Qosmio G30-116: TV button - where is it?

Hello everyone.
I would like to ask questions about the (Tv) button in the qosmio G30-116. Do not I have it on my blue (AV) button on the keyboard.
I tried to play station 2 on the G30-116 but it doesn't work unless through media center which is really slow and bad.

My friend has a G20, he bought from the United States, and it has a button "Tv in" and when it connects (play station2) through D-video or video, simply press that button, then there a live inistent Tv that is faster than the media library.
As far as I know because in media center, the game will be very slow?

G30 suppouse to be better than the G20. Why there is no Tv-in button? Where we can press on and play or watch the sky or anything like that, speed of the media center boring?

Why should I use media center to play (play station) while G20 users WHOSE!
I contacted toshiba and they said your are going to ring me tomorrow or the day after, but if I found that this Tv-in support dosen't G30 series!

Could someone correct me if I'm wrong please, this question is open for all the qosmio but especially for those with the G30.

Thanks to you all


I think you're wrong.
I put t found information about the Qosmio G30-116, but on the Qosmio G30-134.
But I guess that these two units are similar.
Check your user manual that was preinstalled on your laptop.

However, the Qosmio supports the monitor button. This is the second on the right.
The Qosmio player should start. There, you can choose between TV mode, CD or DVD. I think you need the TV mode.
You should also check your right connection. I suppose that you use the right cable and the composite port (monitor of).

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  • Qosmio G30-116: how to connect to the Sky Digital box to watch TV?

    I recently bought the Qosmio G30-116, with the understanding that I can connect my digital Sky to the laptop (somehow) and watch and record the sky on the laptop

    * note: I do not use TNT or TV I'm on SKY DIGITAL *.
    SINA the converter cable provided to connect the video in on the laptop (video is like a headfone Jack and converter converts to this female RCA/RCA)

    I connected on the laptop and then connect a RCA 3 SCART toward it then in the area of the sky, when you set up the TV section in Windows Media Center, I followed the instructions until it gets to the point where it scans a signal, (before that I wonder what kind of signal that I receive, I select digital but have tried all combinations in) but it does not find a signal.

    Now I was told that Windows Media Center doesn't support analog input and the connection between the sky and the laptop is analog.
    Is this correct or not? then, while typing this I learned by someone else that my laptop is not capable of receiveing SKY DIGITAl as it cannot decode or something. Is that also correct? If not, can what am I doing wrong, and someone help me to get it going? And I go about it the right way or I'm quite the wrong way if the laptop is capable of it?

    Hi Liam

    AFAIK if you are using an external receiver (sat receiver or even sky digital box) the laptop can bring out just what external device send to the laptop. You can connect your external case to the laptop using composite to the port (transfer of video and audio signals). After that, you can start Qosmioplayer and analyze the available channels.

    You will find a program, but the different channels, you must select the box itself. If a channel must be registered, use Qosmioplayer save option.

    The same must be possible with WMCE. I'm not 100% sure but I also think that the connection between laptop and Skype is analog.

    Sorry, but that's all I know about Qosmio. I tested it with Qosmio G20.

  • Upgrade to Vista Edition Home Premium on Qosmio G30-116

    I thought I had covered until after I started the upgrade of power. To see that there are still several drivers who did not prpoerly including the video card.

    Also the test under icons was blurred. I tried several different approaches with clear Type etc. and increasin size but not luck.

    1. What is the best advice for the upgrade? is it still worth in waiting for toshiba to produce a package
    2. What are the recommendations for the establishment of siplays of Vista?


    First of all you need to know what are the right drivers for you unit.
    It seems that the Qosmio G30-116 is a part of the PQG30E series. So if you're going to download all of the drivers that you must choose that number in the download form pilot!

    I checked the Toshiba page and unfortunately, I didn't find that several drivers for Vista as RAID driver or stack of BT.

    However, it seems that you must update the BIOS before installing Vista.

    But now for you questions:

    > 1. What is the best advice for the upgrade? is it still worth in waiting for Toshiba to produce a package
    Well, I would recommend install clean Vista separately on a second partition.
    And Yes, if you want to use the whole functions to wait for Vista drivers

    > 2. What are the recommendations for configuring Vista displays?
    After the version of the graphics driver you should simply install it. The driver will choose the best settings.

  • InterVideo WinDVR 3 on Qosmio G30-116 via port-> no audio video


    I installed Intervideo WinDVR 3 on my Qosmio G30-116. I have connected a decoder for the Qosmio via the video Port for using the cable supplied Toshiba which provides a composite video cable audio two channels to affix the Qosmio. The video works fine but not the audio.

    Intervideo WinDVR 3 "Setup" see section when you select the "Device" tab on the video input is set to "Toshiba PCI DVB - T Tuner hybrid analogue" and hense video works. However, the only options under Audio input are the "SigmaTel Audio" and "Logitech microphone. I put it on "SigmaTel Audio" and under this setting, the only option for source is the 'CD drive '. These are therefore the setting but still no sound from my cable box.

    Any ideas?

