Satellite M70 - where to get the memory expansion

Hi all

It's my first time here and I was hoping someone could help me please.

My brother has a Satellite M70 which currently has 1 GB of memory and that he was willing to expand this to 2 GB.
Does anyone know where we can get parts to do this in Australia, site Web from Toshiba in Aus is not direct sales or online?

The technical info I have, it seems that an expansion of 1 GB card is KTT533D2/1GI part number, it seems okay for those of you who may know?

Don't really know much about it so hope I don't sound completely stupid!

Thank you


Have a look here:

You will find compatible memory modules for Sat M70.

According to this page, you can use DDR2 533 MHz (PC2-4200) 200 - PIN SODIMM.
Usually (but not always) it s any manufacturer is.
Very important are the specifications of the module

I recommend that you are looking for a DDR2 533 MHz (PC2-4200) 200 - PIN SODIMM and I m you will find some good deals online.

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    Can someone post instructions on how to remove / add modules of memory for Satellite M70?
    Thank you


    It of not difficult to remove or Exchange the memory modules because you only check Chapter 8 and 9 of your owner's manual. In the user manual, you can find a detailed explanation how to do this with a few photos and what you need to the modules of RAM.

    Check this box!

  • Satellite A60-672: Question on the memory expansion

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    Your device can handle with max 1280MB. The compatible modules are:

    PC2700 256 MB (PA3311U - 1 M 25)
    PC2700 512 MB (PA3312U - 1 M 51)
    1024MO PC2700 (PA3313U-1M1G)

    Good bye

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    Very strange that s why you received the Toshiba XP CD recovery and not the Vista recovery CD?  :|

    Generally, if the laptop has been pre-installed with Vista then you should get the recovery CD Toshiba with Vista OS.

    In case you I would contact the ASP in your country to get the Vista recovery CD

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    Can someone tell me where to find a removable card for this laptop that is to say one that can power the laptop from the car cigarette lighter charging.
    Tried a Targus one but kept power being interrupted. Returned it for a replacement, but even still... for all do but Targus please!


    Try to google for this part number: PX1188E-1NPO for computer laptop adapter car 120W, 15V, 8A
    This car adapter must be compatible with the Satellite Pro M70.
    You can also order these parts of the Toshiba service partner in your country.

  • Satellite M70: Where to order the recovery disks?

    Anyone know where I can download or order the recovery disc for my M70, the place, I took it to get fixed has said that it cannot be repaired without them.

    Hello Luke

    Your M70 does not come with recovery DVDs? As far as I know, it certainly comes with recovery DVDs and application please your local dealer on the subject.

    The recovery image can not be downloaded only ordered by the Toshiba authorized service partner in your country.

  • Satellite P850 - where to get the Toshiba Blu - ray player?


    Recently, I reformatted my p850/049 for windows 7. I tried to install the drive Blu - Ray Toshiba V1.0.3.196A, the file did not work at all and when I tried to install it manually "can't find drive in your system. Installation interrupted. On the download page, it is listed as a patch, but where can I find the original file? I have SP1 Windows 7 pro 64-bit, all date of May 24, 2013

    I found V1.0.5.110 of the American version of the Toshiba support site and this installed and play DVDs and it tries to open a Blu - Ray player, but it gets stuck on a white screen and do not play or let me do anything like scene jump or go to the menu. There is no error message complaining about the region or corrupted files or anything it just goes to a blank screen, with controls that are available, but they do nothing. As I said dvd works perfectly, just not blu - ray.

    The drive itself seems to work normally on this screen and when you try to click the button it comes up with a circle with a line through it when you try to click on the buttons as a dvd drive normal if you tried to jump by the warnings of copyright and the index of time is always a small number that is 25 seconds or more. Like he's trying to play a small segment as the section of the copyright or something.

    I tried a number of different Blu - ray discs, and none of them work. I downloaded a trial of another program of Blu - ray player and it plays Blu - Ray still those who do not work on the Toshiba drive (for the hardware works), so I'm looking for a free one that works without a watermark on the screen. It seems silly as I hoped my machine READING BLU - RAY without me having to buy software.

    Any help would be appreciated

    > I tried to install the drive Blu - Ray Toshiba V1.0.3.196A, the file did not work at all and when I tried to install it manually "can't find drive in your system. Installation interrupted.

    Yes, it is a patch file and you can not install this without a full version installed.

    But I found on the page of the Australian driver Toshiba Toshiba Video Player - A
    Have you tried to install this application?

    On the other hand, I could recommend the use of the freeware such as VLC Player software.
    It's really great and in my opinion the best player you can get for free.

