Recommendation for the new graphic card for the Pavilion a1250n Office running windows xp service pack 3

trying to upgarde my pavilion a1250n computer of office for graphics card MSI r5450 radeon. After installation of the new card in the PCI express and turn on the machine, does not start, screen goes black and the fans to run at top speed. The card and the machine starts fine with the ATI radeon 200 exprees edge. I went into Device Manager and disabled the ATI radeon 200 adapter, and the system still wouldn't start with the new card. Went into the Bios at startup and changed the setting of the adapter PCI E, the slot where I put the card, and still won't work, even with the Bios and Device Manager changes I made.

New card right out of the box, could be bad, or perhaps not compatible with my system? If is not compatible, what would you recommend? Currently I am running windows XP SP3 and am looking for a card that can be upgraded to Windows 7 64-bit. I know that the ATI integrated graphics card cannot be upgraded, so I'd appreciate some advice really.

Thank you.

John Perez

Hi John,.

The link above will show you how to clear the CMOS memory.  Just scroll down once you click on it.

NVIDIA video cards are planned for a 300 Watt power supply

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    You are the very welcome.

    I guess it depends on what you want to do.

    If your PC does not have an HDMI video port, you can add a video card with HMMI.

    If you want more than that, so I guess you want to install another audio card.


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    Okay, so I have recently updated this Windows Vista Service pack 2 for x 64-based systems.

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    Once the service pack 2 for Windows vista is uninstalled from the computer, I would say that repair you system files on the computer by running SFC scan.

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    Thank you.

    Task of pre-required

    When you make significant changes to your computer for example updated operating system, you must always back up. See the links to resources on the backup by clicking the link for each version of Windows you are using: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1

    • Turn off (preferably uninstall) your Antivirus utility before you perform the upgrade.
    • Reboot several times and try again.
    • Disable the general USB peripherals (for example - smart card reader).
    • If you are using a SCSI drive, make sure you have the drivers available for your storage on a thumdrive device and it is connected. During the installation of Windows 10, click on the advanced custom Option and use the command load driver to load the driver for the SCSI drive. If this does not work and the installer still fails, consider switching to an IDE based hard drive.
    • Do a clean boot, and then try again.
    • If you upgrade to the. ISO file, disconnect from the Internet during the installation, if you are connected in LAN (Ethernet) or wireless, disable both and try the installation again.
    • If you update via Windows Update, when download reaches 100%, disconnect the Internet LAN (Ethernet) or wireless, and proceed with the installation.
    • If this does not work, try using the. ISO file to upgrade if possible.
    • If you are connected to a domain, go to a local account
    • If you have an external equipment, attached to the machine, unplug them (example, game controllers, USB sticks, external hard drive, printers, peripherals not essential).

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    The Solution:?

    Order Windows XP Service Pack 3 on a CD

    or use a fast connection and download the complete file
    If you have problems obtaining the service pack from Windows Update, you can download the package of standalone update from the Download Center. This page will say that this installation package is intended for it professionals and developers. However, you can download this file safely. The following file is available for download from the Microsoft Download Center:

    Collapse this includes this image
    Download the Windows XP Service Pack 3 package now.

    TaurArian [MVP] 2005-2010 - Update Services

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    Hi Joy,.

    Let us work together to solve this problem.

    During the installation of Windows Vista SP1, this problem occurs when a third-party application holds open a file or locks a file that the Service Pack installer should use. For example, an application third-party antivirus or antispyware may cause this problem. I suggest you temporarily uninstall any antivirus software and check if you are able to install the service pack. Please do not forget to reactivate once the process is complete.

    Method 1: Alternatively, you can reset Windows Update components.

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    Method 2: I ask that you download and run the system update readiness tool and check if you are able to install the service pack.

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    Registry WARNING: this section, method, or task contains steps that tell you how to modify the registry. However, serious problems can occur if you modify the registry incorrectly. Therefore, make sure that you proceed with caution. For added protection, back up the registry before you edit it. Then you can restore the registry if a problem occurs. For more information about how to back up and restore the registry, click on the number below to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

    Back up the registry

    Method 3: I ask you to install Windows Vista Service Pack 1 Standalone Installer, in clean boot.

    Step 1: download Windows Vista SP1 from the link below depending on the Type of system:

    Windows Vista Service Pack 1 for Windows Vista 32-bit (size: 544,3 MB)

    Windows Vista Service Pack 1 for Windows Vista 64-bit (size: 873,0 MB)

    Step 2: Save the file on the computer and install it in the boot. Please refer to these steps to learn how to:

    To help resolve the error and other messages, you can start Windows by using a minimal set of drivers and startup programs. This type of boot is known as a "clean boot". A clean boot helps eliminate software conflicts. Here is the link for your reference perform the clean boot.


