Sierra Picture in Picture

Can I watch ESPN with the new image of the Sierra depending on the photo?

Yes.  Although they do not have the correct the PiP icon in the corner of their player, it is still possible.

During playback of the video, right-click on the video and it will display a context menu with "reader information".  If you left click on that, it will stop the video and view statistics on the video stream.  Not what you want.

Instead of left clicking on "Reader information" entry, right-click on it and you will get the menu contextual regular Safari.  Here is where you will find the picture in the picture option.

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  • ID/faces of the people in the Sierra pictures, pulling up the non-functional names

    Someone knows how to fix this? Is it a new setting I'm missing? I've already sent feedback to Apple.

    Photos, when I come across a photo of a person without a name, I can click on the field "no name" and a list of names appears. In the Sierra, however, the list includes names of new non-functional based on the e-mail addresses that are causing problems with my library.

    For example, if I type my name, I see three suggestions:

    1. my full name, with the thumbnail associated with my Photos 'face '.

    2. my full name with my email from Apple below address and the photo of my Contacts entry

    3. my full name with a secondary e-mail, which I have also listed in Contacts, with no tile

    If I take 1, everything works as usual.

    If I take 2 or 3, Photos makes a new person with just my name. It does not automatically fill in the rest of my name. I find myself with two entrances of the person, one with my full name and one with my name. I then merge these. This happens with all the people, not just me.

    I have the same problem. When I want to manually add a face without a name/person, I get very often 2 proposals:

    (1) the person sought with the profile photo, the first name and family name. If a picture is displayed, this means that I have already assigned photos to this person.

    (2) the same person, with or without a profile picture, with name, surname and e-mail. This proposal seems to come from my contacts, because it shows the same profile photo and mail the address I have for this person in my contacts.

    If I add the photo to the contact person, the person is added as a person in Photos. But with only the name, not the name, which is a little ridiculous, especially when you are systematically adding people and having many with the same name.

    I merge the two to get back 1 "individual" in photos, with first and last name (first and last).

    So somehow Photos is not capable of matching 'people' in photos to anyone in my contacts list. Even when you merged the two and said Photos this way they need to be put in correspondence.

  • Upgrade of the Sierra: where are my pictures!

    Well, I see that a lot of people have this problem but have yet to find an answer to the problem anywhere.  My patience is lost, I despise the fact that I have * money on shit Apple but I need to find my photos.  Stupidly, I'm fallen for Apple BS again and "upgraded" in the Sierra.  Now all my photos and the Organization, that I spent a year are no longer accessible by something else as well as the new 'Photos '.  I never had iPhoto first, never used.  Each thread simple discussion I can find guard speaks of iPhoto and animated for the Photos news images.  I can see the picture files, but all my organization has disappeared; and I can't access my photos of any other application EXCEPT Photos!  If I could find an Apple exec I would slam their face until they cried!

    Someone has a REAL solution to get my photos and the Organization in the way it was before this stupid OS Sierra update?

    < re-titled by host >

    I think you should be able to find your photos here ~/Pictures/Photos Library.photoslibrary.

    Presumably, you could also restore your library and its organization of your backup so that you can continue to use any photo library program you usually use.

  • cannot enlarge the pictures since the installation of Sierra

    Since the installation of macOS Sierra yesterday I can't get photos in pictures to enlarge them by double-clicking on them.

    Sorry, but we cannot see you if you have details - double click to enlarge photos, unless you have a problem and without any information we have no way to help

    What happens? Did you just install OS X Sierra or wipe you your drive and install it or what? What else can you a total unknown who do not see you that could help them to help you?


  • Missing thumbnails in 2 pictures on the Sierra

    Hi all! After the search for photos by date, I noticed that a big piece of my photo library is without vignettes. This is after the 2 pictures on the Sierra of the OS. I already tried to repair the library usage.

    Sorry, I'm not about to open individually 40 000 photos, so I can fix the thumbnails.

    Apple, fix!

    I think this is my most photo library of 40 k takes just to always update, but it has been almost a week already. To make things even better, the update dialog box leave not the slightest idea of how much time is remaining.

  • Sierra and Photos: unable to load library of pictures located on a NAS

    I have a 300 GB photo library located on a NAS.

    No problem with El Capitan and Yosemite.

    With Sierra when I opened the Photos I had a spinning wheel and even after a night full, nothing happened (Finally, the NAS disconnected... but I think it's something Sierra... never happened before)

    Now, I am trying to get all the Masters folder within the library of Photos...

