Re: Satellite 1900-303 won't play DVD

* Hi all, *.

I have a Satellite S1900-303 which suddenly stopped playing DVDs.

* Operating system *: XP Pro SP3
* RAM: * 1 GB
* HARD DRIVE: * 320 GB
* DVD Rom: * Standard Toshiba SD-R2212
* Chart: * Standard ATI Mobility Radeon
* Software *: WinDVD 8 Platinum

The DVD - ROM drive will recognize and play / install from a CD but not a DVD.

I did all the usual checks:

The device driver is up to date,
Device Manager"indicates that the DVD - ROM drive works correctly.
Tried to play a DVD through Windows Media Player, but the CD & DVD options are 'greyed out '.

Everyone has a similar problem, and if so, is there a solution to this problem?

Hey mate,

How did you check if the device driver is up to date? There is no update driver for all CD/DVD players

Normally, if CD works fine but no DVD, it appears to be a malfunction of the equipment. Before Exchange you it, try to clean the lens using a microfibre cloth.
In addition, you need to test if you can boot from a bootable DVD to check if it s a software issue or not.

As I wrote already in the worst case you need a new drive :(

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    Hello Toshiba people friendly and helpful.

    Are you coming to my rescue once, but I fear it may be trickier.

    I have the joy of uber-beautiful widescreen which is a Satellite U840W - I want to use all of the 1792 x 21:9
    768 resolution for DVD / Blu - Ray. I use a Samsung Toshiba SE-506 as the Blu-ray/DVD, but I don't know what software to use.

    I used VLC and Powerlink DVD 10 software provided with the Blu - ray player, but so far, everything is not just the black border at the top and bottom, but it has also massively chunky black bordered on each side as well - certainly not what you want.

    The two pieces of software want to display at a resolution of 1024 x 768, which is why so much real estate is wasted.

    I got the impression of Toshiba that I would be able to use all the horizontal resolution and cut the top and the bottom - but no solution I found to this day allows.

    Interestingly, I tried to use Windows Media Player, but that does not even recognize that there is a DVD in the drive ready to play.

    Help me obi-wan-kenobis, you're my only hope for sanity.

    Thank you very much in advance

    > I also finally has get blu - ray works.
    I think you can also use the Windows Media Center (for W8n 8) but this part to win 8 must be purchased separately.

    > Also, no matter who ever got 9 hours autonomy of one of these computers yet? 6 hours, if you're lucky...
    The reference of the battery (Mobile Mark 2012) says that you can run Notepad on battery (4 cell battery) for about 5 h 15 min... Up to 6 hours is a good value for you.

  • Satellite Pro A120 won't play DVDs - need to install a DVD decoder

    My A120 will not read the DVD. It says I need to install a DVD decoder. Should not it came with one?

    It costs enough by my employer and we have asked for dvd playback and rewrite the installation.

    Can anyone help?

    Hello Lynne

    Are you talking about self in DVD or original DVD you want to watch using preinstalled WinDVD player?

  • problem with cd/dvd on my Satellite 1900 303 drive

    Hello world
    In 2003, I bought a Satellite 1900-303. Recently, it's the cd/Dvd drive has stopped working properly. whenever I put a Cd in the driver, it assumes that the CD is an audio cd. If the CD is completely cd Audio or partially contained audio files that it opens the cd with no problems. But if the cd is a CD or software for data CD after having tried long time my system hangs. I change the properties of the Cd drive settings in the section of AutoPlay of music file to other options such as "mixed content". but after inserting the CD in the drivers it agains automatically replaces the file 'music '. I showed my book expert in computer system and ease, he tried to reinstall windows XP to fix the problem but it did not work. Since the driver did not work he used the external driver to install windows XP. but the problem has not been resolved.
    Is there someone who knows by chance that I have to do to get it back?
    Waiting for useful tips.


    your friend installed the XP from a Cd MS or on the Toshiba Recovery CD?