    Any other proucts that someone knows of which allow you to use the video in Port of the Qosmio that work really (FYI I can't even make it work with Windows preinstalled Media Center.



    Have you tried to use the Qosmio Player or MCE instead of the WinDVR 3?

    How to connect two devices?

    Insert the plug of the output cable to connect to the box set-top to the audio input jacks (Red: audio right, white: left audio) and video input (yellow) of the software component video cable plug-in connector.
    The video port allows you to import video data from analog video cameras or video recorders. To hear the sounds to use the video cable to connect the audio terminals of the device and your computer (Red: its channel right, white: his left channel)

    In the user manual, you will find the detailed how connect the set - top box for the Qosmio and what cables are required.

  • Qosmio G30-116: Tv tuner chipset on Linux


    I have Linux loaded on a Qosmio 30-116

    A LSPCIlists a lists a Conexant 5b7a peripheral, would I be right in thinking that it is a tv tunner?

    The same device is classified in the www.pcidatabase.com video 0x5B7A, MPEG, decoder, Multi-Media 0x14F1 Conexant Systems, Inc..

    any comment anyone?


    Unfortunately, the Toshiba doesn t supports the Linux operating system.
    However, some the Qosmio G30 was delivered WITH TNT TV Tuner + analog hybrid.
    In this case on the Toshiba Recovery CD, driver TV tuner came preinstalled.

    I guess you also need a tuner TV especial for Linux driver, but as I said there is no drivers for Linux ;(
    In my opinion there is nothing to see.

  • Linux on Qosmio G30-116

    Someone tried to install Linux on this machine, if so, which version was it?

    I tried Suse 10.0 and 9.2, they bailed out with a disk controller error.


    Hi Dave

    The Qosmio G30 is the newest device and I think you're one of the first users with this device. I have no much experience with Linux, but I think you have this problem because of the RAID driver to be installed at the beginning of the installation of the OS.

    Unfortunately Linux is not supported by Toshiba and I really don t know if Toshiba can offer a solution for this.

    Good luck!

  • Possible problem HARD drive - by clicking on the sound and the system hangs on Qosmio G30 - 116


    I just got my G30-116 return of service (replacement of the screen) and after 2 days another problem. He just continues to hang out.

    I do not change a thing since I got it and now it just stop working on things sometimes like browsing the internet. It has not happened before. And my biggest concern is the trigger that made my hard drive.

    What can be wrong? It not crash until I have it sent to the service, I think that my hard drive is defective... Thank you

    What to say? If you can not find out why freeze the problem occurs, try to preinstall the operating system with recovery DVDs delivered.

    In any case, from your description, I'm afraid there is a serious problem with HARD drive and it can be simply worse then now. Please be sure that your data is backed up.

    Please contact service again and explain the situation. If the HARD drive is faulty, you will get a new, and if they have the HARD drive on stock, it can be replaced very quickly. G30 is lovely and I hope that you will be satisfied. A few days ago my friend visited me and we have tested his G30 with HD-DVD player on my LCD TV. I can tell you one thing: I am really impressed with the HD picture quality.

    Good luck!

  • Setting up RAID1 on Qosmio G30-116

    Y at - it guides regarding the implementation of raid 1 on model G30-116.

    Are there hidden traps or pitfalls I should know about?


    Usually after a change of the RAID option, you have to reinstall the entire operating system! Because you will have lost all the data!
    As far as I know, you can change the RAID in the BIOS on the 3rd page

    Please also read the information contained in the user manual. There you should find the details.

    It is also a very interesting announcement:

  • Need Vista drivers for display on Qosmio G30-116

    Hello everyone, need some advice.
    I have updated Windows XP MCE for Vista 32-bit, but the display won't full 1920 x 1200, as it was when I had XP installed MCE.

    All I can get is 1440 x 900.

    I downloaded the drivers Toshiba from Vista but do not seem to fix.

    Can someone help?

    Thank you very much


    It's quite strange. Pilots usually proposed are tested and it should work. You use the version?

  • Difference between Qosmio G30 - 162 and G30-116


    What is the difference between these two machines, with the denomination of sale, they have the same sound


    Check out these pages and compare these two units

    Qosmio G30-162:
    http://UK.computers.Toshiba-Europe.com/cgi-bin/ToshibaCSG/selected_product_option.jsp?service=UK&PRODUCT_ID= 116151 & DISC_MODEL = 0 & toshibaShop = false

    Qosmio G30-116:

  • Qosmio G30 - shaded black lines on the screen


    I bought the Qosmio G30-116. Great set, but it is a question. On the bottom of the screen there are two dark outline shaded (the brighter the background color is more wisible it gets.)

    It is very annoying, I bought it mainly for movies. I took it to the shop where I bouth it but they said it is normal and have all the toshiba 17 "screen. But I saw 3 other models with 17 "(qosmio résolution reste la même) and none of them did."
    What should I do? Is it really normal? Thank you

    Puuuhhh. Hey pitorek, it's really not easy to tell if it s a malfunction of the display.
    But I think that this question could be answered by an authorized technician.
    I think you should contact the service partner in your country (I guess you are just the Poland ;)) and explain the situation guys.) I think that you need to send this screenshot.

