Satellite L300 - where can I get the Toshiba Recovery disk?

I have the same problem! I bought my Toshiba Satellite L300 a month ago, but the Windows Vista recovery disc was not included in the package. Y at - it an option to backup or recover the Windows operating system, just in case I need to reformat my laptop?


I read the user manual, you would know that you must create a Toshiba recovery disc yourself then please consult your user manual!

And here you can learn more about the recovery of a laptop:

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  • Satellite L300 - where can I get the recovery utility


    I have the Satellite L300 laptop with the reinstalled Windows 7.
    A year ago, I installed an original Version of Windows Vista, but I created a Windows 7 recovery disk.
    I recorded all of the files on another partition recovery, but I need the recovery utility to create the installation disk.
    Where can I find this utility?

    Thanks in advance


    You can not download it.
    The Toshiba recovery disc creator is preinstalled and you should always create the recovery disk before you change the operating system or anything on the HARD drive.
    Save files to another partition recovery won't help you because the recovery disk creator Toshiba will not recognize it

    Now, you will need to order the recovery disk if you want to recover the computer laptop s factory settings.

  • Re: Satellite L300 - 1 5 - where to get the Toshiba Recovery disk?

    I had Windows reinstalled on my laptop after having a problem with the BIOS (result of having windows and ubuntu on the same machine! But I know want to do a recovery disc that I forgot to do this before. I downloaded the creator of recovery disk but that you no longer have the recovery partition because they were erased when windows has been reinstalled.

    Any ideas on what it is better to do?

    Thanks :)

    That's what you had to do it when you bought your laptop. Now, you can get because it is no longer available on your laptop. Ubuntu installation wiped you.
    Now, you can:

    1 the order [Recovery disk |] Toshiba for the money
    2 get windows copy the installation disc. All the drivers, you can find on the [European Toshiba driver Page |]

  • Where can I get the Vista recovery disc - Satellite P205D-S8802

    Hey guys,.

    Last year, I bought my Toshiba Satellite P205D-S8802
    I got no CD Recorvy, but if I want to do the training, the HARD disk I need the disk
    Where can I get the disc?
    I have the original Windows Vista Home premium (the button on the laptop is a Microsoft label)

    Thank you for the help


    To me, it seems that Satellite P205D-S8802 is a series of portable US.
    You should be able to order the recovery of the ASP disk in your country.
    Otherwise, you need an original Vista from Microsoft and the pilots could be downloaded from the American pilot site.
    But note; You may not use the Vista serial number which is placed at the bottom.
    It belongs to the preinstalled Vista and it s version just an OEM

  • Satellite C660 - where can I get the description of detail on the BIOS update?

    Where can I get the description of detail on new changes to the bios, updated as of 02/14/12, version 1.50 - VICTORY for Satellite C660 PSC1NE?


    Unfortunately this information is not available for EMEA laptops. Toshiba WE sometimes I found this info, but for the moment, there is no cell phone similar with this version of the BIOS update.

    Anyway, if all is K with your laptop don't change anything.

  • Re: Satellite A300-1MO - can I use any Toshiba Recovery disk?

    I have an A300-1 MB.
    Can I use any Toshiba Recovery disk?
    Or is it as a specific for my A300-1 MB?

    I'm like a total noob...
    Someone pls help...!

    No, you cannot use any recovery disk, you must use the recovery disc designed for this model of laptop.
    The point is that recovery disk contains an image. The image is a package that contains the OS and Toshiba drivers
    If you want to use another recovery disc then the image would be installed with no compatible drivers and this could lead to other problems

    Every new notebook from Toshiba offers a Toshiba Recovery disk creator tool. This tool can create a recovery disk

  • Where can I get the Toshiba Tecra A9 for tools after formatting the HARD drive?

    I bought a laptop Tecra A9 with Vista Business. I would format because there are a lot of tools and programs on it the notebook already that I didn't need, and it's very slow.

    There is a "hidden partition", but if I use it to recover it installs all tools and software.
    Fortunately, there was a DVD of Vista Business in the area.
    So I would use that one.

    Now my question: some of the tools (Toshiba HDD protection, Fingerprint-Software) seem useful and I would like to reinstall as soon as he runs again. Where can I download them? I only found the drivers on the Toshiba site.

    Thank you very much!


    > Fortunately, there was a DVD of Vista Business in the area. So I would use that one.

    It's very strange because I know Toshiba laptops are supplied only with the Toshiba Recovery CD and not an original CD of Microsoft Vista.
    If you want to use this recovery CD, you will get the same OS preinstalled with all the drivers and tools such as at the beginning.

    In my opinion, you should remove all simply not necessary tools and operating system utilities and don t install the OS again!
    For registry cleaning, I recommend using the freeware program called CCleaner!

    Good bye

  • Satellite L300 - where can I download the recovery disk creator?

    Hi all

    I bought a L300 without OS and now his work well enough with Vista32. But I need to install Toshiba Recovery Disc Creator on this laptop. I tried several websites of toshiba, but I am unable to find this utility on the web (s) tosiba. Please help me with that and I appreciate if someone can send the download link for Toshiba Recovery Disc Creator Utility.

    Thank you


    Boyfriend sorry but the recovery disc creator Toshiba cannot be downloaded.
    Normally the creator Toshiba Recovery disk it s preinstalled on your laptop if the laptop comes with Windows Vista.

    The only way to get a recovery disk is to order a new Toshiba directly:

  • Satellite Pro A300 - can I get a new recovery disk?