    To my Toshiba laptop computer, AutoPlay section is also set music file and working properly!

    When this failure occurred for the first time? Did you use the recovery option of system SM at the beginning - accessories - prog. -Recovery system
    Perhaps the backsetting of your system to solve the problem!

    You can also check if a firmware update is available for your car! (If it's a Toshiba drive go to

    Hans Bye

  • Satellite 1900-303 cdrom problem


    Sorry for my bad English, I'm learning :)

    I have a Satellite 1900-303, windows xp home edition.

    Sometimes, when I try to copy on CD ROM, some, for example, to music whith the multimedia player, trial everything is ok, but in the end... no file :(

    The system error saying:
    El device, \Device\CdRom0, has a blocking Lillies.

    What can I do? Thank you very much

    Sorry, but this error Message is not in English!
    You can try to translate it?

  • Satellite 1900-303: biosinfo.inf failed or damaged BIOS after update

    I tried to update my bios now says:
    "windows was not start because the following file is missing or corrupt: \windows\inf\biosinfo.inf'.

    It's a satellite 1900-303... don't know what to do now.
    If anyone can help it would be much appreciated.


    Please take a look at this document from Microsoft:
    Biosinfo.inf is missing or corrupted error message when you upgrade to Windows XP;en-us;829784&product=winxp

    Maybe it will help you.

  • Satellite 1900-303-type of RAM can be installed?

    Hi guys,.

    I want to know a news on my Satellite 1900-303.
    What type of RAM can be installed?
    I have a 266 mHz, but it is quite impossible to find now on the market at a good price.
    so can I get a 333 mHz RAM, or my laptop it does not recognize in a good way?
    Will it work? And how do I set the bus on the BIOS? (If I may...)

    Thank you


    Satellite 1900-303 can be upgraded up to 1 GB of RAM.
    This means that you can use 2 x 512 MB RAM max modules.
    The compatible RAM modules are:
    200-pin PC2100 (266 MHz) DDR SODIMM

    I think you could use 333 Mhz too, but if the FSB is set to 266 Mhz and 333 mHz will run only at 266 Mhz.


  • Satellite 1900-303 - LAN issues

    Hi guys!

    I'm new here, so I would ask you to be understanding if, in the early days, I make mistakes...

    In any case...

    I have a s Satellite 1900-303 with winXp Pro, and I have a problem with Ethernet: first of all, my router software does not recognize the ethernet network card, second, I checked the activation of the Ethernet controller in the Panel--> System--> material, but she "says" I don't have the drivers for it.
    I don't know the brand.

    This is the original installed in this laptop. If someone can help me...


    Have you checked the network adapter in Device Manager?
    Is it correctly recognized? Or did you see yellow exclamation points?

    Satellite 1900-303 is an older unit as well as drivers have been moved to the archive area.
    Check the Archive for driver LAN and if necessary install it again

  • Suddenly turn off Satellite 1900-303

    Satellite 1900-303, but always working for surfing, the fan never stops and made so much noise, not nice! Problem is even worse that the power will be off suddenly without notice. This can be caused by overheating power system and this is the kind of self-protection, could someone tell me how to solve this problem and if it is interesting to do?

    Thank you very much


    I agree with MrPacman.

    I don t think that the laptop loses power.
    There is another reason why the laptop stops automatically.

    The blocked vents could lead to a higher temperature inside the laptop and an overheating problem.
    This is also why the fans run all the time.

    What you could do is to clean the fans with a professional pneumatic sprayer.
    These sprays are designed to perform this cleanup and get rid of the dust and debris of laptop inside


  • Updating BIOS for Satellite 1900-303

    I have a portable Satellite 1900-303.
    I downloaded the Bios upgrade the bios 20071126165418 but when I run the Check.exe he informs me that it is bad upgrade.
    But the text in the upgrade files include 1900-303.

    Is there a different model of the Satellite to the Satellite 1900-303 called simply 1900-303 or is it the correct Bios, please help.


