Series of printer HP Color LaserJet 2840: not able to configure the functionality of SCAN to e-mail or a folder

Have a series of HP Color LaserJet 2840 printer on a local subnet for home with two computers that share.

We can make regular features print very well.

We cannot get the SCAN function to work for the scan to e-mail or in a folder.

Went and used the HP Toolbox to set options analysis, but for some reason, they are not taken.

The Guide of the user for this problem are usless (as usual with the documents of the user).

I have spend too much time on this seemingly simple question, as usual.  (months of work on this periodically)

I'm sure that's not that hard to implement.

Can you please help or advise.

Additional information:

2 computers on the subnet local via 100MB ethernet switch and router (basic stuff)

No problem of communication to the printer for print jobs or check on other orders of status.

Some scanning configuration problems.

Two client computers are running Windows Vista Home Premium SP1 32-bit

I want to set up the printer so I can scan from the printer directly to a folder on the machine either or e-mail to each machine.

I do the steps correctly, from what I can tell, but the info is not required or sent to the printer. ?

If I add an e-mail through the box to tools, I can fill in the email field and the name field, but it will not show when I hit Add.

Besides which should represent the box 'Host '?  The printer or my personal computer?

If I try to add a file, it displays a browse box but never lets me select a folder to scan to?

I don't understand.  Shouldn't be this embarrassing.  And if it is, (as usual), the stupid tech docs should do a better job MUUCCHH through it.  In fact, they don't even show or talk about the Host column.  So what is this for.

Help, please...

I'm sorry, but to get your question more exposure I suggest posting in the trade forums since it is a printer. You can do so at

I hope this helps.

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    Calling a user-defined function, that's like calling a built-in function.
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    Please contact customer service and they would be able to increase the number of activations for you as an exception in this case.

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    I was using my printer HP Color Laserjet 2840 all-in-one and then upgraded to upgrade to Windows 8.1 and a new computer system.  I was told that this printer is compatible with 8.1 (by HP support staff) only to find out that I can not format my analysis in a pdf file, a jpeg file only.

    I'm curious to know why Windows 8.1 does not support the PDF on this printer?  So I wonder if I mess with the jpeg file or to splurge on a new printer.  Will there be an upgrade on the printer driver on HP that would restore the pdf to this printer on a scan function?  I have reviewed again printers still want a Color LaserJet all-in-one and found the HP Color LaserJet Pro 200 at a reasonable price that is supposed to be Windows 8.1 bearable.  Any comments or solutions would be appreciated!  Really want to buy a new printer, if I did not also.

    All you need is a PDF Converter.  There are many other free published on the Internet through web services and applications that you can download to your PC.  With a PDF converter all you need to do is create a new scan in .tiff and leave the converter format for you.

    . PDF is a file owner belonged to Adobe type.  Only licensed products are allowed to create. PDF documents from scratch.  If I had to guess that the particular license with your expired for Win8.1 and HP printer model are not interested in this renewal.  Therefore, you will need to use the free image formats and work with an Adobe product on your own for. Supported on this model of printer.

    If you are considering the purchase of a new model of the printer, then check the full software downloads that are available.  If HP has a comprehensive software solution that is available then the chances are good it can withstand. PDF on Win8.1.  If no complete solution is available then HP may be the development or licensing to support and you will have to depend on the free TWAIN drivers and free file formats that are universally available.

  • paper in color laserjet 2840 jam. error paperdraw broken paper removed, remains in the display. Windows 7

    I had a paper get stuck in my printer HP Color LaserJet 2840. I removed the broken book. Then it hapenned again.

    Deleted the book broke for the second time and now the error message on the print remains on the screen.

    Also when I restart the computer os turn off the printer. I also looked at the printer, but I don't see anything.

    Troubleshooting page here can help.

  • I have a hp color laserjet 2840, I can't print with my Dell pc windows7

    I have a hp color laserjet 2840, I can't print with my pc dell with windows 7. Please help me. Thank you


    This laser model was for XP. There is limited support driver for WIN7.

    Just click on the link, select either the WIN7 32-bit or 64-bit and read the support documents to understand how to install it.

  • HP color laserjet 2840 printing and copy blank page

    Hi all

    I have hp color laserjet 2840, printing and copy empty, I change the toner and drum but nothing! any idea?

    Sorry for my bed English

    Thank you

    Try this test.

    Printed page in after you get the blank page open the access door and see if you can move the carrousel by hand.

    If the carousel will rotate the carousel latch is stuck.

