Re: Recovery add - suite for Satellite A200

Recently, my laptop has been a mistake to run and I formatted with the recovery CD. So this course asked me a "CD/DVD recovery adding", but I do not have this CD/DVD, how can I download?
My laptop is a Satellite A200.
Thank you



I installed the image of recovery many times but I've never seen this add-on.
Do you use the disc of recovery for the first time?
Can you please take a picture and wait and see this message?

Believe me, there is no add-on or something similar that can be downloaded or used with the recovery image installation.

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  • What thermal paste works well for Satellite A200?


    I have the problem of heat for months. I have tried serval OCZ Freeze extreme conductivity compound thermal times there worked in the first week. But the second week, it became worse and worse until the laptop could not start. Someone has suggestions thermal in which the brand name paste works fine for Satellite A200?

    Thanks in advance,


    I didn't change the thermal paste on my laptop Toshiba still but on my desktop computer, I use Arctic Cooling MX-3. I also read some tests on the Internet on the thermal fat and MX - 3 is still a better. Grease thermal OCZ is also good but the Arctic Cooling surpasses the OCZ.

    In addition, it is also important to clean the surface of the heatsink and processor. So, I can recommend the ArctiClean cleaning kit. Use Google to find some online shops where you can buy it. If you can ensure that all of the old thermal grease is removed properly.

    Good bye

  • Need driver for display for Satellite A200-1AE

    Hi all

    I'm looking for driver for Satellite A200 1AE disply.
    The card on this computer is the NVIDIA GeForce Go 7300 card.
    No sign of this model in the Toshiba Web site for drivers and Nvidia didn't send me to the Web from Toshiba site.

    What can I do?

    Help, please!


    The laptop belongs to the PSAECE series
    I checked the page European driver of Toshiba and the display driver is available.

    I would recommend so visit this site for the compatible driver.

    Man Bye

  • Where can I find display driver for satellite A200 Windows XP 32-bit PCAECE

    Where can I find display driver for satellite A200 Windows XP 32-bit PCAECE? Help!


    Most of the A200 series made use of this video card chipset.

    [Intel (r) Graphics Media Accelerator Drive X 3100 | 732xml & sliceId = & dialogid = 57594450 & stateId = 1% 200% 20 57598302]

    Hope this will help :)

  • Where can I find an update of the BIOS for Satellite A200 - 14 d (PSAEC)


    Where can I find an update of the BIOS for this model?
    My bios is 10/23/07 Windows Vista 32bits 1.80 - WIN


    Have you checked the page European driver of Toshiba?
    Here you can find all the drivers and BIOS for Satellite A200 - 14 d (PSAEC)

    But I checked the page and 1.8 for Win 32-bit Vista BIOS is still the newest one.

    Looks like you're already up-to-date boyfriend ;)

  • Replacement motherboard for Satellite A200 - 1 MB

    Hi all

    can someone tell me what is the motherboard for Satellite A200 - 1 MB, (M/N): PSAE0E-04800NG3, S/n: 87132254K
    and where can I order
    Thanks in advance


    I can t find the part numbers because he user to user s only forum. Important is that you get an answer sure of 100% and you can get it from an authorized service provider. Simply get in touch with the guys and ask that they can order the motherboard also.

    If you don t know where the closest to ASP you can find a list here: > support & downloads > find an authorized service provider

    Do you have more questions?

  • Need driver for Satellite A200 - 11 c Win 2003 display


    Need display driver for Windows 2003



    What is Windows 2003? Do you mean windows * Server * 2003?

    The operating system uses the same drivers as XP so you can use the driver XP for Satellite A200 - 11 c

  • Need drivers for Satellite A200-12 s

    Drivers for Satellite A200-12 s search
    Material identification: ACPI-CPL0001
    * CPL0001

    Thank you for your help

    Have you installed the Chipset utility?
    You can find all the drivers on Toshiba page under for assistance

    Check it out.

  • Need a recovery for Satellite A200 - 19K disk

    I bought this laptop, but unfortunately I lost my recovery disc.

    I need a recovery disk, but I don't know how to buy or download the drive of the appropriate model. If anyone can help me or give me a link to download, I'll be very grateful to her.

    This is the specification which is mentioned on the bottom is:
    Model name: SATELLITE A200 - 19K
    Model No.: PSAECE-01F00JEN

    If more information is needed, please let me know.
    Thank you


    You can buy the recovery disk using this site:

    As much as I know this disc is cheap

    See you soon

  • Where can I download Toshiba disc Creator for Satellite A200 - 1DY PSAE3E

    Hello eveyone, in the last days I have install Vista Home premium 64 bit on my Satellite A200-1DY PSAE3E and unfortunately I lost the programs of Toshiba.

    For me it was very useful toshiba disc creator, and I like donwnload if its possible, but I can't find this excellent program.

    Can someone tell me where I can download this?

    Thank you

    You can not download this software.
    The creator of disc can be installed using only the Toshiba Recovery CD. The software is a part of the image on the recovery.

    The point is that you bought the laptop with an OEM licenses and these additional software can be used in the framework of the image of Toshiba.

    Unfortunately, but a full version cannot be downloaded. If you want to use it on a different operating system, you will need to buy

    Cordially amigo

  • Re: Where can I buy a new screen for Satellite A200 - 1 k 8?

