sign documents with digital signatures with Adobe Reader DC

We use the Adobe reader dc for signing documents with digital signatures, but does work well for us.

Use the digital signature, we have configured so that whenever you use for pin code request. The problem is that when you sign a document with Adobe Reader DC the first time, we used the firm asked the PIN, but the following documents signed what it does is it adds the signature pin, but he does not ask why when valid certificate is not valid.

Can you help me to always ask the pin code when you want to use the digital signature to sign the document?


Hi Jumitere12,

Whenever you sign a PDF by using the digital ID, you will be asked to enter in the PDF file. KB doc. using Acrobat help. Digital IDs

Kind regards

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  • Digital signature in Adobe Reader DC

    The sign with certificate function is used in Adobe reader XI. How I do that in Adobe reader DC?

    Hey jimb1953,

    You must choose the certificates under Tools Center

    Then, choose the digitally sign icon in the toolbar of certificates displayed on the top:

    Hope that helps.

    Kind regards

    Ana Maria

  • How to sign documents with the reader with a comic signature?


    The company that I work wants to go paperless and we are deploying iPads with Expert PDF that synchronize with our FTP server. It works very well, and when we sign in using PDF Expert on the iPad we can actually sign with a pen and make it look like a paper signature.

    We are also keen to deploy portable computers able to reach for some of our field technicians, because they must use Xactimate while on a construction site. Rather than give them a phone fantasy (looking at the Tablet, Lenovo ThinkPad X 230) and one iPad, I rather just use the laptop in the same way that we would use iPads to sign the documents.

    The problem with that is that I can't get Acrobat or Reader to allow me to draw a signature in a signature field. Is this possible? One or the other when I go to the Signature of the place and the window shows that I have that the certificate option, other options are all greyed out...

    How can I achieve what I'm looking for? Is there a particular setting or the way to save the PDF file (out of scope) to allow the signature fields to shoot?

    Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

    OK, so I thought about it and I have to say, Adobe went back on it. In Reader 10, you can simply go to the extended tab, select apply ink Signature, select the box and you're done. 11 reader do you by going to the tab of the Panel, select the place of Signature, and then select draw my signature. BUT, for that to work really, signature fields in the form must be removed from the PDF or the only option you get is to use a certificate. Good job Adobe, to complicate a simple task.

  • I had windows 7 and it has been updated to windows 10. After the update, I opened a PDF with adobe reader. The sign economy is idle. When I click on save slot, it is said that he can save a blank document. Earlier, I have not any problem to save a pdf d

    I had windows 7 and it has been updated to windows 10. After the update, I opened a PDF with adobe reader. The sign economy is idle. When I click on save slot, it is said that he can save a blank document. Earlier, I have not a problem to save a pdf document with adobe reader on my hard drive. I found no updates available for my adobe reader software. Is adobe still to make the drive compatible with windows 10?

    Govind B S

    Bernd, these rights are not necessary to the reader XI. Unless the file has been secured, then it should be savable.

    I recommend that upgrade you to the latest version of the XI player that is available and if this does not work, try to run a repair installation (or upgrade to DC).

  • When I open a document in Firefox with Adobe Reader 9, I can't print (no problem if you use Internet Explorer)

    I am running Windows 7 (64-bit), using Firefox 8.0. When I open a document with Adobe Reader 9, I am unable to be with her (printing, recording, etc.) another what to see. When I use Internet Explorer I don't have this problem.

    The plug-in may not work well in Firefox because you are using an older version of Adobe Reader.

    Please note that there is currently a security breach uncorrected in Adobe Reader that is actively exploited by criminals.


    The current version of Adobe Reader (unpatched) is:

         Adobe Reader X (10.1.1)

    As an alternative, consider using

    You need to uninstall Adobe Reader unpatched software and install one of the PDF readers alternatives to its place as long as product Adobe is fixed, although you may find you like other products all also, or more.

  • Digital signature of a PDF with Adobe Reader


    I am trying to create a PDF file with a form of digital signature so that one of our users with Adobe Reader can sign digitally (to allow) the document.

    I use Acrobat 9 Standard, I created the signature form and saved with "extend forms fill-in & save in Adobe Reader... "It works very well for other forms (check the box for example) but not the Signature field. The field is visible, but all options are grayed out.

    Security before saving settings 'extend forms fill-in & save in Adobe Reader... "all are allowed, but after changing the Document/Document Assembly/comments/signature/creation of template Pages are all unauthorized. I have appreciatesome need to be restricted to allow extended functionality work in Adobe Reader, but the link below means (unless I'm missing something) that the signature should be possible in Adobe Reader: ff - 7d48.html

    Did I miss something or it just not work?

    Thanks in advance

    One thing that can cause this is a system incorrect date/time on one of the machines. If the date indicated on the machine of the reader is before the date on which the document was compatible player, it will happen.  It could be something else, like a font problem, but it's hard to say without looking at the paper.

  • How to open the files .dll automatically with Adobe Reader via Firefox?


    When I print labels eBay via Firefox, a .dll file is downloaded. This used to automatically open in Adobe Reader, but now it opens as a text document in TextEdit, so I have to manually open Adobe Reader, change the options to display "all files", then find the .dll file and open it.

