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I looked at your solutions and they do not seem to work for me so I'll tell my story. I have a model HP Photosmart Premium 309 a print-scan-copy-fax works with Windows 7 and IE9. My cartridge black Hp stopped working and I replaced all the with the new HP. Still cannot get the black to print anything, but gray then I used the doctor downloaded and uninstalled Hp software and driver recommended. When I finished I printed a fax test and everything seemed to be fine until I tried to print a photo to an e-mail message. Got the script error:

Line 2072, Char: 1 error: unspecified, code: 0 URL: res://ieframe.dll/preview.js

Then I tried to print something on the web and got these two:



I worked all day trying to figure what to do to that thing right impression but not luck. The printer is not quite 2 years old, but if you can not help it will go on the pile of junk... hope there is therefore a solution out there!

It is a 32-bit so I can't use this fix and it is debugged so that is not the solution. What else?

Thanks for your comments.


I bet that there is an error caught in the cache of the browser that causes his failure for the script errors. Click on the image of the machine under the red X in the upper right of the window. Select Internet options from the list. Under the tab general, under the browsing history section, click on delete. Make sure that each box is selected (you can leave past unchecked if you use IE to remember your passwords). Click on delete. Click OK to close the Internet Options window. Close the browser. Wait about 15 seconds. Open the browser and it should work better.

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