Satellite A300D-151 - upgrade graphics card - possible?

I have a Toshiba Satellite A300D-151.
Is it possible to install a new graphics card, the vehicle currently has a mobility radeon graphics card 3100

Hi mate

Unfortunately, these updates is NOT possible.
You can update only some some parts like RAM or HARD drive, but upgrading the graphics card is definitely not possible.

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    I have a Toshiba Satellite A300D-17F
    Is it possible to install a new graphics card, the vehicle currently has a mobility radeon HD3650 512 MB DDR2 graphics card
    When I opened the laptop I see that my video card is not built in.
    I want to improve whit this - DDR3 HD4650 1 GB MXM

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    > When I opened the laptop I see that my video card is not built in

    Theoretically, you can pass the GPU if it is not integrated. However, Toshiba does not approve the Cpu/gpu upgrade:

    Anyway, if you decide to update, contact center service before and ask them about Gpu compatibility.

  • Satellite P20/P25: upgrade graphics card

    Yes, I read all the same messages as you say, but it's not possible, says the guy on the following link, it did.

    Hi the exact words are

    ' Hey man check it out I gots the same laptop as you man and I found a map of Grafx mobil a geforce 4 GB you can get off the sites and now his to 128 MB, its amazing don't listen to not the guy at best buy if they say that you can not get an upgrade (all these guys get is a sale) because I did I took it to my local computer guy and he did... BBUT the main reason why a lot of ppl don't do is b/c it's a GRULING! "process because the right of keyboards above the hard drive then buy a card off a Nvida site hope this has given is a man of hope"

    Can anyone comment on what I would like to be able to upgrade my P20.


    Hi Richard

    Update graphics card is serious theme and my only comment to that is: pick up serious source info and not in the forum where everyone can say learn all about laptops.

    Sorry, but I'm still a little skeptical about some of the comments. I had P20 for about a year and a half and it is very nice for laptop (desktop replacement). The unit is powerful enough and with max RAM you can have a very nice unit. But never forget that this device is not so flexible as desktop computers for the hardware upgrade.

    Another thing: a few months ago, I googled around and searched some independent reseller (non-Toshiba) where I can buy parts of different material. I can tell you one. You can get everything but they don t offer updated graphics card. Guess why!

    Good speed with upgrade, but please don t claim later that the unit is too hot or too strong, maybe or anything else!

  • Satellite Pro M70: upgrade graphics card and the disk is not in 'my computer '.


    I have the M70. and is it possible that I can up grade the grafix chip? becuse I like to play games on the move... and im at the end of half-life 2 and also it keeps Freezin' and its very slow! -anyyone help with this?


    I have no hard drive... I go to 'My computer' and its only one hard drive and emulation 2 readers... im another lack... could I have help please [screenshot attached!] - "".

    Thank you


    1.) No, it is not possible to update the graphics card.

    2.) you have installed several other applications (disk emulation software) which may have a negative influence on the player display. But I found some info that might help you:;en-us;320553

  • Re: Satellite A300D-126 - defective graphics card - where to get a new?


    I got this model and the graphics card is defective,
    Where can I buy another?

    Thank you.

    GPU card is pictured []


    As I know the GPU is part of the motherboard.
    You cannot remove the chip because he welded s.
    You will need to replace the motherboard.

    PS: all parts can be ordered from Toshiba partner in your country. But the new motherboard is not cheap.

  • Re: Satellite L670D-11 q and upgrade graphics card


    I want to buy alaptop where I can upgrade the graphics card in the future.

    You can do this on this model - Satellite L670D-11

    Also is there any other price of £500-600 books to consult laptops where you can update the graphs?

    Thank you


    Before continue us the discussion about control upgrade graphics card, this document -

  • HP Pavilion Elite HPE-599uk: upgrade graphics card


    I want to upgrade graphic card of NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 of NVIDIA Quadro K620 2 GB graphics card
    Extra flat
    DP to DVI - D adapter

    I want to know this new fit to slot (NVIDIA Quadro K620 2 GB graphics card graphics card
    Metal support low profile)

    Best regards


    It adapts.

    You need not use a low profile support.

    The original graphics card had a support double wide slot in full size.

  • Upgrade graphics card for slimline HP dc7800 desktop computer


    I want to upgrade graphics card on my ultra-flat dc700 HP desktop computer, you can install Radeon HD 6450 on it?