    When I try to change the default application in the preferences of Firefox, I can't find anything with the content type "dll".

    Is there a way to have Firefox automatically opens files .dll with Adobe Reader?

    Any help would be appreciated, thanks!


    Sorry for the delay, but yes, just stop Firefox so that the mimeTypes.rdf file is released.

  • Open the PDF with Adobe Reader - wonder what must do Firefox - every time


    Whenever I want to open a PDF file, Firefox asks me "that should Firefox do with this file.
    I opened with Adobe Reader (default) selected and I have the box 'do this automatically... ". "checked.

    So, it seems to me that Firefox should not ask me every time.

    Hi - I do not always want to ask; I want that he will never ask.

    That said, I changed my setting of the option "always ask" and the next time I tried to open a PDF document, the open dialog box to ask me what to do. The box 'do this automatically... ". ' has been disabled, as expected.

    I checked the box 'do this automatically... ". "and now Firefox is most requested.

    Weird way to solve the problem, but it seems to work fine now.
    Thank you

  • Printing problems with Adobe read XI and Adobe Reader DC

    I try to print with Adobe Reader XI as well as Adobe Reader CD on another computer and for some reason it wont let me print more.  I get a window that says "the document could not be printed" then click OK and another window with 'There were no pages selected' on the printed page where it says printing Pages, I choose 'All' on the page I want to print.  Can someone help me please.  Never had this problem on my laptop with Adobe Reader XI.  Thank you

    Hi carolj54323846,

    Please try the steps in this article:

    If this does not work, then the uninstall using cleaning drive tool.

    After uninstalling with the cleaning tool, install drive DC or XI from here.

    Thank you


  • QR Code does not work with adobe reader

    When we create a PDF form with barcode QR, everithing work well if people open the PDF with Acrobat or Acrobat Pro version 8 or higher.

    These forms included 'PDF Reader Extension'.

    But when we open it with Adobe Reader "All versions of 8 and DC", and we entered all information in a field, the bar code turns to gray.

    Y at - it something we can do in Acrobat (DC), of a user using the reader, the opportunity to fill out a form, including barcodes without problem.

    After much research, the only way is to get a version of LiveCycle Designer ($ 300 / year), learning the software, put all the PDF form in the garbage and rebuild the work from scratch.

    Obtaining of the LiveCycle Designer won't help (and it costs $299, not $ 299 per year). The only way to fields of 2D bar code work in Reader if you drive - activate the document with LiveCycle Reader Extensions (or Java Datalogics PDF Toolkit), which is much more expensive. There are other approaches to generate dynamically 2D barcodes that do not use a 2D bar code fields, but not for free.

  • Loss of ability to annotate PDFs with Adobe Reader

    I used to be able to annotate PDF with Adobe Reader documents (electricity bills, Council rates, etc.). Has had a recent drive failure and had to re - install the operating system of Windows 7 SP 1 and most of the applications.

    Now, I have Adobe Reader 9, V 9.3.4 (don't remember what version I had before). With this player, I see comments that I did before (I mean before the disk failure), but I can not activate the comment & toolbar from the Markup. All PDF documents now show "commenting: unauthorized".

    Can anyone suggest how to fix this?

    Thank you

    Upgrade to XI player or later.

  • Problem with Adobe Reader 15:3

    I get an error message when you try to open a document that allows you to work in a program before.  He has a problem with Adobe Reader/Acrobat (15:3). Anyone know how to fix this?

    Hey, Katalin.

    Open Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, go to the Help menu and repair the installation.

    If it does not solve the problem, you can try to uninstall Acrobat Reader DC & reinstall it using this link Adobe - Adobe Acrobat Reader DC Distribution.

    Let me know if the problem persists.

    Kind regards


  • Problem printing with Adobe Reader

    I'm stumped... When I try to print a PDF with Adobe Reader, I now get a message that says. "Document could not be printed. No pages to print have been chosen. "It happened yesterday when I upgraded to the latest version of the reader, so I uninstalled and went back to Reader X, then XI player. I even tried a system restore to a week ago. I reinstalled my printer driver. I tried my backup printer... Not good. Printers work fine on all programs other than Adobe Reader. Any ideas?

    A person named "Sarah" was the response. It was as simple as "protected" under "Edit" mode... Enhanced Sercuity"thank you

  • When I tried to open the bought one of the files with Adobe Reader purchase ebook, he said Adobe Reader could not open ' URLlink (2) .acsm ' because it is not a type of file supported or because the file has been corrupted (for example, it was sent

    When I tried to open the bought one of the files with Adobe Reader purchase ebook, he said

    Adobe Reader could not open ' URLlink (2) .acsm ' because it is not a type of supported file or because the file has been damaged (for example, it was sent as an attachment to e-mail and has not been correctly decoded).

    Adobe Reader can open PDF files; for the .acsm file, you need Adobe Digital Editions.

  • Problems with Adobe Reader for iMac (computer end 2013):

    I downloaded, deleted and reinstalled Adobe Reader for my new iMac several times.  PDF documents are displayed with a black background, making the document impossible or difficult to read.  How can I fix this problem or is there a problem of incompatibility with Adobe Reader and the new iMacs?

    Try open Reader and go to preferences > accessibility > Document color option and see if "the colors in the document replace is selected.

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