    I checked the page European driver of Toshiba and I found two different versions.
    There is a BIOS 1.80 and 2.10 BIOS. The two BIOS version are traditional BIOS.
    This means that the BIOS must be updated using the traditional procedure using a floppy disk

    But why do you want to update the BIOS?
    Is something wrong with your laptop?

    You know that a BIOS update is always risky, and it should be done only as the last option in the solution

  • Satellite 1900-303: 2 location is configurable?

    I have a satellite 1900-303 and I ask someone to tell me, please, if the memory expansion slot 2 is configurable. If this is the case, for what? To share the video memory?
    I saw on a site that is configurable, but on the users manual is not mentioned that and I need to be sure before you buy another memory module.

    [Edited by: admin on 8 January 06 19:16]


    Your device has no shared memory option and all of the memory is identified as system memory. Adding a new module of memory is very good idea due to the performance of the system.

    Good bye

  • PCMCIA USB2.0 can operate in Satellite 1900-303?

    Hi, I have a toshiba satellite 1900 303 without usb2.0 ports, and I tested 6 pcmcia to USB 2.0 card 5 different manufacturers (investment, iconnex, sunix, conceptronic and a belkin powered) and the pc without exception hangs until I remove the card from the slot. Sometimes when I go into an external hard disk or a USB key, both directly connected to the card. However, I was able to transfer all the photos from my digital camera (30) to the computer laptop.

    I wanted that someone said if he managed to make the use of a pcmcia card to USB 2.0 in this model or similar and how, or otherwise shared his experience to not waste any more time with this, with things like format the pc or other. I am not a computer expert, but I think that there is no real certainty on this issue, let's hope I'm wrong.

    Thanks for looking

    I have Adaptec AUA-1422 cards in my Satellite 1805-S204. It works very well. It has firewire and USB 2.0. I understand that adaptec uses the NEC chipset.

  • Satellite 1900-303 turns off for no apparent reason

    I got my Satellite 1900 303 for about 2 years and no problem. In the last month, I had a problem with him turn off his car suddenly and for no apparent reason. I checked virus and have found no virus. Can anyone suggest why I did this. I was wondering is that he has been making overheated?

    Thank you


    Believe me, there is always a reason why this happens. From your description, I assume that your unit is overheating. If the temperature is too high the unit simply stops.

    You need to clean the device. After that cleaning the unit should work properly again.

  • Satellite 1900-303 USB port not working - USB hub?

    Hello. Deploy a Satellite 1900-303 with two USB ports. One of the ports stopped working. I guess it's permanently broken. Just browse the site, it seems that the easient of thing to do would be to get a Port Replicator - one of them: ldCategory = 4697 & OPTION_ID = 95631 & toshibaShop = true & t ab = 1 #1

    I wanted to know is it just to sink my remaining a USB port, so that I get 4 USB ports (and all others)? What USB speed I would get?

    Thank you!



    As far as I know the unit supports USB 1.1
    So I guess if you are using a USB hub external, USB ports work with USB 1.1 properties.
    Maximum data transfer should be 12 Mbps

  • Satellite 1900-303: after Xp installation no sound


    I recently had to do a complete reinstall of Windows XP.
    After installation I have no sound, although the window drivers are installed and the device is functioning properly.
    Also I have more driver bundled with the laptop disk and can't seem to find all downloads for drivers vga, I need.

    Please can someone point me in the right direction for a solutiion or where to find the drivers.
    The vga driver update on the Web from Toshiba site said that I need to first install the original.

    Thanks in advance

    Looks like you need the XP drivers to solve all your problems of ;)
    That s very easy, I assume you didn't check the page of the European driver Toshiba exactly.

    Satellite 1900-303 is an oldie and therefore all the drivers have been moved to the * category of ARCHIVE.
    I would recommend to research in the field of archives on the European driver Toshiba page.

    I m that you will succeed.

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