Satellite Pro A300-15 t does not restart on the current after BIOS update


There is something wrong with my Satellite Pro A300-15 t. I made an update of the BIOS of toshiba recently with the latest Web site and it installed successfully. But after the installation, I noticed that my laptop does not restart when it is connected to the power adapter. It restarts and works perfectly when its power on the battery.

After restart or start-up the laptop (on battery), it will be well when the adapter is connected.

But, when I reboot when the adapter is connected, after his stop, just power light turns on for a second or two and gets off automatically. And not even the laptop starts manually by pressing the power button (LCD is turned off when the power light comes on for 2 seconds) when the adapter remains connected.

So what I do is to pull the plug on the adapter, then start the computer manually by pressing the power button and reconnect the plug of the adapter to the laptop starts. It works well this way. Rest everything works perfectly.

And this problem started after the update of the BIOS. Now, I don't know how to remedy the situation I don't know if there was a bug in the last update of the bios.

Details of the update from:

Update the BIOS
This Bios update adds functionality to your system.
Satellite Pro A300 Toshiba of 3, 60 - WIN

So please help me to solve the problem.

Thank you best regards &,.
Manjit M.


Try to update the BIOS again
In addition, access the BIOS settings and set the default parameters. Save it and try again.

Good bye

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    Hi asdf.

    I put t know what s wrong exactly but normally the FN keys are associated with value added Package, but you wrote that you already reinstalled

    In my opinion, you should try a system restore to an earlier point. Maybe something messed up the registry, you can start System Restore in Windows Advanced Boot menu.

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    Looks like the system is corrupted
    Try HARD drive recovery

    Turn on the device, press F8 and choose fix my computer.
    Now choose the recovery of HARD drive in the list of available options.
    This should set the camera back to the factory settings

    But this procedure works only if the HARD drive is OK.
    If the HARD disk is not OK, it will not work

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    I have Tosshiba Satellite Pro A300 - GR 1 and recently noticed a file named R08985EF.tag in E:\.
    The content of the file is "R08985EF" and he dated 12.7.2008 - the same date as the HDD Recovery folder and all its contents and has very similar modified-time.

    The file is not read-only and has no protection.
    What is it and can I remove it without negative consequences?

    Any suggestion will be highly appreciated!

    I do not recommend to delete this file because this file could belong to the HDD recovery procedure and if you remove then you'd be unable to UN the HDD recovery procedure

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    Did you check the specifications of your laptop first?

    The fact is that the processor must support this virtualization and according to the Web of Toshiba site, your laptop is equipped with processor Core 2 Duo T5870.
    I checked this on the page of Intel CPU and virtualization isn't supported. That means t, you can use this feature!

    Here you can see this:

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    Sigh.  I really tried to explain what was going on (probably) with this function, you use (and, I thought naively, you understand), but you got me wrong.

    This VI creates a zero average noise signal, providing 1024 points per second.  Do you know what should be the power spectrum of the signal?  Due to the randomness of the input signal, the power (for a small finished sample) spectrum will also have a random component.  If you had several ghosts of power on average, the average would begin to converge with the expected for random noise power spectrum.

    If you run this VI and look at the Spectra resulting (on average), you will notice that the first spectrum is the most "spice" and that spectra are averaged, the variation is reduced and diminishes the value of crete (shown by looking at the scale of Amplitude).  At any time, you can press "Reset average" and see this... reset the average, the following spectrum shows the growing nose, etc.

    It shows the right way to test the function of the power spectrum and discover what he does. My suggestion as to what makes this function seems to be largely correct.

    Bob Schor

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