Satellite Pro L300 - which improved after the BIOS update

Hello users,.

I just finished an update of the BIOS on Satellite Pro L300 using Updater Insyde Bios. I tried the Toshiba site to see what's new or what has improved since the update my bios 1.7version v2.2. But there is no search results. I also went to the site Web Insyde, but neither have they put up what has changed or improved?

Is there a documentation or information which could help me to know how my laptop has improved or better after the update of the BIOS and what has changed since my update of the BIOS?

Thank you


I assume you mean a changelog of the BIOS. Well, normally this document is placed on the Toshiba page where you can download the BIOS update.

If you can't find such a t changelog, there is no available changelog. All that s!

In addition the BIOS update should be performed only if it of really necessary. This means that if everything works fine, I don't see a reason to update because this update is a bit risky.

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  • Re: Satellite Pro A200 - black screen after the BIOS screen

    I'm new to the forum and have a big problem. So, any help is welcome and appreciated.

    My Satellite Pro A200 turns black after the BIOS screen and a black screen with a blinking cursor. Also just as the screen goes black a beep can be heard which shows windows boot.
    I can access the toshiba Setup screen but not the installation of security mode.

    Kind regards


    You wrote that you can access the BIOS, but have you checked if the HARD drive is recognized properly? Perhaps because the computer cannot start HDD isn't recognized then you should check this.

    If the HARD drive is recognized, I would try a Toshiba Recovery disk recovery facility. It seems that Windows isn't able to start and if you reinstall the whole system should help get rid me of this. Go to the start menu and select the CD/DVD drive as a boot device.

    Check this box!

  • Satellite L350 - does not start after the BIOS update


    I recently (yesterday) downloaded the latest version of bios update dated dated 25/02/10 2: 20 - WIN, after download and does run the software from the laptop immediately stopped working and stop. I am now no longer able to boot up the laptop at all, all I get is the power light on and the hard disk light flashes, I hear the spinning CD/DVD drive, but what is not screen anything, I don't think this is the start.

    Is there a way to fix this without taking it to a store/engineer, BIOS recovery?

    The laptop is a Satellite L350, I opened the laptop to try to reset the CMOS by removing the card mother battery (not sure if it would have helped), but as much as I know it doesn't have an or I'm not.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you


    Hi Andy,.

    Hmm... If the BIOS update failed, you can't do anything because only an authorized service provider has professional diagnostic and recovery tools to redo an update.

    So in my opinion, you must contact a service provider authorized in your country. Get in touch with the guy and ask for help. They will tell you what to do now.

    Here is their list: > support & downloads > find an ASP.

    Good luck! :)

  • Satellite L300D - does not load after the BIOS update

    I had to update my bios & it seems that that wrong has been downloaded about 3% by installing the laptop just die and not to revert to.

    There is no lights & there is no noise from the laptop at all.

    Can any ideas on how I fix?

    The laptop is a Toshiba Satellite L300D


    Well, if the BIOS update crashed you can do anything because the ROM module needs to be reflashed. This is possible only with special tools and only an authorized service provider has such tools.

    Then please contact the nearest service Toshiba and ask for help :)

  • Satellite L855 does not start after the BIOS update

    I downloaded the BIOS update and followed the instructions there during the installation, but on reboot (including the requested configuration), I get a blank screen. Intermittently, the CPU fan starts and stops. I think that the BIOS update failed, how to solve this problem?

    Thank you

    Hello, Neil

    In General when the BIOS is screwed up you need professional help and you should contact the nearest Toshiba service provider and ask for help.

    See also this thread. Perhaps this methid can help you too.

  • Satellite L450D - nothing else happens after the BIOS update

    Toshiba Bulletin Board recommended 1 new message. Downloaded updated BIOS available. Frozen computer during the update and what would not be it. Now, the computer is totally dead. Power light turns on when the connected external CAP but nothing else. I did follow the instructions specific to Toshiba. Pleas advise.

    Thank you


    It of strange that the BIOS update gone wrong, because I already did several times and never had a problem did you run background applications they probably blocked the update?