    Note: Please see: how to reset the computer to start as usual after troubleshooting by clean boot of the KB article to start the computer in normal startup after having solved the problem.

    Please get back to us with the State of the question.

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    I have vista and tried to install sp1 again it has been a success, but is always appear as a download available even after a reboot. Help! Just try to update to IE9.


    Thanks for posting your query in the Microsoft Community Forums.

    According to the description of the problem, it seems that Windows Vista Service Pack 1 was successful; However she was showing as unavailable after you restart the computer.

    I will certainly help you with this issue.

    This problem may occur if one of the following conditions is true:

    a. a program on your computer interfered with the installation of the service pack.

    b. There is an inconsistency in the store of Windows services. The store Windows maintenance is a required component to install service packs.

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  • Get a new graphics card for the HP Envy 700-214


    So I tried to get a new graphics card for my HP Envy 700-214, but I'm not aware if this map is compatible or if it would have a negative impact on my system.

    I don't want my system to be harmed in any way.  Here is the link to the computer.

    Thank you!

    Wolfking98, welcome to the forum.

    Here is the video card manufactured by EVGA.  It shouldn't harm your system somehow.  However, if you have trouble with the installation, you can contact their Technical Support (1-888-880-3842) or online.  They were very useful for me.  Read the reviews to see what users have to say about it.  As you can see, there are a lot of comments and appreciation 5 eggs.  You can't do better.

    Please click on the Thumbs up button '+' if I helped you and click on "Accept as Solution" If your problem is resolved.

  • New graphics card for old PC

    Hi, my old graphics card stopped working and I need a new. Now my PC is not the newest most, so I would ask you on what graphics card would you recommend for this PC:

    Procesor Intel 2500K

    8 GB RAM

    There was an Nvidia GTX295 inside

    128 GB SSD C: drive

    Drive D: 1 TB HARD drive 7200 RPM

    E: drive of 1 TB HARD drive 7200 RPM

    Windows 7

    I use Premiere Pro and After Effects on this system and for my purposes as a videographer hobby that it was now okay. I need a new graphics card, but I don't want to buy something overkill when it is not necessary that the rest of the components would hold him. Thanks in advance for any help!

    If you can find the gtx 650 for about $60, then its ok, if this is not the new gtx 750 for about $100.  This list on the page of hackers is not updated.

  • Pavilion p6 - 2020t: HP-Pavilion will identify the new graphics card


    I got a HP Pavilion for a few years now and never updated my BIOS (not that I know well). I'm trying to install a new graphics (gtx 750ti) card and the computer does not recognize it. It shows the first screen, and then a black screen and a beep, then it crashes. Keyboard does not work, cannot get into the BIOS.

    I tried everythign with current BIOS, boot legacy and ensuring that the Integrated GPU is disabled, and nothing works. I also did research on food, and but it is not terrible, it should work with this graphics card (the fan even spinning).

    According to my research, the current BIOS is simply not recognize, and I need to update. My current version is: FRIEND 7.16, 05/10/2011

    I navagate through the HP website and it said that the automatic update should update the BIOS for Windows 10, and it won't let me download all drivers (although the last BIOS update was 2011). I tried to enter the FRIEND's site and download it from there and it won't even install their drivers, it says that flash is not supported (probably for Windows 10).

    If someone could give me an idea of how can I get a newer version of the BIOS for my motherboard, it would be much appreciated as I'm pretty sure that's the reason why the computer is not recognizing the new graphics card

    The risk is that the video card is one that is for a newer PC with an EFI BIOS. That's why the empty card is not recognized.

    If you use a card equipped with a switch on the virtual card allowing the use in legacy and uefi BIOS it will work with the BIOS of your PC.

    Sapphire makes video cards that have this capability. Take a look at the catalogue. What you need is a PCIE x 16 card video with switchable legacy\uefi BIOS or legacy support, but not only UEFI. & lang = eng

    You cannot change the type of BIOS that your PC has in the UEFI.  It's a question of his being of a generation of diferent from the PC.

  • Pavilion p6 - 2120t: Windows will not start with the new graphics card

    Installed a Zotac GT 740 profile down in my desktop PC graphics card HP Pavilion p6 - 2120t and now the PC does not start.

