Question about to reinstall XP on Satellite M60-132

Hi people, yesterday I wanted to reinstall my xp. but I couldn't find 2 cd and none of them worked.
The first cd I tried was Express Media Player Recovery CD.

If you know what I have to do, please send me an email: [[email protected]]

You don t have to start from the Express Media Player recovery CD, but from the Toshiba Recovery CD!
As the name already says the Express Media Player recovery CD contains only the Express drive!

The Toshiba Recovery CD contains the Win OS and drivers of Toshiba.

Therefore, to use the Toshiba Recovery CD. Insert it into the CD/DVD drive and press the C key immediately after starting the laptop.
This C button will allow the start-up of the STRANGE!

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  • Re: Several questions about the recovery of the Satellite L750 features

    I have several questions about the recovery of Satellite L750 features available to it. Any help and answers would be useful.

    (1) when I started the laptop first, he asked me to create a recovery CD incase I need to reinstall the operating system. But he also said that he built in the recovery partition, so therefore, I have to make a recovery cd or not?

    (2) will be the recovery CD is exactly the same as the recovery on the system partition?

    (3) is the partion of CD or recovery includes all the integrated software pre-installed with the laptop?

    (4) also in the device manage management it shows watch partion recovery but it is empty, is it true?

    (5) in the second partition (drive D) system, he has a record with what looks like the recovery of files and folders. Is it safe to move/remove it?


    I'll try to provide answers:
    1 - to ensure that everything works perfectly you don t need these discs, but if something goes wrong with the HARD drive you will not be able to do anything. When you have the recovery DVDs, you will still be able to install the recovery image and once again the factory settings. So my advice to you is: create these discs as soon as possible. Use only on DVD-R media and buy products of high quality (TDK or Verbatim).
    2 - Yes.
    3 - Yes.
    4 - No. Don t be confused with this.
    5. in a first time create restore DVD, and later you can do what you want. I put t know which files mean you but don t touch anything before that of the recovery disks to be created.

    In the past, many people have been experimenting with the structure of HARD drive and partitions and later was surprised when installing disk recovery HARD has been damaged. Don t make the same mistake.

    If you have any other questions you are welcome.

  • A few questions about Toshiab reocvery disk for Satellite P300-133

    Hello guys,.
    I had a few questions about unpleasant surprises of recovery:

    (* 1) * I just make recovery DVD using Toshiba Recovery Disk Creator and he asked initially for 2 DVDs - but when one has been done it does not require a second blank DVD. Is it possible all the Windows Vista system files to write on 1 DVD?

    (* 2) * if I could reinstall Windows Vista using recovery of HARD drive option (by pressing F8) without using the recovery DVD?

    (* 3) * HARD drive partitions that will be formatted (just system C: or C: and E :) using HARD drive recovery?

    (* 4) * what is DVD - Image of the hard drives or the installation of Vista recovery files?

    Its pretty bad idea to not include BONES on DVD when I paid for it.
    Thanks for all the Toshiba problems :(

    1. I think the recovery disk creator means 2 CDs. I also have a Portege M700 with Windows Vista and a DVD. I got it and after that, I have a clean install of Vista with all the drivers and tools of Toshiba. Nothing is missing.

    2. Yes, you can reinstall Vista using recovery of HARD drive option when you press F8 at startup. You don't need the recovery DVDs, but you should create a when your HARD drive get some errors or something else. If you need a new recovery DVDs, you paid for one.

    3 HARD drive and complete partitions will be formatted, so backup your data first on a DVD disk external DRIVE, USB stick or something else.
    After the reinstallation, you have factory settings.

    4. the recovery DVDs is an image of the HARD disk on the factory settings. If you perform a recovery, there are all the drivers and tools are already installed. Of course, on the disk are files of installations of Vista, but you can use this DVD on your Satellite P300. The disc cannot be used on another Satellite or on a PC.

    If you have any other questions, take a look in the user manual. There are a number in the formations of the recovery. It s in Chapter 3.

  • A few questions about the difference between the Satellite P70, L70, S70

    Hello, I have a lot of questions about the P70, L70, S70 series that come with a 1920 x 1080 panel.

    (1) what are the differences between the L70 and S70 series? With the exception of the RAM and HARD drive capacity, books seem pretty identical.

    (2) P70, L70, S70 doesn't support a 2nd HARD drive or it's just the P70 series that support?

