setFocus on textfield

I have a custom dialog box that has two buttons and a textfield. I want to set the focus to textfield when the dialog box opens, how can I do that using qml?

solved. the value of textfield.requestfocus () in onopened() dialogue method

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  • OpenScript: Capture a value to an attribute of store

    Hey guys,.

    I just started working with the Openscript, and so I have a few questions to you that confuses me.

    I'm coming down with a "nom_element" of a mask of forms and want to set/write this 'nom_element' in a second time using a store attribute in a new textField, while I'm in the order management. I guess that Openscript doesn't store/save this 'nom_element' in the attribute store, because Openscript raise the following exceptions:

    -Variable 'nom_element' not found for the string: {{nom_element}}
    -Forms object not found! XPath: / / forms:textField [(@name = 'LINE_ORDERED_ITEM_DSP_0')]

    According to the second exception XPath can not find the path selected of the 'nom_element' using caputring bubble, but I wonder why?

    The Java Corrosponded code looks like this:
    (' (forms.otsHGrid("//forms:textField[(@name='LINE_ORDERED_ITEM_DSP_0')] ') .storeAttribute ("nom_element","text");
    forms.textField("//forms:textField[(@name='LINE_ORDERED_ITEM_DSP_5')]").setText("{{item_name}}"); "

    Someone at - it ideas?

    Best regards

    to enter a value, you should always go for a get().

    String ItemName=forms.textField("//forms:textField[(@name='LINE_ORDERED_ITEM_DSP_5')]").getText();

    get the value in the chain... and you can use this variable to set the value you need.
    Hope that it meets your needs.

    Published by: 913668 on March 27, 2012 07:34

  • How do I move TextField?


    I have a problem: I have a VerticalFieldManager with the width w and height H and in good conditions, new textField is created and added (it takes whenever new TextField is created, the reason is not important here).

    VerticalFieldManager has the right height (smaller than the screen size). My problem is that when there are too many textFields, they are hidden and I have to scroll down. and I want to my text moves automatically, once it reaches the height of the fieldManager.

    I tried to use textField.setCursorPosition (), but it did not help.

    I hope I describe clearly what is my problem. Did anyone have any suggestions?

    Kind regards

    Try Field.setFocus ().

  • Programmatically unfocus a TextField?

    In my opinion I have only a single editable content: text in a TextField. The problem is that as a user you never get rid of the update (because there is nothing else to focus on), once the textfield's door. I want to remove focus from the textfield when the user presses ENTER. I know how to react to the input being pressed key, but I don't know how unfocus a command/TextField programmatically?

    I got the hint to use (Boolean), but this method is protected and not public, so I can't call this method from the controller assigned to the view containing the TextField object. Is - is this expected? Is there another way for unfocusing one control in JavaFX 2?

    Thank you for any suspicion!

    Published by: srynoname on 14.02.2013 12:47

    Hello. The following works for me:
    Call requestLayout for the parent node:



       package afxml;
    import java.util.ResourceBundle;
    import javafx.event.ActionEvent;
    import javafx.fxml.FXML;
    import javafx.fxml.Initializable;
    import javafx.scene.control.Label;
    import javafx.scene.layout.AnchorPane;
    public class SampleController implements Initializable {
        @FXML AnchorPane anchorPane;
        private void handleTextField(ActionEvent event) {
        public void initialize(URL url, ResourceBundle rb) {
            // TODO
  • How to set the focus to textfield

    Hello everyone.

    Need advice on how to set the focus to textfield. I tried t use setfocus, however does not

    Thank you!

    textField.requestFocus ();

  • How the setFocus() method in AS3?

    Hello world. I'll try to keep it as simple as possible.

    I try to use the setFocus method to highlight the default text in a text input field.

    So bascially when the user clicks on the text field - the text is highlighted, and they can hit. Currently have about 16 text fields with something similar to "insert text here" as a guest for our lower ICT demographic of users and it is a bit tedious to expect the user to highlight text in each field, then tap it.

    Can be done awesomly if you tab through the fields of text, but I expect not many users use this method.

    I looked around on the net solutions to it using as3, but I have not found something that worked for me. I would be very grateful for a suggestion or a point in the right direction...

    Thank you

    If you want to by clicking on a textfield end with the text inside it, try the following...

    TF1.addEventListener (MouseEvent.MOUSE_UP, selectText);

    TF2.addEventListener (MouseEvent.MOUSE_UP, selectText);

    TF3.addEventListener (MouseEvent.MOUSE_UP, selectText);


    function selectText(evt:MouseEvent):void {}

  • setFocus

    I have 4 (ab0, ab1, ab2 and ab3) text entry fields. How to write the code to jump to the next text box after the user types 3 charactors?

    _root. AB0. OnChanged = function() {}
    {if (_root. AB0. Text.Length is 3)}
    Selection.setFocus ("_root.ab1")

    var host: MovieClip = this;

    var numFields:Number = 4;

    for (var i = 0; i)<>

    var tf:TextField = host ["ab" + i];

    tf.myID = i;

    tf.onChanged = handleChange;


    function handleChange() {}

    {if (this.) (Text.Length>=3)}




  • TextField focus with flashing bar

    Hi guys,.

