Satellite A300 - 21H - means that the hidden partition?


I have a Satellite A300 - 21H and using MS vista but will get soon dual boot ubuntu.
When I look to the top of the size of my disk I see drive C is Go 148 and then there's an E drive also to 147 GB.
The E drive is ntfs (contains a folder named file text and drive HARD recovery) - I assumed it was the recovery disk, but it seems pretty huge!.

Then I looked in the manula see retrieve it should be 1.5 GB and there is also a shadow of 1.5 GB on the disk drive.
My question is what is the E drive, I can merge with the C drive? and I can wipe and always use the 1.5 gigabytes to retrieve things? and the two backup DVD I made what they are for?

Thanks in advance:


Hey Buddy

The book contains 3 partitions;
A partition contains the operating system Vista
The second partition contains the folder of HARD disk recovery. This HARD drive recovery is necessary for HARD drive recovery procedure. You can grab the laptop without using the disk. You can boot from the HARD drive and can start the HARD drive recovery process.
But it s is strongly recommended to create a recovery disc! This could be useful if something goes wrong with the preinstalled operating system and HARD drive recovery.

Last partition (one hidden) contains the backup files in Vista called Windows re.
These backup files are needed to repair the operating system in critical situations
It s no. recommended to remove, delete or merge this partition!

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    I had some problems when trying to install MAC - OSX, for her, where the partition table is deleted, then I retrieve the entire score as it is, but I can not start in any case.
    Then I decide temproraly install another copy of vista drive Vista (not the partition), then set up my laptop to boot from the recovery partition and reinstall the good copy.
    My problem is, it's all here, the only problem is, I need to configure the system to boot from the recovery partition.

    My device is:
    Satellite A300-148

    Thanks to the device.


    If you have already changed the partitions of HARD drive and deleted files from the HARD disk, then your HARD drive recovery is too bad!

    But to make sure that the HARD drive recovery is not possible please press F8 immediately after the power of the laptop. Usually a start menu should appear and you should be able to choose the option called fix my computer. Then you should be able to choose recovery option.

    But like I said that this is only possible if your HARD drive was not formatted!

    If you have formatted the HARD drive and changed partitions then you will need a Toshiba DVD recovery that you have not because you didn t he create at the beginning. Is this good? Well, then you must order the recovery DVDs if you want to retrieve the laptop to factory settings.

    Welcome them

  • Satellite A300-1MT - how do I access the hidden partition


    I have the model Satellite A300-1MT and I don't know how to access the hidden partition.


    Why you want to access the hidden partition?

    Do you know why this hidden partition has been created on the HARD drive?

    This hidden partition is created automatically by Vista and it contains backup files that are needed to repair the operating system if something will go wrong.

    It s not advised to access this partition or delete it!

  • Satellite A200-10W: can I collect if I delete the hidden partition

    I think Linux installation on my toshiba laptop, but before I do that I have a few questions.

    I noticed I can do with my recovery dvd recovery, but I also have a hidden partition on the HARD drive.
    If I install linux (and modify the original scores) can I still make recovery from recovery DVD I got with my new laptop?
    (If I can't do what are my options to install linux and always perform a recovery to Vista later?)

    Hi Luka

    Yes, you will be able to recover the laptop back to factory settings if you delete the hidden partition.
    In this case, you will need to use the Toshiba Recovery CD to get to factory settings.
    The hidden partition is used by Vista. Vista uses this partition for some backups and repair opportunities.
    The use of the recovery CD will format the whole HARD drive and also create the partition hidden too.


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  • Satellite L300 - I can recover from the hidden partition


    The vista on my L300 will not start.

    I try to use the modem for the first time, but he could not communicate with the line. So I delete in "Device Manager".

    After the reboot, vista boot screen appears only for 3 seconds then restart the laptop. There is no way, no safe mode...

    Contact the hd as an external drive XP say 'unknown' 0 bytes, with Linux just like named 'vista' and I could open all the files.

    I have no recovery. DVD burning with the Toshiba Recovery program has failed tree times and so I give up.

    the hidden partition is ok. On my laptop from a different manufacture, I can recover from this hidden partition. Is it possible to do it on my L300?

    Thanks for the information



    The hidden partition you want to say has nothing to do with the Toshiba recovery image.
    There are files for system restore, and it is a feature of Vista, not Toshiba. If you want more information about the restore of the system here is a good article from Wikipedia:

    The HARD drive recovery folder contains the original recovery image and if you don t have access to this folder and do not burn the recovery disc, you need a new.
    You can get one from an ASP, but you can also order a disc here:

    Good bye

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    Dear members...

    Good day...

    I have a problem with Toshiba Satellite A300-243, I installed the Bios after you download from Toshiba Web site, and when it's over, he restarted the machine and did not work, just turned on.