    (3) all the three (P70, L70, S70 series) come with the same TFT panels?

    (4) of the above series, which supports mSata?

    (5) all the model of each series are delivered with support from mSata? For example, it could be that L70 - a - 13 m supports mSata is not the case of the L70-a-146?

    (6) all the foregoing, are delivered with a S - ATA II or III S - ATA interface?

    (7) who is the best of these series listed? I'm trying to understand what makes the big difference of S70 to P70 except for the envelope for example.

    Thank you in advance.

    > (1) what are the differences between the series L70 and S70? With the exception of the RAM and HARD drive capacity, books seem pretty identical.

    What models Sat L70 and S70 do you mean exactly? There are different L70-xxx-xxx and S70 models on the market that supports different hardware specifications.

    (> S70 2) P70, L70, support a 2nd drive HARD or is - it just the series P70 that support?
    As you can see in this [Sam P70 HDD replacement document, |] the P70 series supports the 2nd drive Bay HARD, BUT even if there is a 2nd HARD drive Bay, this does not mean that you can use the 2nd HARD drive. In the case where the 2nd HARD drive Bay are equipped with HARD drive connector, you can use the 2nd HARD drive

    I also found the [Sam L70/S70 HDD replacement |] the document on the Toshiba page and there I see this 2nd HARD drive Bay is not available

    (> 3) all three (P70, L70, S70 series) come with the same TFT panels?
    See point 1). Different P70, L70, S70 models were equipped with different material parts.

    (> 4) of the series above, which takes in charge mSata?
    As far as I know that some P70 models are equipped with an mSATA SSD of 256 GB.

    (> 5) do all the model of each series are delivered with support mSata? For example, it could be that L70 - a - 13 m supports mSata is not the case of the L70-a-146?
    See point 4) not all models supports the same hardware specifications

    (> 6) all of the above, come with a S - ATA II or III S - ATA interface?
    I don t think that SATA III is supported. I guess it would be SATA II

    (> 7) which is the best of these series listed? I'm trying to understand what makes the big difference of S70 to P70 except for the envelope for example.
    Not easy to answer because there are too many models released in Europea.
    And not all models are available in each country. So I guess you will have to look for the models that have been released in your country.

  • Satellite M60-132 - USB stops working until you restart

    My problem looks like this:

    All USB ports die after a few minutes (time may vary, but is shortened recently) after the start. They give no error - the USB mouse stops responding, the USB drive gives stops giving "delayed write failure" or sth like that. They are all visible and OK in device (Windows XP) Manager, no problem not being reported here. They have just stop working. I tried to reinstall Windows. It is not dependent on the OS actually. For example, I can boot from a live CD of SuSe Linux and ports will also die after a few minutes - they do on any OS tested.

    Now, I have discovered (GOOGLE usb ports stops working until the reboot) that several Satellite M60 users report this problem with their old cell phones. Exactly the same thing - ports die after a certain time of start and remain that way until you restart. In one case the user writes that he bought a cardbus PCMCIA USB controller and the problem continues - the ports of the controller when dying as well as embedded.

    My idea is to try even when the PCMCIA - maybe it will work in my case (another chip etc - you have never know). And anothr one must try to connect a USB hub to the Firewire port available. There are USB to Firewire Converter cards - could work like that?

    Anyone know any solution to my problem or have an opinion on my ideas? I am looking to buy a new laptop, which I can't really afford right now...


    To be honest I've ever read on these problems on the Satellite M60, but it can happen from time to time, because it of also a fairly old laptop.

    My friend also uses a PCMCIA card that has USB ports on his old notebook. He is quite satisfied with this solution because it don t need to each time the USB ports. Just sometimes if he's copying files on USB.
    These cards are cheap, you can get it for a few s Euro and you can buy this card where you want, for example

    I never heard firewire to USB ports, which is new to me and I n t have experience with this.

    Welcome them

  • Update satellite M60-132 with more RAM


    In order to run Windows Vista on my M60 - 132 I am advised to spend at least 1 GB or 2 GB of RAM, but I don't know exactly what kind of RAM to buy. Could someone advise me please on this issue?

    Thanks in advance!
    Kind regards

    Satellite M60 Series supports the simple DDR2 533 MHz PC2-4200 barrettes.
    Each laptop or merchant to sell these modules.

