Setting to music on the iPhone 6 s 16G


I just got my iPhone 6 s 16G iOS 9.2.1 last week (from my iPhone 4). I would like to know if anyone knows where I can find information about the configuration of the music on the iPhone 6? I would like to know everything in there


Have you tried this:

With the help of the new music app - Apple Support

Here is another source:

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  • Cannot delete all music from the iphone 6 (9.2.1)

    Title says it all.

    Settings/general/to words of the 13 songs on iPhone reports

    Settings/general/storage & iCloud, its use is not an entry for the music application.

    Desktop iTunes app (on the mac version) shows no music on the iPhone when it's connected.

    Music app on iPhone is configured to not use cellular data for download or streaming (settings/music)

    When I put the phone in Airplane Mode, I'm still able to play music from iPhone music application.

    It's annoying, because when I move the phone via the USB port to my car, he turns the radio and he started playing the first 13 songs that are 'on' the iPhone.

    In addition, as a complaint aside, in-app music, I put my music to only display available offline downloaded music, it shows all the music I have purchased through iTunes. A lot of songs more than the 13 reported that on my iPhone.


    The songs would be?

    ITunes 'Songs of Innocence' gift album remove iTunes and purchases - Apple Support from your music library

  • where is my music on the iPhone 6

    where is my music on the iPhone 6.

    Synchronize you?

    Have you checked in the music App?

    You must give an overview of what you did to get music on the iPhone If you want more specific answers.

  • Only to music on the iPhone


    Can we please find a way to limit the music available on the iPhone to the music that we have personally downloaded? I know only through iOS10, we have the opportunity to go to downloaded music, but it may not be a default setting or can it be applied thanks to another place so that even search or full shuffle cannot pull songs not downloaded upward? Otherwise, why are we able to uncheck songs via iTunes?

    Example: Music holiday I rather would not hear throughout the year, I want to download when I want it, otherwise I keep not checked.

    I agree... what you can do at this stage is to provide feedback to Apple >

  • Unable to add music to the iphone.

    I just canceled the free trial of apple's music, but still not able to sync the music on my iphone.

    It would help enormously if tells you what happens when you try to sync music on your phone. It is an important indicator.

  • Best way to erase 'Music' of the iPhone and Resync with my newly deduplicated iTunes (I removed 30 GB of duplicates with "Tune Sweeper")

    Hi, I recently decided to clean up my years of iTunes duplicates.  "Tune Sweeper" ($24.99) reduced my 180GB to 150 GB.

    I don't want my iPhone (50 GB free) existing MUSIC to restore my iTunes on my PC.

    Can I just remove all the current MUSIC from iPhone and resynchronization,

    I go into the settings (storage) and deleted xxGB music on my iPhone but all my songs are still playable.

    I'm willing to pay for advice, if this forum is not able to help.

    Any suggestions?

    Connect the phone to iTunes on the computer that you sync with and click the music option. Uncheck the option "Sync music" and sync. This will delete all music from your device.

    Then go back to the music option and select what you don't want sync'd music on your device.

    See you soon,.


  • Hum, playing music on the iphone 6 s, remedied with reset.

    When playing music if YouTube, music Apple or my music, a hum occurs.  It spent 4 - 6 times since yesterday, received the Wireless Studio Beats for Christmas and occurred after that but even when product buzz headphones not matched.  This is remedied to a reboot, but I'm not restart the phone several times a day.  Phone is 3 months old.

    Hello, tonydrn66.

    Please visit Apple support communities.

    I understand that you hear a gurgling noise when you use different audio applications.  It sounds like it may have started when you have connected your new Beats Studio Wireless headphones, but also happens when it is not associated with.  I would like to start with you have to go through the steps described in the article just below.  You can skip the step that refers to restart the iPhone like you tried a couple of times.

    If you hear no sound or distorted sound from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch speaker

    You have received a new Bluetooth device, it is always recommended to make sure that the firmware has been updated.  Take a look at the article below, as it will guide you through the update process for your headphone Beats Studio wireless.