    So if any body can help me to solve this problem, I'm happy.

    Thank you...


    It looks like that the BIOS update has no...

    What can you do now?
    Yourself you can do nothing. The only change is the authorized service provider. Technicians can try to reflash the ROM module

    Sorry mate, but in this case you need professional help.

  • The hidden partition

    Hi dear,

    I'm here looking for a solution for my problem restore acer Apire E1-571.

    I bought this laptop as refurbished store Curry with 8 pre-installed windows.

    After that the first boot and windows update, I immediately created WindowsImgageBackup on external hard drive.

    For reasons couldn't start windows. Then I created a windows recovery CD a friend 8 and through the recovery options. Auto repair all, refresh and delete everything and reinstall windows are failed one after the other. Then to restore the WindowsImageBackup Windows. At the end of the process got "Windows successfully restored" to this day, that the backup was created.

    To restart windows, it has managed to pass the acer logo and got a flashing screen and never goes out of this screen.

    Then I managed to with help from someone on the net to pass through the former function of F8 and run windows Safe Mode, and it has begun to find mode safe mode with active network.

    I went to settings of computer laptop-general update or reinstall from there, but get error message says 'there are some missing files, your recovery media will provide these files'. Of course, I have no recovery media! Have one, will cost me £60 and 14 working days as I told by acer support.

    The problem is that the hard disk 16 GB hidden recovery partition created by acer. I ran the DISKPART command to CLEAR the hidden attribute to create the recovery from it, media but CLEAR command never works with this partition despite test it with other partitions and it works fine.

    Is it possible to not hidden this partition and create the installation OR acer media make it impossible to get the 60 books of clients despite the payment of pray complete product including the HIDDEN PARTITION at the time of the purchase?

    Note: All assistance should consider my laptop works ONLY in Mode safe mode with network enable and can access the internet by any download but not all facilities!

    Thanks in advance for any help.

    As if in response your other post, I suggest that you try this link to view these scores of Win8 explore using the command diskpart as administrator. You can then transfer them to a USB stick and use it for recovery.


    Jack E/NJ

  • Removal of the hidden Partition

    HI, I'm going to rebuild my system with Windows Vista, as it has been bundled with XP.

    In doing so, I considered the removal of the hidden partition.  If I delete it, will be I have only be removing the option to restore the default settings?  I did recovery DVD, so if this is the case, I should be fine.  I have will always have the ability to strike the thinkvantage button at start up and have some other tools that are there, such as diagnosis, or don't lose that as well.

    Thank you


    I deleted my hidden also partition after recovery disks.   You can use the discs to restore everything, including the hidden partition if necessary.

    The removal of the partition information is here:

    An excellent guide to a clean install of Vista is here:

    Good luck!


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    Good day.

  • Satellite A300 - grayish colors on the screen

    Where to play games on my Satellite A300 (PSAGCA-02W010) and looking at photos of all colors seem a bit dull and grayish. When I called they said them it could be "limits the display" and I could have looked but I would be charged $120 if it was because of the limitations, I was wondering if anyone else has had similar problems with screens.

    It looks like my companion of hewlett packard LCD display which is very old.

    Any advice would be helpful!

    I have Satellite A300 and colors on the display are clear and bright.
    What games do you play? Something in the dark?
    Have you noticed the same thing if you use Vista OS for the daily work as Web-based applications or in the office?

  • Satellite Pro C660-225: shrink the recovery partition englarge C partition

    When I first came to this product, prior to the opening, I thought that all 500 GB would go to the first partition, but then I saw that the recovery partition has half the 500 GB just for recovery which is unnessecery.

    But I had no problem with it at the time and used the recovery (after the backup to a disk) for ubuntu partition, so I have a dual boot.

    But now I came to realize that the games I download are taking up more room on my C drive. The problem I have is that I can reduce my recovery partition and expand the C drive.

    Does anyone know a work around?

    You will need a 3rd party software to reduce the recovery partition and add the partition of the free space in the existing C.
    I would recommend a freeware tool called Gparted

    But before you start this making, create a recovery disc!
    This is recommended in the case where you would try to put the computer laptop configuration using this disc.

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    When I connect eSATA disk HARD Satellite A300 is locked and the HARD drive is not detected. I tried to connect the HARD drive with both eSATA - SATA + USB power cable Cable when it is powered OFF with the same locked A300 result.
    Reloading utility chipset change anything.

    PS. on another computer same portable HARD drive works fine in both previous cases
    Thanks for the attention

    AFAIK, the chipset drivers are responsible for the usb, esata functions but you already reinstalled it. Have you tried to remove the chipset drivers in Device Manager and reinstall again? If still does not solve your problem, it may be the operating system itself. Using the preinstalled operating system or Windows disk?

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    This kind of message is a scam. Never respond to such messages.

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