    You can not install all video cards in the dc7800 USDT.  See page 16 of the quickspecs below.

  • can I upgrade graphics card on pavilion dm 4?

    can I upgrade graphics card on pavilion dm 4?

    Laptops are unlike desktop computers.

    Desktop PC have an open architecture that make the relatively simple upgrade.

    PC laptop and portable access to the e/s available and put at level of the slots through the doors of the inspection and often almost total disassembly.

    Laptops are also limited by the BIOS and the physical attributes systemboard on the video modules and wireless can be used for upgrades.

    A BIOS of the laptop has a white list of the modules that are acceptable. If a module wireless or video is not on the whitelist, then it cannot be used. If a notebook THAT BIOS found during the POST (power on self test) as a module not on the white list has been installed it will warn you and it won't start the laptop computer in the operating system installed.

    If money is no object you can update the video through an exotic external graphics solution like Vidock Gfx.

  • Satellite A30 921: is it possible to upgrade graphics card?

    Is it possible to update my graphics card? I have a Satellite A30 921 that comes with the Mobile Radeon 9000 card.
    I was wondering if it is possible to update my graphics card

    Hi Daniel,.

    The graphics card in your A30 is actually a built-in chip in the motherboard unlike a desktop PC where it is a separate card. This makes it rather difficult/impossible replacement without replacing the motherboard together.

    Kind regards

  • Can Satellite Pro L500-1 - I upgrade graphics card?

    I have a Satellite Pro L500-1 and would like to know if I can pass the (now an ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4600 1024 MB) graphics card at least 2 GB one.

    Is this possible and what model is proposed?
    Thank you very much


    This has been discussed several times here in the forum and no, the replacement of the GPU / isn t possible upgrade.

  • Satellite U400 - I would like to upgrade graphics card

    I recently bought a Satellite U400 and would like to upgrade the chipset Intel 4 of the series, to a high-end graphics card.

    What cards are compatible with ths portable computer, who is the best, and how can it be installed?

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you!


    Maybe you should read this doc Toshiba FAQ:

    + Is it possible to upgrade the CPU/GPU of a Toshiba laptop +.

    There you can find information that a GPU upgrade is definitely not possible.


  • Upgrade Satellite A200 - 14 d graphics card.


    I would like to ask if anyone knows something about upgrading graphics in the Satellite A200 - 14 d.
    MMY graphics card is NVIDIA GeForce Go 7300 - 256 MB GDDR2 and I want to update something better, if possible.
    Please respond to me directly or answer here. Ideas and guides, you will enjoy.


    This issue is one of the most frequently asked questions here in the forum.
    It would be pointless to ask him again if you use the option of searching this forum

    Once again: GPU upgrade is not possible! In most cases, the chip is part of the mobo.

  • Satellite P850 138 - updated graphics card is possible?

    My Toshiba Satellite P850 138 comes with an nvidia GT 630 M graphics card. I know to replace the graphics card (if it is even possible) is a long-term work... but can someone tell me if I CAN upgrade the graphics card and if yes, what options are available?

    Very often on this forum, we discussed on GPU, or replacement upgrade and you will find many topics with the same theme.
    You have a mobile unit and upgrade possibilities are very limited due to many different factors.
    Generally the upgrade GPU is not supported and you should not experiment.
    Nice article on this subject, you can find on

    By the way: it must be fairly new laptop model. Why you didn t buy machine with more powerful and better graphics card?

  • Can I upgrade graphics card on my computer satellite phone?

    I've had my Toshiba Equium now for 4 years and I was wondering if it was possible to get the graphics card, replaced by a new and stronger?

    Wouldn't be financial or just logic would it be better to exchange for a new one (where I could get £130 as Toshiba Announces)

    If anyone can help on this issue. I use my laptop to play WoW as well and this is the main reason to get a new card, maybe because the game train a lot and told me that the change in the graphics card would be useful.

    In general graphics card can not be upgraded with one stronger. Each laptop model is designed for certain hardware configuration, including the optimal cooling system. Fastest graphics card will produce more heat and of the entire cooling system will not be able to cool the laptop s material.

    More info on graphics card upgrade, you can read under

    I can see your laptop is 4 years old. Maybe it's time for new and more powerful notebook. ;)

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