passage of the mouse out of it.

    Here's the example URL:

    Can someone please help me get this to work on Internet Explorer? Here is my HTML code:

    start *.

    < script type = "text/javascript" >
    function sendToActionScript (str) {}
    document ["accelachart"] .sendToActionScript (STR);
    < /script >

    < a href = "#" onmouseover = "sendToActionScript ('fast')" onmouseout = "sendToActionScript ('slow')" > click < /a > "

    < object width = "320" height = "190" id = "accelachart" >
    < param name = "movie" value = "accelachart.swf" >
    < param name = "allowScriptAccess" value = "always" / >
    < embed src = "accelachart.swf" width = "320" height = "190" name = "accelachart" allowScriptAccess = "always" > "
    < / embed >

    < / object >

    end *.

    Here is my AS3 code:

    start *.

    var speed: number = 0;

    var: timer = new Timer (200);
    timer.addEventListener (TimerEvent.TIMER, onTimer);
    Timer.Start ();

    function onTimer(e:TimerEvent):void {}
    If {(ExternalInterface.available)
    ExternalInterface.addCallback("IsStatic",IsStatic) ("sendToActionScript", fromJS);
    Timer.Stop ();
    timer.removeEventListener (TimerEvent.TIMER, onTimer);
    Timer = null;

    function fromJS(str:String):void {}
    If (str == "fast")
    acceleration =. 5;
    on the other
    acceleration = - 4;

    end *.

    As I said before, it works on all browsers I tested (Chrome, FireFox, Safari) with the exception of IE (7 or 8).

    Thanks a lot to anyone who can help you with this. It affected me for quite awhile.

    I don't know who is line 10, but perhaps the problem is this line:

    IE may be choking on the # or on calling a function from a mouse over event.

    You might want to add an alert call to the JS to see if either function is being called. You might also turn on script debugging in IE. You can do that from Tools...Internet Options... Advanced...Disable Script Debugging, this may give you better information to work with.

    href=" #"="" onmouseover="">
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    I had problems with some clogging Internet exploring down in the middle of a session online so yesterday I installed IE 8 and everything seems to be resolved. Today when I booted up, Outlook Express is no longer on my desktop and I can't list programs. I also have Outlook on my computer and it seems to work very well. A virus check on the site from Microsoft and my virus program shows no virus.  Is Therre a way to recover messages that I had stored in Outlook Express

    original title: Outlook Express disappeared

    Go to start | Directed and paste this:

    "c:\program files\outlook express\msimn.exe".

    Including the quotes.  If OE starts, then go to tools | Options and make it default.  Alternatively, you can set that as default mail client in Internet Explorer under Tools | Internet Options | Programs.  Outlook has probably hidden or deleted the shortcut and I think that the exe may be hidden.

    Your messages should be there anyway.  They are hidden, then go to control panel | Folder options | View and uncheck Hide extensions of known file types and check the show the hidden files and folders option.  Do an advanced search, then include hidden files in the advanced settings and find you the dbx files that takes messages.

    See and point 13, because Outlook is involved.  See also for the background.


  • Notepad of windows 7 HP Pavilion 64 - problem with internet explore 10

    I downloaded IE 10 a couple of months and its been fine. I turned on my computer yesterday and it does not at all. I have tried everything I can think on my computer, I downloaded reg pro but I can't save it because of the number of permits, I tried all the numbers on my computer. Please someone help me, because I'm a complete novice and I don't have any idea. lol xx

    mandy69 wrote:
    Hi, I've tried resetting IE, but I'm sorry, no luck... What should I try next? I really appreciate your help with this. x

    What happened when you tried to reset IE?  Why don't you try Firefox! Here is the latest version of Internet Explorer

    Here is a tool of W7 that is over looked by computer geeks.

    Search bar, type MRT. Click on it and then use the tool to scan your computer for malware.

    There are a lot of things I would do if I had your PC in front of me.

    For me the most important thing is to have a computer free of viruses.

    You can also run this software. Download the free version and scan your PC

  • SSL VPN problems with Internet Explorer

    Well, first of all, you need 64-bit to run Internet Explorer web based VPN devices in the SA500 series (we use SA540). After that we thought that out, we cannot always past SSL VPN Client install on client computers. It keeps reloading the Web page or simply nothing at all. Any ideas?

