Sound comes through the speaker and headphones at the same time

Why is the sound that passes through the speakers and the headphones simutaneouly?

Hi MariaDuncan


Are the headphones connected correctly?

I suggest you refer to the link below and use the provided troubleshooting utility. Check if it lists and solves the problems-

I hope this helps.

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  • SATELLINE Pro A200: When headphones are plugged in sound comes through the speakers + headphones

    I have problems when I plug my headphones in the headphone, sound comes through the headphones and speakers.

    He has not always done that, only for a few months and I have tried know how to solve this problem for a long time.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated,

    Thank you.

    Your helmet is possibly defective.
    Usually, the small switch located in the headphone must turn off speaker s if the headphone is plugged.
    If this switch doesn't work properly, so could the sound comes through the speakers too

    I think that it is a case of ASP and the laptop technicians need to check this

    Good luck

  • Play two sound waves through two different sound cards at the same time?

    Hi all.

    With the help of old ship poles and the example of screw provided with Labview 2009 SP1, I could get a part of the path.

    The goal is to simultaneously play two .wav files, to two different sound cards. So far:

    (1) I can play a wav file for each sound card

    (2) I can generate two sinusoidal waves of different tones and put each two cards separately at the same time.

    But when I replace these two tones of #2 with .wav files, wave files play in turn. If wav_1 plays sound_card_1, THEN wav_2 plays sound_card_2, not simultaneously.

    It is even possible to play 2 wav files simultaneously on different maps?

    I've included a VI of the attempt to #2 above. WARNING: my labview skills are minimal and this vi was very experimental is probably terrible form.

    Why do you want to do this. Many modern sound cards have 5 channals output

  • After XP downgrade, sound comes through the headphones and speakers

    Hi family Forum,.

    Recently, I've killed my dv2615nr Pavilion from Vista to Windows XP. Managed to install all the drivers and then followed the advice of CherylG (to whom I owe my ability to do something with this laptop, frankly) for the operation.

    My problem is that connect my headset does not cut the sound on my speakers.

    I tried reinstalling the drivers by following the advice of Cheryl G but it returns me to the same problem.

    Can someone help a newbie?


    Your sound chip is Venice, that so difficult to find it running under XP,

    Try to use the related CherylG, modded by silver driver files almost a year, but replace this file WiSVHe5.inf

    Perform the same procedure to install it.

    Please, remind you that you need to Uninstall the driver before running all the new drivers, go to control panel, uninstall the audio driver from Add/Remove Programs, restart.

    If this mod does not work, try to use other models of HP that use chips from Venice, however, the pilot did not smartaudio ability.

    BTW, when he was to do Vista sound have smartaudio option in the Panel?

    These models are 520 HP and HP 530

    You can try to play with him, but my guess ports setting best are different.



    You must manually extract and force it to run by using the Device Manager.


  • Sound comes through the laptop

    I don't have sound coming out of my laptop and not my T.V when I use my HDMI.

    Name of the product - Pc portable Hp G61

    Product number - VM355UA #ABA

    Thank you!!

  • How to fix sound coming speakers and headphones at the same time?

    My computer old enough, I'll tell you that. I bought it on ebay with Windows XP pre-installed, and I uninstalled it instantly to I can have the pleasure of installing Windows Me (because I'm a little strange) with an installation disc, I had to hang out. Everything worked fine, until one day I decided to install Windows NT 4.0 and that pretty well done the sound somehow. To resolve this problem when I reinstalled XP, I found a driver that worked perfectly. With XP, I've had no problem with the sound since I installed the driver; the sound comes through the headset when it is plugged and through the speakers when my headphones are plugged into.

    Now, here's the problem. I installed Windows 7 Home Premium last night, as it came with another computer that broke some time ago. It works perfectly, just a little slow because my computer is old. Of course, I expect to have to install the audio driver again, as I formatted my hard drive before installing 7. So I downloaded the driver from the same place, as I always do, site Web of Realtek. After installation, the sound works fine - but it comes out through the speakers and the headphones at the same time.
    I tried to plug my headphones into the Jack located on the front of the computer and back, and it's still having the same problem. He has nothing else connected to the computer but the monitor, keyboard, mouse and wifi adapter.
    Windows 7 is the only OS by far that has had this problem on this computer. Strangely, on the computer on which he came with, I have no trouble. I plugged it right in there and badabing badaboom, everything was perfect.
    So I don't understand why it does not work on this computer. If necessary, my audio device in the sound options is Realtek AC 97 Audio.
    Any help would be appreciated!