    Updates to the firmware with beats Updater

    See you soon

  • Is it possible to play music from the iPhone speaker bluetooth while that paired with a Apple Watch?

    without the synchronization of music at the shows?

    I have music on my iPhone. My iPhone is paired with the bluetooth speaker and Apple Watch. I can hear clicks of typing etc arrived via bluetooth speaker, but the music does not work. Is the only way that this is possible by disconnecting him my watch or sync the music to the watch and then play from there?


    Go to ibooks download Apple Watch user's guide it's free

    Do this on the iPhone.

    See you soon


  • Where are the sides 'star' on the latest version of the music for the iPhone?

    Previously, I could see, add and change the collation 'star' of songs on my iPhone.  I do not find this option.  This a large part of how I organize and track my music collection, which is massive and therefore can be very difficult to manage.  It was my most important tool! Someone at - it a preview?

    This feature no longer exists.

  • Synchronize music on the iPhone 6 more with iTunes

    I downloaded music from a CD I had iTunes on a new computer, I bought in January 2015.

    I have synced then it to my iPhone 6 Plus.

    Unfortunately, this computer had a catastrophic failure and had to be replaced by the manufacturer with another computer in September 2015.

    So now, my iTunes music library no longer exists.

    Is there a way to transfer / sync all my music is on my iPhone 6 more in my music in iTunes library?

    Yes, see recover your iTunes from your iPod or an iOS device.


  • How to remove music from the iPhone but not the iTunes library

    How do I remove songs from my phone, without remove them permanently from my iTunes library?

    Hello cruzansingerboi,

    If I understand correctly, you want to know how to remove songs from your iPhone 5 c without removing the tracks from your music library to iCloud. The article below provides a lot of information on the management of your music library to iCloud and it also describes the process to remove the pieces of your iOS devices.

    Delete songs and video clips from your music library - Apple Support iCloud

    iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

    1. In the music application, find the name of the song, album, or playlist you want to delete and tap the Options icon more .
    2. Tap on delete download to remove the item for offline listening. The item will remain in your library on all your devices.
      Press on my music to remove to remove the item completely from your library on all your devices.

    So long.

  • I deleted ALL the music of the iPhone 6 and I still get the message saying storage ON PHONE is full - why? It shows 0 (zero) gig available - there is NO solution t this question - again! Anyone who responds to get my smile of approval.

    Searched these forums for a while and all I see is frustration-someone ' one has a slution to this ongoing problem, I tried the suggestion of wiping out cloud & synchronization still but no solution. Almost removed all applications, but always said "iPhone full storage" and in places-0 (zero) bytes of available storage. So many people have this problem, so I thought I would make a second time to a point - I tried of you "recently deleted" photos as well but - even managed to remove the u2 album that no one seems to want to

    You have WhatsApp? If so delete it and reinstall.

  • What is 'my music' on the iphone

    is everything I've ever bought on itunes?  He actually takes place on my phone?

    I have no 'music apple' or 'itunes game' or ' anything cloud ' enabled on my phone.


    iOS 9.3.1

    It was purchased or music synced from your computer that is physically stored on your device.

  • Can't play music on the AirPort Express to the iPhone 5 s.  Can of Macbook Pro

    Can play music through the AirPort Express using a Macbook Pro and Linksys 11879. Two iPhone 5 see the connection at the airport, but no music. How do we get music using the iPhones?

    Given that your MacBook Pro can broadcast to the Express, we know that AirPlay works.

    By 'See the connection at the airport' do you mean that the two iPhones can see that both the AirPlay icon in the control center AND can see the Express in its options?

  • Music on iPhone but still missing on iPad - how to get to the iPhone?

    Hi all - miss me the music on the iPhone, but the music is still on my iPad-all are covered on the iCloud. How can I get music from iPad on my iPhone? Without losing the music on my phone? Thank you

    See recover your iTunes from your iPod or an iOS device. All your content must be stored in your library, which you keep saved.


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