Satellite P100 - 324 (PSPA6E) - Intel T7400 - disabled virtualization

Hi Toshiba support staff

I have a toshiba satellite p100-324 (pspa6e) with the processor intel core2duo t7400 and my problem is hardware virtualization (VT aka VMX) does not work due to it's locked off the coast by the bios. Also there is no option in the bios to enable it. It's not making any sense that you have this technology, but you can not use.

I'm a professional programmer but I can't test my programs in a virtual environment due to this bios chip. I've been waiting since the 3.30 bios version. Now I use phoenix bios v4.70 but it does not!

I think that the irresponsibility of it's toshiba and toshiba not published a new BIOS to support the features of what they sold, this will be my last toshiba product purchase. It's a waste of money. You should have said clearly what are the features have been disabled if you do not plan to resolve this problem. If the toshiba will continue like this, the number of dissatisfied customer will happen.

As far as I know that virtualization should be Springs per CPU.
Seems the Intel T7400 supports the VT:, SL9SK, SLGFJ, SLGFV

If I m not wrong not the VT is enabled and supported by default if the VT option is not available in the BIOS.

How did you check the State of VT?

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  • Satellite P100 - 324 PSPA6E - need LAN driver Vista

    I speak a little English.
    Where is LAN driver VISTA for Satellite P100 - 324 PSPA6E?
    If we adjust driver Windows XP?

    Nowhere do I find Windows VISTA driver but it not discovered map net LAN windows me

    Please help me!
    I thank me for help :))


    I think that you have an Intel network card and this Lan Vista driver might be automatically installed using the Vista update.
    So it perhaps you can establish internet connection using the WiFi network, then you can run the Vista updates.

    Good luck buddy

  • Virtual sound for Satellite P100-324

    Who knows where can I get a virtual to my laptoop (Satellite P100-324 PSPA6) sound, usually on C:\TOOLSCD\VIRTUAL SOUND\ support?

    I put t know why you ask something like that.
    As far as I know on the Satellite P100-324 the virtual sound is not installed and not supported.

  • How often has RAM of Satellite P100-324?


    I ' am, thinking about to upgrade my Satellite P100-324 (PSPA6E) 4 GB of RAM, but did not know which one to choose.
    Initially, I have installed memory 533 MHz. My question is - 533 MHz limit for this model?
    or I can install memory 667 MHz and it will work on 667 MHz?

    Also if I install 4 gb - I'll see 3 GB, but will it still runs dual channel mode?

    Thanks for you help in advance.

    Hi guys,.

    This thing with 4GB-> / 3GB is not uncommon. The chipset is just to take a portion of system memory and turns to shared kept. Unfortunately, the manufacturer of the chipset does not tools release or someone set up a function to decrease/increase the shared video memory.

    So, in the case of 4 GB of RAM you have then 1 GB shared video memory.

    And what about dual channel: Yes it will still work on two channels.


  • Satellite P100-324 - graphic question

    Satellite P100-324
    All native driver, from a site of the manufacturer.
    Intel (R) Core (TM) T7400 @2 2CPU. 216 GHz - driver 5.1.2600.0
    GeForce Go 7900 GS - driver
    BIOS it is updated to the latest version - v4.70
    Windoows - license

    The computer, early toys (including,
    Earlier, who played without problem) leaves it to restart.
    On reboot, instead of it is under abnormal conditions, disconnected,.

    As to the inclusion suggests not to choose a mode of loading, in the magazine of the events of records is not present, in the folder Minidump are absent.
    Work in graphical editors (paint, SketchUP) causes no problems.

    Video as movies will transport, may restart several times and can show a film completely.
    A video by Everest and SiSoftware Sandra card test do does not have programs, both restarts.
    PowerStrip, everything is Ok!
    Temperature limits of standard throughout the long work of the computer:
    ACPI thermal Zone - 58 ° C
    CPU - 1.06 pressure V

    The processor
    Intel Core 2 Duo Mobile (1 Core)-55 ° C
    Intel Core 2 Duo Mobile (Core 2) - 57 ° C

    NVIDIA. GeForce Go 7900 GS
    The temperature of the GPU - 56 ° C
    Ambient GPU - 52 ° C

    Hard drive FUJITSU MHV2200 38 ° C

    For 2-3 days, the situation has changed a bit.
    The viewing of movies (in 30-40 minutes), it is disconnected from the screen, starts to interrupt a sound.
    And then restart the computer follows.

    What or actions has not undertaken, that I do not understand, what exactly are the astable causes of computer work.

    You use Windows XP or Windows Vista?

    You have installed the display on the Toshiba site driver?

    Do you see a graphical corruption on the screen?

    Do you see a BSOD (blue screen error)? Check the event viewer in Control Panel-> administrative tools

  • No sound on a Satellite P100-324 using don't Win 7 64 bit

    Hi all

    I have a laptop Toshiba Satellite P100 - 324.
    I installed Win 7 64 bit on this computer and I have problem with sound now.

    My sound does not work. I tried to install a driver but without result.
    I tried to download the driver from realtek but it was the same thing.

    Do you know how I can run on this PC?

    Thanks for your advice



    Satellite P100-324 belongs to the series of PSPA6E.
    The European driver Toshiba page asserts that Realtek audio driver should be compatible.
    But the Realtek audio driver Toshiba on page is released for Win 7 32 bit, not 64-bit.

    I recommend the driver on the Realtek page. There you should find one that suits.

    You can also check the Dev ID and could find the compatible driver for internet.
    Here's a How TO - doc:

  • Satellite P100-324: How can I enable shortcuts on the touchpad

    I have the Satellite P100-324.
    Modell Nr.: PSPA6E-02R01FGR

    I saw in the internet to a Web site that something really interested on a surface of touchpad. Here is the link
    But how to activate this feature? How can I activate my touchpad shortcuts?

