Q10 of blackBerry OS 10.3 beta

Can I put my Q10 with OS 10.3 beta and after that downgrade is possible?


We don't normally discuss software leak here.

If you load the beta version of developer... you know. Just know some features of the beta version of the OS are limited or does not not by design and Yes you can still downgrade back later.

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  • Q10 BBM blackBerry channels

    I'm a fan of blackberry for a long time, recently I bought the Q10 and noticed in the bbm application I don't think bbm channels, so I tried to look for an update to the world of blackberry bbm. I couldn't find the bbm application by typing 'bbm' on the search bar, so I typed my world and found in my applications. Where I found the strangest message ever written in red "unavailable for this device. Please help, I still have faith in blackberry, but things like that really annoys me and who could make me change my mind and find a more stable device.

    Hello and welcome to the community!

    BBM itself has a strange oddity-BBWorld they show is not available at the Q10, which isn't accurate.

    Channels of BBM is an add-on to BBM, and it is a beta, not available via BBWorld product. You must jump on BetaZone to know about it.

    Good luck!

  • The Q10 Preset blackBerry calendar events

    Hello. Is it possible to permanently delete the predefined calendar events? My Q10 came with daily Stat holidays already in the calendar. I want to delete those that are not relevant for me. I don't like it when day Islander is for PEI or day of heritage for the Yukon et al. I remove and then they show again 30 seconds later. It's pretty boring.

    I doubt that the period of holidays and significant events were originally in the BlackBerry calendar. Many years and many BlackBerry devices I never saw in the calendar in stock. My bet is, either they were added when sync you would with something, or an application put them there.

  • Question of Q10 of blackBerry with the Facebook app on Blackberry Q10

    Need help... I'm not able to use Facebook app on my Q10, everytime I try to log in it said... ""Please re-login to review your session"«...» When I try to login it gives no option for the user id and password, it take me '' accounts' ' where is registered identifying them all emails. If I select the email related to my FB, he picked me back to the place where the same message... ""Please re-login to review your session"«...» Please help solve this problem

    Looks like you are using a beta version of Facebook which requires a unique key to access the app.  I suggest to remove the app and reload the latest standard version of the blackberry world.

  • BlackBerry Q10 Q10 of Blackberry and Blackberry World

    Good afternoon

    A little problem and I hope someone could help please.

    Currently, I have a BB Q10, a recent purchase to complete my BB9900, but seem to have problems with the BB world. When I enter the world of BB, then My World it appears under the heading my Apps and games 11 updates available. When I enter this show only 5 and on the choice of installation, they install correctly. This is identified that the update matches the installed version. Once installed, the number preceding 11 remains and increases every time there is an update as indicated updates 5!

    Is there anyway to clear updates five illustrated both the eleven pages available updates please?

    I tried settings, general, update Blackberry World all to nothing does not.

    Thank you.

    I should have named do nothing as one of the paths forward. And it's a perfectly valid decision. If you can tolerate the question and wait and see if it corrects itself, it's what I would do.

    Good luck.

  • Conflicts of Q10 Dropbox blackBerry

    Whenever I open a file in Dropbox, edit it, then save it, the new version is saved in a file in conflict. It makes no difference what software I use - it happens with the Documents To Go and the helium for example text editor.

    Dropbox is now essentially unusable on my Blackberry Q10 for this reason. I'm getting really sick of this phone, it has a lot of potential but all what I really need to do with it just fails on some critical points.

    How would start trying to solve this problem?

    Thank you

    Hi sjdennis

    Sorry I don't know that you are using Linux. Here, you need to try: uninstall Dropbox, remove your SD card. Restart your Q10 with battery pull when it is fed to hotfix glitch.

    Reinstall the Dropbox and do not insert your SD card. Save the files in the storage of your device. If the problem is resolved, we know that there is something wrong with your SD card. It is an attempt to find out what and where is the culprit.

  • Q10 Q10 SIM BlackBerry stops after 1 h and only allows 911. But everything else works.

    Heres my current SIM card question. My 3 yr old Q10 broken on me, he stuck in restart mode & guard just trying to restart then shuts off & trys again and again. So, I bought a replacement that has been varified locked on the sprint network. After updating, tranfering etc & insert my SIM active phone worked fine, after 5-10 min it rejects the SIM card & displays only 911 calls can be made. All work work within the phone at this moment here, receive calls, sms, internet, bbm surveys, but unable to make calls. I restart the phone & again it works very well, and then the same thing happens. New replacement SIM problem had delivered directly from sprint, still exist. Returned the phone & bought a replacement again, this time same problem accept last 1 hour then the same fact. Is it a matter of internal adjustment that ignores even the Sprint tech dept. Please someone help this Q10 lover back to blackberry'ing...

    Sprint does not use sim cards only. You must configure your device to work with your account on Sprint. I think you can do so via your online account by following the instructions below. If this does not work, contact them and they should be able to help.


  • Lack of Q10 phone blackBerry icon

    Help, please

    I have a BB10 and after a call, the call icon disappeared.

    How can I see it again?

    Thanks in advance


    Njitahd wrote:

    Thank you for your answer, I have a BB classic, you can remove th DESAJUSTAR, if you can, how?

    I don't know what model of phone you have. You posted this in the section model of Q10 and your profile indicates that you have a 9900, which both have a removable battery.