    Thank you to ask a query in a Microsoft Community.
    I understand that you have problems with the audio devices with the Windows 7 operating system.
    I have a few suggestions that you can try to solve the problem.
    Please refer to the suggestion of Mouneshwar R replied on August 28, 2010.
    How to stop sound play two headphones and speakers
    Hope this helps, if not, please respond to this line, and we will be happy to help you again.
    Thank you
  • BlackBerry Z3 sound and vibrate does not at the same time

    Hi support them.

    I recently purchased the BlackBerry Z3.

    It supports no sound & vibrate at the same time.

    In Normal mode, I activated sound and vibration, but it only gives sound for incoming calls/messages.

    (does not vibrate)

    In vibration Mode, it only vibrates.

    It's the first time I use a Blackberry and I'm upset with the basic functionality works do not.

    Please answer.

    Kind regards


    I'm glad things are back to normal for you.

    See you soon.

  • Output 2 sound at the same time cards

    I have many reasons why I won't release of multiple sound cards at the same time. I know I'm not the only one who has this problem based on some quick searches of bing.

    I would like to be able to output sound sound at the same time instead of having multiple cards to change the "default device" in Control Panel audio all the time I want that they ALL as default device. I want to use my USB headset and speakers at the same time. I know that windows is capable of this because if we play I can "test" each other, and they both play a sound at the same time

    As far as I know there is simply no setting for it. Help, please!

    Unfortunately this does happen, as it is by design,
    Here, a single device can be marked as default device, follow these steps below for more information.
    1. click on start, type Sound in the box to start the search.
    2. click on sound in the results of search at the top of the start menu.
    3. click on the tab reading notice the check mark next to the default device.
    As it is a design problem, there is nothing we can do from our end.
    If you want to suggest changes in the design here is the link you can make reference to: Microsoft Connect - back products and bug reports. Microsoft...

    Thank you, and in what concerns:

    I. Suuresh Kumar-Microsoft Support.

    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forumand let us know what you think.

  • Audio comes through the speakers and headphones plugged headphones

    Audio sound plays through the headphons and speakers when headphones are connected.

    Any advice appreciated

    Hello again Nervuz,

    Thanks for the quick response!

    Based on the information you have provided, I recommend to uninstall and reinstall the audio driver for your desktop. To do this, please follow this document on follow-up with the IDT High Definition Audio Driverdownload and software uninstaller (Windows 8). If this does not work and you hear again audio to both the speakers and earphones, please follow the next step.

    The next step is to run a diagnostics using Automated Troubleshooting (Windows 8)program. This should help with the audio in question.

    Please re-post with the results of your troubleshooting, and I look forward to your response!


  • Sound is comin from the speaker and headphones at the same time. How to solve this problem?

    Hello! I installed win7 professional and upgrade to ultimate and when I play a music or vdo sound is coming from the speaker and the headphones. I have a 3ghertz Pentium 4 with 1 GB of ram, and it runs the 32-bit version. And also the headphone option is not present in the peripheral reading option.
    Can any1 please please help me?

    We consider that your machine uses Realtek HD audio-
    (Older versions of Realtek HD audio drivers may have a slightly different form, but the)
    basics should be the same).

    There are two ways to set up the helmet when it is plugged into the façade decision-making;
    (1) in Realtek Manager of her go to Advanced Settings feature in the upper right of the window.
    Check the circle next to cut... plugged back.
    When this fact was you must also click on the yellow folder icon below the
    Device settings advanced and check 'Disable protection of jack façade' is clear.
    -Of the drawbacks of this method are that you do not get an option of separate settings for headphones.
    then they use the same environment as your speakers and EQUALIZER settings, but you can use both the
    speakers and the headphones if you wish.
    -Note that with this option, the helmet does not show in Sound Manager window.