    I'm doing Flash automatically focus on a textfield of entry (not the TextInput component object, but a textfield with the input of type value) when the user enters the page. I want so they can type immediately without having to click within the textfield object. Previously, in AS 2.0, you can use Selection.setFocus ("textfield_txt"); but in AS3 is it possible?

    Sorry if this is an easy question.

    Thanks in advance.

    in AS3, it is now a property instead of a function you are calling. In addition, you do not use the text value of the field name, but a reference to the field real itself...

    would look like: myObj.stage.focus = myTextField;

  • focus on a TextField... does not work?

    Why is it not possible to make a setSelection on a textfield in Actionscript 3.0?

    If you draw a dynamic textfield and call it is idintifier samle_txt and I would put these
    lines of code:

    sample_txt. Text = "Hello World";

    sample_txt.setSelection (2.4);

    It should work? or what about the setFocus? It does not work too.

    Anyone have any idea why it does'nt does not work?

    development is a property of the stage, is not a method:

    internship. Focus = yourTextField;

  • How to get the focus and the slider to textfield when the Application loading

    In my application, I need the focus and the cursor on a control textInput that soon the application is loaded.
    The Focus can be set by textInputname.setFocus () in the full demand creation event. It works but
    the cursor do not appear there until what the user clicks anywhere in the area of application. Y does it have no way set cursor on
    the textfield on request load so that if the user enter something without clicking, on request, the text should go to this
    I tried the following things, but it do not cursor to textInput, only the focus is set with this,
    textInputname.setFocus ();
    CursorManager.setFocus ("textInputname");

    If anyone knows the solution please answer...
    Thank you...

    ' v Jay"wrote in message
    News:[email protected]
    > Hi,.
    > This logic to set the cursor to the load of the application with callLater do not work...
    > Do you have another idea

    The problem is that the reader Flash itself has not the focus. I think so
    There are hacks JavaScript that you can use to try to correct this, but I have no
    believe that they are reliable.



  • Numbers in the textfield using the Boolean and structure of the case?


    I am very new to these forums and LabVIEW in general. I am currently trying to implement a calculator-ish, but without the operations (+ - * /).

    I have 10 Boolean buttons named 0-9, and with them I want to basically write a sequence of numbers in a textfield. I managed to solve the problem using a structure of the event, but now I would get the same result using a case instead of this structure. The problem is that I can't identify which button was pressed, so I can't make the program go to the proper case (0 to 9). Is there a simple solution to what you guys could help me with? Perhaps a property node that is generic for each button? I do not know

    in any case, I enclose you a simplified version of what I am seeking to achieve, withouh code I do not know how to write of course.

    Thanks for your help in advance!

    / Sebastian

    Here's a way to do it: combine Boolean values in a table, which become an 8-bit number and which thread to a structure to deal with a Boolean radix

  • Application closes when you write in the TextField


    I was announced an update of my application on the site of the seller with the help of Air 3.5 and I return this error report:

    "BlackBerry Z10, Q10 of BlackBerry and BlackBerry Z30 when I fill the empty text box, the application closes by itself."

    The textfield in question is a standard than as3 Textfield value ENTRY. I can't reproduce the problem in the simulator of 10.2 and I don't have a real device. Is this a known issue?


  • Waterfalls in the TextArea or TextField bug

    TextArea or TextField has slot as onTextChanged (QString string). If I put a symbol '. 'or', ' before the text in the input field, then when this slot will trigger, the text parameter will be empty string. I think it's a bug. Version of the sdk is 10.2. Have someone has experienced this problem and how can I solve this problem?

    Welcome on the support forums.

    You can file bugs in jira:

  • Always visible hint of TextField

    Hello together,

    I'm trying to get an entry as in the blackberry calendar application when adding an appointment. The indication "subject" is displayed on first use and after comments is displayed at the top:

    Initial state:

    After the entry

    How can I achieve this? I'm a little stucco here.

    Thanks for help you .


    Given that hintText works oddly, it is a prototype of bad

      Label {
          id: myTextHint
          visible: myText.text.length > 0
          bottomMargin: 0
          translationX: ui.du(2)
          textStyle.color: Color.create("#999999")
      TextField {
          id: myText
          hintText: "Subject"
          backgroundVisible: false
          onTextChanging: {
              myTextHint.visible = text.length > 0
              myTextHint.text = hintText
          bottomMargin: 0
          topMargin: 0
      Container {
          preferredHeight: 1
          horizontalAlignment: HorizontalAlignment.Fill
          background: Color.LightGray
  • username (textfield) must not be empty

    Hi all...

    Can someone tell me how to print an error message (qml or c ++) when a user leaves a field blank IE user name or password.

    pls help me I've tried so many things, but not successful...

    check for textfield.text.length
    a joint systemdialog to view the message (qml). to use which adds "import bb.system 1.0" to the qml file.

Maybe you are looking for