    HP Pavilion p6 - 2120t CTO desktop PC

    Intel Pentium CPU [email protected]
    4.0 GB RAM
    Intel HD Graphics Driver version Family: dated 27/01/2011
    Motherboard: IPISB-CU (Carmel2) (1 open PCI Express 16 expansion slot pins)

    BIOS to Version 7.18

    Windows 7 Home premium 64-bit w/service pack 1
    Two monitors (VGA, 1 digital port 1)

    Before installing the new graphics card, I replaced the power supply original 300w with a 400w power supply.

    For starters, I disabled the onboard graphics in Device Manager. Then, I opened the case and installed the GT-740 in the open PCI Express slot. I made sure that the card was fully engaged in the slot.

    I plugged both monitors to their connections voted on the new map.

    When I tried to boot the PC, the digital monitor displays the screen HP (the one that indicates which key support to achieve the start menu) and then frozen. No other entries of key or mouse have been accepted.

    The PC then sounds 4 short beeps (about 10 seconds between each beep) and then a long beep before turning off the signal to the screen.

    Then, I removed the new graphics card on the PC that starts then. I have reactivated the original graphics drivers and the PC then worked normally.

    Tried the above process two more times with the same results.

    I then went into the start menu to look at the BIOS. The menu of the BIOS shows two options:

    > Sources of boot UEFI

    Windows Boot Manager

    > Sources of boot legacy

    ATAP I CD/DVD player


    Hard drive


    Network controller (Realtek PXE B06 D00)

    PC using UEFI Boot Manager Windows boots normally

    I have not tried Legacy Boot Sources because I don't know which one to choose.

    I went to the HP site and looked for an update to the newest BIOS, but updating them is a rev version 7.16 while my PC shows my BIOS to version 7.18

    I know that others have had a similar problem but I have not seen a solution that works for my PC.

    Any advice would be welcome.
    Thanks for your time.


    Your PC isn't spec'd to run Windows 7 using the Windows Boot Manager.  I expect to a UEFI-based graphics card likely to work on an HP PC that does not have a BIOS version 8.

    The below listed OEM HP, graphics cards should work in your PC using a normal non - UEFI W7 and W8 installation.

  • Is satellite A10 - possible to install the new graphics card?


    I have a videocard Satelite A10, 2.2 Ghz, 712 MB of RAM, provided with your computer.

    I just bought the Sims 2 and thought from the specifications that I would be able to play on my current card. However when I try to run it it gets to the intro screen and then hangs when it is ready to go into the Menu. My first impressions are that I don't have a pretty good graphics card.

    I need a 32 MB T & L capable card so can someone confirm if this is why it would not work on the system.

    If that's the case I'm looking to see if it is possible to install a new graphics card on the machine I want to play more games to date.

    the map I'm looking at is Sapphire ATI Radeon 9600 XT 256 MB AGP8X graphics card. It will work on the machine and it is likely to solve my problem?

    Thank you

    HI Jeff,

    In General, it is not possible to change the graphics card in your laptop. This is because the graphics cell are generally not a component separated (as with a normal PC), but generally a specific graphic chip attached to the motherboard so make the graphics a part of the laptop.

    At the same time, the graphics driver is normally a specially modified version will omit some of the more esoteric aspects of the normal driver to minimize the risk of overheating chip since it does not have its own cooling system. Given this, you will find probably than trying to load the latest graphic website manufacturers drivers (Nvidia, ATI, etc.) will not work, and you will therefore be limited to these pilots provided by Toshiba on their Web site.

    In order to get your copy of the SIMS 2 to run you need to omit or reduce some of the graphics settings in the game itself, or alternatively, you can try to use some of the graphics third-party drivers that are written to provide some of the omitted features of the original notebook drivers. Note that if you do that there is no guarantee that they won't cause your overheating graphics chip, even if I used the ATI Omega drivers for some time now without any problems. You can get them: -.


    Kind regards

  • HP Pavilion HPE: PC does not start at the top with a new graphics card installed

    I improved my diet to 600w and my new graphics card is a asus gtx strix 960

    My older gpu was a Geforce GT530.

    I've updated, drivers and BIOS of this HP Forum... and then I turned off my pc, took out the 530 and replaced by the 960. I start up the PC and it's me stuck on this screen. This photo is of online, that's exactly what mine looks like well. When I press "ESC to start menu", the screen goes black. the GPU and all good works. my version is v7.16

    only reason why I bought it was to play The Witcher 3...

    any help?

    calviiin wrote:

    Hmm. Looks like I won't get that. It's just another card that I purchase and its more expensive than the 960 gtx that I just bought.

    Thanks for the help.

    Don't, don't. It will be brick. They are also 2 completely different mobos. One choice is to buy a new motherboard or a new pc.

Maybe you are looking for