Satellite A300-1mz boot Vista too long

Hi all...

I ask for your support for a strange problem that plagues my * a300-1mz * since the first day.
* The start of the O.S*. (windows vista home edition) * long * for my patience. * Lifetime * is more than * 2 min, 30 sec *.
Amazing for a dual core2duo and 4 GB of ram.

The screen * "Please wait" * rest for most of the time.

I always use the Hibernate feature, but sometimes I have to restart and its duration is too long.
I ask you a solution.

Thank you


I advise you to check the programs and utilities in the start option. You can start to type this in RUN msconfig.

As I now Tempro utility (utility of fingerprints if available) takes enough shortly that it scans for update

2 defragment your drive with any defragmentator like Diskeeper and Raxco Perfect disk, clean the entire system (registry, remove duplicated files) with software such as Winutility, Tuneup

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  • Satellite A300-1mz: update Bios or not?


    I have a Satellite a300-1mz PSAGCE and I've never update of the Bios. It is bios Insyde 1.70 (24/11/2008)

    [This | = 2 & selFamily = 2 & selSeries = 153 & selProduct = 781 & selSho rtMod = 746 & language = 13 & selOS = 26 & selType = 4 & d = yearuploa & monthupload = & dayupload = & useDate = null & mode = Chinas allMa & search = & action = search & macId = & country = all & be lectedLanguage = 13 & type = 4 & page = 1 & ID = 67131 & DISO =-1 & driverLanguage = 42]

    Should be the latest version, right?
    If I decide to upgrade, what are the benefits? It is really necessary or just recommended?

    Furthermore, if I would upgrade with a new 500 GB hard drive, it works correctly with the bios 1.70 or new hard drive needs higher BIOS?
    Finally, what hd you advice for me between this two samsung [HM500JI | _ cd = 446 & ppmi = # 1159] * and * [HM500LI | _ cd = 373 & ppmi = # 1159] and this wd [wd5000bevt |] especially low noise and temperature?

    The current 250 GB fj-simens is very noise and she is very hot with little work...
    I would like to find a hd that does not exceed 45note ° with all night, video editing and long scan and which will be very quiet...

    Thank you

    > If I decide to upgrade, what are the benefits? It is really necessary or just recommended?
    The BIOS update is recommended only if you have problems with your laptop.
    If your laptop is running properly, then a BIOS update is not necessary!

    > Besides, if I would upgrade with a new 500 GB hard drive, it works correctly with the 1.70 bios or new HDD needs higher BIOS?
    The new HARD drive should be recognized by the BIOS correctly event it s an old version.
    It's not easy to say what HARD drive is the best.
    Usually faster HARD drive with rpm higher can be stronger and can develop more heat as a slower HARD drive.

    But in most cases it is not question of speed, HARD drive is it shouldn't t be a temperature problem

  • Need some special Win7 drivers for Satellite A300 1MZ


    I have a laptop Toshiba Satellite A300 1MZ, model number: PSAGCE-03T00QIT.
    I installed Windows 7 Home Premium 32 bit of Italian language. in my device manager I have 3 device called 'Periferica sistema di base', but I don't know what driver is needed for them.

    I have installed all the drivers of your site by selecting:

    Product type: * portable *.
    Family: * Satellite *.
    Series of products: * Satellite a series *.
    Model: * Satellite A300 +.
    Short model No.: * PSAGCE *.
    Operating system: * Windows 7-32 bit *.
    Driver type: * everything *.
    Country: * everything *.
    Language: * everything *.

    Thank you for your support.

    > in my device manager I have 3 device called 'Periferica sistema di base', but I don't know which driver is necessary for them


    There is a very simple solution how to find out which driver do you need
    The doc HowTO tells you how to check and identify a device in Device Manager:

    By the way: a base system device could be Bluetooth or card reader controller
    However, the statement above should help you!

  • Re: Satellite A300-145 with Vista 32 maximum RAM?

    Hi all!

    I have satellite A300-145 with Vista 32 home Premimume - now on laptop installed 2 modules of 1 GB of RAM (for mode dual channel)

    Q: if I replace the RAM to 2 modules of 2 GB of RAM this mode dual channel still & 4 GB RAM?
    -May support A300-145 4 GB RAM? and Vista 32? (Intel GM965 chipset have support 4GB RAM)


    Satellite A300-145 was equipped with a Mobile Intel GL960 Express Chipset. Or I m wrong?
    AFAIK this chipset provides only the 2 GB support

    > If I replace the RAM to 2 modules of 2 GB of RAM this mode dual channel still & 4 GB RAM?
    32 bit Vista will recognize only about 3.2 GB.