  • How to restore the Satellite L25 - where to get the recovery disk


    I tried to format my hard drive on my laptop L25, which currently has Win XP, but don't know that if I ever had a CD/DVD of recovery of the person I bought it from.

    Does anyone know if this laptop (L25-s1192) contains a picture of the recovery diskette or if I can get a drive recovery somewhere or any other way to format the drive and reinstall the original content of the laptop?

    Would appreciate if you could answer.
    Thank you... Amare


    Usually, the old series from Toshiba was equipped with the recovery disk and the image of Toshiba on the recovery cd.
    If you have a recovery disc, then you will have to boot from that disk to start the recovery procedure.

    If you don t have a recovery disk, then you can use a clean Microsoft Windows XP CD to reinstall the operating system and the necessary drivers can be downloaded from the Toshiba driver page we.
    It is a portable American and you need to find US page for drivers.

    Big names

  • Satellite M70: How to get the Express Media Player feature?

    I M70, but I formatted it once I bought it. Now, you could tell me how to recover the function of Express Media Player? There is no setup.exe file in the Express Media Player recovery CD.

    Thank you

    Hello Weimin

    In order to use the media functions Express the Mediaplayer Express Recovery CD must be performed before performing the recovery from the recovery DVD-ROM products.
    You can't run Express Media player after performing a recovery.

    Should at least 150-200 MB of available free space on the HARD drive.
    This free space must be on the end of the HARD drive and there must be unallocated.
    To start the installation, you must boot from the recovery Express Mediaplayer CD

    Good bye

  • Satellite L300D - where to get the recovery disk?

    My grandson L300D got a damaged HARD drive which I want to replace him.
    However, it doesn't have a recovery disk and the recovery on the original HARD disk file are not available.

    Does anyone know if there is a disc of recovery available for this model?


    Yes, the disc of recovery available, but you must order for money:


    or install Windows copy with drivers from the Toshiba driver page.

  • Satellite M70-337 - replacement of the main card

    Hi, can any 1 tell me. is the K000033860 new Toshiba Satellite M70 computer laptop motherboard
    the same TOSHIBA EQUIUM M70-173 card MOTHER K0000333860.

    where can I get a list of cards that will fit the Equium m70-337.
    Thank you

    I think it's the same thing. As far as I know Satellite M70 was offered with two hardware configurations:
    -Satellite M70 with PSM70E part number and Intel graphics card
    -Satellite M70 with PSM71E part number and ATI graphic chip

    Your laptop must be identical to PSM70E so I m 99.9% sure it's the motherboard even if you can use it.

  • Satellite M70 - ConfigFree - error turn the WLAN light

    ... morning...

    I know I've seen a lot of articles on the Internet about this problem, but, so far, not correct answers or solutions.

    In Satellite M70, although wifi turns the front is 'ON' and led lights, ConfigFree sounds and shows "error...". Turn on the switch"and also is anable to find wifi devices all around.

    I have the latest drivers, the latest version, I disabled the wifi MS. program control... nothing. !!!
    Is not a big problem, wifi works, but it seems a troublesome BUG for Toshiba...

    Bye of the Italy

    I doubt s a Configfree bug.
    The Configfree is pre-installed on my Toshi and it of running great.

    Here's a brief info how to use Configfree:

    Notes; This message appears if you have not activated the WLan correctly!
    It takes the WLan switch on WE (LED should appear) and in addition, you will need to use FN + F8 to activate the WLan

  • M400 - how to install the memory expansion?

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    I tried to find the manual on the web, no luck.

    Any suggestions are appreciated.

    TIA, Ben

    Hi Ben

    This device is not for me. It is probably more recent a tablet PC. Are you satisfied with it?

    Looks great in the pictures!

  • Where to get the SDK for the Toshiba Bluetooth stack?

    This subject was little addressed in another post, but never really answered. Does anyone know where to get the SDK for the Toshiba Bluetooth stack?

    Thank you


    On the page Web of Toshiba, you will only get the latest version of the Toshiba Bluetooth stack. Unfortunately, I put t found any information on SDK.
    For more information please visit the Toshiba Bluetooth information site:

    Good luck

  • Where to get the disc to install Windows XP to a laptop?

    I have Windows XP on laptop Dell which has been somewhat altered after trojan (I bought antivirus and he killed). I still can't use my old programs but new installation always fail. I'm ready to install everything from scratch, but WHERE to get the installation disc? I don't want to spend money to Win 7 - I have the license number XP on the laptop and XP works well for me.

    You need to contact Dell for the software.

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