    I have the same problem. Cannot open the pictures library that is located on a Synology NAS. Finder (not answer)

  • Hide pictures in Photos of the Sierra

    After update to Sierra way too many of my pictures were to be identified by a new name.  I was wondering if there is a quick and easy way to hide several pictures without going through the function 'Add' in people?

    As much as I've learned here is not (yet) possible. The function "add people" is rather useless, currently, IMHO: you cannot double-click a photo (face without recognized name) to see the picture, it belongs to. And you can not hide or even delete something. First you must add it to your list of people: Here you can hide, but you can't delete it. And if you hide the person, all the photos with this person will not be displayed in 'memories '.

    I wonder why Apple does not get any easier and put these faces to-be-named directly in the list of people and as well as the ability to remove them from there. But maybe they simply fails to finish on time, and we'll get it with the next version of correction. So I'll wait a bit before deciding on how to hide/remove these unwanted faces. And of course I made a request here:

  • Choose the paper pictures of (my) desktop wallpaper in macOS Sierra

    With the update for Sierra, I apparently lost the photos as wallpaper, I would put on my different offices. When I go to system preferences / desktop and screen saver / Desktop, I see the line 'Photos' on the menu, but if I choose that, nothing else appears - no albums in my library, no list of images. Below that there is also a list of folders to choose amongst, including 'Images', but all I see is a picture in there. For now, it seems that the only substantive screen shots I can put are those from Apple.

    The wallpapers are 'behaviour' as expected: they change every 30 minutes, but only from the selection of funds Photos provided by Apple. However, I want to use my own photos, not Apple.

    In comparison, with the screen saver tab (also in system preferences / desktop and screensaver), I clearly can choose a source - photo library - and then pick a folder to select the photos since. This works very well and is very clear.

    So... am I missing something? Is this expected behavior now for background screenshots? Or should I wait until the day tomorrow and see if the 'Photos' section in the desktop preferences pane fills with something finally?

    I vaguely remember selecting photos in iPhoto and then they are "Desktop pictures" - perhaps by choosing this approach vanished a few years previously. I can't find a similar feature in pictures now.

    Thanks in advance!

    Best estimate is patience - I suspect you are simply not giving things enough time to settle and for photos of Photos appear - give it some time - therre is a lot of background processing goes on


  • Photos of Sierra will be compatible with pictures on El Capitan?

    My main computer, a Mac Pro 3.1, will not run Sierra.  This is where I have my main library of Photos and do most of my work on Photos.  I also have a Mac Book Pro and Mac Mini that are fairly new to run Sierra.

    I understand that the Photos included with Sierra will be major changes.  I would benefit from improvements in Photos and would install Sierra on one of my systems to get the new features.  Unfortunately, I think that I should not do this, because the Photos is not a stand-alone application, but is rather a macos Sierra subsystem.

    If I update my MBP or Mac Mini to Sierra, they will change my library Photos of system to a version that my Mac Pro, which is limited to El Capitan, cannot run?

    They are compatible.

    Discuss the beta software in Apple Support communities

    You have accepted a confidentiality agreement upon registering for the beta program:


    Please read the e-mail you received: Software Apple beta program

    The NDA forbids you to discuss beta software issues here or anywhere else. The above two documents describe how to submit problem reports to Apple.

  • Pictures killing an internet connection for the entire network in El Capitan and Sierra (solution)

    I hope this helps someone out there.  It took a lot of research and trial and error to figure.  It's a solution and not a question, moderators, please put this in the correct area - I'm sure that's probably not the right one.

    QUESTION: My Internet crashed and this was the situation for several weeks.  I used a hotspot from my phone for connectivity, it was so bad.  If I want to run a speed test, she would record .03Mbps.  Company Internet is out (twice), replaced new modem, dial-up, everything.  Modem became a signal strong, but it was not to reach all devices.  Literally spend days trying to understand this - constant speed running test.  Type a chance, but I noticed that if I turned off my wi - fi, my other devices to get internet antenna full.

    This is my note to the At & T internet tech:

    «I realized the problem - it's a mac question.»  If you see this once again, it's how to diagnose.  If they have a mac running El Capitan or Sierra (both latest versions), it will be a feature for the Photo program that attempts to download all your library - and sometimes loops constantly (this is the bug). When that happens, it will take ALL the bandwidth and choke the internet.  The way you can tell, if you turn off the WIFI antenna on the mac and the speed goes back to normal on all other devices.   You can see if you look at the activity monitor - the Application folder-> utilities-> monitor program - > Network tab.  You will see a function suck bandwidth, called NSURLSESSIOND.  Immediate fix is to run the PHOTOS, click on the PHOTOS-> PREFERENCES-> TAB, either "iCloud library" iCLOUD deselection or pause the update photograph (it does for 24 hours).  Network activity will return to normal, resolved to connectivity issues.  NOTE: you'll still the problem, if connect you the computer to the modem, wifi so isn't the issue. »

    I hope this helps someone!