    Hi people

    I want to do a clean install on my Satellite Pro A300 laptop, but the only thing is I can't find my recovery disc I made. When I did everything first he is there anywhere I can get a new one?
    I checked the section drivers but nothing is there

    Thank you


    If you have always installed the Vista version that was bundled with the laptop, you can create a new disc of recovery again.
    Just launch the Toshiba recovery disc creator and create a new one that s all the!

    In addition, you can reinstall Vista if you use HARD drive recovery option. Therefore, you need to go into the advanced boot menu (F8) and select Repair my computer. Some files are loaded and then you can choose the Toshiba Recovery option.
    But this is only possible on the preinstalled Vista version.

    In the worst cases, to order a new drive Toshiba Recovery directly:

    Good bye

  • Satellite L300 - where can I find the sound drivers?


    I removed Vista and installed XP Pro Service Pack 3, but I can't find the audio drivers right. I have a Toshiba Satellite L300N.
    I tried the audio driver on Toshiba download page. I also tried to install KB888111xpsp2.exe (support of the SAU) but no luck.

    If someone could help, I would be very grateful!

    Thank you



    Can you please explain what your problem is exactly?
    Why drivers on the Toshiba site do not work?

    In addition, you must install both patches from Microsoft. The second version (KB888111) isn't enough if you read the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
    You must uninstall version 1.0 of the Audio class driver high definition UAA before installing version 1. 0a.

    Then please install the hotfix else too:

    After installing the pachtes you can follow with sound installation.

    Good bye

  • Equium U400-146 - where can I get a new recovery disk?

    Hi guys

    Does anyone have the drive recovery for Equium U400-146? I don't have a copy on DVD andI lost the second partition. I'll call for new CD maybe, but I thought that someone can do this download on rapidshare or somewhere earlier.

    I did installed Vista, and all drivers, but its different programs somehow, utility are not the same.

    Someone help?


    Yes, maybe find you someone who has the same laptop and make a new record of recovery for you but you can order directly into a new to Toshiba:

    A new recovery disk is not free because it was your mistake didn t create you a. ;)

  • Satellite A135 - where can I get the CD to boot?

    Hello guys.

    Unfortunately I lost the CD of my computer Windows Vista Home Premium Satellite A135 boot. Is it possible that I can get one sent to me or something?

    I really appreciate it!

    What is an American model?

    I think Toshiba may send a copy for you, check the United States from Toshiba Web site for contact information.

  • Satellite L500 - where can I get the clip of restraint for the keyboard?


    A few weeks back, I bought a L500/00U, brilliant.

    Only problem so far, last night one of the clips of restraint on the broken keyboard. It was the SHIFT key that originally broke out, but because I use a lot the SHIFT key, I swapped retiner clips with the key on the keyboard.

    Anyway, my question is, how do I acquire a new retainer clip, I really like to avoid to return the laptop to the store, only just got all my software after a clean install of Windows 7 Ultimate RTM x 64.

    Thanks in advance.

    If the keyboard or else be replaced, why you think you lose something of the HARD drive?
    If technicians share the keyboard it has nothing to do with the OS preloaded with.
    Only the features will be tested and that s it.

    OS should not be installed again.
    Contact the nearest Toshiba authorized service in your country, explain the situation and they will help you in this regard.

  • Where can I get the right drivers for Satellite Z930 - PT23LA - 01 009?

    A little history: I recently bought a version of Win7 to a Z930 in Auckland from PB Tech shop. I've updated to a clean version of Win8 64-bit. My Win8 seems works ok but I noticed something strange in the Toshiba PC Health Monitor - apparently the Toshiba HDD/SSD Alert is not installed, so I don't understand not his iconic display in the health monitor (but the health monitor think my SSD is in "Good" shape - maybe it's reading the INTELLIGENT of my SSD interface, or maybe it's just saying 'Good' because the integrity monitor is apparently able to operate?)

    I can easily find different versions of the Toshiba HDD/SSD Alert Utility in questionable Web sites - download, but I really prefer to get my Toshiba support drivers. Which leads to my question:

    Where can I get the right drivers for PT23LA-01 009? NZ nor the webarea to Toshiba support have this model in their menus. The closest match seems to be

    There is probably not much difference between a PT23LA-01F and a PT23LA-01 P but it is a bit of concern to be download & install the drivers for a chip that is no my model...

    See you soon,.

    PS: advise me the area downloads for Toshiba support. He also advises "not all utilities are available for each model and operating system. During the installation of utilities, install the TOSHIBA value added first. "Sigh... so maybe my problem is that I installed the Win8 drivers & utilities order when build my own-building a Win8 pass win7? Wouldn't surprise me in the slightest... but if this is the case are here all other dependencies in these built?

    > Where can I get the right drivers for PT23LA-01 009?

    First series of Toshiba laptops (Australian, European, etc) is very similar to the other
    Your model of laptop Australian Satellite Z930 * PT23LA * series is the same as the European model Satellite Z930 * PT23LE * series.

    That's why the drivers, tools and utilities published for Satellite Z930 * PT23LE * series must be compatible with the Satellite Z930 * PT23LA * series.

    To get all drivers for Satellite Z930 * PT23LE *, you should check this page:

    There, you can get all win 8 - upgrade the drivers. Also the HDD/SSD Alert Utility v3.1.64.14

    Welcome them

  • Satellite Pro L350 - where can I get the new BIOS?

    I downloaded the new BIOS - 1.60 for Satellite Pro L350 and it generates an error saying "This BIOS is not for your laptop".

    Where can I get the new BIOS - 1.60 for * PSLD0E Satellite Pro L350-154-02601WS4 *? Thank you


    Are you sure that you have a Satellite Pro L350 PSLD0E?
    The series PSLD0E is a Satellite L350 (not Pro).

    But the BIOS update, you can find the Toshiba site.

    Welcome them

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