    So, on your Classic:
    Restart: With the BlackBerry powereddevice, press and hold the power button on top about 20-30 seconds, ignore the 3-2-1 timer and hold the button until the screen goes black and you see the red LED.
    Restart: With the phone smart BlackBerry turned on, using the keys of volume of the edge side, press on and hold the keys of volume for about 20 seconds and both of the Up, ignoring the initial message of screenshot... the screen go black, reboot.

  • BlackBerry Q10 why Blackberry fallen T-Mobile

    I specifically bought my T-Mobile Q10 because T-Mobile has the most profitable and the best network in my area.  Now, I get an e-mail from John Chen indicating that Blackberry still once himself shot in the foot.  It wasn't easy to stay with Blackberry decision.  The new OS stinks.  There are very few applications and a big piece of effective connectivity to Blackberry with all the featrues of Microsoft Outlook have been cut.  Now, they're going to dictate what operator I can use?  I'm in a contract for two years with T-Mobile which has JUST begun.  I got my Q10 for $99, but if I have to interrupt the service, I owe them $500 more.  So thank you Blackberry to stick to me one more time.  When conditions are more with T-Mobile, don't worry, this will be the last Blackberry I am owner according to their use for more than 15 years.

    JSlavitt wrote:

    Someone mentioned earlier that they are able to download ' Droid apps on their Blackberry OS10.  Can someone tell me how to do this?

    The best way... read this: you've switched to OS 10.2.1 and want to run Android

  • Loss of Q10 of blackBerry battery life after updating OS level and unrecoverable system error now

    I have updated the OS on my Q10 about 2 weeks after a prompt on the phone. Since then, the battery drains within 3 hours, even on airplane mode. I was not really able to use the phone at all if it is connected, the battery will be part of fear in an emergency. The battery gets hot while the phone is turned on, and the browser is very very slow.

    I tried switching batteries - no change.

    I searched several forum posts here and on crackberry and saw the recommendations of reset to factory and reloading. Link to BB says I must have a software update (on my desktop) to reset my phone, but 12 tries to download the update result just in an error message.

    When told to turn off the phone, she returned with error message: bberror.com/bb10-0015 - unrecoverable system error?

    BB.com says download software - try a message via this page instead of the link BB - same error on the office.

    My Q10 are already dead for good, or is there still something I can do?

    Afraid to replace it with a new BB, because each new model has a shorter and shorter life span, and I fear the next round will not last a month.

    with this error message:

    First of all, have you read the instructions on http://us.blackberry.com/support/error-codes/os10/error-bb10-0015.html?CPID=VAN-ERRBB10-0015

    If this is not successful, you will need to use a charger automatic file to connect and reload the operating system.

    Updated peripheral OS10 using the ADF

  • Q10 Q10 of BlackBerry blackBerry keyboard

    My keyboard Q10 has just stopped glowing.

    I had to respond to an email in the dark and the keyboard would not only shine. I restarted the phone 4 times and there was no respite.

    Here, I would like to point out that the battery power is less than 10%.

    Low battery power is originally?

    Thank you


    I did it last night:

    1. do you have a back up of my contacts.

    2. do you have a security wipe and erased all the data.

    3. restore the device using BlackBerry connection software.

    4. update the software by using the link to BlackBerry.

    5 sync contacts from Outlook Windows at my Q10.

    6. accounts of electronic mail added; except the one who had a problem of security.

    Touch wood; fingers crossed - my keyboard Q10 works satisfactorily.

    Let all know if the works above for you.

    See you soon.

  • Q10 of blackBerry data compression


    can you tell me if the compression of data on the Q10 and Z10 are similar to data compression on the former as the "BOLD" Blackberry smartphones for example?

    Thank you very much

    Thank you very much

  • Q10 unlock blackBerry network

    How to unlock my Q10. He is currently locked in a UK mobile service provider and I want to use a different provider.

    See my Guide link to unlock your & BlackBerry Unlock Codes

  • Restoration of Q10 of blackBerry problem

    I had a loose key on my q10, so I saved and received a replacement q10.

    Now I'm trying to restore the information to the other to my current Q10 Q10, but it gives me an error after a few minutes of charging.

    The error that says:

    'Restore without success '.

    There is not enough storage on Blackberry. Free storage space and try again. »

    What can I do?

    NVM, I just did a system and the link re-installed blackberry. Works fine now.

  • Q10 Q10 No blackBerry speaker volume indicator?

    Hi, I have recently updated form "BOLD" of the Q10.  One thing that was very shocking for me and cause me a lot of frustration, it's that there is no icon at the top of the screen where you can quickly check to see what is your ringtone setting to?  BlackBerry is often used for business and I'm constantly having to check several times a day by going to meetings etc that my ringtones and sounds are all "Silent" or "Cut".  My "BOLD" had the icon so I could quickly and easily look to check or for instant access to the volume.

    When you click on the button "Mute" on the Q10 nothing DON'T get PAST?  There is no way of knowing whether or not your phone is actually cut?  When you use the volume control of the decrease, you can put it at the bottom but still is not actually tell you if things are "cut" or if all the sounds are "off"!

    I never realized how much this feature meant to me until I got the Q10.  I need to find ot if there is a way to solve this problem?  Y at - it a soft?  I need to have a quick and easy to know my sounds are all off.  Help, please.

    None. No icon.

    If you see NO icon, you are normal.

    Pretty easy.

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