Remove not right iMessage number of digits of the phone.

I'm trying to unregister the iMessage to  However when I simply enter the mobile phone number as a local number, it says "Please enter a valid phone number."  When I enter the mobile number with country code that rises to 61 for the Australia, I can't enter the last digit.  For example, "(614)? -????".

What have I done wrong?

You have a local code between the country code and local number

For example, in the United States, it is (703) 333-3134

Where (703) is area code - not the country code (which is 1 or 001)

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  • Is it possible to have iMessage turned off automatically when the phone detects that it is not connected to wifi?

    My daughter continues to send iMessages when she's out and about (IE. When it is not connected to wifi) and iMessages are sent using its data allocation, and it continues to go over its data allocation. Is it possible to get the phone to turn off the iMessages automatically when it detects that it is not connected to wifi, so that messages are then sent via sms texts, and then it reconnects to iMessage when reconnected to the Wifi? (I know it can be done manually in the settings, but she keeps forgetting to do so).

    Not automatically.

  • The number of digits on the digital display of cursor

    I have a slider control with a display of %.1f format that works well for the scale. On the appearance tab, I checked the digital displays, see the. This view seems to have no formatting control. I tried to adjust the size, but it adjusts not perfectly, either too many numbers or partial numbers. Can it not be controlled except by creating my own indicator?

    Also, I would like to know the difference between digital and digital display on the tab of display format.

    Thank you


    Move the cursor to properties-> display Format. And where it says 'Digital' choose digital display. Then you can format.

    jvh75021 wrote:

    Also, I would like to know the difference between digital and digital display on the tab of display format.

    Thank you


    It seems that you know the answer yourself.

    'Digital' formats the numbers of legend of the balance. 'Digital' formats the digital display.

  • Largest number of digits for the NUMBER data type?

    What length more of a NUMBER that Oracle will "support"?

    The documentation says the following:

    Limitations of the data type says:

    «Can be represented in a comprehensive precision 38 digits»

    NUMBER of Data Types says:

    "Oracle guarantees portability of numbers with precision of up to 20 digits of base-100, which equals 39 or 40 decimal digits according to the position of the decimal point."

    I realize account that if I define a column as simply NUMBER, I can insert numbers with a size up to 126 characters.  However, Oracle seems to maintain only the first 40 digits in MOST cases.  The largest number of digits, it seems to allow is 40 before it begins to be replaced by 0.

    With numbers that have more than 40 figures, Oracle will sometimes replace all numbers according to the 38th numbers with a 0 and sometimes replace 0 after the digit 39th or 40th.

    Therefore, what is the largest number of digits, can be trusted to safely store Oracle?

    This is the code I used for this testing process.

    create the table max_num (num number);


    number of l_x;


    for x in 1.200


    l_x: = x;

    insert into max_num values (rpad (1, x, 1));

    end loop;


    while others then

    dbms_output.put_line ('STOP: ' | l_x);

    dbms_output.put_line (SQLERRM);



    Select num, length (replace (num, 0)) of max_num;

    What length more of a NUMBER that Oracle will "support"?

    You have already given your own answer. If 'length': the maximum number of digits is written the doc gives you the answer:

    999... (38 9's) x 10 value maximum125

    The 38/39/40, hereinafter referred to as the doc means "significant digits". This is why rounding or truncation occurs if you provide more significant digits of 38/39/40.

    Oracle stores the numbers internally in a binary format 21 bytes using a documented structure in the doc of the OIC in the section 'NUMBER'.

    Oracle database stores the values of the NUMBER data type in a variable length format. The first byte is the exponent and is followed by 1 to 20 mantissa bytes. The high bit of the exponent byte is the sign bit; It is defined for positive numbers, and it is cleared for negative numbers. The lower 7 bits represent the exponent, which is a number of base-100 with an offset of 65.

    This article from doc continues to show you how to convert the internal format to the real value.

    An additional byte of 1 is used for all types of data to store the length; That's why you often see docs saying numbers can take 22 bytes.

  • Re installed Windows and now I can not turn on. I tried activating the phone, but to no avail.

    Authentic copy does not

    I did a reinstall sometimes come back now, he says he wants me to recheck my copy of copy of Windows Vista and I tried but on my computer and on the phone and its does not work.

    Hi Gary,.

    1. what exactly happens when you try to activate a copy of Windows Vista?

    2. What is the full error message that you receive?

    You can try to check and validate the copy of Windows Vista.

    Consult the following link:

    What is the validation, and how does it work?

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  • JavaScript is not enabled a number of applications, including the synchronization.

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    It worked

    Re-extract files from the zip archive and fixed it... now works.

    Thanks for the help!

  • Change the number of digits after the decimal point


    We have created a report from ALS and the ALS very basic dashboard for customer agreeing the format of a table containing:

    Name of service SLA percentage

    blah blah 100%

    In order to display SLA percentage for the period concerned, we used the baselineAvailability/period/average metric.  With the 'normal' rendering engine, this displays the integers:

    However, as he is a figure of ALS, we report to two decimal places.  If we use the "raw" rendering engine, we get three decimal places - but no percentage symbol:

    Is it possible [easy] to choose the number of decimal places for a measure in a table?  Otherwise, is that you can add a text of token / custom field?

    Thank you


    Do not drag and Drop.