    As far as I know Toshiba recommend using own modules due to compatibility issues.
    I found this number on the options and accessories site:
    DDR2 400/533 256 MB (PA3389U - 1 M 25)
    512 MB DDR2-400/533 (PA3412U - 1 M 51)
    1 GB OF DDR2 400/533 (PA3411U-1M1G)

  • Satellite M60-132 charges its battery when its on!


    I have a M60-132 who had a battery problem. I plug it into the socket and turn it on, then when it goes to windows it charges the battery for a few seconds and after that it stops loading process, but she still continues to operate.

    When I turn so far, it starts to load. In short: it will not charge the battery when the phone is turned on and the work!

    Please tell me whats wrong with it? How can I solve the problem?

    Thanks in advance :)


    In my opinion, there are two possibilities;
    Either the laptops battery is faulty, or there is something wrong with the electronic power supply on the motherboard.

    If the battery is defective and then a short replacement would help you but a motherboard problem is more complicated, and would be a costly affair.
    But in both cases the parties must be checked by a technician before replace you it.

    PS: You use last BIOS? Check the driver for this page.

  • Questions about the record HDD Recovery - Satellite L350D

    Hello everyone!

    I have a Satellite L350D with Windows Vista.
    I'm in my mind to reinstall.
    All my data from the two partitions are saved with the exception of a folder on my drive E Data "HDDRecovery" who shouldn't be modyfied or deleted, or whatever.

    I wonder if all the data are removed from the hard disk due to formatting, how does appear that this same folder HDDRecovery remains safe on the hard drive?
    Or is that the hard drive is not really formatted and data on my hard drive are always safe and hidden?

    Thank you for answers!


    I'll try to explain how it works.

    Original Toshiba designed for your laptop recovery image is recorded on the second partition in the file called HDDRecovery. This image should be used if you want to install OS and have the original state factory.

    For this installation, you can use this recovery image of the second partition or by using the recovery DVD. It is recommended to everyone to create this recovery DVDs. Have you created?

    If you use recovery DVD the whole HARD disk will be formatted and all data stored thereon will be removed.
    If you start the HARD drive recovery process only C partition is removed. This folder HDDRecovery is important if you only want to use HARD drive recovery facility. When you want to use the DVD only you can remove (I do not recommend you to do).

    I hope I could help a little, but if you have any other questions please let us know.

  • Question about hard drive storage on Satellite Pro L40

    I have a Satellite Pro L40. Memory hard drive seems to be divided into two (about 35 GB each) under Vista C and e of data.
    Vista C is almost full. How can I use/access the E-data memory?

    Hi Bart

    Please don't get me wrong, but your question is really strange. I mean after reading your post, I'm really interested in your PC knowledge and how long you use your laptop.

    You want to know is basic stuff and must be learned first when you start using computers.
    When you have the time to try to get some book on WXP or Vista and all know about operating systems and how to use them.

    Open Windows Explorer, and you will have direct access to the second partition. You can move files from C to D, or save all data directly on the D partition.

    Google a bit. You can find many Web pages on basic stuff to the use of operating system.

  • Question about upgrading Windows 10 in Satellite Z830-10U

    I see that the Satellite Z930 is supported for windows 10 Toshiba upgrades list, but no sign of Z830. I have a Z830-10U and trying to decide whetehr to resume the free update to windows 10 before it runs out in July 2016. Someone has done it successfully?

    Posted by rg2by
    I see that the Satellite Z930 is supported for windows 10 Toshiba upgrades list, but no sign of Z830. I have a Z830-10U and trying to decide whetehr to resume the free update to windows 10 before it runs out in July 2016. Someone has done it successfully?

    Although no rating by Toshiba, I just successfully upgraded my Z830 win 10 and everything seems to work. When win 10 was originally released my first attempt failed (blue screen and his motor boat) so I had to reinstall Win 8.

    Before this second successful attempt, I checked with Toshiba to make sure the motherboard is compatible, downloaded "Driver of Talent" and drivers up-to-date and changed the power settings continuously to ensure no stops during installation...

    All of it worked and now I WIN 10 work on my Z830. At this point I'm not sure works of Bluetooth which stopped when I upgraded from Win 7 to 8 Win.

  • Question about the use of the Satellite Pro A60 fan


    I intend to get a Satellite Pro A60 and I was wondering how much the fan turns on.

    Could someone comment if the fan turns on when the machine is totally inactive, and how he lights up when the machine is used for word processing and surfing the web?

