Right click does not work on the shape of the oracle

I created a form that is customized by using template.fmb
When a user tries to put some data in the text field and right clikc the mouse, the menu does not come.
In fact, nothing happens when right click of the mouse.

Please help me on this one and let me know if I am missing any configurations or all libraries...

Thank you

Unfortunately, you must assign the context menu for each item by using the Context Menu of the element property. Also, unfortunately, the built-in Set_Item_Property() you cannot set this property during execution; You must set the value of the property in the design. You can use the library Java JDAPI dyamically change your binary forms (.fmb). Search the Forum on "JDAPI" for more information on the use of this library. If you are not competent Java, only option available for you would select all the elements that you want to use this menu drop-down and set the mass.


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