    With WCF, you can control just about everything, but there are limits in drag - move.

  • I lucky d buy photoschop and I wrong departure by clicking on the bad deal and I find myself on the page or you must enter the license number that I don't have car I did not type my number which is on the comment card is it ISP

    Hello I d buy a card of photoshop and I wrong departure I did not click on the bargain when I arrive on the choice so j comes directly or wonder the license number while I n have that card j code I hope make me understand because a card one is 150 euros UN bubget if someone can help m because I novice really am with all these new tetecharment system

    Thank you from me repoundre

    Redemption Code

    - and



    Maybe this will help you-

    Frequently asked questions - Upgrade Options TaurArian [MVP] 2005-2010 - Update Services

  • Possibility of blackBerry Smartphones to have some number of rings when the phone is "off" or "quiet"?

    When I turn my phone 'off' or 'calm' ring, I'd love to be able to program the phone for that comes from any call from my wife, while all other ring at all.  Any way to do it?  Thank you

    When your phone is 'off' no call will happen, but you can have the ringtone and following will continue to apply.

    When the profile is defined for you calm down can have important calls pass: scroll to profiles > click on > scroll down > advanced > scroll down for important calls > touch menu > you can create a new exception or use the s 'important call' a > edit > add a contact in the top bar, for example, your wife, you can also choose a ringtone custom for important calls.  Now, even if the phone is set to silent or vibrate, the important call will ring through.

    Hope this helps you.

  • notification of iMessage on Mac displaying the phone number, not name

    Only, I imported my contacts from my phone to my Macbook Air, but whenever I get a notification of text at the top right of my screen, it shows the phone number, not the name of the contact. Once I go into iMessage, the name is displayed. That's all just annoying that I don't know who texted me until I actually open iMessage. iCloud is enabled for my Mac and my iPhone.

    Check system preferences > Notifications > view Message

  • iPhone 6 s most will not recognize my access code and has now disabled the phone.

    Helllo, I just got a new iPhone 6s over yesterday. I set up the fine and added my footprint and the password following the instructions. I've also updated the operating system most recent.  Today while out, he kept asking me to put in my password every time I used the phone. I went to try and see if I could lesson the number of times he was asking me this.  He asked for my password, I put in and clicked off the coast I wanted a password used.  Since then he continues to claim my access code again, but will not accept!  He has now disabled the phone that I can't at all.  Can someone please?  I don't want to delete the photos that I took today.  Thank you.

    Since your password does not work, you will need to restore as new.

    You have forgotten or wrong password

  • My speakers does not work when I talk on the phone but when I have my headphones or have the phone up to my ear people hear me perfectly fine, please help.

    My iphone does not work on audio speaker and everything is perfectly fine, but when I'm on the phone and put my phone on speaker, no one can hear me not at all, but when I have the phone to my ear, or have headphones in people can hear me very well. I don't think it's a software problem, that my phone is updated with ios 9.3.5. Can someone help me please on this issue.

    Force restart the phone now sleep and home for 10 seconds, button until the Apple logo comes back again. You won't lose data.

    Have you tried plugging the headphones into an output a few times?

    Does say "headphones" when you toggle the volume and no headphones attached?

    More tips here:

    If you hear no sound or distorted sound from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch speaker - Apple Support

  • Does not touch the iPhone 6 after 18 months of use.  Apple Service Center is not able to solve the problem it could material being associated and returned the phone, now I'm stuck with this expensive junk, the Iphone above 6 serious problem?

    I am in India, I was using Iphone 6, 16GB, for the last 18 months, bought in Australia, progressively, the touch screen not responding. Then the problem started to happen frequently. I said, all ideas update, (9.3.2) reset, restore, etc., etc., nothing helped, finally the Apple so-called service center has confirmed that it is a hardware problem, is not repairable and advised me to return the phone and scrap it or to pay nearly 60% of the phone cost to get another phone as replacement. (It might be a refurbished phone).  As I see a lot of complaints in the blogs on the problems of the iphone 6, Apple has not taken any measure to solve my problem and trying to make more money on behalf of replacement... Now I'm stuck with such a pricey gadget... should I buy new Iphone?

    Sorry, but an iPhone can be repaired by Apple or a Service provider authorized Apple in the country of purchase. If you think of buying a new device, buy it in the country where you will use it will save you a lot of trouble if you need service.

    And, according to usage, a 16 GB model might not have enough free space left to work properly, which can also cause the phone to lag and unresponsive at times.

  • HELP my z1 of the phone will not turn on


    I have a Xperia Z1 Compact, 2 years older. My phone is off, although it has 65% battery. When I try to charge my phone, it displays "your device off due to overheating, charging will continue once the machine to cool down. I left for 24 hours, but it shows the same thing. When I try to turn it on, the "powered by android" sony xperia logo appears, and then the screen goes black again.

    I had recently upgraded to one of the latest versions of Android and had nothing, but late questions memory is available to 58%.

    I tried using the volume up + power on, also, I held the red button in the sim card slot down untyil it vibs 3 times... .but it does not help. My PC cannot detect the phone.

    Help, please

    Sounds like the core is very well, IE: bios and loading but screen then when it is completely start he encounters a problem and shuts down so it could be something else that may be a hardware issue as a chip of Ram etc so you can either return your unit to place of purchase or contact the Xperia and your device inspected

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