Satellite M60-132 - USB stops working until you restart

My problem looks like this:

All USB ports die after a few minutes (time may vary, but is shortened recently) after the start. They give no error - the USB mouse stops responding, the USB drive gives stops giving "delayed write failure" or sth like that. They are all visible and OK in device (Windows XP) Manager, no problem not being reported here. They have just stop working. I tried to reinstall Windows. It is not dependent on the OS actually. For example, I can boot from a live CD of SuSe Linux and ports will also die after a few minutes - they do on any OS tested.

Now, I have discovered (GOOGLE usb ports stops working until the reboot) that several Satellite M60 users report this problem with their old cell phones. Exactly the same thing - ports die after a certain time of start and remain that way until you restart. In one case the user writes that he bought a cardbus PCMCIA USB controller and the problem continues - the ports of the controller when dying as well as embedded.

My idea is to try even when the PCMCIA - maybe it will work in my case (another chip etc - you have never know). And anothr one must try to connect a USB hub to the Firewire port available. There are USB to Firewire Converter cards - could work like that?

Anyone know any solution to my problem or have an opinion on my ideas? I am looking to buy a new laptop, which I can't really afford right now...


To be honest I've ever read on these problems on the Satellite M60, but it can happen from time to time, because it of also a fairly old laptop.

My friend also uses a PCMCIA card that has USB ports on his old notebook. He is quite satisfied with this solution because it don t need to each time the USB ports. Just sometimes if he's copying files on USB.
These cards are cheap, you can get it for a few s Euro and you can buy this card where you want, for example

I never heard firewire to USB ports, which is new to me and I n t have experience with this.

Welcome them

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    Good luck!


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    Hi, JGHippie,

    You are able to open the event viewer and look for error messages?

    Post back verbatim with the event ID impossible

    Try to use this combination of keys FN + F5

    How old is the computer?  It is still under warranty?

    Check these support Docs


    Or, connect a monitor, projector or a TV (Windows 7)

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    I see several newspapers in ESXi hostd.log indicating this table goes ONLINE and off LINE and another line indicating "sense data Possible" leading me to .  I feel really disabled at the moment because it's the Bay of storage accommodation our vCenter Server, which puts us in trouble right now.

    Also, if I try to "Add Storage", ESXi sees EqualLogic stores exist (watch a sufficient volume, size etc.).  However, as I'm trying to add them (via vSphere Client), step 1 takes a lot of time to finish, step 2 indicates the "disks are empty" (which I don't believe), then after an another long this timeout a popup error.

    Are there commands or utilities that are good for the diagnosis of iSCSI specifically?

    I can post more specific journal details if it is useful.

    PS - The new network cables are ok in communication with other storage targets, and it has not replaced the EqualLogic cables.

    Fixed; the MTU setting on my storage switch was mowing part of storage traffic.  Here are the troubleshooting steps that I went through, maybe it'll help someone else.  The solution didn't exactly have anything specific to do with ESXi or EqualLogic.  Basic troubleshooting and digging.

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    (rinse and repeat several times)

    Inspection of the file hostd.log ESXi showed several messages of 'connection reset by peer '.  The storage array and ESXi have been pointing to the other... so the switch is the only thing in the middle.

    Troubleshooting steps now:

    -using the vmkping ping on the table of the ESXi - success: vmkping

    -using the vmkping ping on the table of the ESXi with a size of 9000 (jumbo frame size): NO RESPONSE! : (vmkping) s 9000<-- this="" is="" where="" the="" money="" was="" for="" finding="" the="">

    MTU has been set at around 9000.  It turns out that the switch should be set a little higher (taking into account headers of packets? who knew)

    So this Setup ran for more than a year of intact working and just stopped when we took everything downstairs and brought it up.

  • Yoga 260: Fingerprint doesn't work until you restart


    My fingerprint reader does not work after a while without rebooting. After reboot I can use it without any problems for a while, when the computer wakes. But all of a sudden, when I want to connect after that wake up the reader does not work. The indicator light does not Flash and it does not respond to my touch. I have to sign with password. Then I have to restart Windows 10 and he began to work for a while yet.

    Thx for the help.

  • ApplicationIndicator does not work until you restart the phone

    I have a big problem with ApplicationIndicator. It does not work if I install my application for the first time... but after the phone reboot it works.