    I would be really happy to help =)


    I think you mean the function of easy capture.

    Something like that you can try to activate in the mouse settings in the control panel.
    Here, you have to choose the double pointing device.
    Then detailed-> TouchPad tab settings

    But first, we should know if your laptop supports this feature.
    Are you sure the model to support you 100%?

  • Game Falcon 4.0 allied force crashes on the Satellite P100-324

    Hi all

    I have a toshiba Satellite P100 324 with a nvidia geforce 7900GS 512 MB vram.
    I have a problem with falcon 4.0 allied force. Everything is going well except when I update to patch 1.06 and upward.

    The game freezes for a second every 10 seconds. I sent the allied force. I've tried everything.
    Anti-one off, reinstall the drivers, reinstall direct 9.0 c... They tell me to turn off Full screen Anti-Aliasing.
    Are not full-screen Anti-Aliasing in my menu of the graphics card as anti-aliasing.

    Is there a difference between Full screen anti-aliasing and anti-aliasing?
    So, I disabled everything in the view menu. I tried to update the drivers, but there is no update for this toshiba.

    Does anyone know if there are new drivers for this model?

    Thank you all


    F4AF is an old game, I don't think that you have the latest video drivers. Anti-aliasing anti-aliasing full screen is the same, don't worry about this.
    Of my friends installed this game too and had similar problems. Try to reinstall the game, the patch to the latest official version. Then, there are a few informal corrections called superpak, which solves many problems. Recent publication is by superpak4.

    Check this. Hope this helps you.


  • Satellite P100-324: tone failure and stops with BSOD

    Satellite P100-324

    Built in modem HDAUDIO Soft Data Fax Modem with SmartCP
    Modem installed correctly to COM3 querry modem ok. diagnostic test "test Modem controller".

    But he has failed the test tone and stops windows with the blue screen. When windows restarts gives a warning "the system has recovered from a serious error".

    What should I do?


    Try to remove all created dial-up and also remove modem from Device Manager. After doing this, restart your laptop. The modem will be recognized and installed properly again. Test the modem by using the option under the modem properties query modem.

    If everything is ok, try to create switched again and ensure that all parameters are good. Just test everything again.

  • Satellite P100 - 222 PSPA6E - when the new GPU driver will be available


    Me laptop Satellite P100-222 (PSPA6E), a GeForce 7900GS Videocard. Vista operating system is established. Display version driver.
    The driver are already obsolete, to some new 3D schedules it has a bad display of structures and so on.

    It would be desirable to learn, when appears in new display driver?


    > when will appear in the new display driver?

    Who knows I didn t find any info on the Toshiba page.
    But as far as I know the many laptop models are equipped with the same graphics chip.
    Therefore, you can also try a driver for another model that was equipped with the same GPU chip.

    Welcome them

  • Satellite P100 - 221 PSPA6E: how to increase the RAM using SD or USB flash memory


    I want to spend my memory (2 GB) more than that using SD memory or USB memory.
    I have this happen? If yes how can I to do?

    My computer is:
    Toshiba Satellite P100-221 PSPA6E


    Post edited by: kanburnevzat


    What do you do?
    Using Vista Ready Boost?

    If Yes, please check this page from Microsoft on the Ready Boost feature:

    If you want to increase your RAM, then only the memory module larger RAM would be useful for you.

  • Latency of the display on the Satellite P100-324

    Pls can someone tell me the latency of the display (Toshiba Satellite P100-324)? (I read somewhere that there 18ms... it's true?)


    I found the info response speed (Raise + autumn) East of 25ms.

    Good bye

  • Satellite P100-324 - network card losing connection

    Hi all

    I'm a new user here, I have a * Toshiba Satellite P100-324 * with Window XP - 32 bit Media Center Edition.
    I have problems with my network card that seems to me to lose the connection network and need to reset the IP (repair) every time than in quite awhile to find the connection.

    What do you suggest to me what is the problem? A hardware problem or a software (driver)?

    Thank you in advance.


    At the moment it is not easy to say what is the reason for this, it could also be a problem of the cable network.
    Did you check this first with another cable?

    If you have determined that the cable is not defective, you should try to update the network adapter driver. The latest version which is pre-tested on your laptop is that you can find on the Toshiba site: decision-making supported Downloads & => Download drivers

    Do you have other laptops or computers connected to the router? Maybe the problem is the router

    Good bye

  • Satellite P100-324: memory of 512 MB discrete or shared graphics card?


    I'll buy P100-324, but I couldn't be sure of its memory VGA cards. It says "GeForce Go 7900 GS 512 MB", I checked the map on the net and discovered that it was produced with a maximum of 256 MB of memory dedicated. Then 512 MB means X MB dedicated and X - 512 MB shared.
    I searched all Web sites to determine the amount of memory shared but can't find it.

    Any of you guys know this?

    And also the owners of P100-324, please comment on the performance of your VGA card?

    Thank you.


    I m not the owner of a Satellite P100-324 (it s a pity because it s a large unit) but to my knowledge the NVIDIA GeForce Go 7900, codenamed G71M was installed in this laptop and it supports (dedicated) video memory 512 MB GDDR3.

    I think that the Go 7900 GTX supports 512 MB and support Go 7900 GS 256 MB

  • Satellite P100-324 - card reader cannot find file system

    Satellite P100-324 card reader not found on the RAW file system that uses my camera! How to solve a problem?


    Have you tried to use the compatible card in the card slot multimedia digital several?

    In the manual, you should find the details on the right cards and compatible capabilities.
    See Chapter 8 (optional features)
    Should be compatible cards: SD, MMC, MS, MS Pro and xD.

    Please check that you probably have the right card!

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