    For example, when using normally does the fan turn on 1/10th of the time, or 1/2 time etc.?

    Thanks in advance,


    Sorry I can't give you specific information about the cooling fan. A60 is known to me. It's a very nice laptop. Cooling vent is in reverse I am a pretty that there is no background noise.

    If you make the decision to buy it, look at what the capacity of the HARD drive is too high and that the DVD-ROM can burn a lot of different formats (DVD Super Multi drive).

    Have lots of fun with it.

  • Question about updating BIOS for my Satellite M40

    So, my laptop does not start, but works recovery procedure. Support suggested me to update my Bios.
    OK, given that the last time, it was easy.

    I downloaded the newsest version vor my Satellite M40 (PSM40) (1, 70 - WIN<= i="" have="" an="" ati="" grafics="" card)="" and="" extracted="" the="""">
    But there was a surprise:
    Instead of getting the old data structure, as written in the FAQ update Bios
    1 extract the zip file containing the BIOS upgrade to a temporary folder.
    2. in the folder temporary three subfolders will be generated. "docs", 'Update - 3.5' disc', 'Update - CD - R or CD - RW"

    I get a file only: BIOS of Windows Knockhill10GV170.exe
    Extraction of it I get 8 files:
    -KPM170. ROM
    -The c:\windows\system32\unicows.dll

    Now my question: How can I create this bootable CD-ROM to update my Bios?

    Just to know: download all the other things are done on my desktop from my laptop is not starting ;)
    I also tried to run the exe in the hope that it will create a floppy disk or a CD-ROM, but it is written "basic cfg address not found."


    Update the BIOS there are two ways to do this:
    -Traditional mode (TRAD) and in this case, you need floppy
    -Windows (WIN) and this update can be done under operating system running.

    Update BIOS WIN will work if you run Windows on your laptop satellite. If I understand your assignment well you are trying to do traditional BIOS updated, but using the BIOS to WIN update. On the Toshiba download page, there are two listed BIOS updates and two of them as versions of WIN. This means that you can update the BIOS under operating system only.

    Back to your problem: in the history one thing confuses me when you write: my laptop does not start, but works recovery procedure. Sorry, but if the recovery procedure is working and you will have clean installed OS.

    Be a little more concrete in our laptop does not start. What happen exactly when you press the power button / stop?

  • Question about micro and headphones on Satellite L750 Sockets

    I am wanting to use my headset but the connectors do not enter my Satellite L750 catches.

    They do not "click on" in. Any suggestions please.

    Jacks on your laptop satellite are taken standard Toshiba uses on all other models of laptops so question is: try you connection standard helmet or headphones?

  • Question about the BIOS on the Satellite 4340

    As amathor, just a question:

    I have idea to boot from a USB drive (as bootable), but the problem in the BIOS is:
    No USB - HDD or USB - FDD, USB Legacy or something like that.

    On the net I found a support:
    -to take a USB stick to start UPDATING the necessary BIOS!

    Or another way?

    And to make the BIOS update it's complikation work?

    Thanks for your interest


    could you please show me the site where you found that information that you can boot from USB on a Satellite 4340 after the upgrade of the BIOS. In my view, this is IMPOSSIBLE since this machine is too old and the cams to USB boot first option with the Pentium M based machines, but before... NO LUCK.

    If you like show me this site/forum/it either where it is written that you can use a USB device to boot from it and I'll try to help you verify that the information you gave is correct...


    Welcome them

  • Question about upgrading the CPU for Satellite 1110-Z14


    My satellite 1110-z14 has a processor intel mobile celeron @ 1.5 ghz. The processor is based on architecture p4 - it should be a northwood-256.
    Is it possible to upgrade the processor?

    1110-z20 is powered by the mobile celeron @ 2.0 ghz - all other technical specifications except the hard drive are the same... (ati radeon m6 with 16 MB, usb 1.1 mob and so on...).

    What do you think, can I upgrade the processor?
    Can what cpu I use?

    Thanks for your replies!


    AFAIK the 1110 series computer is equipped with an Intel 845MZ system controller.
    I found some details about Intel 845MZ chipset on the Intel page. It must be able to manage the Mobile Intel Pentium 4 - M with 400 MHz FSB Processor
    On the Intel page, you can find the entire family of the CPU.

    But generally the replacement of CPU and the upgrade is not recommended and no one can say whether the OS will run stable after these updates, so be careful.

Maybe you are looking for