    In addition, that the CA guys do you use SSL VPN? GoDaddy certificates are not compatible, as I just discovered the hard way.

    Hi Qasim,

    The question seems to be more localized with windows blocks everything. I actually spent much time working on this yesterday to finally make it work with a 64 bit vista and a window 7 64 bit machines.

    The few details that I did have some success;

    Tools-> Internet Options-> security-> trust Sites

    • Move down
    • Disable protected mode
    • Click sites, and then add the SSL VPN page to become a member of trust
    • When adding the trusted site, uncheck 'require a server secure for all sites in this zone.

    Tools-> Internet Options-> Advanced-> Security section

    • Select "Allow downloads to run or install even if the signature is not valid"

    In addition, you must download Microsoft Visual C++ Distribution 2010 and ensure that you are running the latest version of Java.

    These are the things I had to do to allow Windows to allow me to connect. I hope it has some help for you.


  • Problems with Internet Explorer 9

    I have a Pavilion dv6 Windows 7 Home Premium (configured in the factory) running after several updates to auto to Internet Explorer to the latest version 9, that I can't get several web sites to display properly. When you go to many States to explore recognized web sites it will display the site in compatibility mode, and then I get a blank page. This has happened on sites like, to name a few. Here are the sites that display and worked correctly in the past, but now appears.

    Can we make suggestions on how to fix this?

    dv7t-1000CTO Vista Home Premium (32 bit)
    DV6-1350us Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit)


    OK, try the following.

    First of all, go back to IE8 as follows.

    Open the Control Panel window, open Windows Update, click view update history, click on "to remove an update, see installed updates.  Leave the list to fill in.  Scroll down to the heading Microsoft Windows, in virtue of what you will find the entrance of the "Windows Internet Explorer 9" - click with the right button on this entry and choose uninstall. "."  When this process has completed, restart the computer to complete the reversion to IE8.

    Leave windows completely recharge, and then in the Menu start, open all programs, open accessories, right-click on command prompt and select "run as Administrator".  In at the prompt, type the following command and press ENTER.

    sfc/scannow                (Note that there is a space between sfc and /)

    Let the entire process, then the output type and press ENTER.

    Restart the laptop again.

    When windows has loaded again, download and install IE9 from the following link.

    When the installation is complete, restart the computer once more before checking it in.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • Update problems with internet explorer 9 I

    Help I have Windows Vista and have tried several times to install the update to Internet Explorer 9 Windows Vista.  I get the message "successful installation" but then when I look at the update history it said impossible.  What should I do?

    Solve the problems when you can't install IE9

    Prerequisites for installing IE9


    Microsoft offers telephone support free of charge home users (only!) for IE9 install and uninstall issues. Alternatively, you can get telephone assistance if your problem causes your computer fails or if IE9 won't let you browse all the sites. In the United States and CA, call (800) 642-7676.

    Non-US/CA residents may see this page:

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    You will find support for Internet Explorer in this forum:

  • problems with internet explorer 8?

    every time I have installed IE 8, it seems that my internet no longer works I have no idea why, so I continue to ignore the update for it.

    Hi Redfeather01,

    ؠ are you trying to install it as an update or by downloading manually?

    Try the following steps.

    Step 1

    Open programs and features and see if you find an internet Explorer 8 listed there. If you find the internet Explorer 8 mentioned then you will need to uninstall and then try to install it. You can right click on the application to uninstall.

    Start > Control Panel > programs and features >

    Step 2

    If you try to install internet explore as an update, try to reset the windows update components and give it a try. Open the link below and click it on the fix button.

    Previous post: the result.

    Bindu S - Microsoft Support

    [If this post can help solve your problem, please click the 'Mark as answer' or 'Useful' at the top of this message.] [Marking a post as answer, or relatively useful, you help others find the answer more quickly.]

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    After the upgrade to win 10 colors (especially red) with mys monitor (screen) are not more than good. Please, is there a suitable driver to download and install?  I'll be grateful for your help lock! Emmanuelle of Douala in Cameroon.

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