    Hello world

    I would like to know if it is possible to buy a new screen (across the top in fact) for a Satellite A200 - 1 k 8 and where?

    I'm unable to find information on the Toshiba site, so maybe you can help. ;)


    You can check in, manual, there is a list of the Toshiba service centers. If you haven't, tell me your country that I find in my manual.

  • Driver DVD WinXP for Satellite A200

    Please help people dear forum,

    I am running XP on Satellite A200.
    I went to the place on the net to download the driver for xp dvd.
    Research says: no driver available.

    Can someone please send me the driver for XP for a Satellite A200 DVD?
    DVD material is: TSST corp CD/DVGW-TS-632D

    Yes, I know the place to download.

    The DVD for Vista 64-bit driver is available.
    But I do not know if it is good to use on XP (32).

    Just install the DVD for Vista 64 driver (for 32 sound not available) and my DVD player is still not visible.
    And I guess that moderators work for toshiba, so it's fair to wonder:
    Specific no reason why the DVD for XP driver is not available? Or a more frightening question: XP still supported by Toshiba?

    Very interested in fellow computer useful to receive the DVD for XP driver first.
    And also very interested in the Toshiba answer on my question about the XP support.



    > The DVD for Vista 64-bit driver is available. But I do not know if it is good to use on XP (32).
    Sorry, but I didn t find the CD/DVD drivers. or for Vista 64-bit, 32-bit or XP.
    Could you please tell me this driver?
    Perhaps you are which means the DVD player?

    Anyway, the fact is that there are drivers for CD/DVD don t players. Microsoft operating systems (Vista, XP) are already equipped with these drivers and generally you n t need to install third-party drivers 3rd! The STRANGE should be recognized automatically by one of the OS.

    PS: To my knowledge, this is a user forum and I don t think you can find someone from Toshiba here anyway, the XP is certainly supported by Toshiba because the XP drivers are available on the page of the driver. So I see no serious reasons why XP should t be supported. You know

    Greetings mate

  • Need recovery DVD Toshiba for Satellite L500D-149

    I welcome, I have the question, or what? How to order the DVD of recovery for Satellite L500D-149?
    Will they send me the Win 7 HP 64 bit version only WIn 7 HP 32 bit or can send me both versions?

    If you have the European model Mobile you can order under
    I'm sure that you can order the DVD for the 64-bit version > HARD disk image.

    Visit this page and you will see what can be ordered here.

  • Ubuntu 8.04 Bluetooth Drivers for Satellite A200 - 14 d

    Hi, guys :)

    I installed a couple of days Ubuntu 8.04 LTS. Surprisingly almost everything has started working the first less than 10 minutes, in which Ubuntu has been kindly download all the things I needed and just exploded a comfirmation balloon, which I can't say for the WinXP, although there are official Toshiba drivers. : P

    There is a small problem. As indicated in the subject of this thread - I need bluetooth drivers or something got my bluetooth works (it does not at all!). I don't know that I'm not the only one with Ubuntu on his Satellite A200 - 14 d (PSAECE). So if someone has solved this problem, please share your experience here so that not only I, but all who want a Ubuntu with Bluetooth running can take advantage of this. :)

    Thanks in advance!

    Perhaps the following links are useful for you:𠵀𠠌

  • Need help with installing the driver Vista for Satellite A200-23U


    N ° Version of the component name
    1 Windows Vista RTM
    2 native Intel ICH7M Chipset utility
    3 945GM Intel display driver
    3 nVIDIA Display Driver G72MV-A3/NB7P-GS
    Realtek Audio driver ALC861D 4
    5 Realtek 8101E 10/100 / Driver LAN Gigabit 8111
    6 Synaptics Touch Pad Driver (with LuxPad)
    7 ALPS Touch Pad Driver
    8 card reader TI Multiple digital media
    9 TOSHIBA software modem
    10 Golan Intel Wireless LAN Driver
    11 Kedron Intel Wireless LAN Driver
    12 Atheros Wireless LAN Driver
    Camera Chicony 13 software
    14 Bluetooth Stack for Windows by Toshiba
    15 Bluetooth monitor
    16 TOSHIBA Value Added Package
    17 TOSHIBA Flash Cards Support utility
    TOSHIBA 18 hardware configuration utility
    19 TOSHIBA supervisor password
    20 TOSHIBA SD Memory utilities
    21 TOSHIBA ConfigFree
    22 TOSHIBA Assist
    TOSHIBA Speech System 23
    24 TOSHIBA Extended tiles for Mobility Center Windows V1.01
    TOSHIBA Fingerprint Utility V5.6.0.3221 25

    But the [code] nes & action = search & teddProduct = 738 & selShortMod = 532 [/ code] I don't know what connection is No2 chipset driver (I use vista 32 bit), similar what link is No3 display driver.

    Can you help me to download 25 entry because I'm bad at computing :(
    Sorry because of my English... THX

    Hey Buddy

    You have a machine with the ATI graphics card. Am I wrong?
    If Yes, then the Chipset driver is ALREADY included in the ATI graphics driver that is available on the European driver Toshiba page!

    The order of installation displays the instructions step by step for all THE portable Satellite A200 PSAE6E but the fact is that devices were equipped with different material parts and that's why some single drivers do not appear or are not available.

    Once again; Utility/driver chipset is available/included in the ATI graphics driver

    Good bye

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