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    public class Indicator {
        private static Indicator instance;
        private ApplicationIndicator indicator;
        private ApplicationIcon icon;
        private int counter = 0;
        private Indicator() {
            icon = new ApplicationIcon(EncodedImage.getEncodedImageResource( "appIndicator.png" ));
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            return instance;
        public void notify() {
            indicator.set(icon, counter);
        public void resetIconIndicator() {
            counter = 0;


    "The solution is"simple": the init code was originally of 'main' method '.

    Is now just before the enterEventDispatcher().

    I don't know why (init called too early in the life cycle of app?).. .but now it works.

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    The web cam on my Satellite L850 has suddenly stopped working.

    It does not appear in Device Manager;
    I downloaded the latest driver on the Toshiba site;
    I checked the BIOS and the web cam is turned on;
    Always when I open the web cam application I get the following message:

    "webcam initialization failed Please restart request and camera control.

    I scoured the advice forum and short of a return to the top and reboot disk HARD, I find no reasonable answer. I can't back up as I am away from home is out of the question. I need web conference call cam / call my family to the United Kingdom back.

    Tired of going round in circles and getting nowhere.

    Any suggestions?

    Post edited by: mrclean

    Even if you have not changed the settings in the BIOS, you must Access the BIOS to make sure that the webcam is turned on it!

    I also recommend the suite of this workaround:
    Uninstall the webcam software
    Uninstall the VAP
    Uninstall all software needed the webcam (Skype, etc...)
    Now, restart and install CCLeaner (cleaning of freeware software)
    Reboot once more.
    Run CCleaner and clean the system and the registry.
    Now follow with installation of VAP
    Install the webcam software
    Test webcam.

    Good luck

  • CD/DVD-Rom on a Satellite 1110 laptop has stopped working


    The CD/DVD-Rom on my satellite 1110 has suddenly stopped working. When I insert a cd or a dvd there is no activity in the drive and when I look in my computer there is no recognized files.

    I used the Device Manager and it says that the device is working normally. It's like the PC just can't 'see' the camera more.

    I used the program of troubleshooting without success and I was wondering if someone technically a little more spirit that had me ideas

    See you soon


    Hey, sorry cannot be of any help to you, but I'm having exactly the same problem. I can't find a place to download the new drivers.

    did you progress?

  • Keyboard stops working after you press caps lock.

    On a compaq laptop presario CQ60-300SO the keyboard stops working after you press the caps lock button. The keyboard does not work once the computer starts, but after going in under the keyboard properties control panel and press the 'OK' button, this will work. Buy keyboard works when the computer RECORDS, so I can't get to BIOS. The keyboard work until windows starts and I activate it via the properties of the keyboard by opening the window and press OK immediately. I tried updating the driver but I only find that the keyboard already has the most recent drivers. I tried to restore the drivers and that does not work either. I also disabled start all programs and services to see if it was a problem caused by a program or service and still no luck. It's a very strange problem. I noticed that the keyboard IRQ ranges are both 64-64 and 60-60, which i thought was weird but that's maybe normal. Any advice will be appreciated.


    You did changes to the computer before the show?

    Try the suggestions in the link and check if it helps:

    Troubleshoot keyboard

    You can also post your query on Compaq support forum:

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    What version of the windows operating system is installed in the computer?

    I suggest you to see link and check. (That applies to windows vista and windows 7)?

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    Note: After checking in the clean boot, follow step: 7 article to reset your computer to normal startup.

    Note that it takes as much time to do the upgrade as to reinstall the operating system. In addition, some of your custom Windows settings may be lost through this process.

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    Have you tried reinstalling the drivers from here? (they can be more recent)

    I hope this helps.

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    Also, can you check here?

    Start > Control Panel > system and Maintenance > Problem Reports and Solutions > view problem history

    You can right click on some of the mistakes "Stopped working" "Windows Explorer" > view problem details

    What information is given?

  • The Setup program stops working when you try to uninstall the installer of qwest

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    the Setup program stops working when you try to uninstall the software


    Try uninstaling with revo uninstaller (download the trial for the link.)


    Use the advanced uninstall, method, delete the associated files and reg keys.

    Good luck


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    Please help me


    Were there any changes (hardware or software) to the computer before the show?

    Perform the steps from the link below and see if it helps.

    Error: Windows Explorer has stopped working

    Note 1 : when you perform the clean boot, then follow step 7 to reset the computer to start as usual after the boot process.

    Note 2: Make a backup of all your data on an external drive before you perform an upgrade in-place, as this could result in loss of data.

    Hope this information helps.

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