    Anyway, what you can try is to remove the battery and the AC adapter / CC for a few hours. Then reconnect and try to boot up your laptop.

    In the worst cases the ROM module needs to be reflashed, but an authorized service provider can help you get rid of this problem. :)

  • Ports Satellite A135 - S2306 defective USB after the BIOS update.

    OK, I searched all over the internet and not found anyone else with this same problem, or anyone with a solution that worked for me.

    A few weeks ago, I had the common error of the BIOS reset itself and asking for a password at startup. I took my local Toshiba authorized repair center, and they have not taken care of him, no problem.

    Since the resume, however, all 4 of my USB ports have been going crazy. What happened in the following three steps (in order):
    -One of the ports does not work at all, won't provide any current or even recognize that nothing is connected.
    -The 3 remaining ports are now only recognized as USB 1.1 ports, not USB 2.0 as they were before.
    -Now, only a very small number of my devices is not at all, with three USB mouse and two unrecognized hard drives work (I get the error message "USB device not recognized" standard Windows when I connect them to one of the three ports).
    I am running Vista Home Basic (32 bit) with SP 2 and the new version of the BIOS is v1.60.

    Is this something people of repair caused when they have unlocked the BIOS and updated? Is this a problem with the new BIOS itself? Any help would be GREATLY appreciated! Let me know if I let him out any relevant information, I tried to be as complete as possible. Thank you!

    The old Duke


    > What is the repair people caused when they have unlocked the BIOS and updated? Is this a problem with the new BIOS itself? Any help would be GREATLY appreciated! Let me know if I let him out any relevant information, I tried to be as complete as possible. Thank you!

    It is not easy to say. I think that would be best to ask guys why it happens or what they have done in the past.
    But have you set the default BIOS?
    Please do; access the BIOS (by pressing F2). Set it to default by pressing F9 (I guess) and save the changes. Restart the unit.
    Access the Device Manager, and then remove all hubs USB and commands from the list of devices. After that reboot the device again. Windows should recognize the devices deleted again.

  • Satellite L30 does not start after the BIOS update


    I upgraded my BIOS Satellite L30 and now the laptop will not boot. When I turn on the fan starts and that's it. I think I have updated the book with the bad BIOS... The laptop is only 1 day old... Is it possible to reset the machine to the default BIOS.

    Help, please...

    Hi Scott,.

    Unfortunately there is no easy way for you to go to your BIOS to its previous level. You need to entrust your laptop to a Service approved partner who has the necessary equipment to Flash the BIOS to the previous level.

    Kind regards

  • Satellite A100 does not start after the BIOS update


    I downloaded the update to the bios toshiba A100 PSAA8 on the toshiba site and applied using the procedure of updating the bios from windows XP MSE. Restart after the start of the update stopped at the toshiba start screen.

    At startup the screen by pressing ESC watch text mode. The message indicated it confirms the update of the bios version. POST messages are:

    Genuine Intel CPU
    No TPM or TPM has problem
    1015 M system RAM passed

    Press to enter in SETUP

    Pressing F2 just clears the last message in line and then no change is found.

    The laptop comes with windows XP media center edition. I don't know why the TPM secure is enabled. It is possible that toshiba is available with the module of TPM enabled in bios updates that logbook. If this is the case, they must clearly identified as 'not applicable' upgrade for machines that are not relevant.

    I found similar messages around the forum without convincing answer.

    Is it possible to fix this without sending? Even if it turns out to be affordable, it make much sense to pay for the problems caused by toshiba.


    Please don t blame someone for you mistakes ;)
    As far as I know that only a few sets of laptops come with TPM.
    If you want to do an update of the BIOS on the models at TPM, you will need to contact the ASP!

    Looks like you used a bad BIOS or bad BIOS update procedure.

    The Toshiba page a BISO update the documentation that describes how to upgrade the BIOS on each series laptop!
    You will find on the page of the Toshiba driver compatible BIOS and information over a large number of details!