    (2) advanced settings in the sound Manager go to Realtek device.
    The check box next to do advance... at the same time.
    This will disable the speakers when headphone is plugged in the socket of the façade,
    and return to the speakers when headphones are disconnected.
    Also check one or more of the boxes below, according to your need.

    -With this setting, there is an option for headphones in the two Windows Sound manager
    and Realtek HD Audio Manager.
    -With this setting, it does not matter which option to use in yellow folder as the setting icon
    is ' either / or '. You cannot run at the same time the speakers and headphones.

    -Note that with games the headset must be connected prior to spear the game, or
    the default set to the speakers.

  • the sounds coming from my computer speaker AND my helmet... at the same time?

    Whenever I plug my headphones in the front or back made headphones, I can hear from the computer and my headphones at the same time. How can I fix?

    For other references that can help you answer my question easier, I don't have the Realtek HD Audio Manager installed, but is not help me a lot.

    Hi-DonutBolton, 00

    I suggest to try the steps from the following link and check if it helps: (Skip title)

  • Sounds coming from my headphones and speakers at the same time - Alienware M17x R4

    I have a rather annoying thingy with my laptop. When I do something on my laptop where noise is involved ( play games , play music , etc. etc. ) and I have ear plugs / headphones inserted , the sound is coming out of both my speakers and my headset.I do not know how long I already have the problem, I discovered it today when I took my headphones off for a moment.
    Do any of you know how I can fix this? So that if I insert my headphones , the sound just goes through the headphones and not through the speakers at the same time. I Googled for a while now but I cant find a way to solve it. (Im not a PCs / laptops expert)
    I use an Alienware M17x R4 with Windows 10.
    I have already tried to update the drivers , remove and restart to reset them but nothing seems to work, PLEASE HELP!
    Thanks in advance.

    Hello. Please post your problem again, because half of your text has been cut. You may need to type it instead of paste.

    Try to switch to the native Windows audio driver.

    1. open Device Manager (found in the Control Panel, or type devmgmt.msc in the search box).
    2. develop the 'audio controllers, video & game' and right click on the Creative Labs Recon pilot.
    3 Select this option to "Update driver software".
    4. click on "Browse my computer for driver software".
    5. click on "Let Me pick from a list of drivers on my computer".
    6. put the "Show compatible hardware" check box if not already checked.
    7. in the list of devices, click on 'High Definition Audio"(native driver).
    8. click on "next".
    9. in the update driver warning box, click 'Yes' (the driver).
    10 restart the portable computer if you are prompted. If not invited, so no need to restart.
    [To return to the Recon pilot, do it again but reverse steps 2-7 names].

    If you have only the symptoms with one of the drivers, then the other is at fault. If you have the same symptoms with two audio drivers, then it is likely not a driver problem, maybe material.

  • Headphones not detected, but playing the speaker and headphones.

    I have a hp laptop Pavilion g6-2231tx with windows 8. My speaker works fine, but every time I plug in my headset it detects not she but the audio comes from speaker and headphone.

    I have already uninstall the driver and re-installed but it does not work for me.

    I'd appreciate really any notice about it.

    I have to return my laptop to hp (still under warranty). HP said is it a hardware problem and replace equipment.

    It's corrected now.

  • Satellite M30X-122: how to use the headphones and speaker at the same time?


    y at - it a possiblity to use headphones and speaker at the same time?
    When I plug the headphones into the Jack, the speaker is created off the coast of the moment.

    Thank you

    Hi Peter,.

    There is unfortunately no way to use both headphones and speakers at the same time. This is because tghere's a disconnection physical power for the internal speakers when you plug in the headphones. It is not by software. The only way around this would be to dismantle the headphones Jack and solder connections that are broken when you insert the headphone permanently.

    Kind regards

  • At the same time audio playback through speakers and headphones

    When I plug in the headphones the sound plays on both speakers and headphones using Pandora and the music app, as well as during phone calls.

    What brand and type of headphones do you use? There a switch on the headphone cable? It's a Beats Audio headset? If yes try to switch orders online for this problem, because it is a known issue.

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