  • Satellite A300-1MZ - too short battery working time

    I have a * toshiba a300-1mz * since last February.
    Since the first use, the battery life seems very short.

    It's just * 1h30m * balancing of Pentecost with a wi - fi mode on
    With the economy mode, it increases very little...: * 1h45m * max.

    I would like to point out that if I use some flash games on line or software that use a lot of cpu (over 60%), lifetime decreases to only * 1 h - 1h10m * max also with aircraft registration...

    I have everything you ask if everything is in standard...

    Thank you...


    Don t worry buddy the 1.45 min is OK and it s working time normal battery for ordinary 6-cell battery.

    My U400 battery lasts about 2 hours but my U400 is a bit smaller and doesn t display LCD needs power as a 15.4 laptop.

    See you soon

  • Satellite A300-1MZ - Smart tool recognize problems with the drive

    Hi all...
    I have a * a300-1mz * I * a problem with the hard drive *.

    [This |] is the _screen to a s.m.a.r.t. pens (* Disc 3.3.0 * Info) who acknowledge some problems with the disk.

    Can I send the laptop as collateral for a free replacement of the same disc?

    Among other things, sometimes * the computer freezes * no option to manually turn off the laptop (I think it always comes from the same disk):
    the screen stays fixed and 'Win Vista' does nothing comands.
    same "ctrl + alt + delete" Task Manager does not. The disc indicator light remains lit, but itself no longer believes it works


    > Can I send the laptop as collateral for a free replacement of the same disc?
    If the authorized service provider can notice this problem too, you can get a new HARD drive for free. The ASP will order it and swap it out. It is a free procedure if your laptop is under warranty.

    > sometimes the computer crashes
    The HARD drive is perhaps the reason for this?
    Contact a service provider authorized giving them all the details and information. They can fix that also. :)

  • How can I configure Satellite A300-148 boot from the recovery partition?


    I had some problems when trying to install MAC - OSX, for her, where the partition table is deleted, then I retrieve the entire score as it is, but I can not start in any case.
    Then I decide temproraly install another copy of vista drive Vista (not the partition), then set up my laptop to boot from the recovery partition and reinstall the good copy.
    My problem is, it's all here, the only problem is, I need to configure the system to boot from the recovery partition.

    My device is:
    Satellite A300-148

    Thanks to the device.


    If you have already changed the partitions of HARD drive and deleted files from the HARD disk, then your HARD drive recovery is too bad!

    But to make sure that the HARD drive recovery is not possible please press F8 immediately after the power of the laptop. Usually a start menu should appear and you should be able to choose the option called fix my computer. Then you should be able to choose recovery option.

    But like I said that this is only possible if your HARD drive was not formatted!

    If you have formatted the HARD drive and changed partitions then you will need a Toshiba DVD recovery that you have not because you didn t he create at the beginning. Is this good? Well, then you must order the recovery DVDs if you want to retrieve the laptop to factory settings.

    Welcome them

  • Satellite A300 - Downgrade from Vista to XP

    Hi all
    I just bought a new Satellite A300 laptop, preloaded with VISTA with XP Downgrade option.

    I finished the VISTA (Setup) and the recovery of the DVD. Now, I really want to downgrade to Windows XP, using the supplied with the Toshiba laptop recovery CD, but the instructions are vague.
    I tried F12 at startup and select CD/DVD as the boot, but it seems to hang on the black screen.

    There are files on the disc (3.2 GB) I covered it on another PC. I also tried the option of recovering your system start-up (F8), but it does not determine that the drive is a recovery / disk backup. I don't want to just run right XP installation of my copy of license of Volume for obvious reasons.

    Does anyone have information / procedure on how to switch using the Toshiba provided CD?

    Any help gratefully received.
    With our thanks,


    You hear that the drive reads the disc XP if you boot from it? What is the computer hangs on empty screen or if you get an error message?

    You can boot from another drive? Maybe the downgrade does not work properly or it s a problem with CD/DVD player. Check it!

    Sorry, but at the moment I can t tell more.

    Good bye

  • Satellite A300-1mz I use the recovery disks after an upgrade of the HARD drive?

    I'm upgrading the disk hard of my * toshiba a300-1mz *, but I am sure that I can use the * recovery disks * marked the first boots to the l.o. (vista)

    I expect your support...
    Thank you very much...


    Yes, you can do it!
    If the HARD drive has been recognized by the BIOS, then you should boot from the recovery disk Toshiba in order to reinstall the operating system which has been pre-installed by Toshiba.

    Welcome them

  • Re: Is there a way to check any electrical problem on my Satellite A300-1MZ?

    as ITRE I check for all * problems * electronics on my toshiba a300-1mz
    Unfortunately, I think there is no problem and that's why I need your support.