    > Is it possible to fix this without sending
    Don t think so, and therefore, you will need to contact the Asp help!

    Good luck

  • Satellite L300-1 has 3 - after the BIOS update, I get a BSOD

    I have a Satellite L300 1A 3 MODEL PSLB8E. I decided to update the version of the BIOS, thinking that he can resolve my issue of ethernet controller.

    But after the update, my laptop goes on infinite blue screen of death. How can I recover from this injury?

    Can someone please help.


    Did you choose the good BIOS update for your model? Was it for Satellite L300 PSLB8E?

    What code you get BSOD?

    After the BIOS update you must always load the default settings. Maybe a bad BIOS setting is causing this BSOD.

  • Satellite Pro L300: How to get the sleep settings

    Before you have to play with the Satellite Pro L300 laptop recently (on the instructions of the Tech) when I close the lid of the laptop that he went to sleep BUT when I opened the lid eventually, I had to press the power button to restart the laptop.

    But now, he's just on stand by.
    How can I get this back to how it was (having to press the button to exit stnd - in)-help!

    I tried to turn off Toshiba power saver and using the windows settings but nothing
    I have treid working :(

    Can anyone help?

    I get at the end of my home with this computer laptop blinkin :(

  • Satellite A300 - after the BIOS update I can not install two OS

    Hello everyone:

    I bought a laptop Toshiba Satellite A300-247 with Windows Vista Home Premium.

    Then I formatted it and divided the hard (320 GB) into 6 partitions and installed Windows Vista and Windows XP on drive C to drive D after having changed the SATA controller mode in the BIOS for compatibility. The computer worked well with 2 operating systems. However, when I updated the BIOS to version 1.9, two operating systems stop working and one of them can be installed: XP can be installed when SATA controller mode is placed on compatibility and Vista can be installed only when the SATA is changed to AHCI.

    Is there is no explanation of what past? And can I install operating systems 2 together again?

    Thank you


    First of all, I doubt that this has something to do with the BIOS update. I think that after the BIOS update HARD drive mode has been changed from AHCI to compatibility and therefore the OS didn't start.

    Anyway, in compatibility mode you can install Vista and XP without the SATA drivers. This should t be a problem.

    But do you know the difference between compatibility and AHCI? AHCI mode is faster and therefore I would recommend this mode.
    Like you said Vista you can already install in AHCI mode and for XP, you need Intel Storage Manager. This package includes the SATA drivers you need and here is a step by step guide to use these drivers:

    Last but not least, you can install 2 OS. You can do what you want! ;)

  • Satellite A500-138 60 fps instead of 99 fps after the BIOS update.


    Before I have a little problem with my fan, but I do it with the BIOS update. His work!

    Now, I have a little problem of different...
    I am a player of counter-strike and before the BIOS update I have 99.9 FPS now, I have about 60... Who is wrong?

    Its make me crazy...


    Seems the CPU and GPU don t run full implementation after the BIOS update.
    Any performance CPU/GPU leads to lower the heat dissipation and this means that the cooling module does not need to execute quickly and very often.

    Check to see if you can change an option is the BIOS.
    You can also try to update a graphics driver and could control Windows 7 power management.
    Power management settings 7 victory could affect CPU and GPU performance to save battery power and reduce the heat dissipation.

  • Satellite P200 - after the BIOS update I can't start the machine

    After the BIOS update I can't boot the laptop because the system doesn't recognize the relecommunicarions password.

    Before updating the password is 0000.
    After when I try to set the password incorrect password start apeeras

    The BIOS password can only be removed from an authorized service provider. So I think that there is no other way.

    On the Toshiba site, you can search the nearest:

  • Dead by Satellite A200 - 1 c 3 after involuntary Bios Update

    Dead by Satellite A200 - 1 c 3 after involuntary Bios Update!
    Help, please!


    It's a shame, but it seems that you need a help of a Toshiba ASP. technicians
    In the best of cases, only the ROM module must be flashed once more in the worst case that the motherboard could be damaged. :(

Maybe you are looking for