    Interesting, but I didn't and isn't the problem with El Capitan or Sierra on more than a Mac. It takes some time to download a large Photo library according to your connection speed. I never knew 'loop' a Photo. Maybe some have. Could be a bad installation.

  • Are there themes book new or updated pictures on macOS Sierra

    I'm not usually a "early adopter", but so far every version of the Photos had several book theme functions.  So, I'd love to hear some of the usual experts.

    I've seen new book themes when I looked.  And the photo boxes and text fields can still not be resized.

  • Photos of iCloud does not sync for iOS

    Hi all

    I made a bunch of changes on my Sierra pictures of macOS, including:

    • Changing the names of Albums
    • Merger of some albums

    None of these changes are replicated to my iPhone 6 (iOS 10). Also now half of my albums are displayed as having 0 photos which is incorrect.

    Was working fine a couple of days.

    Someone has recommendations before I try to disable iCloud library on the iPhone and turning on? Someone at - it happen to them?

    Best estimate is patience - give it time - you had installed for a few hours - Sierra synchronizations are not instantaneous and a 'heap' of changes will be a "bunch" of time to synchronize

    and usually the absolute worst thing in the world to do is to turn iCloud photo library and turn it back on - that should be only a last resort


  • How to play movies from memories in pictures for Mac?

    In iOS, there is a button to play movies, memories, but on my Mac, there is no such key.

    Memory starts to play, but is not full screen.

    How to play memory as I can on iOS?

    Also, memories can be shared from my Mac on shared albums and/or sync with my iOS devices?

    Thank you

    Hi Jerry,

    Thanks for posting your questions here in the Community Support from Apple. I see that you are curious about the visualization of your memories on your Mac. I'm happy to help answer your questions.

    It seems that it's not possible to watch movies from memory to a Mac. Take a look at the following information:

    Memory movies only work on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Apple TV. You will see films of memory on your Mac.

    To answer your question on the sharing of memories, take a look at this information:

    Save and share your favorite memories

    You want to save a memory for later? Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and tap or click Add to favorite memories. You can find it in the album favorite memories from your Photos app. If you decide that you do not want to save a memory, tap or click on remove from favorite memories.

    When you add memory to your Favorites, preserve you and keep to go far when pictures creates new memories.

    You can also share your experiences with family and friends. On your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, you can share movies of memory as you would share any other video. Read a movie memory, then tap to display the options for editing and sharing. Type and choose to share the movie via E-mail Messages, iCloud, sharing photos, Facebook, YouTube and more.

    On your Mac, you can share photos and videos that are contained in a memory. Click on to share through email, Messages, iCloud, photo sharing, Facebook and other.

    You want to make sure that you follow these steps for memories to be synchronized between your devices:

    Before you start

    Update your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch iOS 10 or later and your Mac for Sierra macOS or later.

    If you want to get the same memories on all your Apple devices:

    1. ICloud implemented on all your devices.
    2. Connect to iCloud with the same Apple ID on all your devices.
    3. Turn on iCloud photo library on all your devices you want to use with memories.
    4. Update your Apple TV (4th generation) tvOS 10 or later.

    Enjoy your memories in pictures - Apple Support

    See you soon!

  • iPhoto for pictures

    MacOS Sierra will update my photos from iphoto? I always use the iphoto on my current iMac. The last update from Apple (pre Mac OS) had problems with photos do not import not titles and records resulting in loss sevice... years in folders... and photographs that have been titled gonzo! That's why I'm still using iphoto.

    Someone had a problem with that? I'm hesitant to upgrade because of this

    Sierra install pictures. If you are using iPhoto 9.6.1, you can run it as before; older versions that came from the Mac App Store, or with a Mac provided with 10.7 or newer can be Update 9.6.1.


  • pictures 1.0.1 quit unexpectedly after printing on HP Envy 5640


    I just bought a HP Envy 5640 printer.

    It works very well, but every time I have to print a photo in Photo 1.0.1 NICU OS X 10.10.5, Photos will be leaving after that print is sent to the printer.

    The photo prints fine, but needs pictures to be restarted every time.

    Does anyone have the same problem?

    Any solution?

    Thank you.

    I've not seen posted here - but since you are more than a year behind in updates, bug fixes and new features, you can see a verry old bug that has been fixed many years ago for people who follow to this day - unless he ia a clue right for you m = not updated I suggest you backup and update of OS X Sierra = and Photos 2.0 - this never can solve your problem


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