    In the majority of the desktop PC, I find direct utility to check the voltages (connectors and motherboard), but with my laptop I do? ...
    I hope you know to help me...
    Kind regards...

    What is the problem with your laptop satellite?
    If there is an electrical problem, you should contact Toshiba service and not to some experiences. Warranty is still valid?

  • Satellite A300 - 10 M - adapter no longer works

    I've had my Satellite A300 - 10 M for 5 months now.

    Today the power adapter went 'pop' (literally with a ' pop' sound) and no longer works.
    Battery is fine, computer laptop is fine, it is just the power adapter.

    I have the reliability of refund thing so I phoned this number first, but they are not open on a weekend.
    Since this is a day Bank holiday here in England, I will probably be able to get through until Tuesday.

    My warranty will cover the replacement of the adapter?

    I have to send my laptop in, or will they send just the replacement AC?

    Thank you


    Of course the warranty would cover the replacement of the power adapter.

    As far as I know that the international standard warranty covers all parts of a year long laptops.

    Your laptop is 5 months old and so the warranty should still be valid!

    Get in touch with your ASP your country and ask for help!


  • Can I put a Satellite A300-15 b Vista 64-bit?


    I think to buy a satellite A300-15B, which sounds like a great machine for the price, but when I asked at the store if I can run Vista 64-bit, they told me that I can't do.

    What is the point of having 4 GB RAM (8 GB disposable?) then?

    Please can someone confirm if I have the opportunity to opt or not? (Living in the United Kingdom)

    Thank you

    Have you checked page under drivers download 64-bit Vista and the availability of tools on Toshiba?

    Check if the drivers are available for this model of laptop PSAJ4E.

    > What is the point of having 4 GB RAM
    Good question for Microsoft. ;)

    By the way: is 4 GB maximum RAM capacity for this model of laptop.

  • Many screens scratched and crashed on Satellite A300-1MZ

    Hi all
    a new problem with my * a300-1mz * :-( I'm very worried...
    Sometimes my computer laptop crashes irretrievably with the inconsolable * screen *:
    [ |]

    It happens often in the "* put off" laptop * but also when I'm * using other software * (for example with the antirootkit gmer, sometimes crashes with the same screen note)
    I ask for your support to find the problem and its resolution.

    * the only solution is a very bad off system *: I press the power button for several seconds until the laptop is not off. I think that this procedure is not too good.

    I hope that there are no problems with my video card: * ati radeon *.
    * mobility hd 3470.*

    * I look forward to your soutien.*


    I can give you only a few suggestions;

    First of all, I think you should check if this issue would be seen on the external monitor.
    I guess this won't be visible but it s worth it to check out what
    If it is not visible on the second external monitor then I would say that the problem is related to the GPU (graphics chip).

    Of course updating the graphics card driver and BIOS update should be performed if the updates are available on the European driver Toshiba page

    If doesn't help t update software, then material should be checked by a technician of ASP.

    My laptop went crazy in the past two weeks because of the high temperature too
    In my country we have a temperature of 36 degrees C and cooling modules running all the time to cool the CPU and the GPU then maybe it s a question of temperature

  • How to install XP in Satellite A300-1BI with Vista


    A few days ago, I bought a Satellite A300-1BI with Windows Vista preinstalled. I don't like this OS and I want to degrade for Windows XP and also install my Ubuntu Linux distribution, but I cannot install lame of them because the hard disk appears as "not connected" on men to install XP and Ubuntu... It seems that the laptop is made ONLY for Vista and I think that it's... pathetic...

    Can someone help me? I tried to search for information on the web, forums, etc., but it seems I'm the only one with this problem.

    Thank you!

    Estemon sorry but I cannot believe that you wrote here. It's more poised to last a year and you can find so many threads here with the same question. In a minute I found, for example, what a

    It's Satellite Pro, but the principle remains the same.
    Check it please satellite a category on this forum and you will find answer to your question.

  • Satellite A300-IH load Vista slowly


    I just bought the laptop satellite A300-IH, but this computer is very slow to load vista Home premium.
    When I turn on my pc, I have to attend 3-4 minutes until I use the pc.

    I have not install the software.

    Help, please!

    Do you know why you Vista to load slowly?
    He starts slowly because of the high level background processes that are loaded at the beginning also.

    All the tools of Toshiba and preinstalled utilities are running in the background and they should be loaded at the beginning to make sure that all the features would be features correctly.

    If you want you can see the msconfig Startup tab and you'll find applications that are run in the context of the operating system.
    If you want, you can disable some but don t wonder if some functions will not work.

    Last but not least an Antivirus program may extend the time of start-up


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