    The lock can be fixed by disassembly of the valve and clean some foam sticky residue deteriorated and its replacement by a thin piece of material. I use stickers very thin markers of a dollar store.

  • For Windows 7, it will not recognize my printer HP Color LaserJet 2600n as a printer, and I see no download on the HP site, all solutions?

    For Windows 7, it will not recognize my printer HP Color LaserJet 2600n as a printer, and I see no download on the HP site, all solutions?

    Hello DavePerdue,

    Thank you for your message.  Click HERE for your driver from the HP website.  It seems that it just took some time to get the driver online and available for download.
    See you soon

    Engineer Jason Microsoft Support answers visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • How to load the driver scanner for HP color LaserJet 2840 via ethernet

    I am trying to load the scanner driver for HP color LaserJet 2840 via the network. When I got to the driver download page, I have two choices. We're driver HP color LaserJet 2820/2840 PCL6, the other is HP color LaserJet 2820/2840 PCL6 Plug and scan/print driver Solution play I don't know which I should choose. So I downloaded both.

    Then I followed the instructions on this page... I have correctly installed the driver HP color LaserJet 2820/2840 PCL6. But I do not know if the driver drives the scanner. And I could not print any test page either. I don't know if I installed this driver properly.

    But when I tried to follow the instructions to install the driver HP color LaserJet 2820/2840 PCL6 Plug and scan/print driver Solution play, I was confused when I tried to select the .inf file. There are a lot of .inf files in the directory. I had no idea which one I should choose. Also, I tried to run the EZInstall.exe, but it seems to only support direct connection via USB and not via the network.

    Could someone help me with this? Please let me know which version of the driver should choose, and how do I load this driver.

    Thank you!!

    One supports network connections, the other being a pilot plug-and-play (PnP) is configured to initialize and works with a USB connection.

    Let me know if makes you better in the right direction.

    Have a wonderful day!


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    My HP color laserjet 2840 Control Panel scroll out of control.  The screen lights up and you can read "Hewlett-Packard", but nothing else.  Under the words "Hewlett-Packard" that seems to be something (probably the word "Ready") scrolling to the right on the left of a way very fast, unreadable.  I can't print with this problem.

    I recently installed a mod for additional memory, but preinted fine a few days before, so that's not the issue.

    If anyone has any idea how I can return to the "Ready" State, I would really appreciate it.  Thank you.

    Thank you for the reset option.

    Since my original post, I called HP support and they told me that they don't support any more of my printer.  I was even unable to discuss the issue, which has been quite disappointing.

    I ended up out the memory mod that I mentioned in my post and the screen of the printer stop scrolling.  I had the feeling that it was the question, because it was the only variable, but it was the good mod, so I wasn't sure.

    In the meantime, I was forced to buy a new printer because I needed one and now I have an extra.

  • Vista and Color Laserjet 5 M reprints all when the printer is turned on?

    Vist and Color Laserjet 5 M reprints all when the printer is turned on?

    It is a new one on me. I installed the printer with a barrette SIMM Postscript so it would work even at all under Vista and now it prints well but insists on the fact that I have all re - print he has never seen a reason any whenever I turn the printer to print something again.

    XP he has never done that, but I've always had the document cannot print the error that I ignored as he did print correctly.

    Google has not really revealed anything?

    ?? Type response level 1 I was looking for... These printers are a full restart, test of memory and when it is off.

    But I think I solved it, spent some time on google and there was a suggestion on the spooler in vista, was something like clear keep printed documents or print spooling first, I went also to start printing after the last page. Who took care of a lot of it somehow. Not sure why the generic installation program would need to be changed here. Possible I did for me somehow when I was trying to get the thing to work with the PCL driver too.

    Then I noticed that whenever I turned on the printer it is printing a page of demo postscript, for some reason any, it is enabled by default in the SIMM option. Turn power off and now its not wasting so much paper now.

    So two things to look for in the computer and the printer.

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    OfficeJet 6600. Works as a printer, but not able to start the scanner.

    I am facing a strange behaviour of my camera. I tried to find similar problems on the forum, but did not succeed.

    I started it 2 days (near my 5610 old which seems to have problems of aging). I use a Sony VAIO PC, OS Win7-Pro, updated.

    Running the appliance following the instructions of the poster. Presents the installation CD. Wireless net was successful and the screen of the device is to give the corresponding IP address.

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    Try this document! A "no computer has detected" or "Connection error" message when scanning for HP Officejet 6600 e-all-in-one and 6700 Premium e-All-in-One Printer Series (H711)

    Have a great day!

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