    Eventually, you will get a replacement. But I put t know if it could be an inverter fault or fl display or something different.

  • Qosimio G30-116 with blue screen at startup

    I have a bunch of dule Qosmio-Qosmio G30-116 of the start-up in windows generates a blue screen of death, which is quickly erased before I can read what is displayed.
    It starts in windows safe mode results in a long list of files displayed the last being Mup.sys

    Boot Linux and execution of everything I can think off generate no error.

    Connecting the edge dignostics Toshiba BIOS does not generate an error.

    Runs the check memory linux does not generate an error.

    Display of the file system does not generate an error.

    So I don't think I have a hardware problem, I think that something comes with windows

    Does anyone have an idea how to stop my erasing of the screen so I could real know what the problem is?

    There are a lot of valuable software on this machine, I didn't want to trash the entire disk to try to repair what seems to be a specific windows problem.


    I think that the BSOD screen information would be very useful for you. The BSOD shows above all a memory dump that is not obvious to a common user.

    Another user has already proposed the question could be linked to the installed windows OS.
    I think he do not since then to study for a long time, who knows what unique application or which parts of Windows cause this problem

    You can try to use the freeware application called CCleaner which may help you clean up the operating system and the registry. This tool helped me in different cases

    But if the BSODS persist then a new install of Windows can help.

  • Qosmio G30-126 - black screen after the awakening of the mode standby


    If I just put my Qosmio G30 - 126 mode (button or just close the housing cover) sleep it start back only with black screen. HD is being run but nothing else. I have to turn it off and start again with the start-up. Of course come screen with menu to speak of a problem... Don't have pictures. The resolution is minimum, I have to change.

    I'm please that reinstallation of the system, it's not what can solve problems.
    My question who will pay the time if she will not solve the problems, they said that it will be in all cases.

    Why I bought the warranty?

    PS. Admin confirms my messages...

    Post edited by: ADMIN

    Found this thread and I would like to share my knowledge with your
    I had a similar problem several months ago on my laptop with the XP operating system preinstalled.

    The MS patch KB917332 helped.

    [The monitor does not light when you move the mouse or press a key after you have configured the 'Power Options' settings on a Windows XP SP2 laptop | http://support.microsoft.com/kb/917332]

    See you soon

  • Qosmio G30 - 126 monitor become black and FN buttons do not work


    I have small problem, ehm two problems, but may be small for you :)

    Last week, I install Vista ultimate WITHOUT RECOVERY CD...
    It's OK, but I close the cover of the book and instantly open, monitor become black and I can't do anything without restarting.
    In the Panel in feeding opportunities, bookmark 'options to close the cushion' does not work.

    Maybe it's by, because I'm not driver if exists

    And second problem may be linked with the first, but it is a mistake, because I was not discover drivers because I haven't hidden toolbar on the back Windows, where standartly is on-site.

    I don't work much hidden functions under the FN key (I think that FN + F2, F3...) F12) most keys be the side POWER without multimedia keys on the music...

    Thx for the help!

    SRY for my bad English

    Post edited by: Martiosso

    Hi Martin

    First of all it s interesting if you have downloaded and installed all the Toshiba Vista drivers that are published on the European driver Toshiba page?
    All drivers must be installed in the correct order!

    If I'm not mistaken the Qosmio G30 - 126 belongs to the series of PQG32E. It was delivered with HD DVD player, and therefore, you should choose the drivers for the Qosmio G30 HD DVD (PQG32E)!

    Please first check the file txt Instructions of Installation, and then install all the drivers as mentioned in this document.

    With regard to the issue of the display;
    You need to install the correct driver NVIDIA of the Toshiba page!

    The keys FN and control buttons don t work because the Vista Toshiba value added Package has not been installed. This package contains applications that are needed to get all the features of Toshiba running!

    Good luck

  • Re: How to upgrade memory on a Qosmio G30 - 201 and where to buy memory


    I have a Qosmio G30-201, with the following specifications:
    -Technology Intel® Centrino® Duo Mobile with Intel® Core 2 Duo processor T7400 - Genuine Windows® XP Media Center Edition - 400 (200 + 200) GB drive hard - 2 048 (1, 024 + 1, 024) MB of RAM DDR2 (533 MHz) - 17 "Toshiba TruBrite® TFT WUXGA screen-DVD - ROM HD player

    Running Vista Ultimate

    I want to upgrade the memory to 4096.

    Do I have to buy memory 4096, or if I add 2048?

    What memory to buy? Toshiba do not seem to sell MB RAM DDR2 (533 MHz) after 4 years. What other memory would be appropriate?

    Thank you very much

    Best regards


    Your laptop can handle with 4 GB of RAM and I recommend you to use the 2 x 2GB module.
    Compatible 2 GB module has part number PA3513U-1M2G or Kingston KTT667D2 / 2G.

    Put the shadow party in Google and you will find a place where you can order it in your country.

    Good bye

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