Some keyboard characters that come out bad on Satellite Pro

Sumbody you will suggest how to solve the problem with my Satellite Pro keyboard. When I type a capital S | or if the lines\ and the s\las\hes\ appear - as\ stated. When I us\e the arrow keys\ to move als\o I thes\e characters\.,.

Very strange have you checked if everything still works as FN + F10, FN + F11 or FN + F12 are not enabled?

But it s unlikely that one of these functions could cause this strange signs.
I guess that a malfunction of the keyboard

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    What is the character of some keyboard shortcuts that resembles a slash reverse, with an equal sign?

    Here's something on apple forums:

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  • I can't find some light filters that come with Photoshop cc 2014 and should be in 2015?

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    I'm new using photoshop and occasionally use some light filters and LUT in newer versions that come with photoshop, but I forgot where they are in the program.

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    Simply create a layer of color research

    In the properties box, click on the 3DLUT file and you will see a complete list

    hope that helps


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    Thank you.

    Take a clip in the project Panel, which is the most common format, right click and select new sequence of the Clip, which will make a sequence that will correspond to the majority of your material. the rest you can rotate and scaling manually using the motion control, or by a click effect options right and "scale or set to the size of the image.

  • I export an animation and the sound that comes out fuzzy

    So, I worked on this project, an animation where I drew the images in another program and imported, then aligning them with the audio.
    But whenever I have the export, with as many combinations of settings I could think, research on some of the best settings I could use, but whenever my video comes out fuzzy and weird, with a lot of my lines does not.

    I did it successfully before on a previous version where it turns out very well with no problems, I'm having now, but after upgrading to CS6 I can't come out as beautiful.

    Here's a screenshot of how it looks before export and after export.


    Your sequence is SD resolution, your export is HD resolution; where the blur.

  • CD player that come out frequently

    CD come out automatically over and over again. When he gets out, I close to the top, but after awhile, it comes out again automatically. Especially when I start typing something (especially I observed by pressing the CR, tr, ed, yu, uy), it comes out. Sometimes he comes out at sartup windows. I scanned the system with anti virus several times, but is not to solve the problem. Thank you.

    What antivirus do you use?
    Analysis also with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware -
    Noel Paton | CrashFixPC | Nil Carborundum Illegitemi |

  • Some devices are not correctly installed on the Satellite Pro A200

    I have the Satellite Pro A200 psae7e. and I also have a problem with the PCI memory controller, Modem device on high definition audio bus, mass storage controller, because they are marked in yellow in the Device Manager.

    My knee works fine... sata works fine, graphic controller & etc. Everything in the natural order. but I don't want the yellow icons in Device Manager.

    How to solve this problem. I installed all the drivers, but there is still that the yellow icons that appear.

    And could someone tell me what is the PCI memory controller? Is that the shared memory?

    PCI memory controller is Intel Turbo Memory, also called chip logic Intel Flash cache
    It s a new technology designed to support the new features of Vista.
    There is no driver for Windows XP because XP doesn t supports the cache feature.

    The component of embedded controller compatible ACPI Microsoft supports the Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) AC adapter device objects that the operating system uses to manage the resources of power.
    Seems that you BIOS does not support this!

    Update the BIOS to version XP!

  • I see Chinese characters that comes to overlay text on the tabs when I am connected to certain financial institutions. What does that mean? Thank you

    I fear that these characters suggest that the secure connection of the browser has been violated. I do not see these when I use Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. I am aware, there is a security problem with https connections which is supposed to have been resolved. I've updated my FireFox browser to the latest version, but the characters continue to show when I'm connected to a financial institution. This is the only time where they appear. Any ideas?

    Thank you

    Hello cpfitch, other involved users related to this same question to the extension Advisor to mcafee site - please try to disable or remove that in case you have now.

  • All the fonts that come out very low quality

    Hey all,.

    I'm having a problem and I think that I may have inadvertently changed a setting in Pohotoshop CS3.  What happens is that when I'm dealing with images (width and height) 1000px or less, all my fonts go out in very poor quality, almost square.  I do not know what setting allows to set this, but it just started happening recently.  Here is a screenshot of an image 900px wide of text, 300pix /:

    I would appreciate help.

    Check your anitaliasing, mine is set to high in this screenshot. You must switch to the type tool to access anti-aliasing.

  • Developer SQL not accepting is not some keyboard characters

    I've been using SQL Developer for 5 or 6 months, with minor problems and great satisfaction.

    A few days earlier, just out of the blue, in the middle of the day, developer started SQL only accepts only not the following characters:

    CTRL-v, Ctrl + c, F5, F9 (I think that all the function keys), BACKSPACE, delete, arrows and Enter. + *

    T * its happens only in the part of the text editor *. I am able to use this key in the results, whether they are an output of script or execute query.
    Developer SQL works as well (if I stick with the mouse, paste works... and all other keys)

    I have not checked the pc of viruses using AVG, no virus found (my avg is updated daily and runs daily virus checks on a calendar and this issue has been here for 1 or 2 weeks, so it was a virus, I think he should be discovered, in addition, keys always work in sql developer (, not only in the text editor component)

    It goes without saying, but if I run Notepad and type, keys work properly.
    I also reinstalled it to a different folder with no luck
    So tried to restart... no luck
    Tried in SafeMode... no luck

    I use SQL developer Version 1.5.4, HAND-5940 build... on Windows Xp
    I suspect there is an option in that I disabled without paying attention...


    Kind regards

    All this time, try the possible solutions is understandable, but then type in your post... when searching the forum would have given you the solution below 1 minute:

    Preferences - accelerators - load - default setting

    Hope that helps,

  • IPhone charging question (connector dock that comes out from the right)

    So this my iphone, the dock connector is not going to bottom. Glue always from the right.

    Yes, I tried to clean it... my phone seems to die at between 20 and 30%... and when I try rebooting it shows me its out of the battery.

    Please tell me exactly the problem and solution if anyone can cause I have no apple store here where I live

    And I have been ripped off before by a mechanic, emphasizing the fact that it is a problem of simple battery.

    Should I change the dock connector, or is it a software problem? I tried to sync with iTunes...

    Does not help. I don't have ebay either help me with fixing kits.

    He came to the point where I can't trust anything less 40%... help please.

    Have you tried to find an Apple authorized Service provider?

    Find an Apple authorized service provider

    Have you tried using a different USB cable and check the pins on the docking port?

  • HP Envy 4520: Photos that come out white print a phone but is impression of PC

    Hello, can someone please help me. Recently bought a hp envy 4520 and brilliant printing photos to PC, scanning and perfect copy, but here the thing, will not print my printer samsung S4 galaxy mini, even if it connects over wi - fi. I have install the plugin from hp and all connected printing service and departure on the printer, but the photo paper printing out all right white, weird when it print without problem through PC. The same thing when I try other mobile printing applications like eprint and hp all-in-one. It probably be a way if everything else works. Hope someone can help me. Thank you, Jen.

    Hi Jen,

    After you download the HP Print plugin, you will need to return to settings and check that the plugin is enabled.  On many operating systems, the plugin allows not to automatically itself.

    Check first to see if it helps.  If this does not help, try restarting your S4.

  • Numbers that come out to "1n7" instead of "1.7" when you use Java APIs

    I have an RTF template, and on the text in Word form field Options dialog box, I Format rule number field on "#, # 0.00000. When this model will be run in a concurrent program, or from the plug-ins office, numbers to format correctly in the form "1.7". But, when I run with a model with the Java API or the viewer of documents common region in the OPS, the numbers are formatted in the form "1n7". I get a "n" instead of a ".".

    Any ideas on what could be the cause?

    My calling code is below.

    Thanks in advance,
    OADBTransactionImpl oadbTrx = ( OADBTransactionImpl ) pageContext.getApplicationModule( webBean ).getOADBTransaction();
    DataTemplate dt = new DataTemplate( oadbTrx.getAppsContext(), "XXCUS", "XX_CNQCBSR" );
    ByteArrayOutputStream bos = new ByteArrayOutputStream();
    Hashtable htp = new Hashtable();
    dt.setParameters( htp );
    dt.setOutput( bos );
              new ByteArrayInputStream( bos.toByteArray() ),

    Maybe check the value of the profile option "ICX: numeric characters?

  • Font size of TextArea that come out small component

    I've changed to use a text field to a textArea component and now the font size is much smaller.

    The original text field was set to 10 font size and Arial, as I think I do with the area of text, but it seems to be coming to about 3/4 the size that it was before.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Code snippet:

    myTF = new TextFormat ("Arial", 10, 0xFFFFFF, false);

    myText_mc.myTextArea.setStyle ("textFormat", myTF);

    Thank you


    Can someone verify if this is the problem?

    I have included a repeat of the anomaly only grows as more small and I think I solved this problem:

    Look at the 'transform' for size changes % Panel and you'll see what he does in the areas of text created with the text tool.  I don't know if this happens with all elements of text, but it would be interesting to look into.

    It seems that in my file and VBerg file, the same transformation is happening.

    See attached file

  • HTML report with numbering from 1 plug the last record that comes out.

    Hi can someone help me on how to put an ethe lines/Records numbering. for example
    where colnumbering is an extra cel that list numbering for records.

    is there are 350 reviews on the html report then it will contain 1 to 350 in this column.
    is this possible, if so where do I put it in my code?

    Thanks again

    colnumbering Column1 Column2
    1 nancy wood

    Thanks in advance

    < name cfquery = "replace".
    DataSource = "#request. MainDSN #">"
    Zip code
    CompanyName ASC
    < / cfquery >

    < html >
    < head >
    ColdFusion MX Bible < /title > < title >
    < link rel = "stylesheet" href = "styles.css" >
    < / head >

    < body >

    List of companies < h1 > < / h1 >

    < TABLE width = 100% align = "left" border = '4' rules = "all" >
    < b >

    < td > < b > ID < /b > < table >
    < td > < b > name < /b > < table >
    < Td > < b > < /b > < table > address
    City of < td > < b > < /b > < table >
    < td > < b > status < /b > < table >
    < td > < b > ZIP Code < /b > < table >
    < td > < table >
    < /tr >
    < cfoutput query = "replace" >
    < b >

    < td > #CompanyID # < table >
    < td > #CompanyName # < table >
    < td > #Address # < table >
    < td > #City # < table >
    < td > #State # < table >
    < td > #ZipCode # < table >
    < td >
    < a href = "EmployeeList.cfm? CompanyID = #CompanyID #"> employees < /a >"
    < a href = "CompanyAddForm.cfm" > add < /a >
    < a href = "CompanyEditForm.cfm? CompanyID = #CompanyID #"> edit < /a >"
    < a href = "CompanyDeleteForm.cfm? CompanyID = #CompanyID #"> delete < /a >"
    < table >
    < /tr >
    < / cfoutput >
    < /table >

    < / body >
    < / html >

    just before
    #CompanyID #.

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